Clever Shanxi Farmers Selling Cicadas for Food and Medicine

Clever Shanxi Farmers Selling Cicadas for Food and Medicine

Clever famers in Linyi, Shanxi have started harvesting cicadas to sell. Cicadas are harmful to the apple trees abundant in the area, and local farmers kill two birds with one stone, harvesting baby cicadas to sell as an ingredient in Chinese medicine and as an ingredient for cooking, killing off the pests and making some extra income in the process.A farmer said that cicadas have become more popular recently, with the price rising from 10 to 40 RMB within the last 7 years.One netizen posted a friendly reminder saying that cicadas contain lots of heavy metals including lead and mercury, and can be dangerous to consume.
Source: Netease

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  • Zappa Frank

    but if cicadas are killed with poisons is unlikely that can become food or ‘medicine’, if are not killed with poison is going to be extremely expensive… about ‘harmful cicadas’ i have some doubts

  • 42

    just imagine chewing on one of those the juices squirting out like a grape

    • mr.wiener

      Cooked would be ok surely? I imagine it would be like prawns but with a nutty flavour.

      • Jahar

        I can sell you some, if you wanna give it a try.

      • Vance

        Do you partake of that local fare? Are you expats over there eating bugs?

        • mr.wiener

          Of course. most street food in Taiwan won’t kill you.

          • David

            At the lodge I as staying in Zhangjajie this week they served us bees for dinner. They were cooked in a little oil and fried. I ate a few to be polite, not like they were the first bugs I had to eat. They were cooked with chilies because they like it spicy in Hunan.

    • Mihel
  • Foreign Devil

    I ate some last winter. .they where fried up sichuan style in chilies. . . crunchy. .not chewy. I doubt they contain more heavy metals and poisons than anything else that grows in CHina.

  • David

    Headline should be “Stupid people buy cicadas for food and medicine”.

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