Couple Set Up Camp In Animal Hospital To Tend To Ill Dog

Couple Set Up Camp In Animal Hospital To Tend To Ill Dog
A couple from Chengdu have set up camp in an animal hospital to accompany their pet dog as it recovers from an operation to remove a tumor in its liver. Childless Mr. and Mrs. Jin have slept in a room with their beloved Old English Sheepdog Maomao for over a month in total, and use the hospital’s kitchen to prepare meals for him, which sometimes feature rare and expensive caterpillar fungus. Maomao was also hospitalized on a previous occasion for a week in July to remove a spleen tumor. One netizen said the dog had indeed found a good owner, but also questioned if the couple would do the same for their own family.


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  • David

    Maybe if they stop feeding him caterpillar fungus and just fed him nutritional dog food, he would stop getting tumors. He is a dog, he does not need exotic food, just healthy food, clean water, good air and exercise.

    • Foreign Devil

      better get him out of China then.

    • helsic

      lol I was thinking the same here about the caterpillar fungus thing. I have a cat I rescued from the streets here in China, I only feed him Royal Cannin and he is the healthiest cat ever. He have never been sick and we just went to the vet once to spay him. I wonder why is this dog so ill.