Civil Servant at Work Leaves Phone Off the Hook, Eats Pear

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. This was one of the most popular Sina Weibo microblog posts yesterday with over 17k comments…

From Sina Weibo:

@_-冰翼-_: The Most Honest Portrait of a Civil Servant. Eating a pear that has already been peeled/pared for him, leisurely using the computer, the public hotline telephone receiver placed to a side off the hook [preventing calls from coming in]. [弱]

A Chinese civil servant photographed eating a pear and playing on the computer while keeping her phone, the office/department's hotline for the public, off the hook so she won't be disturbed.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Who is it?


Everyone forward/reshare this!!! [怒][怒][怒]


Indeed, departments like the housing management department or planning department, you can call an entire morning and not get through, presumably because it is all handled like this!


Make public the time, place, and name. Have her go home [be dismissed]. This kind of lousy woman, she should not be allowed to take and enjoy the ordinary common people’s blood and sweat money.


Human flesh search this kind of garbage.


Mobilize the power of the masses, human flesh search, human flesh search, and human flesh search some more. We absolutely must have this kind of scum go to hell, vermin that happily suck the blood of the people. My god, and it’s a woman too. Going to work sure is comfortable!


Make it public, why are you just photographing them, though granted they are government-raised dogs.


No wonder people fight to take the exams to become a civil servant. What an easy and comfortable [job/lifestyle]…


So the line being busy is because of this, haha.


I don’t dare say all of them, but at least 60% of civil servants are like this.


No longer strange, I often see them playing computer games during working hours.

牛魔王他妹夫: (responding to above)

Those that are playing computer games are the losers/good-for-nothings [low position], the leaders [those in higher positions] are all busy having sex [with mistresses or prostitutes]!


We genuinely love this country and we’re criticizing/complaining only because this country has been ruined by these people. Just what character and what ability do these people have to govern/manage/run this country? Why should we taxpayers provide for a group of people like this?


Too commonplace/widespread. It is rats like these that will collapse China.


When was this? With high temperatures throughout the entire nation, why is she wearing long-sleeves and a blouse? How low is the air conditioner set?


No wonder it’s always a busy signal, so abominable.


Softly says: During the noon/lunch break, isn’t this normal?


I suspect it is no longer possible for her to take that ring off her fat finger…

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    two things:

    thats a him?

    and those are flies?

    • Agus Dwikarna

      That’s a she.

      Those are flies, trapped on a sheet of sticky fly paper.

  • biggj

    He/she would probably be not much more useful even if the phone was hung up. I don’t know why people are getting so upset. Do they think these people work hard or give a fuck? Lets say they do fire him/her. Just be replaced with someone as equally useless. Here is tip to everyone. Don’t call placed like that. The only way to maybe get what you need to go their in person. And even then it’s like rolling snake eyes on dice.

    • Germandude

      Haha, yeah. What’s the difference.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Sometimes, you just got to have Quiet Time for eating a pear.

    • mr.wiener

      Imagine the fuss if it had been a banana!

      • biggj

        Arrested for making chinese porno.

        • Marcus Black

          A banana is too big of a comparison. Perhaps a midget banana?

    • slob

      I usually need my quiet time after class when I have a smoke but unfortunately a lot of my students tend to send me a barrage of questions when all I want to do is chill. I wish I could take my ears off the hook sometimes.

    • Kiwi

      SHHHH! I can’t hear the hairs falling from my scalp!

    • radbab

      a bit of good honest slacking never hurt anyone. Besides, there’s enough people yapping on the phone all the time. Drop the phones, eat pears, comrades! more healthy, less noisy

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    I feel ashamed of being Chinese

    • Cauffiel

      Haha! WHAT? THIS makes you feel ashamed??? Not….. all the other stuff???

      • biggj

        Leaving the phone off the hook was the straw that broke the camels back.

        • Robert Rou

          Yah pretty crazy the reaction from regular folks. A lot of them do probably work too hard though and could use a nice break.

          • biggj

            Yeah , it is a crazy reaction. Like this one:”Mobilize the power of the masses, human flesh search, human flesh
            search, and human flesh search some more. We absolutely must have this
            kind of scum go to hell, vermin that happily suck the blood of the
            people. My god, and it’s a woman too. Going to work sure is comfortable!”

            I mean come on…that’s a bit harsh. Everyone has slacked off at work at some point in time….this woman just got her picture taken while doing it. lol

          • Robert Rou

            Yup, it is harsh. Having a perservering work ethic is admirable, but I wouldn’t say at the expense of fair, constructive criticism. The famed Chinese work ethic gives way to some rather brutal criticism at times.

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      That’s the fuckin problem with Chinese people..they take random insignificant shit like this at heart and they set foreigners on fire with racist nonsense when the insignificant shit involves a foreigner

      • BlackSugarDaddy

        Have a sense of humor, dude

    • MrT

      you should be if you drive a car.

  • fakeusername

    He caught all of the flies in the building and appears to be swallowing that pear whole to continue. Seems like a hard worker to me!

  • chandlerpatrick

    What the f?
    What is happening here?

  • What is on that book?

  • Claude

    Smart man. He uses the Selected Works Of Mao Zedong to kill flies. That shit will kill everything.

    • Robert Rou

      Belief in an egalitarian society, established by the People for the People, and free from the foreign imperialism is truly a terrible thing.

      • Zappa Frank

        the belief was admirable, but the reality told that was a lie…

        • Robert Rou

          And which part may that be? If you look closely enough, you may find that a country named America was founded on similar principles.

          • Claude

            That ole chestnut. I don’t have an argument. America is off track, it’s careening towards a wall and every 4 years they fight to see who’s going to drive.

      • Claude

        Wonderful rhetoric. The promise and the reality were two very different things. Ultimately, it killed everything.

        • Robert Rou

          What is “it killed everything”?

          • Claude

            You know exactly what I’m talking about. Mao started a succession of events that brought that country to it’s knees. Millions starved to death and millions murdered in democide.
            An estimated 1.2 million landlords were murdered because they didn’t believe in a egalitarian society, I presume. Don’t be inane.

          • Robert Rou

            Well, you know “it killed everything” is so clear to me. I should have known better. I too should have known Mao could control the weather, locusts, and crops too. There were absolutely no sanctions, and when nations saw the need they were gracious and generous in providing food assistance. You must be here to educate me.

          • Claude

            Didn’t Mao have the sparrows killed en-mass? Causing the locust to breed out of control eating crops and thus began our famine killing 25 million.

          • Zappa Frank

            mao the ecologist sucks

          • Can’t remember my username

            ” I too should have known Mao could control the weather, locusts, and crops too.”

            Well the weather was used as an excuse because prior to the flooding of huge swathes of China, millions of Chinese people were collectivised and forced to implement new methods of production and water management. This basically meant that they were ordered to close crop, deep sow and remake drainage systems that had previously worked for a 1000 years and on top of that backyard iron smelting took over – guess the result?

            Now the locusts were a problem because of the Peoples’ war on sparrows (aka the Great Sparrow Campaign which was part of the Four Pests Campaign. I realise it sounds a tad humerous, but unfortunately I’m not making this up) – guess what sparrows liked to eat? You got it locusts – guess the result?

            “There were absolutely no sanctions, and when nations saw the need they were gracious and generous in providing food assistance.”

            Mao refused all offers of international assistance, refused to admit there was a famine and official CCP records show that exports of food and cooking oil to the Soviet Union actually increased during the worst part of the famine – guess the result?

            In summary your attempt to blame other nations and exonerate Mao and ‘it’ being Maoism for the estimated death of 45 million Chinese people during the Great Leap Forward is either bollocks or one the worst attempts at trolling in the history of ChinaSmack.

          • Claude

            Oh! You are using 45 million. The estimations are all over the place but millions died.

            If you thought he was a troll why did you educate him? He could of been a FOB with socialist leanings, I guess.

            Speaking of young and naive. Have any of you read Red China Blues: My long walk from Mao to now by Jan Wong? Great story of a young socialist Chinese Canadian who was allowed to study in China during that period.


            She did a follow up called Beijing Confidential, where she goes back to take a look at modern China and apologize to a fellow comrade she outed for watching porn. I found it a little opportunistic but still an entertaining read.

          • Robert Rou

            Nothing but a work of propaganda, and even by her own admission.

            “My plan had been to tell the West about how great China was, yet I found myself agreeing to tell China how wonderful the West was, and not just explain but do unabashed propaganda, complete with Christmas carols.” (193)
            I’d give it more stars than the Michelle Malkin crap that makes the so-called NYT bestseller list though LMAO

          • Robert Rou

            Lol. A bit sensitive here. I didn’t even touch upon your sacred cow, known as capitalism.

            Convenient story, and while certainly lacking in modern techniques and beauracratic mismanagement, let’s be honest. Famine is famine. An embargo is an embargo. And watching, a so-called 45 million people die of hunger is …. an act of gratitude?

            Not to mention that you conveniently forgot that China had lived under the penumbra of famine for centuries, even as recently as days of Civil War between the KMT and CCP.

            But I’ll grant you this: Mao the Revolutionary and Mao the Beauracrat simply weren’t the same.

          • Claude

            I have to do this. I’ve got to hear your diatribe on capitalism.
            C’mon, let me have it.

  • Mighty曹

    This happens at the DMV all the time. Damn gov’t workers!

  • Mighty曹

    Official watching porn with employee.

    • Mihel

      God, that looks real.
      Considering a career as official photoshopper of the chinese government? I heard this field offers expanding opportunities for young talented counterfeiters.

      • Mighty曹

        I’ll be too busy digitally removing officials caught on camera with mistresses, prostitutes, underage boys/girls, etc.

        • biggj

          Imagine the over time man!! hahaha

      • John Harvey Kellogg

        It does look real, I had to double take!!

      • Agus Dwikarna

        That would look awesome on Mighty’s resume.

    • biggj

      That’s bad ass man. I just posted one too, although I had pick a different picture. I never thought I could get the refection. Very nice. If that was on a website for real news…shit, I’d believe it was real. lol

      • Mighty曹

        Too bad the room is to small to fit all 3 officials.

        • biggj

          Yeah. or if the computer screen was facing us. Could put the officials on the computer.

        • Nationalist

          You could make a couple of little action figures and put them on the desk…

        • Now do one with the official feeding her a banana.

    • Excellent

    • Claude

      This is a masterpiece. Have any of these found their way into China? Or does the Great Firewall Prevent that? I’m sure they do their own.

    • Alex

      I’ll share this to weibo if you don’t mind. beautiful. For keeping the reflection do you cut it out as a layer, but hte guy under it, and then reduce the opacity? I’m starting to learn PS, would love to learn from a master.

      • Claude

        It would be fun to see how it circulates and maybe China-smack can post the results complete with translated comments. I don’t have to want to look for it. I guess that’s a request.

      • Mighty曹

        You flatter me but sure. Send me the link.
        Yes, create layer with lasso. Set ‘transparency’. Clean the image by feathering/soften edges. Adjust the brightness/contrast, desaturate colors, and/or blur image to match the main layer.

    • John Harvey Kellogg

      Priceless! Bravo enzo!

    • 剑胆琴心

      do you notice that paper with some flyers on?we use this sticky paper to catch flyers…
      omg! what kinda office this is?is it for toilets management?

    • Eurotrash

      Great job finding the original photo.

      • Mighty曹

        Hahahaha.. the best comment!

    • Irvin

      Masterfully done. lol

    • Agus Dwikarna

      Right on, man. That really cracked me up.

  • David S.

    A crossbow bolt was fired at his/her screen (Chinese men seldom wear wedding bands, hand looks big for a woman).

    Pear break is what’s called for.

  • biggj

    BREAKING NEWS!! After evaluating chinese civil service workers they have concluded that if they exchange all the chinese workers for gorillas they can increase production by 395% and save millions annually since gorillas only work for Bananas, an all this with less than half the current work force. Here we have an official discussing quality control with the the new head of public relations, MR. B.Peeler. By the end of this year china’s GDP is expected to triple by the same time it was last year.

    In unrelated news, Several African countries has been investigating missing gorillas. African scientist have been putting the blame on global warming.

    • Mighty曹

      Over the weekend, at a baseball game here, some fan threw a banana in the direction of a black player. Now there’s a shitstorm of cries of ‘Racism’.

      • biggj

        Majors or minors?Actually I just googled it to see if I could find it. And there are tons of similar stories from all sports. Hockey, football, baseball, soccer…all bananas thrown at black players….hahaha it’s a bit racist…but it’s kind of funny. People should start throwing crackers at white people. lol

        • Mighty曹
          • biggj

            I guess it better than having a watermelon or some Kool aid thrown at you. haha Kool-aid stains like a mother fucker too.haha


            And watermelon might kill you. If I was the player I would have eaten the banana on the field, it’s free food.

          • Mighty曹

            Like how Donovan picks up the pair of sunglasses thrown at him and puts it on during a soccer game against Mexico.


            Really? Was it thrown as an insult or for some other reason? Like in the Middle East throwing your shoes is considered a big insult, maybe in Mexico throwing your sunglasses is an insult, lol.

          • Mighty曹

            The case of the two shoes flung at Dub Bush was classic! I must credit him for his quick reflex and dodging. lol

          • Mighty曹

            Watermelon flavored Kool-aid would be the ultimate insult combo.

        • Zappa Frank

          in italy some went so far to throw bananas at a black woman minister

      • biggj

        Speaking of racism..check this out. This guy is hardcore. lol

        • Mighty曹

          A Turkish guy trying to join the Danish skinheads.

        • John Harvey Kellogg

          Why do they always use demonize China? When it is just one foreigner making a statement. And yes the video I think he is referring to is disgusting, I don’t care whether the uighur boy in question was a pickpocket, he did not deserve the beating and taunting he received.

      • Robert Rou

        What did the baseball player do to deserve a banana thrown at him? Simply be born black? In this day and age, you’d think people’d be better than that.

        • Mighty曹

          As a Giants fan and San Franciscan I was disgusted by it. But the fan has since told the news media that he threw the banana out of anger for how the game was going.

      • silent observer

        football players fans do it wll the time. why not racism?

        • Mighty曹

          Apparently it only affects ‘blacks’.

          • Robert Rou

            So it doesn’t?

          • Mighty曹

            So it does, affect blacks.

    • DavidisDawei

      Bigg J
      You crack me up – laughed my arse off on this one!

  • Mihel

    Don’t pears symbolise misfortune/bad omens in traditional chinese culture?
    I swear I read something like that somewhere.

    • biggj

      No, you have pears mixed up with black people. hahah

      • Mihel

        Pears, blacks… SAME DIFFERENCE

    • USA

      pears symbolize small dicks

      • Robert Rou

        Hasn’t stopped their fertility yet though. Nor their libido.

      • Mihel

        Eat pear and choke, if you catch my drift.

  • EastAsianNationalist

    So what? Pears are good.

  • But hey, no smoking. That’s good, right?

    • lacompacida

      Nor drinking. People should be satisfied with such good civil servant.

      • He’s a staunch LGBT rights supporter and also very concerned about the environment.

        • And has good hygiene.

  • Kiwi

    He needs someone to peel his pear for him?

    He probably needs others to wipe his shitty ass too, pun intended

    • PearMuncher

      Where was the pun?

  • John Harvey Kellogg

    She might be single and pissed off she has no man to snuggle up to after fighting her way back home through the heat on the bus, in her non air conditioned room. I say give her a break,,,or a cucumber, rofl

    • 剑胆琴心

      i am sure your talking about your mom or your ex wife…
      snobbish old mfker, you even have face call me dear here, i think money is your dear or a rich cunt…sob

      • John Harvey Kellogg

        Old…my dear, you are way off the mark again, your photo however, is as delectable as ever. I shall THINK of you tonight.

        • 剑胆琴心

          fuck off as far as you can, snob!
          i wanna spit at your face, but i know you, you wont dare to show up any way.

          • Mocata

            Glad to see and feel your passion my dear. That is the spirit I like!

      • mr.wiener

        Ouch! eattot you just flamed one of your biggest fans. Live is seldom dull with you around.

        • 剑胆琴心

          you do not know how snobbish and low this mfker is, if you were me, i bet you’d just take a knife stab him directly.
          even have face to blalblah here.
          i am glad he rolls away now.
          i never ever knew any man so cheap and snobbish and low as this mfker.

  • 剑胆琴心

    some reasons i like sh is: those gov offices they work fast and workers are not so mean,they make you feel that it’s their work and duty.and processes or policy for companies are very fast.
    in small places, those dumb bitches always make you wanna vomit some blood.

  • RothschildIsMoney

    What a big circle jerks family we have here in chinasmack.

    • YungBruce

      Heartily agree. Once you realize this you can take it for what it is. Just don’t come back too often

  • Claude

    Have you seen the execution video that’s got China “debating” state execution?

    • Cauffiel

      I just clicked play on the screenshot about 20 times before I realized it wasn’t a player. God… someone shoot me in the head, please.

      • Claude

        Man, I laughed when I read that.

    • donscarletti

      Until 20 years ago, all executions in China were carried out like that. It’s only since TV has become so widespread and everyone can see the amount of death penalties handed out on TV that they stopped public executions.

  • Civil Servant

    First of all, I was on my lunch break. Second of all the phone was off the hook because some one was on the line and I was checking their pension status on my computer. Why are people on ChinaSmack so fucking stupid? Especially the foreign teachers? As you can see we already have enough stupid people on the Chinese internet and now we have foreign rubbish too. I think we need to do some degree checks and deport all the foreign trash that aren’t actually qualified. GOSH!

    • Cauffiel

      What are you talking about? I’m a foreign teacher and I’ve been eating pears all day.

  • moom

    Instead we could just as easily say this worker is working too hard to leave their desk to have lunch or answer the phone…. comments are ridiculous…

  • Repatriated

    How do we know it’s not his lunch or break time?

  • why would she care anyway? she’s probably got her car ready for the shopping mall, iphone with QQ, and her mother is taking care of the kids. “ok… let’s see… Today… Eat an apple, and then I need to see what I will eat when I get back home”. Done.

    • in fact, civil servants children (just like many students I had in China) don’t care about anything. Where do you think they learned that?

  • Eltel

    my wife went to the tax bureau in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t busy and all the staff were watching TV on ipads (who paid for these?) and were quite annoyed at having to serve someone. My taxes hard at work..

  • garrr

    Are the commentors joking or something? This is just a picture of someone eating a damn pear. What’s with the ‘human flesh search!’ ‘fire her!’ comments? Is this some kind of parody of angry Chinese people on the internet?

    Also it’s kind of sad that there are commentors who believe sitting at a computer eating a pear is the height of luxury.

  • Maybe she’s on a lunch break?

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