Clinton Rescue Reporters From N.Korea, Chinese Reactions


American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling have been arrested in North Korea since March. A few days ago, former United States president Bill Clinton went to North Korea, obtained a special pardon for them, and brought them back home to America. Many Chinese people were once again impressed and envious of America’s actions to rescue their citizens in trouble. Here are some comments from two BBS forum posts:

From KDS:

I must say, this kind of country, its cohesion is infinite

Their fighting ability has no equal.

Don’t say their weapons are the most advanced in the world.
Even if they use the same weapons as other countries, they would still be all-conquering.

Because what they are defending is freedom, is their own wonderful life, is happiness.


Comments from KDS:


Looking forward to Clinton Airplane Gate.


Writing 100 books, filming 1000 movies, sowing 10,000 editorials to ask the citizens to love their country…
none cannot compare to how inspiring this incident is to citizens’ patriotic feelings.

At this very moment, I just want to ask something, is there any country that can defeat them?


Everyone pursues an American dream. Long live freedom. Long live human rights.


I can ony say, Americans are the real move star, the Oscar is their’s.


We are the primary stage of socialism.

Our country’s situation is not the same, we cannot blindly pursue the same international standards.

Especially when international gas prices drop, we must maintain high gas prices, to save energy and reduce emissions.


May the relevant departments please remember to deposit 5 mao [50 cents] into my account, thank you.



Wangshuo says:

What is America? America is a country formed by a big bunch of the world’s oppressed and bullied people who joined together.


This post is worth 5 USD [joke that this post has many American version of 50 cent party].


Americans are pretty amazing, even Old Kim needs to give them face.
Being with/having such a boss/leader, so blessed.


Oh, I get it, Clinton going to pick up 2 journalists arrested by North Korea is just a show.


If you were an employee, would you follow a cowardly boss that makes you slave away but when something happens only knows how to hide in the back and scream a few times? Or would you follow a boss that only asks you to work according to his instructions and, when something happens, will help you deal with the problem when something happens?


People, only people can be the judge of history, and the people believe: facts speak louder than words, and no matter how good your propaganda is, it is no match for others honestly making one trip.


A portion of KDS people think as long as it is America, it is all good. This point I must beg to differ.
We must learn from where America is indeed advanced. As for politics, I believe all regimes/political powers in this world are not bad, just that those with strength can act out in the open, while those without strength must do things in secret/quietly.
That put it bluntly, many of the things America does that appears humanitarian are actually for their own interests, otherwise why do we not see America go rescue the many refugees in Africa, Iraq, or Afghanistan?


First you need to understand something, America’s government puts the interests of the American people first.
China’s government puts the interests of China’s Communist Party first.
This is a fundamental difference.
As for Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan? What business is it of mine?!?!


Are only Americans worthy of having human rights? Africans are not people? Iraq, Afghanistan people are not people?
Since is it like this, why is America always criticizing China’s human rights? Chinese people’s matters are what business of their’s?
America is known as the world’s police, they want a hand in everything, and in the end, isn’t it all for America’s own benefit? For Iraq’s oil, many American soldiers died there, but according to you, you think those soldiers died for the Iraqi people’s human rights?


Every time, we are: 我们来晚了 [“We are late.”, a famous thing Premier Wen Jiabao said after the Sichuan Earthquake] *thumbs up*


I don’t whether or not it is just a show. Getting the people back is the inescapable truth. *thumbs up*


Comments from NetEase:


I do not understand politcs, but I too am “very happy”.


Seeing one’s own past president suddenly appearing before you in a hopeless situation, who could accurately describe this feeling?


You will never have the opportunity to understand [that feeling], because this is China, so if you were abducted by someone, I doubt no high-ranking/important person would come get you.


They must really love their country, because their country really loves them.


Not giving up any citizen, even if they are soldiers who have died in battle in a faraway land are brought home regardless of cost. Great America!!!


Truly moves people, truly makes people envious. It must be great to be American.


If it were China’s journalists who were arrested, who knows who our great China would send to save them??? I really would like to know the answer, because I am a Chinese person outside of the country, I love my counter, but I am very perplexed…


The feeling I have is that these two people may be important spies, otherwise, just using your brain a little and you would know, why would they make a big fuss over two journalists?
Look at how the two of them have Asian looks, but their husbands look like trained operatives.


In China, “the people” are often invoked, but ultimately stepped under foot. No one knows what “the people” are!
In America, the people may not be invoked so loudly and clearly, but even from thousands of kilometers away we too can feel their existence. It is a blessing to be American!!


TMD, everyone here are idiots!!! Two Asian women, truly TM losing face for Asians! They should have been executed! And TM, married a laowai! Traitor! Americans are currently exploiting traitors for foreign affairs, playing tricks!



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