City Management Beats Father In Front of Crying Daughter

A city management vehicle entering the scene where a father was beaten in front of his crying daughter.

A city management vehicle entering the scene where a father was beaten in front of his crying daughter.

On Youku:

Father Accompanies Daughter in Peddling Wares on Street (Daughter Cries: Don’t Beat My Daddy, You Can Take The Stuff)

To help his 9-year-old daughter gain some practical work experience during her summer break, Mr. Tian, who lives near Shichahai [near Beijing], took his daughter to East Qianhai to practice peddling lamps on the street. [While doing so] At around 9pm on July 25, [Tian] was beaten by people in uniforms similar to that of security guards. To prevent the wares they were peddling from being confiscated by chengguan city management, Mr. Tian had printed an explanation on an A4-sized piece of paper: “I am an elementary school student, learning about society, challenging myself, [hoping to have a] happy summer vacation, and I hope city management uncles can be supportive. Thank you!”

On the afternoon of July 26, a spokesperson from the Xicheng City Management Team Shichahai Squad stated that it was staff from the Shichahai Integrated Management Office that were involved in the conflict with Mr. Tian, and that law enforcement personnel were also injured in the conflict. The entire video is accompanied by Little Ying’s [Tian’s daughter] crying and screaming: “Stop beating my daddy”, “I’m begging you”, “We’re sorry”, “You can go ahead and take the stuff”, and “Help!”

At ~02:27, the video pauses to point out a man who appears to be wearing a city management uniform standing 2-3 meters away who did not go forward and put a stop to the beating.

Comments from Youku:


How shameless! Just how many people were hurt by the father and daughter [who did they bother]???!!!


A realistic snapshot of an international metropolis in a harmonious society.


Many people only saw the outcome, but has anyone thought about how the incident started? Just a case of street vending/peddling, was a group beating necessary? Having one’s daughter peddle wares on the street as a learning experience, we can see there’s a problem with this father’s educational level and thinking. And given that the uploader of the video is also standing on the side of the street vendor, clearly criticizing the city management personnel (the chengguan were indeed in the wrong), as well as making it seem as if street peddling for practical life experience is legal for children (can only say it can be empathized with), but city management managing street peddling and vendors is their duty, so before it became physical, there must’ve been major problems with both sides’ attitudes. There’s no need to say what the attitude of chengguan is like, it’s the same throughout the country, [though] the city management where I am are quite nice, always notifying in advance what/where you can’t sell or display, but if on the day they come and check you still violate the rules, then everything regardless of what it is will be confiscated and you’ll be fined. For this little girl to have experienced this incredible display of a prospering, peaceful, harmonious, civilized Heavenly Kingdom as led by the Party, I wonder how she will turn out in the future.


I have to say something, I’ve peddled on the street near my home before. Selling cooked foods and the like. Usually when city management come, they ask us to leave. They don’t just jump to getting physical. After a couple times of vending on the street, we come to recognize each others’ faces. So the chengguan always just tell those of us street peddling to leave, and conflicts/fights or whatever never really happened before, it’s just that the language they use might be unpleasant. But we ourselves know that peddling on the street affects traffic (I was on the wet market street near my neighborhood/residential community), and I often drive too, so I very much understand why chengguan have to disperse the street peddlers who are doing business on the street. In the face of these contradictions/conflicts, I only want to say, when encountering trouble, everyone should resolve them calmly and peacefully. They [chengguan] are doing their jobs, and if we are violating the law, we should listen to them. Just leave. If it isn’t something big, don’t curse them or get into a fight, otherwise anything can turn into a [major] conflict~


The child’s piercing screams really grips the heart! The paper written to the chengguan uncles by the child about it being a learning experience grips the heart even more! This time, the city management weren’t beating up migrant workers, but intellectuals, which goes to show just what level their arrogance and tyranny has reached! Every time city management wantonly beats people, only if they have to pay a price each, if they are resolutely punished, will they ever enforce the law in a civilized way. Mr. Tian, please arm yourself with the weapon of the law to defend your rights! Which is also the rights of all citizens!


What I want to say is, there has clearly been a statement [by the central government on the problem of chengguan violence], yet this kind of thing continues to happen. Is it because those so-called “law enforcement personnel” are blind? Even if they haven’t seen the statement, I believe they should still be stopping [street vendors] through exhortations and other [verbal] methods. How many similar incidents have already happened this year so far? I don’t know if it is because those chengguan don’t watch the news or if it is because they just have no sense in their minds, no sense that they don’t have that much power [to wantonly beat people], that even their superiors don’t have that much power. These incidents have already demonstrated something, that the uniform/systematic training and education of city management personnel cannot wait any longer. The state of society in the Heavenly Kingdom today is what it is, there’s going to be street peddlers, and this can’t be changed. And in the face of this situation, I think only by first changing the system is the best method [to change the phenomenon of street peddling]!


The video is not clear, can’t see the city management beating him, can only hear the father cursing the whole time. With so many foreigners, police patrols and special police, and so many bystanders looking on at the scene, for the city management to violently beat that person, what massive vengeance must they have had? It isn’t logical. On the other hand, I can believe park security guards beating him up because of him cursing them over and over again. If he wants to help his child learn a practical lesson [on the value of work], why did he have to pick an illegal way? Is he trying to teach his child to break the law from childhood?


For those speaking on behalf of [defending] city management, use your conscience and ask yourselves what did this video make you feel? And then what did [this incident] do to this 9-year-old child? You people say this kid didn’t abide by the rules and obey the law? Ridiculous, China’s law itself is full of loopholes, and what more is excessively inflexible, and simply lacking the least bit of humanity. This video is about using summer break to gain life experience, not about teaching a kid to violate the rules. No parents want to teach their kids stuff like this, or to rely on street peddling to make money when they grow up. For those saying there are many other ways to teach [a child] about society and life, do you know how limited a 9-year-old kid’s options are? And to put it another way, even if they are disrupting social order, violating the rules, does that mean city management can go ahead and beat them up and break their things? Couldn’t they have talked it through with reason and empathy? China’s protection of minors is too disappointing, and people aren’t even conscious about it!


After watching this video, I couldn’t calm myself for a long time. This is in the capital [of China, Beijing]! And once again it so-called “law enforcement personnel” like city management and the like. I can’t help feeling extremely furious in my heart! Think about it, all the good things the Communist Party says every day, but how come those below simply refuse to give it face [by failing to live up to the policies advanced by the Party or central government]? If phenomenon like this isn’t changed, I’m afraid the Party’s prestige and the people’s government’s face are really going to going to “fall to the ground”! How could these people [city management] not think of protecting the Communist Party and the people’s government’s image/position in the people’s hearts?

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  • Jobjed

    I wish China would introduce corporal punishment like Singapore. Within a decade, the unruly masses will learn to behave themselves and obey the law; or they’re getting a beating. But noooooo, the CCP doesn’t have the balls to introduce legislation like that so instead they formed this “city management” organisation that fails to do its job and instead causes PR disasters for the government.

    • mr.wiener

      Look on the bright side, at least his daughter learnt an important life lesson.

      I’m not saying for a moment that those who rule us in the west are on the side of the angels…no, far be it. But they do fear us and know that they are there only at our sufferance, no matter what boogie men they try to conjure up to make us believe that we need them. [drug wars, illegal immigrants, scary muslims]The point is they want us to believe they think we matter.
      The Chinese govt has forgotten the voice of their people, it is a nagging doubt in the back of their minds that they they believe they can disperse by being more cruel. One day they will pay the price for this arrogance… and it will be kids like this girl who will be leading the charge. A lot of us keyboard commentators say the Chinese have no balls. they are girly men who buckle under to authority……..I say beware the vengeance of the meek, they have long memories.

      • Jobjed

        No, I’d say both parties are at fault here, not just the government. First, the Chinese masses have no respect for the law, hence this man dares to trade without registering and/or paying taxes. Second, the government’s attempts to rectify this issue is ineffective, evidenced by the incompetence of the “city management” organisation. Thus, I wish the Chinese government would introduce Singapore style corporal punishment which would definitely serve to keep lawbreakers in line and remove the need for an incompetent force such as the city managers.

        • Repatriated

          Until Chinese cops stop turning a blind eye to crimes that are constantly happening around them, nothing will change. I’m pretty sure if the cops even had a minimal quota to meet, they could meet it in a single day. Littering, jaywalking (by jaywalking, I mean when it has an impact on traffic), spitting, running red lights, carrying a child on a scooter (or 4 people for that matter), etc. As it stands, I don’t think they can be arsed to do the paperwork so just ignore everything happening.

          Here’s a good one. Start fining people for loitering … and after a couple of weeks I’d bet you wouldn’t have to push the idiots out of the way that just stop to chat in busy places like top/bottom of escalators or outside stores….

    • Zappa Frank

      i wonder why others countries do not have corporal punishment but are civilized as singapore.. maybe corporal punishment is not necessary..

      • Guest

        Countries with clear non-corrupted law, regardless of the punishment, will have more success than China’s current situation.

    • biggj

      They can throw in any lays they want. The problem is not with the laws,it’s the enforcement of them. China’s law are pretty strict on paper. Just no one gives a fuck.

      • Guest

        Agreed. They look great on paper. But that paper is less useful than toilet paper. Laws are broken at every level, and no one cares.

        In my book, that doesn’t count as having law.

    • guest

      Oh dude, that is such a horrible idea. Singapore has very clear law that is generally understood by the public. China’s laws are made up as they go. The law of China is less understood than the message in a fortune cookie. You introduce Singapore style punishment in China?

      It’s already bad enough…

    • Jahar

      Although I generally feel corporal punishment isn’t really effective, Sometimes I agree. My cure for the scooter and jaywalking problem is to put 4-8 big black guys at every intersections with 2x4s. you cross when you shouldn’t or drive when you shouldn’t, you get smoked in the head.

    • donscarletti

      China had corporal punishment for millennia, stern paddling of the bottom with heavy batons for minor offenses and for larger offences, breaking fingers, burning feet, crushing breasts, getting stuffed into the “standing cage” with your head through a hole so if you trip over or slump down you will suffocate, etc. In all cases, punishment would be inflicted in one go and if the convict died, he died.

      Singapore however uses the flogging procedure of the British Empire (substituting a rattan cane for the cat), which involves 1) medical supervision before and during the procedure, doctor is obliged to halt the punishment if convict is in danger 2) sterilised canes (originally soaked in brine, later using medical grade disinfectants) 3) padding to the back and thighs, a padded, well supported and braced whipping frame to ensure only the buttocks is injured.

      When the People’s Republic of China abolished corporal punishment, they got a lot of good will and respect, because it was always based on fear and oppression rather than justice. Those from Britain, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, etc. can say “bring back corporal punishment” or whatever and it just means a carefully administered and supervised flogging, but say that in China and you’re asking for something pretty fucked up.

  • CheddyZeddy

    where is the fucking video? we need to watch the video

    • mr.wiener

      Click on the Youku link.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    The daughter, an innocent bystander in all this.

    The father could’ve handled this better, and the chengguan also could’ve handled it better. Unless traumatizing the girl was the point.

    • biggj

      She’s not though. Her father made her part of his shit. Even goes as far as writing an excuse as to why they are doing something illegal.

      • MonkeyMouth

        never saw a problem peddling goods on the street…. its part of culture, part of the city fabric.

        • biggj

          I totally agree with you.That’s ones of my favorite things about china. But if it’s illegal to do it, they should not get mad when then enforce it. I think it should be legal though.

          • Guest

            But then you have to think about the shopkeepers that are running legal businesses, paying taxes. You’ve got to wonder how much money China is losing on unpaid taxes. Eventually, it will come back to haunt them.

          • biggj

            So the 10 people in all of china who run a 100% legit business will get effected. I hear though. They probably do loose a bit on it. They all get it back in the end anyway. One way or another. If it not by directly paying rent/taxes. They they get it by what the street people buy to live. I don’t think they are hurting too bad by some people selling a handful of cheap chinese shit on the street.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        No, i mean, she didn’t really have a choice in all this. She’s an innocent bystander as in “she couldn’t really refuse to go with him”, or “she didn’t know she shouldn’t go with her father to do illegal activities.”

  • lin

    This week was too depressing. There were 2 explosions, and then there was a child that was slammed on to the ground, and now this…*sigh*

    • MonkeyMouth

      not to mention those dogs…

  • David Webb

    people who are living in the west, can you go outside of your street right now and put up a stand and sell food or anything you make from home to make profit without having a license or registration? Ask yourself that question, and also ask yourself when the cops come to you to ask you to please pack up and leave because you are violating the law, and if you start cussing out at the cops or starting to confront, what do you think it’s gonna happen?

    In the USA, you will get a good old ass whooping, just saying.

    • garbo

      1) You’d probably get a fine.
      2) The worst thing they’d do is arrest you if you mouthed off.

      • Monkeekong

        actually in the united states there is a chance that the cop will pull out his gun and shoot you or tase you and give you a heart attack

        • ptptp

          Unless you’re selling books. Selling books falls under the First Ammendment and is allowed without permit.

    • biggj

      Yeah, like garbo said. If you don’t mouth off most likely just be told to leave. Or at worst a fine. But if you don’t do as your told then you will get arrested. And same as in china really. I bet most of these incidents the people are refusing to leave or mouthing off. They are not going to go up to you without saying a word and start beating you. I’m sure all get asked to leave before any violence ever happens.

    • MonkeyMouth

      in the USA, you would be labeled a terrorist, beaten, waterboarded, Guantanamoed, and audited by the IRS

      • Reptilian

        I can stomach waterboarding, having my nails pulled off, electroshock therapy, sleep deprivation… but to face an IRS audit? I surrender.

    • twocents

      I guess you could safely open up a lemonade stand or have a yard sale…

    • Mateusz82

      Yes, yes you can. Even if it is deemed illegal, the cops won’t start bashing your head in just for the lulz.

      Also, in the USA, you won’t get an ass whooping, old or otherwise, since we don’t tolerate police brutality.

    • Repatriated

      Unlikely you’d get an ass whooping, but you for sure would find yourself face down on the ground getting handcuffed if you got in a cops face and started screaming like you often see in China. In the USA, it’s the cops job to restrain you if they feel threatened or that you’re going to lose control.

      The cops in China probably know these street vendors by name. Day after day they need to run the same people off that are selling where they shouldn’t be. I used to find it annoying as hell when they’d create a choke-point with their tables in very busy places.

    • DavidisDawei

      I just finished driving 12,000 miles (20,000KM) across Canada and the USA and I saw many homes with stands in their front yards selling all sorts of food, firewood and a variety of other products.

      I suspect the ordinances/laws are different in each community, but where you probably run into trouble and need a permit is when you introduce competition to the brick and mortar stores in the area. They have a huge overhead to cover, so they probably can’t compete with a street vendor on price alone. They will want you removed as fast as possible.

      The police sometimes twist the law, so it makes sense to look them up before they come calling and have a copy with you to give them. I have had this happen and when I showed them I was within the parameters of the law, they left as quickly as they arrived.

      • The difference is that the people in Canada and the US own their property, including the land its built on. If you walked into the middle of New York and just set up shop…maybe then you might need to have some kind of permit. I don’t know. You can still get into a world of trouble if they catch you making money and not filing it on your taxes.

        • Lee McKinnis

          uh, untaxed income is well known for some emplioyed people. also, lol tax credits.

          • Well known, in general. But if specifically known (as in “we know that Lee McKinnis isn’t being truthful on his taxes”) then that’s when the audits come in.

      • biggj

        I think it just matter of mostly where you are doing it. Like Whiskersthecats said if you set up in the middle of new york or a major city then of course u will shut down without permits or something. Like you said people in smaller areas sell firewood, food, have yard sales without any trouble at all. The area I live even has a lot of the honor system going on. There is an old couple lives at the first house on my road and they have a little stand set up with some home made jams for sale. All they have is a little coffee can with money in it. All the jams are 2.50$ or 5$ jars and you just leave the money in the can and take your jam. Same goes for eggs and fruits like apple, strawberries and blueberries. Most of these are all just honor system. And I never heard of anyone stealing from them. Same as a golf driving range by my house. Just buckets of balls in stand thing and u leave the money and hit your balls. Now this would not work anywhere in china. Or any big city on the planet for that matter. But the police never bother with things like this. But if set a little fruit stand up in the middle of Toronto i might be there 30 mins before I get told to leave.

    • Lee McKinnis

      In some parts of my city, yes Street vendors made a bog fuss over the attempts to require such for people. Also, just beause that shit happens in the US does not mean it’s magically ok.

  • biggj

    So this guy pretty much uses his daughter to get away with selling things on the street. lol He already knows he’s doing something wrong right away just by writing that little explanation for his daughter up..So he gets beat around a bit. So what? But it makes it worse because there is little girl screaming right? I don’t feel bad at all. Now if the guy and his daughter were taking a Sunday stroll though the park and then these city enforcement guys jump out of the bushes and start beating him…ok, he will get my sympathy.

    Would you feel sympathy in this situation? A man goes to break in someones house and he takes his daughter with him. But before he goes prints an explanation on a A-4 size of paper saying.”During my summer vacation I am learning about locks and types of locks and how to open them without a key. I hope this will help me with hand-eye coordination. This will help me learn more about security. And I hope the city management uncles can be supportive!! Thanks!:)”

    That example is a bit extreme, but the same principle. He is trying to use his daughter as a free pass to do something he knows is illegal. If anything that makes this guy a scum bag. And I know a lot of people say” Well that’s how he makes a living and he has no other choice…blah blah blah.” Bullshit. So this guys only option in life is selling lamps on the street? No I don’t think so.

    • garbo

      It’s terrible that the man died but he knew he was doing something wrong. Plus she’s only nine? What was he thinking?

      • biggj

        I don’t think he died. Just got beat around a bit.

    • gumo

      that doesn’t justify anyone to get physically beaten up

      • Jahar

        he knew it was coming though.

        • SonofSpermcube

          He knew he might be harassed and chased away. He knew he might lose his merchandise. He didn’t know he might and shouldn’t expect to get the shit beat out of him; and in fact that is not how street vendor busts usually go down; they happen all the time and are usually as non-violent as they should be.

          Maybe neither side is without fault, but the wanna-be pigs are definitely the worse party here.

          • biggj

            Where I use to live in china they had a night market set up. It was every night down this one street and seems no one ever was told to leave. It’s not licensed or anything. Just people with a blanket selling cups or some shit. But I did see one get told to leave, but not at that area. The guy was pretty by himself with no other people selling around him. Actually the chengaun where really nice to guy. As soon as they told him to leave he packed his shit up and one of the chengaun gave him a smoke as he was leaving. They talked for a bit and that was that. I don’t care what country you are in, If you back talk the police and not do what they say. They will force you do what they say. One way or another. Try doing that in any country and refuse to stop what you are doing…see what happens.

          • SonofSpermcube

            Yeah, but competent police would pin someone and handcuff them with the bare minimum required violence. Swaggering cowardly wanna-be cops break out the truncheons.

          • biggj

            These guys are pretty much the equivalent of mall cops that just roam the streets. I don’t expect too much from them.

      • biggj

        From the video it looks like they where trying to move him off the side walk. and he was the one fighting back. It’s hard to tell by the video. it seems like there is no reason for that kid to make the noise she making.

        But do you also think without using some kind of violence that people would actually listen to these guys? especially shit poor, uneducated people? When you train your dog not to shit on the floor, you can’t just ask him nicely not to.

        • wingedgenius

          It is the unfortunate truth… -_-

    • Jahar

      I’ve talked with my students about this kind of thing many times. people are sympathetic because they don’t think he was doing something wrong. People here have absolutely no respect for the law. And why would they? Law enforcement is not respectable. Until it is, no one will care about the laws.

      • Reptilian

        It becomes a chicken-and-egg thing if you try to hurl back the “respectability” problem at law enforcement. Yes, the chengguan here went over the line, but this is a simple issue of illegal peddling, and it’s not credulous that the matter escalated without any input from the vendor’s part. Public areas can’t just be your place to do business as you please.

        • Lee McKinnis

          Uh, if it is a public area, yeah it -is- your place to do business as you please. That’s why it’s a PUBLIC place. The same as venders and protstors in street/sidewalks.

          • Reptilian

            Drawing comparisons between sidewalk vendors and protesting on the streets is just rich. By your line of reasoning, anyone can park anywhere they please, even in the middle of a busy highway, because that’s a public place too. Or you or I can just decide to put up a house on undeveloped government land, because by definition, it’s also public property.

            What your simplistic reasoning conveniently forgets to mention is that public welfare accompanies any public entity. “For the greater good” means public property cannot be expropriated into a place for private benefit (of vendors, in this case) at the expense of the greater good. Do reply if you need more guidance here.

    • mwanafa

      You ever seen those officers talking those guys selling yangrouchuan, knives, arrows ,catapults, guns etc. to stop and leave? I wonder what will happen if they try to enforce those laws against those guys.

    • yoyo

      A better question is that why with all the “illegal” activity in China…from traffic laws, to tax fraud, to baby milk tainting, to faulty construction by firms…it is always the Chengguan that remain the strongest force. Not saying all are bad, but even the good ones I have encountered actually have real power over trivial rules on where you can sell stuff (which out of all illegal activity is the most ok, since China has massive poverty).

      To me this situation is sad, because it once again shows that only the chengguan are able to get anything done…and the poorest of people are the only ones that are affected by China’s “laws”. You won’t have respect when the law only applies to poor people and that it is only the officers that deal with poor people that are doing their jobs one way or another (likely so they can get a promotion and get the coveted do nothing jobs).

    • slob

      Well, given that he is actually breaking the law some might say that the officers are just doing their jobs. But when you have so much corruption and high-enders pissing all over the poor and ignoring all laws without consequence, it’s fair to say that the lower class have good reason to be upset about it. The guy is just trying to make a living and possibly teach his daughter some important ways of survival in life. He’s acknowledging that it’s illegal but asking for pity which is something Chinese are often too proud to ask for but this man sees his daughter’s welfare is more important than his pride. Some people don’t have as many choices in life that we are granted in the west and coming from an incredibly poor family I can vouch for the fact that unless you have lived on the bottom rungs of the social ladder, it’s hard to understand their situation.
      And let’s be fair on this whole ‘illegal activity’ shit. These Chengguans most likely litter, drive through red lights, accept/give bribes, jaywalk, and break a plethora of common laws without punishment. Shit, I would even assume a lot of them visit these street vendors themselves for a quick snack or maybe some cheap items for their family when they’re off work. Everyone hates these guys not because they’re enforcing the laws, but because of how they do it and they do it to the people who need the most help that are just trying to make a living. I’d rather see vendors on the streets than have beggars everywhere and have them resort to thievery or other such crimes.

      • biggj

        I hear what you are saying. Every Chinese city I have ever been to has at least 10+ little night market things. Usually one street set up for anyone to go sell things without too much trouble for them. And I know damn well you don’t need a permit or anything to set up in these places. And it’s usually every night. And it just people sitting on their ass with a blanket with some shit on it. I find the only people who are getting in trouble in are the ones who don’t set up with other people. Like they just set up by themselves wherever they want. These people get told to leave. I’m a huge fan of chinese night markets. Probably the only thing I truly like about china. I like taking walks through them and checking shit out. I find it very nice. But even though it;s illegal, they still allow it.

        I understand its illegal but it only seems so if you are not in the right part of town. Now I don’t understand how the food stalls work. They seem to be able to set up anywhere all by themselves. And I think if they are not blocking anything they get left alone or it’s in a quite part of town.But anyway, I’ve never been to a night market where the chengaun have told one specific person to leave. But I have seen them tell one that by himself to leave.

        I don’t care if someone was raised by a pack of dog or from the poorest chinese family around. If you are not physically disabled you can get a job better then selling light bulbs on the street. Even if you never spent one day in school your entire life and are half retarded. China is set up for that. I would say 80% of the jobs in china takes no special training or education. Just go work in factory or a farm. Sure it sucks balls. But it’s better then selling shit on the street and it’s legal. You can blame society all day for your problems, but at the end of the day you are the only one who can change your life. I’m not saying everyone can be a doctor or an astronaut. But pretty much anyone can do better then selling light bulbs on the side of road.With me you get a free pass if you are disabled mentally or physically or you are old. Then sell shit on the street all day. But a man in his 30 or early 40’s selling bulbs on the street with his kid does not get sympathy from me.

        And last thing you talk about people getting mad because higher up get off with shit. Well that’s life. And you will find that not only in china but almost every country in world. It sucks, but that is the way it is. Nothing really you can about that. If you can’t beat um, join um I guess.

    • donscarletti

      I was riding a bike around Pingyao yesterday (spent the weekend travelling in Shanxi). I went to park a bicycle in an ordinary alley and some motherfucking street vendor told us that we had to pay a ¥1 parking fee. Since it was a public alley and I wasn’t going to pay him, I asked my companion whether we could call the chengguan and report him (chengguan handle both the beating of vendors and parking on public roads, so this falls well within their jurisdiction). I was told that it doesn’t work that way, and even if they came, they would not beat the vendor unless he starts shit with them.

      I’ve seen Chengguan work a few times, they just tell the vendors to leave and wait until they’re gone, they seem quite reluctant to fine or confiscate anything. One time I was even asked by the Chengguan sergeant if I was buying something and he told that vendor to finish serving me before leaving. I know if that happened back home, the police would probably give one warning and then confiscate everything, making the vendor appear in court to get it back.

      The problem is, Chinese like to always give an inch and always take two. They don’t punish the vendors because it will start a fight, so they ask them to leave instead. After a while, the vendors come back, eventually thinking they have a right to be there or even rights beyond that. Chinese police are really, really tolerant for pretty much every non-capital crime, seeking conflict resolution above all else. But when things go to far, they’re not treated with respect because it seems so arbitrary that they suddenly say something is not OK when before nobody enforced it.

      • Repatriated

        Some things aren’t worth bothering with in my opinion. 1rmb to park a bike would be one of those things. No offense intended.

        • donscarletti

          And I guess they were counting on people simply not bothering. But the issue isn’t the 1元, the issue is that it is a public alley, worth literally millions of yuan, that is the common property of every citizen, maintained at the expense of the taxpayer and they are claiming exclusive ownership.

          In the end, I parked my bike there without paying. He objected when we left, but there was nothing that could be done, the law was on my side.

    • adfaafa

      speculation about what happen before is assuming, which as you state ‘bullshit’. I agree that he is breaking the law. But the law makes a difference between crimes. Breaking in a house for instance is less than any violent act. Taking his stuff or fine him would be an appropriate action. Beating him shows nothing but power. It is too much. And yes, according to law he is wrong but using violence everything someone is ‘wrong’ is not the answer to any problem

      • biggj

        Like I said, the example is extreme but the principle is the same. He knows he is doing something wrong and writing an excise for his kid. Pretty much using her to get away with what he is doing. Let say if the guys asked him to move and he says no….then what? Just give up and stop asking him? Give him a fine? Ok like its going to matter to this guy, and like it would get processed anyway. Only option when he refuses to leave is forcefully move him. And in this situation I don’t see a beating. Just them moving him. He’s the guy that looks to be the one getting violent..

    • Comebackkid13

      You’re comparative analysis skills are extremely wanting.

      Selling wares hurts no one, its a voluntary interaction between two people.

      Breaking and entering involves the damage and violation of private property rights.

      They do not have the same principle and it was not a good example.

      • biggj

        In both situations he is trying to use his daughter as a back up plan in case he gets caught doing something illegal. That’s the point im making.

        • Comebackkid13

          Then fair enough

    • Lee McKinnis

      If the laws are made to oppress people, the laws are unjust. Now please tell me how the fuck selling wares on the street jusitfies a beatdown.

  • garrick

    Ahh so the last time your kid set up a lemonade stand you knew that you needed a licence (pay alot in bribes) or the police in the USA would beat you up in front of your kid?

    • MonkeyMouth

      i think that actually happened…..

    • MonkeyMouth

      there ya go, lazybones. even before you asked. i bet they would be beaten and cuffed if they raised hell about it, but americans simply are too lazy/flouridated/fat/brainwashed to stand up for a damn thing these days

      • biggj

        There a loop hole though. You can sell anything you want on the streets in america. You just need to put a sign that says “Proceeds to help fight the war on terror” or “All proceeds goes to help find a cure for__________”. And there you go. No police officer will shut down a lemon aid stand that’s helping to find a cure for cancer. haha.

  • biggj

    Man these stories are a dime a dozen. They are pretty much exactly the same.Chenguan uses force to remove peddlers. Only difference is how much violence they used and was a kid present. They should just make up one universal headline for stories like this.

    ” Chengaun uses force on peddler in_________. Minor/sever injuries to the peddler.( If child present, insert here___________. In case of death, insert here_________.” ) The police are looking further into the incident.”

    • Mighty曹

      But I have reservation about this particular case. The video is inconclusive and, if anything, it actually makes the ‘father’ appear to be the bad guy.

      • biggj

        Actually I was thinking the same thing. I don’t see him getting beat, just being pushed out in the street. And then I hear him talking all kinds shit and his kid screaming like a retard. But in the end the media will always be against the chenguan guys.

        • Mighty曹

          It was interesting to see a few posters’ comments were in support of the Chengguans.

  • Guest

    A. Father was clearly breaking the law and using his daughter as an excuse. Scumbag.

    B. Chengguan clearly didn’t give a crap and beat the crap out of him. Scumbags.

    C. Spectators just watched as all of this happened. Scumbags.

    D. Police clearly lied (to cover their asses) and said that law enforcement was injured in this incident. Scumbags.

    What does law enforcement even mean when there’s no real law. It’s just enforcement.

    • MonkeyMouth

      best post so far. Scumbags on all fronts. E People read and comment. Scumbags. F Nothing really changes. Scumbags

      • Jahar

        Does that include us?

        • M.N


      • Reptilian

        People like us become armchair judges dispensing wisdom and righteousness from behind our computers. Scumbags.

    • The Enlightened One

      So basically everyone was a scumbag… what does that say about China lol?

      • A Crowley

        What indeed?

  • MonkeyMouth

    ……..yawn…….. damn, we netizens are jaded, arent we? every second day we get chengguan stories. nothing will change..blah blah. in this installment, we learn that father wanted to be a hero for his little girl. and paid the price. now girl has learned lesson, as pretold on that A4 paper. those uncles made sure. what we need is more of the community beating up the uncles, and A4 papers proclaiming that we will take our streets back

    • Guest

      For your viewing enjoyment.

      • MonkeyMouth

        aaaaaahhhh…… relief befalls me…..

    • Jahar

      I’m not buying that he wanted to be a hero. he just wanted her to work, and came up with a story to make him sound like a good guy.

  • MrT

    Chinese girls have perfected the heart of screaming over many years.

    • MonkeyMouth

      there’s so many ways to interpret this…LOL

  • twocents

    Part of me feels sympathy and even empathy for that guy who is selling stuff on the street. I guess he does that to provide for his family…
    The handling of those situations by chengguans is often criticized by chinese citizens, because often the people hired are not really qualified to handle conflicts. Some people can not handle the extra power they’re given.

    I would not mind street peddlers and vendors to work on the streets, if they had some basic civility.
    Usually those street vendors, disrupt traffic, they leave garbage everywhere and they are not organized. If they did their business, without blocking streets, if they cleaned after themselves, i would gladly tolerate their presence.

    Have you watched what happened when a new spot is taken by street vendors? first a few of them come, they stay on the sidewalks, then more and more come, they spill onto the street, until finally the street is blocked and they are everywhere!

    I am sure that if they better organized themselves, they could minimize the damage they create and even get more public sympathy…

    my two cents,

    • Dannisi

      HAHA, organisation and cleaning up after themselves…What country do you think this is?

      • twocents

        I have to concede that it does not happen very often ;)
        But sometimes, when street vendors have settled in a place for a while without major disruption, authorities will “officialize” the situation…
        I guess that I am more optimistic than most when it comes to how China is developing and solving its problems ;)

        • Dannisi

          I live in Xiamen (Fujian) and the building i lived 2 years ago always had 3 or 4 of those BBQ guys on the street. They had their ‘tables’ on the sidewalk and the food carts themselves on the street. It wasn’t a busy street, but all those food carts didn’t help traffic. And when they left, they also left a fucking mess, which the streetcleaner cleaned up.Went back last week and saw there are about 9 guys now, BUT they have all the food carts on the sidewalk now. So i guess the government here doesn’t really care, i see more and more of them popping up everywhere.

          • A Crowley

            In Shenzhen I see less and less, and in hangzhou they have really cracked down on it. Used to see uighur guys grilling everywhere circa 2005, now far less. it is terrible imho as I love their bread and lamb.

    • Jahar

      I’m sure chengguans didn’t start out with violence. Do you really think if the told people politely that they had to leave, that they would do anything other than tell him to fuck off?

      • twocents

        Actually, in my experience, those street vendors don’t go up to the confrontation(unless the balance of power is greatly in their advantage) they pack their things and leave, and come back later…
        I am not saying that those kinds of incidents are rare, but more often than not, situations are resolved peacefully…

        • Jahar

          there is always the threat of violence there too

    • Wu

      They need the safety in numbers.

      My two cents, if they were left alone, they wouldn’t group up, since they are competing “businesses”.

  • elliot

    I love reading these nice stories of Chinese officials abusing the people.

    This was the same behavior that led to the Kuomintang being kicked out.

    Chinese leaders are so stupid.

  • Unbelievable

    Rebellion in China – The Chengguan everywhere have taken it upon themselves to stir the people into a general revolt against the communist government. Well done!
    If the party pigs decide to shoot rebels, they should go for the chengguan first, they’re the leaders of this revolt! LOL!

  • Karze

    Such kind of brutality can best be attributed to the Mao and his philosophy. Millions suffered like this from 1949-76. Children were forced to execute their parent and then dance on their dad parent’s bodies.

    So this is nothing strange or unique. This was daily reality.

  • silent observer

    These street peddlers are not the victims. I live in Shanghai, in a certain area of Pudong that used to be clean and nice 3 years ago. Now it is a dump. Every afternoon, till evening street peddlers cut up fish, and chicken heads and let the blood run on the sidewalk. They throw sh-t everywhere staining the concrete with guts and intestines of various living things.

    If they have to resort to this in order to make a living why not go back to their home town? It’s just disgusting behavior…City management tells them to go away and 1 day later they are back…Where I live it started out with just one guy selling vegetables, then within two months there are dozens….congesting the the side walk where you can hardly get through…Its really annoying…the smell is disgusting….When I come out in the morning all you see are sticks, guts, rotten veggies, and blood. If they want to avoid trouble why not do a simple thing and clean up after themselves at least.

    When they get beat most of the time they deserve what they get. Respect the law. Just like Chinese people are always telling us to do.

  • Mighty曹

    Jolie Chen needs to stop spamming this site with ads.

    • For real, though.
      Link it in her discus profile or something.

      • Mighty曹

        Mr.Weiner needs to delete all those posts. haha!

        • Unleash the attack weiner

          • Mighty曹

            I haven’t been here long but this has got to be the most blatant spamming. Speaking of Weiner, Anthony Weiner is back on the news. lol

          • mr.wiener

            “Tis done

        • biggj

          Where is Li Tianyi when you need him. lol Him and his friends will set this bitch straight.haha

          • Mighty曹

            Li Tianyi just might place some orders from her.

          • biggj

            And then deny it and say she was giving it away and it was his friends who ordered things, not him. haha

          • Mighty曹

            Come to think of it, I wish he DOES order some new shirts and jeans.

  • BrandeX

    Thank you chengguan. Please continue to work hard, and even harder to keep vendor-beggars off the sidewalks and making the country look (even more) like shit. As they stand next to the cripple lying on the ground, who is begging for money, they are standing up, offering some cheap shit you can just buy at a store, also begging for money. If you want to get rid of the image of the nation of beggars, key these people out of the way and off the streets, Their “business” is illegal anyway. If we want to buy something we can go to the supermarket or similar stores.
    Seriously, these vendor-beggars often clog entire pathways that have heavy traffic of pedestrians, sometimes even spilling out onto streets.

    • Karze

      During Mao rule didn’t Mao ordered the poor to loot and kill the rich people.

  • M.N
    • Ha. Some fools tried this in a small restaurant in Beijing circa 2002-3. Happened to be our Rugby team’s haunt. At the time 3 of us in there having a meal and one fool and his 6 mates gathered around the old lady that ran the place (Like 80 years old old) one raising a chair and threatening to beat her up because she didn’t fetch them any napkins.

      Needless to say, even outnumbering us, the pussies left quietly when confronted with such firm logic as “what sort of a girl needs to use a chair to beat up an old lady?”

    • A Crowley

      man that is screwed up indeed

  • fyuehgladfn

    i despise the chinese community nowadays. pathetic cowards standing aside and filming instead of acting while a man get beaten up in front of his daughter. Chinese claim to be a proud and respectful race. I do not see anything of this lately. The western term of Third world country becomes more and more suitable. Behavior like this comes more to lower developed species and animals than people. It is a seriously sad and shocking fact that there are places in the world where these kind of things can happen. no honor or respect for human morals and values

  • Justin

    She wanted to know how society works. Lesson 1# When you see the Chengguan, roll your shit up in a blanket and run.

  • Markoff

    where is the beating in the video? all I can see is some screaming hysterical child, thank you Chinasmack for wasting my time, at least I am not coming here so often anymore

  • MizKiwi

    This is clearly a trend in china

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    if the people get together on the street to protetesd agains this harrassement bet the gov will change and fire those guard.