Couple Caught Having Sex in Coffin, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Couple caught having sex in coffin, Chinese netizen reactions.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

From Mop:

Couple secretly making love amongst coffins completely caught on surveillance camera

Truly strange news, that a sex scandal would happen involving a coffin, and with photos and videos there is truth. A netizen posted a video claiming that it was real footage, with that video showing a couple engaging in sexual activity in a coffin, the scene being very indecent. In this recently exposed and publicized video, a male and female couple appear in a room where coffins/caskets are placed. The two of them look around and seeing that there are no one around, they began passionately kissing and touching each other. In the throes of passion, the male strips the female completely naked and then carries the female onto the coffin…

Couple caught undressing and having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught passionately kissing beside a coffin.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Naked couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught making love in a coffin.

A daring couple engage in sexual activity in a coffin.

A couple caught having sex in a coffin.

Couple caught having sex in a coffin.

A couple leaves after having sex in a coffin.

Comments from Mop:


Strong taste~


There are all kinds of forests for big birds.


Requesting source…
The photos aren’t clear enough.


Very creative, impressive.


Why are there cameras everywhere?!


A change of environment for stimulation/excitement? That man must be impotent!


This is definitely more stimulating/exciting than normal field operations

Comments from Tiexue:


They’re doing it for the stimulation/thrill, just like how some people like to do it in their cars or how some people like to do it on their work desks.


Fuck! Do you not care about time and place when you get horny?


Posting images without posting source, may your asshole be penetrated…


I don’t get it, why would you have surveillance on coffins?


It has to be said that laowai are definitely more abnormal/deviant when it comes to these things. Truly consumed by passion/sexual desire.


Definitely brave enough. One’s own reserved coffin. Wanted to test it out?

What do you think? What strange places have you conducted field operations? Have you ever been caught?

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  • If there was someone in the coffin already, that would make it threesome…

  • Fu ZhiGao

    From grave to the cradle.

    • Ashes to ashes, balled-up kleenex to balled-up kleenex…

  • Johnny Basic

    Half the time, doing it with a Chinese girl is like having sex with a corpse. So what better setting than a coffin?

    • linvicch

      probably cause u paid for yours

      • Just John

        Nice one!
        The first time I’ve seen you post here, and you already know about our Johnny Basic.

      • Irvin

        He probably didn’t paid enough, where I go I’m always comes out satisfied. Yes, more satisfied that with one night stand or with a gf, which should be a given since I paid for it.

        • Hoppy1

          It doesn’t matter where you “get it”…one night stand, gf, working girl….you always pay for it somehow.

      • Tengu

        Or they were screaming in an alley….

    • FYIADragoon

      Welcome to China. If you wanted to bang active Chinese women, you could have just gone to California for a fraction of the price.

    • Rod

      Haha. Well played, sir. I’m buying a coffin for my room now.

  • Dave in Macau

    Nice to see the kinky side of Chinese people cumming out.

    • mr. weiner

      Some of the chinese netizins seem to think they are foreigners, there is no source or location posted, so we’ll never know, It could be another hoax ?
      Just remember “kinky” is using a feather to tickle your lover. “Sick” is using the whole chicken.

  • whichone

    public disemination is a grave matter indeed…

    • typingfromwork

      Of corpse we should devote attention to it!

      • mr. weiner

        Hasn’t anyone done the “stiffy” joke yet? ah well down to me I guess.

        • Tadd

          Police are currently under-taking an investigation…

  • …..and end bold. Ahhhh, that’s better.

  • Song of the Article

    Pet Sematary
    – The Ramones

  • 平凡人

    They must be really horny, so many cheap hotels in China which is much more comfortable. BTW, why are they walking around caskets? One planning to kill the wife, the other planning to kill the husband. In China, there so many close circuit TV cameras around; but when it comes to solving crime, they are hopeless. My house was broken into and they can’t make anything out of the video; nothing was recovered, thief wasn’t identified.

    • Irvin

      This isn’t about hotels or money, it’s about trying something new and something to tell your grand kids when you’re older.

      “when I was young, me and your grand ma did it in a coffin……now that I see her in a coffin again it brings back alot of memories…..owww did someone put some viagra in my drinks?”

      Some people like to do it in a plane (mile high club), some in a pool table, some in a pool……they doing it in a coffin is something I completely empathize with, it’s call being “adventurous”.

      • markx

        Ha ha! Wicked! … the Viagra bit really made me laugh ….!

  • diverdude

    Budding necrophiliacs ?

    • Just John

      Maybe they just wanted to liven up the place.

      • mr. weiner

        O.K JJ , my final thought on the matter[promise]Gou Mei Mei in a Gucci coffin whilst crying tears that turn into diamonds

        • Tengu

          Such a romantic….

  • Will i am

    This couple was “dieing” to have sex.

    I call bullshit on this. A security camera would not be focused on a coffin in a small area.

  • Rick in China


    It’s amusing that this even causes a stir. I couldn’t say for sure that I *wouldn’t* fuck my girlfriend in a coffin just for kicks if we were wandering in a relatively private place and there was a coffin there….as long as it was new and unoccupied. I don’t really see the big deal, it’s touching on the very far edge of morbid, but not enough to be considered extreme by any stretch.

  • dim mak

    Coffins are pretty soft inside actually, may be more comfy than a bed

  • Irvin

    They were just trying to overcome their claustrophobia, having sex in a coffin was the recommended therapy by local doctors.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Chinese comment from above: [“Posting images without posting source, may your asshole be penetrated…”]

    I burst out laughing after reading this. More importantly, this is why I have next to no chinese male friends.

    • Kong

      Because you send images w/o the original source, because you think it’s funny, or because you’re always trying to 捅 their 菊花?

  • jiayi

    Looks like a white guy to me. Look at that hairline.

    • Will i am

      Those evil foreigners are screwing our women in Chinese coffins!

      • Irvin

        How dare they deflower our coffins!!

  • MrT

    Have good look.
    Their Ghosts.

    • 白鬼子……obviously.

  • hooots

    “It has to be said that laowai are definitely more abnormal/deviant when it comes to these things. Truly consumed by passion/sexual desire.”

    hahaha that made me laugh. Oral sex. China please study up on how to perfrom and recieve. Many thanks.

    • Irvin

      What gives you the impression that we don’t oral?

      • Will i am

        The geometry of coffin sex is complex. Missionary position and woman on top will not wok because the girl can’t spread her legs sufficiently so there is no room for “pumping.” One of the pics looks like “doggie style” but that would not work for the same reason.

        Why get a BJ in a coffin?

        The whole thing is faked. Why have a surveillance camera with shitty quality recording? A couple has sex in your coffin and from the shitty video all you can tell is that a couple had sex in your coffin. The love stains will provide DNA evidence.

        Until 2010 coffin sex happened so much in the US that families knew the coffin they purchased probably had many stains. The family would carefully smell the inside of the coffin and use a special light like the police investigators use. Now coffin makers are required by law to line every coffin with heavy plastic. If the plastic seal is broken then coffin has been tampered with.

        • Tengu

          You can “rent” a coffin for a couple of days…then have them cremated.

          I’ve been with family members buying coffins at least three times in the past 6 years and trust me, no one brought a “black light” or put down their handkerchief and said:
          “Okay Nosferatu, give me the one that hasn’t been fucked in.”

          Oddly enough, I can picture that happening in Beijing…

          “Until 2010 coffin sex happened so much in the US that families knew the coffin they purchased probably had many stains.”

          I saw that article in “Weekly World News” right under the article on “Bat Boy.”

        • Tengu

          “The geometry of coffin sex is complex.”
          “Why get a BJ in a coffin?”


          Hey Romeo, the handles, two lids and the sides make screwing in a coffin a win-win, have you ever been laid?

          Lay her down, close the lid at her feet, sit on said lid, slowly lower yourself down while firmly grasping the part of the coffin behind her head…it’s not called a “Skull F*ck” for nothing!

          • Will i am

            Your description of the mounting process sounds very complex. 1) Lay her down. 2) close the lid at her feet. 3) sit on said lid. 4) slowly lower yourself down while firmly grasping the part of the coffin behind her head.

            While performing step 4 I slipped and broke my leg. Can’t I just bang her on an embalming table?

            No, I’ve never been laid.

          • Tengu

            Well it is very complex, geometrically and ergonomically, but it’s NOT impossible.

            Sorry about the leg, I’ll review the specs I was given by development, they may have left out a step or two. Engineers, what are you going to do?

            Never been laid…well that makes two of us, I’ll have some t-shirts made for us.

            Where shall I send the payment for the leg work, I have a good orthopedic guy, he owes me a few favors…no bamboo involved!

          • Tengu

            I must admit…I admire the simplicity of the embalming table.

            It was right i front of us all the time!

  • hooots

    I miss eattot. Wanna hang out in my coffin?

    Yes? I thought so…..

  • hooots

    Sex is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter where it happens. Let it happen.


    It would have been so cool to lock them in there and bury them as is……

  • roger dodger

    well whatever makes em happy, necrophilics

  • g-hutong

    If they paid for it, it’s a valid asset like a car and house.

    Oh and:

    Get Pussy Or Die Trying

  • B-real

    wow this something I would never have thought would happen in China. Right on!!!

  • ali


    ps: i have nothing else to say but china smack requires more words for a post…

  • Justin

    I’m surprised no one has noted that this might be some kind of silly vampire fantasy, given the popularity of those lame Twilight books in China. In Beijing they even opened up this silly Vamp themed bar near Yonghegong temple called the V.

    • All the Chinese commenter think the “coffin bangers” are laowai, while all the commenters here think that they are Chinese.

      Can’t this issue finally be “laid to rest”?

  • MadeInChina

    look! there’s cum stains in my coffin! make discount!

  • liu mang

    thisi s nothing special at all. i had my own coffin at home for this purpose. girls liked it .

    • Tengu

      You sick bastard…when is the next party at your place.

  • I didn’t think The Misfits were popular in China. Guess I was mistaken.

  • pervertt

    Well, fuck me dead.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    • jeffli

      Well my regular “sexy” shanghai starfish is lucky to have a pulse anyway.
      some o’ dees bitches won’t even twitch, even if you give them them the “shocker”.

      whats a “shocker”? ….I’m glad you asked
      thumb over the cl*t
      pointer and middle finger in the punani,
      ring finger kept away
      and little finger in the chocolate starfish!
      guess all you “mofos” have been there before me!

      BooYa! an all dat!

      • Wow. You actually described “the shocker”. Congrats on graduating from high school, bro’ Cya at the NASCAR race.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    This is of grave concern.

  • peasant


  • Cyrus Howell

    I always have sex in a coffin. Don’t you?
    I thought that is where we are supposed to do it.

  • harry

    Gives a whole new aspect to being a stiff.

  • harry

    Mate of mine, brought up Catholic in N Ireland and hating the institution fucked his married girlfriend on the alter in Northampton Catholic Cathedral to make a point to the church and almighty (if he ever existed)

    Now that takes a bit of daring-do.

    Here’s a truey for you. Coca-cola’s CEO stood up at a board meeting several years ago, and collapsed on the table, banging his head on the way down. His seat had a strange stain upon it. Suspecting some contact agent the pad was examined and it compriesed a mix of semen/pussy juice which enquiry showed related to a junior manager and secretary who had jused the board-room. How power, the church and coffins turn us on, eh!!