Corrupt Official’s Sentence Unlawfully Reduced by 10 Years

Corrupt Official’s Sentence Unlawfully Reduced by 10 Years

It has recently been learned that a corrupt official who originally received an 18 year sentence was released after serving just 8 years. Former Tianmen Municipal Committee Secretary Zhang Erjiang was previously involved in a plethora of crimes including gambling and prostitution, and was originally sentenced in 2002 on corruption charges. However, a sentence may only be reduced by a maximum of half the original term, meaning Zhang’s early release was unlawful. Normally 20-30% of criminals receive a sentence reduction, yet up to 70% of convicted officials achieve this.

Source: Netease

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  • Bman

    They’ll bury this faster than you can say 88.

    Prostitution, gambling, politics…so much for keeping your illegal lifestyle low profile…

  • Amused

    I’m so shocked! I can’t believe there could ever be a corrupt politician!!!
    Next you’ll be telling us some far-fetched tale about priests wanting to diddle our little kids.