College Punishes Undisciplined Students By “Roasting” Them

College Punishes Undisciplined Students By “Roasting” Them
Hunan Foreign Language Vocational College has made certain students run in 32℃ weather wrapped-up in quilts with plastic trash cans on their heads as punishment for not meeting standards as part of their military training. Vice Director of Students Xie Yong said that shoes weren’t kept in line, blankets weren’t folded and dorms weren’t cleaned, and that they were punished in front of the other 2000+ new students to publicize their incompetence. Although youth psychiatrist Lu Jiange said the penalty could’ve “scarred” some students , many netizens agreed it was appropriate punishment for spoilt children.

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  • Taddious

    Oh god… China, no.. please.
    Don’t start following the Western psychology bullsh*t. “My child is a delicate, little snowflake… he could be scarred for life because of this!” “Don’t shout at your child; studies have proven that these children will grow-up to be abusive and aggressive” “Don’t smack your child; studies have shown that there is an 45.23% increased chance of your child being a homosexual”


    • Zappa Frank

      yes, while constant child abuses prove to make a well balanced population…

      • Poodle Tooth

        “My daddy beat me, and I turned out just fine!”

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      There’s a bit of a difference between smacking someone and giving them heatstroke. In one case, they’ll remember the pain and try not to fail again. In the other case, they’ll suffer brain damage so they’ll probably screw up again.

  • Foreign Devil

    None of them got heatstroke? Looks more like military boot camp than a vocational school.

  • guest
  • Drone

    In US Army parlance: “They got smoked.” It happens.

  • DC

    good for them.

  • WghUk

    Haha the headline and photo made me lol

  • Boxed_Sushi

    The school wouldn’t be so proud of their punishment if a student died from heatstroke.

  • Jahar

    And what happens if they just don’t do it?

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