Crab Fishing, 10,000 USD a Week, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A crab fisherman missing a finger.

A crab catcher holdin up two large crabs.

From KDS:

Catch crabs, 10,000 USD a week, anyone want to go?

Crab fishermen on a pile of crabs.

A crab fisherman lying on a hold full of crabs.

Catching crabs.

A crab fisherman missing a finger.

High waves beside a crab fishing boat.

Ice covered crab fishing boat.

Note: The last image was posted by another netizen, not the original poster.

Comments from KDS:


High-risk profession, you could have your JJ pinched off if you’re not careful. emoticon


Not sure how it is more dangerous than coal mining, but it’s 50x the return.


I think this was on Discovery before.
Top 3 high-risk, high-income professions.


I especially like to eat crab, fuck, catch and eat, it’d be so fresh!!!


Essentially all single men.
Half the year out at sea.
The next half eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling.


What more, look at the ice on that boat, this isn’t work that any ordinary person can do.


Their work is skilled work, you need skill and courage, and ultimately luck as well.


[I] want to go do it, just there isn’t a channel [to get into the profession]. If they were to look for people in this country, a bunch of people would go do it, believe it or not.


Why do I feel that in the Heavenly Kingdom the high risk professions don’t necessarily have high income?


I want to go [do that job]. I’m brave, healthy, don’t get seasick, learn quickly, and the key is that so far my luck hasn’t been bad. emoticon


emoticon Fuck, no safety measures.


The photographs are all taken when the weather is calm~
If it were really nasty weather, could they have taken the photos?
After 2 days on the boat, many of the TF here would already be dehydrated from vomiting,
and you talk about working?


Work a year and if you’re not dead you can buy a house.


The competition in this profession is very high, and the key still lies in the captain’s experience.
High risk professions have high return, but looking at the high risk professions in China, they truly cannot compare to those outside/abroad.


Work that all red-blooded men year to do. emoticon


Better make your money before the YP get involved.
If this were opened to China’s fishing boats, all [the crabs] would be gone within a season.


This work is amongst the highest paid professions in America. Of course, the mortality rate is also high.

Ordinary people couldn’t do it at all, subjectively unable to deal with that kind of hardship, objectively physically unable.

It’s seasonal, only two months every year.


Looks a little like a European-American blockbuster movie.


This kind of high risk isn’t comparable to ordinary high-risk. For example, send an ordinary person to Shanxi to mine coal and after 5 years of mining they may have serious illness and disability but he wouldn’t necessarily be dead. Send an ordinary person to go catch crabs however, I guarantee that the first time he goes out, he won’t be coming back.


If they could hire Chinese people, 10,000 would definitely become 1000.


Add another 0 to the end and I’ll go. My life is still valuable. emoticon


If YP coal miners were given the chance to go, I guarantee all of them would rush over there. It’s still life-risking, but one month would be enough for the rest of their lives. emoticon


Then the 5 mao will accuse the American imperialists of having ulterior motives, giving money to have our countrymen risk their lives, while they hide and eat delicious food. emoticon


Looks quite cold. If I go, I’d have to bring heating pads/patches, sticking them all over my body the moment work begins. emoticon


A model of exchanging your life for money.


According to the quality of our countrymen’s bodies, this kind of environment = suicide.


An extremely challenging occupation, one I yearn for. emoticon

Do you have a dangerous profession? What do you do? What dangers do you face?

A crab fisherman hugs a fish.

Manly men. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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