Clumsy KTV Waiter Knocks Over Child, Beaten-Up by 20+ Crowd

Clumsy KTV Waiter Knocks Over Child, Beaten-Up by 20+ Crowd
A member of staff at a KTV karaoke center in Jiangxi who accidentally knocked over a child whilst serving beverages to guests in a private room ended up being beaten up by mob of over 20 males. Xiao Chen was immediately met with violence after the boy fell, and ran out of the room. Despite then pleading for mercy on his knees, the beating continued. The mob even turned on a male from another room who was urging them to stop. Police have arrested three main suspects involved in the incident. One netizen branded the mob as “cowardly illiterate bullies”.

Source: Netease

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  • Doge Wallace

    It’s like those idiot guys who slap or hit their women in public, which then leads to all these dudes coming out of nowhere and beating the man to near death screaming out, “YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN!!!” — yeah, the dude’s an asshole, but what are you, GOOD? Some guys just need any excuse to get violent and get that rage out.

  • WghUk

    What kind of people did the writer expect in places like these?

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