Copenhagen Climate Conference Failure, Chinese Reaction

From Mop:

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has failed, humans have declared war on planet Earth.

The Copenhagen Climate Conference has failed, humans have declared war on planet Earth. This proves that the so-called elite of humanity is a group of shit eaters.

Human activities have caused carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, the melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, the eminent sinking of coastal areas. Melting tundras mean the disappearance of Iceland and Greenland, and that the Tibetan Plateau will turn into a large mud puddle.
Humans, what exactly is it that you want to do?

[I] had hoped that the Copenhagen Conference would allow humanity to forget greed, unite, and counter climate change together. In the end, Copenhagen was a hideous act in a play of differentiating interests. After squabbling, the so-called elite can’t even put together a proper statement–Copenhagen ends in halfhearted effort.

Don’t tell me who won in the negotiations, or who lost. Who was good, who was evil, which rich nation bore too much responsibility, which poor one bore too little. When faced with climate change, no one can run away, no one can hope to maintain his own interests, no one country can jump onto Noah’s Ark.

Don’t tell me that climate change is still controversial, and that the melting of glaciers is still under investigation. I want to ask humans not to count on chance. If everything needs to be proven, then it will be all too late. ‘Prepare for disaster in propitious times’, this proverb has been around for millenniums. Besides, the present is no longer propitious.

The Kyoto Protocol is expired, the Copenhagen Accord has been aborted. Alright, elites, you have won completely. But you seem to have forgotten who your counterpart in signing the agreement is. Who? Who? The US? China? G8? G20? G77? …wrong, the other side of the agreement is very lonely. It’s the Earth that we live on. China has a very old story, “Bian Que meets Lord Cai”. The synopsis is, the famous doctor Bian Que diagnosed Lord Cai with an illness, and told him of the treatment. But Lord Cai didn’t listen to the doctor’s recommendations and carried on as before. Without treatment, Lord Cai died.

Is humanity not acting like Lord Cai, aware our own sickness and the appropriate treatment, but refusing to change.

Then we wait for the Earth’s punishment.

Copenhagen failed, we have declared war on the Earth. But even before this war’s started, the outcome has been set. Humans will lose for sure.

Comments from Mop:


Good post, must ding. China’s attitude at the summit was disappointing, not the attitude of a responsible large nation.


[response to cjc73735273] Disagree. Look at Premier Wen’s speech at the Summit.


……The Earth is too dangerous. It’s time to go to Mars.


Looks like I need to start building that Ark today.


Environmental pollution is the biggest issue. I remember a commercial: Humanity’s last drop of water is his own tear.




There’s some good in the destruction of the world. Whether rich or poor we’re all going to the underworld. The poor may fear death, but the rich and the powerful fear death even more. There’s nothing to worry about, with the high price of real estate and current rate of inflation, the poor will be exploited to death by the rich and powerful sooner or later. It is better that everyone dies together.


Developed countries have emitted [greenhouse gases] for more than a hundred years without restriction, now they want to chain the developing countries to shackles.


Dammit, we have the least advantage, climate change basically has nothing to do with us. In the end, we’re still needed to pay the bill. So TMD unfair.


Haha, I think we don’t have that many years of natural resources left to use anyway. For example, oil, why is it that it’s becoming harder and harder to find large oil reserves?! Because there’s less and less oil, there’s not much nuclear power either, hydro power has been developed to its limit, solar and wind power are just talk. The resources saved up by developing countries will be used by developed countries anyway! Therefore, whomever saves power first will be the first to die!!!
Drained energy sources mean the decline of civilization, this isn’t the first time it’s happened in human history. Before we’ve found an alternative energy source, reducing emission is ridiculous!!!
A trap by the developed nations!!!


Seen 2012…?


Louzhu do you really not understand? This summit was political, if it were as simple as you think, an agreement would’ve been signed a long time ago. Besides, you should brush up on your financial knowledge before posting here. Read more books, that’s what you should do, little kid!


Take care of the poverty problem first. What environment? Would a good environment feed you?


Why must there be conditions for us cutting our own emissions? Are we reducing emissions only for the benefit of others? Not cutting emissions if others won’t give you money? Truly ridiculous. If you don’t care about others, at least think of your own children, right? Honestly, I’m really disappointed.


It’s going to be hundreds of years before we all die anyways….I don’t care….


It’s almost 2012, what’s there to squabble about.


Humans…[I’ve] nothing to say to them…let’s all die…see if money could save you then.


Lou zhu, you only know how to yell, but do you recycle?!


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