Chubby Woman Mistaken For Being Pregnant, Detained In Hong Kong

Chubby Woman Mistaken For Being Pregnant, Detained In Hong Kong

Recently, 53-year-old Shenzhen woman as detained at the Lok Ma Chau border crossing in Hong Kong. Her offence? Being fat. When border guards mistook her for being pregnant, she told them she was over 50 and could not be pregnant, but was still required to step off of the bus she was on and undergo a test. The woman, who felt her time was wasted by the inspection and that it almost caused her son to miss his flight to Australia, sent a complaint to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The official response was that it was a miscommunication, and that the entire process only took 7 minutes.

Source: Sina

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  • Amused

    Pretty embarrassing for everyone involved. Still, it’s just 7 minutes.
    I’m sure it won’t serve as further fuel for the contentious relations between HK and ML at all.

  • UserID01

    …Why would she be detained for being pregnant anyway? It sounds like a crucial piece of the story is missing here. Plenty of people travel while visibly pregnant.

    • RagnarDanneskjold

      Pregnant women from China go to HK to have their baby, it was a big issue a couple years ago before the government cracked down.

      • guest

        It’s worse that that – to ensure that they would be able to give birth in Hong Kong and not before, these awful, irresponsible women, women go into hiding until they are in labour – rushing into the hospital to give birth after breaking water – usually resulting in babies born with complication (though maybe it’s not just the rush, it’s probably mother smoking counterfeit cigarettes and eating PRC food the early term as well…)

        Frankly those that endanger babies that way are unfit parents and should be stripped of custody rights – letting the babies be rehomed. Parents should also be reported for attempted circumvention of One Child Policy./

  • monster

    i was not that chubby at all in last few years, but there are quite some mean bitches, especially they have same situation as me, not local work in shanghai, once they knew i had a nice bf, their jealousy point got so high, always say are you pregnant ? to me, i did not say anything. i know girls so well. besides being skinny, i do not see anything pretty things on them either.

  • Toasty

    If being held up for 7 minutes causes you to almost miss your flight, you’re doing something wrong anyway.

    • Xia

      The test may have taken only 7 minutes, but going out of the bus and to the test station, then back to the terminal would have taken longer.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    There are two main points of view concerning the China-HK relationship ( i guess). One is that HK people are bastards looking down on Chinese/mainland people. The second is that Chinese/mainland people are infernal savages rampaging everything and turning HK into a dump much like Chinese cities. I understand both point of views and both are true to a certain extent.
    For example Chinese/mainland people think HK people look down on them for no reason. I would think that yes they do objectively look down on them, but it’s not for no reason but because they feel their home is been invaded by a bunch of uneducated clueless farmers who feel they own the world and especially HK which is obviously THEIRS to piss around as they’ve been told.
    I heard a story about an air hostess insisting on only speaking English to a Chinese/mainland person. The Chinese/mainland person thinks :” oh you arrogant British loving dog, you dare look down on your own people”. The HK person thinks: “Oh fuck, i’m fed up of having to deal with these noisy retarded monkeys who think they can order me around with no respect”.
    I understand both persons feelings. (Geez, i’m so harmonious today!)
    Now according to the “article” in question it is obviously biased as it only expresses the Chinese/ mainland point of view and depicts HK people as beasts daring to discriminate a poor little fat cow who almost MISSED her flight because of her been detained for 7 minutes (She is probably also retarded as she didn’t give herself much time to catch the plane). Even worse! They stopped her because they thought she was pregnant. Oh you damn Nazis!. This article doesn’t at all express the concern of HK people of having Chinese/ mainland people, which they view as not being HK people, come over are colonize HK and turning it into hell.

    • Xia

      “Colonize HK”? Don’t you notice your own irony?

      • Irony or no, I know a lot of HK people preferred the British, especially since the British basically said ‘do whatever the hell you want so long as we get a cut’.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        No irony here… HK is originally populated by HK people and now they feel that hords of Chinese people are storming in and flushing out the locals. However; I know what you mean, you’re point is that since it’s the same country so it’s not colonization, but its really the same concept because for HK people and actually for Chinese people also…HK objectively is not China. And before you reply let me answer you already with an annoying question to which i already know your answer: Why do Chinese people need a PASSPORT to go to HK? and you say : 一国两制嘛一国两制!

        • bujiebuke

          “HK is originally populated by HK people”

          This is a circuitous argument that falsely assumes that the current residents of HK can trace their origins back far enough that they are considered indigenous. In parallel, some Americans make the argument that if you can’t trace your origins back to the Mayflower, then your not a real American. In reality, most HK residents are actually only a few generations from their migrant ancestors.

          The irony here is clear. HK residents who were once migrants themselves are now shutting the doors to the same people who are trying to get in. This is pure selfishness.

        • Alex Dương

          HK is originally populated by HK people and now they feel that hords of
          Chinese people are storming in and flushing out the locals.

          Can you explain the change in the HK population from 750,000 in 1945 to 2.2 million in 1950? Do you think what happened in 1949 might have contributed to that?

          • Max Kolodka

            The people who migrated in 1950 are the ones who built HK into what it is today..You guys can say it’s ‘selfish’ for HKers who want to preserve their culture(more democratic etc.) & way of life by not wanting to open the floodgates from the mainland, it’s a tiny nation & they understandably feel vulnerable/threatened…If nations were not ‘selfish’ then nations would not exist at all..Think what the US/Europe/all developed countries would look like if they allowed anyone & everyone from Africa to Asia to travel to let alone settle in their countries…People don’t like change, especially not when it hapopens very quickly & threatens the life they’ve become accustomed to…

          • Alex Dương

            I have no problems with the U.S., for example, having a selective immigration policy. I have big problems with people who are descended from immigrants pretending that they are indigenous.

        • Xia

          This is what happens when you make up your own history.

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