Couple Refused Entry with Pet Dog, Crash Car Into Restaurant

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

From NetEase:

Couple in Wuhan Stopped from Dining at Restaurant with Dog, Husband Crashes Car into Restaurant

On the afternoon of June 20, at about 2pm, in Hubei Wuhan, at a restaurant on Qingshan District Jianqi Road, a middle-aged couple were stopped by the restaurant staff from bringing their pet dog along into the restaurant. An argument erupted between the two parties that then became physical. In the heat of the moment, the husband drove his car into the front of the restaurant.

Picture [above] is of the black car driven up the 30cm high steps outside of the restaurant, with its front sticking into the restaurant, stuck on the 2-meter wide glass entrance, and large amounts of shattered glass scattered on the floor in the restaurant.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

According to the restaurant staff, the couple arrived at the restaurant with a giant Golden Retriever on a leash, wanting to order food for lunch. Worrying that the pet dog might bite other customers, the restaurant staff suggested: ”One of you look after the dog outside while the other eats inside, or bag your food as takeaway.” After the suggestion was turned down, the restaurant manager started to negotiate with the woman. The woman suddenly became enraged, and a heated confrontation erupted between her and the restaurant manager. The restaurant staff claim the woman slapped the restaurant manager on the face.

The entrance of the restaurant is crashed by the car.

Several minutes after the two of them left with their Golden Retriever, the woman returned and in an aggressive manner, declared that she wanted to order and eat, only to be rejected by the restaurant staff: ”We won’t take your business.” Afterwards, a black car crashed into the restaurant, which startled even the woman who wanted to order food. Later, both the couple and the restaurant manager were taken by police officers of the Xingouqiao District Police Station for investigation.

Comments from NetEase:

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空亦空 [阿根廷球迷]:

See, this is dog-loving people.

汪洋935 [网易广东省清远市手机网友]:

Damn, even dogs are more sensible.

网易湖北省武汉市武昌区手机网友 ip:111.175.*.*:

Dogs aren’t supposed to be allowed in restaurants in the first place. Their attitude is so bad only because they have a little money. Should be taught a lesson.

103e2dbe66b29a489948f738 [网易安徽省合肥市手机网友]:

Should be punished as a crime against public security.

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*:

The restaurant manager must be bullshitting. Doggies are so cute, why would they bite people? Dogs only know how to catch drug traffickers, rescue people in disasters, and guard the gates. They don’t bite. Saying dogs bite people is even more exaggerated/ridiculous than saying rabbits eat meat. This stupid cunt unbelievably says dogs bite people, such nonsense →_→.

小魁n6w4 [懂球新秀]:

When will anyone crash [a car] into a Japanese embassy?

扣子叔叔k99l [网易河南省信阳市手机网友]:

From the look of it, it’s a Passat.

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:113.78.*.*:

Damn, people being niubi just because they have money.

弘扬真善美传播正能量 [网易上海市虹口区网友]:

I am against eating dog meat, especially those who abuse/torture the dogs. They are worse than beasts. Some people really are worse than dogs. Those people of Yulin, if you want other people to respect you, you should at first respect yourselves as human beings. Who gives you the right to slaughter like this?

帅气飞扬的姨妈 [日本球迷]:

This fucking is a nice  car.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Chinese….their sense of logic….is confusing

    • pink panda

      this pic if you?
      i am just curious!


        That’s only him if he’s Christopher Lee.

        • pink panda

          so he wrote he is wealthy and handsome, so! i can not see handsome from this photo, thats why i ask.
          guess he is a man over 50 cos this film is too old for men bellow 45.

    • Mark

      logic? lol

  • Cameron

    And welcome back to this weeks episode of “You Don’t Give me Face Now I Do Some Crazy Shit!”

    • Confucius

      Or maybe a proportional number of people are prone to rage or have mental health issues in China as there are in any other society.

  • Cameron

    “Western man lose his shit, only punching wall, f bomb attack. China man lose his shit – real life Michael Bay movie”
    – Confucius

    • Confucius

      Please stop misquoting me. I never said that. What I said was, “US man loses his shit took a couple of semi-automatics and shot up a school, killing 11 kids and wounding others. Chinese man loses his shit, drove a car into an eatery.”

      • narsfweasels

        Confucius Boss Say:

        “To the extent possible make America the target of criticism.”

        • Confucius

          Yes, very wise man, Confucius boss. You forget the second part to his words – “until America is no longer the biggest bully on the block”.

      • jedwards

        The comparison is not accurate: people who engage in mass shootings in the US usually have serious problems that go unnoticed or unmanaged in society for complicated reasons not worth going into here. They are more comparable to the people in China who take knives and hammers into elementary schools and murder children. This guy just had a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted.

        • ex-expat


        • Confucius

          Yes, I agree with your point. The comparisons are not accurate.

  • Harold Janson

    Remember when keeping dogs as pets was just flat out banned in China? Now you know why.

  • Rick in China

    This was on the news recently — but I think either the story as written or translation doesn’t make sense – it implies the woman was inside when the car crashed through, was the husband driving it? Did the woman leave then the car crash through? Surely they saw who exited the car, it didn’t drive itself – why wasn’t that made clear in the story..

    Either way, hope they also try to charge the psycho with assault.

    • Kai

      Several minutes after the two of them left with their Golden Retriever, the woman returned and in an aggressive manner, declared that she wanted to order and eat, only to be rejected by the restaurant staff: ”We won’t take your business.” Afterwards, a black car crashed into the restaurant, which startled even the woman who wanted to order food.

      The woman was in the restaurant arguing with the restaurant staff when the husband drove through the front.

      • Zen my Ass

        So, he crashed in while his wife was still inside… that makes a lot more sense to me…

        • Dr Sun

          was he trying to run over his wife and the dog…..?

  • Ruaraidh

    So the husband went back to his car and then several minutes later drove it through the restaurant ‘in the heat of the moment.’ Firstly how long does the heat of the moment last in China, and secondly what the hell was he hoping for in the first place, he had several minutes to get over himself and his bloody dog but still decides to ram a car into a public restaurant like an infant having a tantrum.

  • Mk333

    The whole story almost seems like a side-mission from GTA 5. Except that this is real life…
    Damn, chinese thought they live inside a video game.

  • Shoulda just ate the doge

  • Ryo Saeba

    The manager wanted them to take it to go so he tried the drive through.

  • Dr Sun

    well at lest they didn’t shoot dead everyone as the trailer park trash, gangbangers and ghetto do.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      are you trying to say rednecks, gays and blacks? That is the worst thing i have ever heard on ChinaSmack!!

      • Dr Sun

        I didn’t say it you did, so you must be making a point. Please enlightened us about this “Gay black redneck” trailer park problem you know so much about, as I have never heard of it.

    • Jahar

      Let’s just deflect this, and talk about America instead. Because bad things happen in the US, so it’s okay for people to do bad things in other countries.

      • Confucius

        Deflection is a good start. Self-reflection will help you commence on your journey of enlightenment. Or maturity. Oh wait, maybe you’re just biased and want to troll for hate.

        • Jahar

          uh, I’m mocking him for that ridiculous deflection that people often use. the “They do it in the US too!” That didn’t work on our mom when we were 5, so why do people still use it now?

    • Nurse Moon

      Someone has a chip on their shoulder towards the west as usual. It must be hard to see all the little people from the top of your soapbox.

      • Dr Sun

        Its a burden, its true, but some must carry it, to shine the mirror into your face, but I do it without desire for wealth or fame.

    • Surfeit

      Peasant don’t know them there gunfire weapons.

      • Dr Sun

        usually I cant understand you, but you lost me on this post.

        • Surfeit

          Sentences made is not of which sense is.

          • Dr Sun

            Thanks for clearly that up.

  • Radioactive_Panda

    They need to take this to heart, not every restaurant is pet-friendly. Just like how most restaurants don’t allow kids in there.

    Maybe if the dog was service dog they could take it in.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Forget it. You can’t reason with these kinds of people. They’re called trash for a reason.

  • DavidisDawei

    Drive thru – China Style?

    On a side note – over Spring Festival, I went to a McDonalds in Hangzhou and on the paper tray protector they were handing out had printed diagrams and instructions explaining how to use the drive through window.
    This restaurant didn’t have a drive thru, but it must be a campaign to avoid future problems when it finally arrives.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      That right! “I hear of great new thing at McDonald called Drive Thru but when i drive thru, they get angry.”

      • DavidisDawei

        Why do they get angry?

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I live round the corner from a KFC with drive-through, but most of the time (despite all the signs and markings) it is completely blocked becasue cars enter from both sides at once, either to buy food or to get a shortcut past the traffic lights on the corner…
      Of course, this being China, no one will reverse out, even if they enter from the wrong side…

      • Dr Sun

        so from what you say, the first 2 cars that ever arrived there from the opposite direction are still there, as they would not reverse out. so they are now living and sleeping there, the occupants eating kfc 3 times a day ? and every car since as well as they will not reverse either.
        Or did they just all abandon their cars and walk home ?

        how big is this place, must be thousands of stranded people and cars, got any pics ?

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          So reply
          Much type
          Many clever
          How humour….

  • vonskippy

    The restaurant should have clearly posted that patrons can’t bring their own food.

    • Dr Sun

      that is kind of funny

  • Jahar

    I saw the picture and thought, “That looks like Wuhan.” Good guess.

  • pink panda

    how do you know i am 2 years older than you?
    i am typical after 80!

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    I truly respect the love this couple has for their canine friend. I really hope they will consider driving through Yulin or any other dog meat festivals next time.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    Didn’t know Cracker Barrel had a drive thru.

  • mr.wiener

    Well… that escalated quickly.

  • bujiebuke

    Smashing your car through a wall of glass is a perfectly reasonable solution to calming down a hysterical Chinese women.

  • xiaode

    what I really don´t get is… why the heck do they want to eat in a restaurant which is obviously not interested in serving them? Is this the only restaurant in town? If a restaurant shows me they – for whatever reason – are not interested in serving me, I am leaving and go to another one…. I don´t mind spending my money somewhere else…

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Totally missed an “I’ll be back.” opportunity there.

    • Surfeit

      You are the winner.

  • Irvin

    My cousin thrown his old phone to the wall and have it shattered to pieces, the next day his wife bought him a new phone, the latest model, so the tactic does work.

    • elizabeth

      Haha, ;)


      that says a lot on who wears the pants in the house lol.

      • Irvin

        I never wear pants in the house, maybe that’s why people don’t come over.

  • Irvin

    They hold him on a tight leash while letting him talk shit online to let out steam.

  • Surfeit

    HAHA! It’s only a Volkswagen!

    • Kai

      Hey, the B5 was a damn good car. You shut your hole!

      • Surfeit

        Make me.


  • Irvin

    Good thing they’re not driving a GM, or it’ll explode when it hit the glass.

  • Confucius

    I think that was Laozu who said that, not me. Or maybe it was Obama. But then again, I get really confused by the Americans when they change their minds about who is evil. It’s almost got a circle of life feel to it. If you’re good 30 years ago, you’re an axis of evil now, if you were evil 30 years ago, you’re a force of good against the new evil. Hmmm… Must be all that Judeo-Christian goodness that overplays the good vs evil card.

  • Oh China, I love you.


    “let me crash this restaurant with my car, that’ll prove how right i am.”

  • bang2tang

    another user fell into Fong’s charm.

  • Golden Retrievers don’t bite people, they are nice dogs.

  • alice.

    “This fucking is a nice car.” lol, really, there are such news like this. shouldn’t be surprised. sigh, what a waste.

  • Just imagine if Chinese had access to firearms.

  • mike921

    Typical 3rd world ‘me, now!’ mindset….

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    Dogs and other pets do not belong in a restaurant where people are eating.

  • hacienda

    it doesn’t make sense to bring your own food at a restaurant. and that is everywhere in the world.