Beijing Girl Will Pay For Man To Watch World Cup With Her

From Mop:

Sister is offering 1000 kuai per day for a man to watch the World Cup together.

If you’re a real man, then you can apply for the position.

A girl named KK is looking for a high-quality man to accompany her to the World Cup for a “one month period of happiness”. She likes football matches but doesn’t really understand the game and especially likes the big, handsome players.  Here are the specific requirements mentioned in the video, everyone pay attention!

  1. You have to be a guy, a guy who understands football.
  2. Your occupation, status, salary don’t matter at all.
  3. Your age has to be between 20 and 40, if you’re too old or too young, she can only bid you “I’m sorry”.
  4. While you two are together, you have to accompany her to see the football matches and only the matches that she likes. If your preferences are in conflict with hers, then, muhaha, you must obey her wishes. If she says it’s right, then it’s right.
  5. You must know how to cook, and cook many many delicious things. Also, after eating, it’s your responsibility to clean the dishes.
  6. You have to be able to drink, and be able to drink a lot.
  7. She likes straightforward guys. If you’re a Shanghai man, she doesn’t want you.
  8. You must be warm and genial.
  9. You must enjoy exercise/sports.
  10. Mostly importantly, you must wash your feet at least two times a day. She doesn’t like the smell of stinky feet in her room because it’s very strange.

If you’re fortunate enough to be selected, you will be compensated 1000 RMB per day, that’s 1000 RMB! If interested, please submit your photo and CV to her personal email, [email protected]

Lastly, her declaration: South Africa World Cup is the beginning of our romance, the end of the world is our finale.

Thank you everyone! If you’re not serious, don’t bother. *Mmmmuuaahh* She’s waiting for you, hurry up!

Comments from Mop:


I’d rather become a woman.


This girl… I fear if I see her again, I won’t be able to get it up anymore


Sister [this girl] is definitely 8 years old, matured early!


Directly ejaculated.


Feminine guy.


Choosing you, is the same as belittling my own intelligence…..
Evaluation complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also like balls [pun on sports with balls], as in I like flesh balls.. heh heh.. brother [referring to self] will help you…


I thought I was watching a cartoon~~


Surprisingly, front row [i.e. first page of comments]? My requirements aren’t too high~ sister, just let me cum 3 times per night is enough.


Can I make love with you? I don’t want money, just your love juices.


Such hot weather and [this has made] brother break out in a cold sweat…


If there’s cleavage, [then this post] will be hot.


I didn’t hear the email address clearly. Someone post it. Thanks.


Such a poser.


This voice… my ball hurts…


Really want to plug your mouth with my penis so you will suffocate to death.


To me, this sounds rather cute.


My family dog is male, don’t know if that is okay?


After watching… brother threw up.

Put up your own list of requirements. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by mileiux


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