Couple Divorce Over Injury Compensation, Reactions

Couple Divorce Over Injury Compensation, Reactions

A news article about a married couple fighting has created an enthusiastic discussion because many netizens can relate to it all too well. A man was burned by accident at work so his wife began to take care of him, waiting on his every beck and call. The couple was awarded 850,000 RMB in compensation, which lead to fighting over how to use this large sum of money. In the past six years, they asked the court for divorce four times, but the judge kept trying for reconciliation. In the end they were allowed to divorce. Many netizens are very enthusiastic in sharing their similar experiences.

Source: Tencent

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  • Foreign Devil

    too bad Csmack is no longer enthusiastic about sharing Netizen comments.

    • Amused

      Yeah, some of these could be A LOT more interesting with the comments :/

      • donscarletti

        Moshang Huakai (flowers opening on the street) 2015-5-28 30767 Upvotes

        My husband is also like this, after the accident I ran backwards and forwards taking care of him, taking care of his affairs, taking him to hospital, when he had an operation his parents weren’t willing to see him, their excuse was that they got dizzy when going to new places, actually it’s was because they didn’t want to take responsibility or spend money! Afterwards, after his operation was finished, he left hospital, his parents were thinking that we didn’t have any money and had debts, so they made us leave! After a few months, the compensation came! Not much, 100K RMB! But his father and mother changed, he also changed, wanted to take all the money, saying me taking it was inappropriate! We are married as husband and wife, when he had an accident, I looked after him, his parents did nothing! I also borrowed money, now the operation is finished, compensation was compensated, I was a stranger again and he kicked me away! HA HA! Thinking about it chills my heart, men say women are materialistic! How can they not think of themselves. Men only say women are materialistic when they have no money, when they have money they are more materialist than anyone!

        Because of this little bit of money, his parents and he argued and fought with me! Afterwards I felt tired and gave him the money left after paying the debts, after he took it, his parents borrowed money, his brothers and family all came and borrowed money and dispersed all the money! The result was, after the operation he didn’t recover properly and needed another operation! But the money was all already wasted, at this time his parents and family like pigs all didn’t say anything and avoided us! He also argued with me that looking after him was my duty and I should find some money to give him medical care! After giving birth his parents didn’t help raising the kids and I already haven’t worked for over a year! Where will I go to to make money? My heart is already cold towards him and his parents! I’m thinking of divorcing him now! You tell me am I materialistic or are he and his parents without conscience?



        Aiyu (Love rain) (12680 upvotes)

        The man is handicapped, he worries that if lets the woman manage the money she will run away with it, being handicapped he doesn’t have any self confidence, also physiologically abnormal. How can a handicapped person manage money, in a normal household isn’t it always the man makes the money and the woman manages it? She’s so selflessly looking after you, you still suspect her of running away with the money, this is an insult towards such an upstanding woman.



        tsing 2015-5-28 (11413 upvotes)

        Today I argued with my wife, when the argument got intense, I suddenly thought; why do I, a big man, need to prove myself against a woman? Much less my own wife! So then I apologized to her, my wife was thrilled. After apologizing, her older brother put down his knife, her younger brother put down his shovel, her younger sister stopped pulling my hair, her brother in law also put down his rolling pin, her father dropped his brick…

        tsing 2015-5-28

        • 42

          Bravo! Nice post! Shove it up them down their throats, maybe they will shut the f up and quit nagging. People here on chinasmack are indeed frigging too lazy to click on the source link, grab google translation by the balls from the internet and translate the motherfucker, you can go a long way with google translate, but nooooo, they rather depend on translation by the chinasmack editors for which they think they will bend over and serve them 24/7 for free……there is no free meal in this world, wake the f up! and learn some proper chinese and maybe you will start eating better food.

          • Vance

            Yea, but then I get junk email in Chinese.

          • David

            For anything more than a simple sentence Google Translate is shit.

          • donscarletti

            Google translation?

            Ouch man, ouch.

        • Amused

          Awesome man! That definitely makes for a MUCH better read.

        • David

          TY, that was great.

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