Couple Refused Entry with Pet Dog, Crash Car Into Restaurant

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

From NetEase:

Couple in Wuhan Stopped from Dining at Restaurant with Dog, Husband Crashes Car into Restaurant

On the afternoon of June 20, at about 2pm, in Hubei Wuhan, at a restaurant on Qingshan District Jianqi Road, a middle-aged couple were stopped by the restaurant staff from bringing their pet dog along into the restaurant. An argument erupted between the two parties that then became physical. In the heat of the moment, the husband drove his car into the front of the restaurant.

Picture [above] is of the black car driven up the 30cm high steps outside of the restaurant, with its front sticking into the restaurant, stuck on the 2-meter wide glass entrance, and large amounts of shattered glass scattered on the floor in the restaurant.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

According to the restaurant staff, the couple arrived at the restaurant with a giant Golden Retriever on a leash, wanting to order food for lunch. Worrying that the pet dog might bite other customers, the restaurant staff suggested: ”One of you look after the dog outside while the other eats inside, or bag your food as takeaway.” After the suggestion was turned down, the restaurant manager started to negotiate with the woman. The woman suddenly became enraged, and a heated confrontation erupted between her and the restaurant manager. The restaurant staff claim the woman slapped the restaurant manager on the face.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

Several minutes after the two of them left with their Golden Retriever, the woman returned and in an aggressive manner, declared that she wanted to order and eat, only to be rejected by the restaurant staff: ”We won’t take your business.” Afterwards, a black car crashed into the restaurant, which startled even the woman who wanted to order food. Later, both the couple and the restaurant manager were taken by police officers of the Xingouqiao District Police Station for investigation.

Comments from NetEase:

空亦空 [阿根廷球迷]:

See, this is dog-loving people.

汪洋935 [网易广东省清远市手机网友]:

Damn, even dogs are more sensible.

网易湖北省武汉市武昌区手机网友 ip:111.175.*.*:

Dogs aren’t supposed to be allowed in restaurants in the first place. Their attitude is so bad only because they have a little money. Should be taught a lesson.

103e2dbe66b29a489948f738 [网易安徽省合肥市手机网友]:

Should be punished as a crime against public security.

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*:

The restaurant manager must be bullshitting. Doggies are so cute, why would they bite people? Dogs only know how to catch drug traffickers, rescue people in disasters, and guard the gates. They don’t bite. Saying dogs bite people is even more exaggerated/ridiculous than saying rabbits eat meat. This stupid cunt unbelievably says dogs bite people, such nonsense →_→.

小魁n6w4 [懂球新秀]:

When will anyone crash [a car] into a Japanese embassy?

扣子叔叔k99l [网易河南省信阳市手机网友]:

From the look of it, it’s a Passat.

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:113.78.*.*:

Damn, people being niubi just because they have money.

弘扬真善美传播正能量 [网易上海市虹口区网友]:

I am against eating dog meat, especially those who abuse/torture the dogs. They are worse than beasts. Some people really are worse than dogs. Those people of Yulin, if you want other people to respect you, you should at first respect yourselves as human beings. Who gives you the right to slaughter like this?

帅气飞扬的姨妈 [日本球迷]:

This fucking is a nice  car.


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