College Girl in Taiwan Panics Over Cockroach, Calls Police

Smoky brown cockroach.

Smoky brown cockroach.

From QQ:

Female Student Calls Police: “Hurry, Save Me!” Police Rush to Scene to Find Cockroach

Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Network (ETTV) reports that upon discovering a 4cm long cockroack in her room, a female college student in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, became so frightened that she called the police. Based on their “serve the public” principle, the police officers proceeded to do everything they could to exterminate the cockroach. Many netizens think the female student’s behavior was too exaggerated, and wasted social resources.


Several nights ago, police received a call from 20-year-old Wang, who sounded terrified, speaking incoherently, unable to express herself clearly, only uttering “hurry, save me”. Fearing that Wangnü might be held hostage, the police rushed to the scene only to discover that the perpetrator was a cockroach.

As it turns out, Wang had opened a window due to the hot weather to ventilate when, unexpectedly, a cockroach ran in and started to fly around the room, frightening her to the point where she dared not go to sleep and thus called the police. The police quickly located the cockroach crawling around on the desk, grabbed it and easily tossed it out the window, thereby putting an end to this female student’s “horror episode” [in the original text: 惊魂记 is the Chinese name for the horror movie Psycho].

Many netizens think that the use of police manpower for something as trivial as a cockroach was seriously too ridiculous. Some also say that she should have asked a classmate to “deal” with the cockroach [in the original text: 代打 literally means “pitch hitter”, but here it refers to “taking care of something for someone”]. In response, the police said it dealt with the cockroach to relieve Wang from her emotional distress, but also called on the public not to waste social resources, so as not to affect their ability to carry out their normal duties.

Comments from QQ:


Detain her for 5 days and she’ll grow up and mature.

沉默是金 (responding to the above)

Then put 1000 cockroaches in there with her and she will be used to them when she gets out.

後知後覺 ╮

Why are there suddenly more and more ridiculous news from Taiwan?!

陌上 烟雨遥後知後覺 ╮ (responding to the above)

How can the superiority of the mainland be proven otherwise?!!!!

I have a lot of mosquitoes at home, I’m scared and want to call the police, but I don’t want to waste police manpower, ha ha


With something as small as this, they [the police, but here referring to mainland police] definitely wouldn’t go, but they’d definitely be very proactive when it involves gambling, prostitution or pornography, because there would be illicit money [bribes] to collect.


I really don’t understand why your dad didn’t just blow his load on the wall back then.

多久丿爬墙等红杏 (responding to the above)

Because her mom did not let me blow my load on the wall.


Come one, this is way too ridiculous.


In the Heavenly Kingdom, this sort of thing is not handled by the police, but by firefighters!


Is she so squeamish? I remember back then when I went into the fields to plant crops and found three leeches on my foot sucking my blood. If it was you, you probably would’ve immediately died from fright!


Fuck, if you’re even afraid of these things, are you still human?


I am also scared of cockroaches. After seeing this news, I know that in the future when I have cockroaches at home, I can finally call the police without worry.


Cockroaches fly?


Written by Patrik Andersson


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