Cop Draws Gun On Abusive Woman Who Refused To Move Vehicle

Cop Draws Gun On Abusive Woman Who Refused To Move Vehicle

A policeman from Dawang Police Station in Lingbao has been relieved of his post after drawing his gun on an abusive woman who refused to move her minivan from in front of the station’s main door. Residents had gathered in the town for a fair, with some vehicles blocking access to the station. After the woman ignored an officer who asked her to move her vehicle, Deputy Police Chief Yang Botao approached and obstructed the woman to prevent her from leaving. She then she abused Yang and barged into him. Losing his cool, Yang drew his sidearm on the woman. One netizen said if in America the woman would be long dead.

Source: Netease

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  • jin

    Move out of the way bitch, move out of the way. Why is he relieved? She assaulted a police officer and ignored his request to move away the minivan.

    • hypebeast88

      from my experiences in china, people being arrested or being questioned at the scene will push, shove and verbally abuse the police and the police will just very gently restrain them or just prevent them, but absolutey no physical force.

  • WghUk

    Both are wrong. Goes to show that the police are untrained in emotional control and likely recruited from a nearby village at two peanuts per hour.

  • 42

    it is legit to shoot that woman full of lead for a terrorist act and assaulting a police officer, no paper works after, no question asked.

    • mr.wiener

      BS…was she armed? the correct response would have been to face plant her with a tackle, cuff her and lead her into a jail cell while her vehicle is being towed to an impound lot.

    • David

      Yea, she needs to obey the officer but shooting her would have been too much. Like Wiener said, I think would have happened in most western countries. China confuses me. They law will beat up and even kill vendors on the street but won’t arrest this unruly lady? Is it because vendors are mostly minorities and nobody cares if you beat them to a pulp?

    • Bas

      Is it legit to threaten people with a gun for a parking violation?

  • Fdom

    Pity he didn’t shoot. No respect for authority in this country anymore. Shoot a couple of stupid bitches like this and people will take police directions more seriously. And one less xiabi on the streets.

    • hypebeast88

      correct way is Sha bi haha

      • Fdom

        haha sorry! Didn’t know how to spell it.

    • David

      What is a Xiabi?

  • Jahar

    Give them tasers.

  • Teacher in China

    I want to say that the police officer was in the right. I want to really badly. People like this woman are fucking self-centered scum. But, the reality is, that was way too much. He could have easily just over-powered and handcuffed her.

  • redlobster

    She definitely would not have been shot if this had happened in the US. She would have been arrested and had her van towed. The problem in the US is that police officers are being criticized for righteous shoots.

    • jin

      Righteous shoots? How about all the unarmed non life threatening criminals and civilians the cops shot because of trigger happy song.