Confiscated Ebony Haul Reclassified As “Without Owner”

Confiscated Ebony Haul Reclassified As “Without Owner”

The 22 ton ebony haul that was dredged up from the Dongjiang River has been reclassified as “without owner”. Mr. Lin had his find confiscated after police received reports of someone selling-off stolen goods at the docks in Huicheng. Although police say Mr. Lin hasn’t committed a crime, according to the “Cultural Relics Protection Law”, relics within China’s internal or territorial waters belong to the state. However, like the decommissioning of buses, such items can be written-off. One netizen asked if compensation could be sought from the state if a tree fell on someone as it’s their property.

Source: Netease

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  • why the local officicals always know fast?
    always some jealousy sobs become the running dogs!

  • Amused

    This guy(Mr Lin) is just stupid.

  • WghUk

    When something in China doesn’t belong to someone it means it belongs to the state.

    • Bman

      Cuz I thought everything belonged to the state, at least if the state wants it.

      • WghUk

        Nah people can own things now in China as long as it’s of low value in the eyes of greedy officials.

  • Jahar

    Reclassified? What was it originally classified as? I don’t get why it’s always found in rivers either. Am I missing something here?

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