Compulsory Spending On The High Speed Rail

Compulsory Spending On The High Speed Rail

Compulsory Spending On The High Speed Rail

A resident of Nanjing city has complained to the press, saying that when he recently rode the high speed rail the lunch cart enforced “compulsory spending.” Since he sat in the lunch cart he was required to buy at least 88 RMB worth of tea. One passenger said if they had known this earlier they would have bought a first class ticket, because the second class ticket plus the compulsory spending equals the price of a first class ticket. One netizen said this is practically robbery, but even robbers aren’t this disingenuous.


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  • Bman

    Really? I’d ride that train just to watch them try to wrestle that money out of my pocket. Though I would think that fellow didn’t just sit there; I bet he bought that certain ticket and then caught a case of buyer’s remorse.

  • donscarletti

    Since they sell standing tickets (same price as second class, after second class has sold out), many of the standing passengers will go sit in the dining car. This means it is impossible to eat one’s meal in the dining car.

    I think those passengers buy tickets under the express assumption that they are willing to stand or lean again the wall the whole journey, or use empty passenger seats if they are available. If he made his plan to take up the dining car seating known, he shouldn’t have been sold a ticket and he should have waited until there was a train who’s seats were not sold out.

    Nobody forced him to sit in the dining car and he was told that the ticket was standing when he bought it. He should have damn well bought a first class if he had no intention to stand or look for an ordinary vacant seat.

  • Toasty

    Does the train company not have a point? These cars are always full of people just using the seats, so if somebody did actually want a train meal (can’t imagine why) they would have nowhere to sit. Keep the dinning car for those who want to dine.

  • donscarletti

    Checked the netizens comments… sorry, don’t have enough time to translate them. The top however many comments were all bashing the rail company. The few comments saying that the dining cars are for dining can only be seen as quotation by those flaming them down.

    I think they should ask themselves some questions:
    1) Do you want the rail system to sell standing tickets or not? I personally am grateful for them, since where I am come from, after selling out the seats I would simply be unable to buy a ticket and stranded wherever I am.
    2) What is the point of a dining car? If they should not be reserved for eating, surely they should be re-purposed to either more regular seats or an unassigned metro-style seating area for standing passengers (with priority allocation to pregnant, elderly or infirm standing passengers).

    I just think mainland Chinese netizens in general have a slightly deficient standard of civic awareness, stemming for recent Chinese history. They just like to bitch about the man without realizing what the man does right, since in many ways the national rail system is really, really good. This is just as stupid as those elders who constantly praise the man without ever holding him responsible for his mistakes.