Court to Reconsider Death Penalty Verdict For Uni Poisoner

Court to Reconsider Death Penalty Verdict For Uni Poisoner

A graduate student of Fudan University Medical School who was sentenced to death for poisoning his roommate in April 2013, had his case reviewed. The defence counsel argued that Lin Senhao did not administer a lethal dose to victim Huang Yang, with his intent being to harm and not kill. New expert opinion was unable to rule out other factors for his death. The judge expressed that the case would be dealt with according to law. Many netizens agreed that the original sentence was just, believing it unfair the murderer should be allowed to live much longer than his victim.

Source: Tencent

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  • Lovely

    Why did he kill his room mate to begin with? Any reason given? Do I have the sofa? Come sit with me! Heh.

    • yi_ge_yi_jian

      SOFA !!

    • Dolph Grunt

      Because this is an ongoing story (and this story is more about the appeal), the details of the original event aren’t included, not even in the original.

      Congrats on the sofa, although these days, that’s not a very difficult achievement. :)

      • Lovely

        Why is that? This site used to be so busy. I stopped visiting because I couldn’t stand all of the racist people.

        • bujiebuke

          The Chinese netizen comments disappeared which makes this site no longer unique.

          The troubles started when ChinaSmack began to lose advertisers who wanted to censor some of their content. There was a brief few months where they tried to get readers to pay for a subscription. Then, from no where, these Amanda stories started popping out which coincided with the disappearance of the regular stories, Kai and Fauna. There was a brief address to their “long-suffering readers” (presumably from Kai), but that was it.

          You might want to look into other sites and just ignore the Disqus comments.

        • Dolph Grunt

          Unknown, and yeah, the “racist” people exist on most sites and are extremely brave (and loud on the Internet). Whether it’s hating on Chinese or hating on foreigners, it’s pretty sad.

    • mr.wiener

      Here is the link to the story, don’t know why it wasn’t displayed above. Sorry.

  • Amused

    “Oops sorry bro, I didn’t mean to poison you… that much.”

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