City Management Beats Father In Front of Crying Daughter

A city management vehicle entering the scene where a father was beaten in front of his crying daughter.

A city management vehicle entering the scene where a father was beaten in front of his crying daughter.

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Father Accompanies Daughter in Peddling Wares on Street (Daughter Cries: Don’t Beat My Daddy, You Can Take The Stuff)

To help his 9-year-old daughter gain some practical work experience during her summer break, Mr. Tian, who lives near Shichahai [near Beijing], took his daughter to East Qianhai to practice peddling lamps on the street. [While doing so] At around 9pm on July 25, [Tian] was beaten by people in uniforms similar to that of security guards. To prevent the wares they were peddling from being confiscated by chengguan city management, Mr. Tian had printed an explanation on an A4-sized piece of paper: “I am an elementary school student, learning about society, challenging myself, [hoping to have a] happy summer vacation, and I hope city management uncles can be supportive. Thank you!”

On the afternoon of July 26, a spokesperson from the Xicheng City Management Team Shichahai Squad stated that it was staff from the Shichahai Integrated Management Office that were involved in the conflict with Mr. Tian, and that law enforcement personnel were also injured in the conflict. The entire video is accompanied by Little Ying’s [Tian’s daughter] crying and screaming: “Stop beating my daddy”, “I’m begging you”, “We’re sorry”, “You can go ahead and take the stuff”, and “Help!”

At ~02:27, the video pauses to point out a man who appears to be wearing a city management uniform standing 2-3 meters away who did not go forward and put a stop to the beating.

Comments from Youku:


How shameless! Just how many people were hurt by the father and daughter [who did they bother]???!!!


A realistic snapshot of an international metropolis in a harmonious society.


Many people only saw the outcome, but has anyone thought about how the incident started? Just a case of street vending/peddling, was a group beating necessary? Having one’s daughter peddle wares on the street as a learning experience, we can see there’s a problem with this father’s educational level and thinking. And given that the uploader of the video is also standing on the side of the street vendor, clearly criticizing the city management personnel (the chengguan were indeed in the wrong), as well as making it seem as if street peddling for practical life experience is legal for children (can only say it can be empathized with), but city management managing street peddling and vendors is their duty, so before it became physical, there must’ve been major problems with both sides’ attitudes. There’s no need to say what the attitude of chengguan is like, it’s the same throughout the country, [though] the city management where I am are quite nice, always notifying in advance what/where you can’t sell or display, but if on the day they come and check you still violate the rules, then everything regardless of what it is will be confiscated and you’ll be fined. For this little girl to have experienced this incredible display of a prospering, peaceful, harmonious, civilized Heavenly Kingdom as led by the Party, I wonder how she will turn out in the future.


I have to say something, I’ve peddled on the street near my home before. Selling cooked foods and the like. Usually when city management come, they ask us to leave. They don’t just jump to getting physical. After a couple times of vending on the street, we come to recognize each others’ faces. So the chengguan always just tell those of us street peddling to leave, and conflicts/fights or whatever never really happened before, it’s just that the language they use might be unpleasant. But we ourselves know that peddling on the street affects traffic (I was on the wet market street near my neighborhood/residential community), and I often drive too, so I very much understand why chengguan have to disperse the street peddlers who are doing business on the street. In the face of these contradictions/conflicts, I only want to say, when encountering trouble, everyone should resolve them calmly and peacefully. They [chengguan] are doing their jobs, and if we are violating the law, we should listen to them. Just leave. If it isn’t something big, don’t curse them or get into a fight, otherwise anything can turn into a [major] conflict~


The child’s piercing screams really grips the heart! The paper written to the chengguan uncles by the child about it being a learning experience grips the heart even more! This time, the city management weren’t beating up migrant workers, but intellectuals, which goes to show just what level their arrogance and tyranny has reached! Every time city management wantonly beats people, only if they have to pay a price each, if they are resolutely punished, will they ever enforce the law in a civilized way. Mr. Tian, please arm yourself with the weapon of the law to defend your rights! Which is also the rights of all citizens!


What I want to say is, there has clearly been a statement [by the central government on the problem of chengguan violence], yet this kind of thing continues to happen. Is it because those so-called “law enforcement personnel” are blind? Even if they haven’t seen the statement, I believe they should still be stopping [street vendors] through exhortations and other [verbal] methods. How many similar incidents have already happened this year so far? I don’t know if it is because those chengguan don’t watch the news or if it is because they just have no sense in their minds, no sense that they don’t have that much power [to wantonly beat people], that even their superiors don’t have that much power. These incidents have already demonstrated something, that the uniform/systematic training and education of city management personnel cannot wait any longer. The state of society in the Heavenly Kingdom today is what it is, there’s going to be street peddlers, and this can’t be changed. And in the face of this situation, I think only by first changing the system is the best method [to change the phenomenon of street peddling]!


The video is not clear, can’t see the city management beating him, can only hear the father cursing the whole time. With so many foreigners, police patrols and special police, and so many bystanders looking on at the scene, for the city management to violently beat that person, what massive vengeance must they have had? It isn’t logical. On the other hand, I can believe park security guards beating him up because of him cursing them over and over again. If he wants to help his child learn a practical lesson [on the value of work], why did he have to pick an illegal way? Is he trying to teach his child to break the law from childhood?


For those speaking on behalf of [defending] city management, use your conscience and ask yourselves what did this video make you feel? And then what did [this incident] do to this 9-year-old child? You people say this kid didn’t abide by the rules and obey the law? Ridiculous, China’s law itself is full of loopholes, and what more is excessively inflexible, and simply lacking the least bit of humanity. This video is about using summer break to gain life experience, not about teaching a kid to violate the rules. No parents want to teach their kids stuff like this, or to rely on street peddling to make money when they grow up. For those saying there are many other ways to teach [a child] about society and life, do you know how limited a 9-year-old kid’s options are? And to put it another way, even if they are disrupting social order, violating the rules, does that mean city management can go ahead and beat them up and break their things? Couldn’t they have talked it through with reason and empathy? China’s protection of minors is too disappointing, and people aren’t even conscious about it!


After watching this video, I couldn’t calm myself for a long time. This is in the capital [of China, Beijing]! And once again it so-called “law enforcement personnel” like city management and the like. I can’t help feeling extremely furious in my heart! Think about it, all the good things the Communist Party says every day, but how come those below simply refuse to give it face [by failing to live up to the policies advanced by the Party or central government]? If phenomenon like this isn’t changed, I’m afraid the Party’s prestige and the people’s government’s face are really going to going to “fall to the ground”! How could these people [city management] not think of protecting the Communist Party and the people’s government’s image/position in the people’s hearts?


Written by Cecilia Miao


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