Couple Caught Having Sex in Coffin, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Couple caught having sex in coffin, Chinese netizen reactions.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

From Mop:

Couple secretly making love amongst coffins completely caught on surveillance camera

Truly strange news, that a sex scandal would happen involving a coffin, and with photos and videos there is truth. A netizen posted a video claiming that it was real footage, with that video showing a couple engaging in sexual activity in a coffin, the scene being very indecent. In this recently exposed and publicized video, a male and female couple appear in a room where coffins/caskets are placed. The two of them look around and seeing that there are no one around, they began passionately kissing and touching each other. In the throes of passion, the male strips the female completely naked and then carries the female onto the coffin…

Couple caught undressing and having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught passionately kissing beside a coffin.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Naked couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught making love in a coffin.

A daring couple engage in sexual activity in a coffin.

A couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

A couple leaves after having sex in a coffin.

Comments from Mop:


Strong taste~


There are all kinds of forests for big birds.


Requesting source…
The photos aren’t clear enough.


Very creative, impressive.


Why are there cameras everywhere?!


A change of environment for stimulation/excitement? That man must be impotent!


This is definitely more stimulating/exciting than normal field operations

Comments from Tiexue:


They’re doing it for the stimulation/thrill, just like how some people like to do it in their cars or how some people like to do it on their work desks.


Fuck! Do you not care about time and place when you get horny?


Posting images without posting source, may your asshole be penetrated…


I don’t get it, why would you have surveillance on coffins?


It has to be said that laowai are definitely more abnormal/deviant when it comes to these things. Truly consumed by passion/sexual desire.


Definitely brave enough. One’s own reserved coffin. Wanted to test it out?

What do you think? What strange places have you conducted field operations? Have you ever been caught?

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