Da Vinci Furniture Responds To False Importing Scandal

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

Recently, there has been a scandal involving  Da Vinci Furniture, a retailer of “high-fashion furniture brands” including “Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Kenzo Maison, Cerruti and many more” with “mega-stores” in “Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China”, according to their official website . A CCTV news report investigated quality problems with the company’s expensive products and the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that the company’s “made in Italy” products were actually made in China, shipped to China’s border, and then suddenly became “imported” the next day. Notable in the CCTV report, a twin bed with the brand “Cappeletti” was reported to be manufactured by the Dongguang Changfeng Furniture Company where it is sold for about 30,000 RMB yet is priced 10x higher at 300,000 RMB by Da Vinci because it is “imported”

From NetEase:

Da Vinci Furniture responds to false importing scandal, General Manager cries

July 13th, Da Vinci Furniture Company Ltd. held a press conference concerning the fake incident. General Manager Panzhuang Xiuhua [Doris Phua] in a tearful voice told of how she “started the company” from zero, insisting that the Italian branded products her company represents were all imported, and at the same time admitting that their American brands have partnered with domestic factories before.

July 13th, Da Vinci Furniture Company Ltd., embroiled in a quality scandal, holds a media press conference in Beijing. Da Vinci General Manager Panzhuang Xiuhua was emotional and full of tears, insisting that the Italian brands her company is an agent for are made in Italy and imported, but at the same time admitted that her company has indeed worked with domestic factories, including Dongguan Changfeng, but that product line was the domestically established and since discontinued Fuledeng brand. However, the press conference became Da Vinci’s “one man show” as reporters were completely denied the opportunity to ask questions.

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

July 13th, Da Vinci General Manager Panzhuang Xiuhua shedding tears. Earlier, the so-called “made in Italy”, “solid wood”, and “imported” furniture priced at several tens of thousand of yuan to even hundreds of thousands of yuan had been exposed as being made in Dongguan, using medium density fiberboard materials. On July 11th, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau had begun an official investigation into Da Vinci furniture under suspicion of falsifying places of manufacture and for product quality problems.

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

Panzhuang Xiuhua stressed her company’s role as “agent”, that all of the Italian brands her company is an agent for are all made in Italy and imported. At the same time, she said, “The American brands we are agents for, including the Hollywood brand, are all globally sourced, with the places of manufacture including Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, as well as China. America has so many products that are not 100% made in the United States. They just want to take care of quality and design, not necessarily insist on being made in America.”

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

When talking about the Dongguan Changfeng company, she was both choking down sobs and incoherent, and adding on the fact that her putonghua [Mandarin] was not very smooth in the first place, all of the reporters present found themselves at a completely loss. Several times, journalists wanted to interrupt her long speech, and directly ask her questions, but Panzhuang Xiuhua emotionally expressed how much pressure/stress she has been in lately and that she must finish saying everything she wants to say.

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

Panzhuang Xiuhua said, her company originally had two different brands, Da Vinci and Fuledeng, with Fuledeng being made in China, but was discontinued in 2006. Da Vinci General Manager Panzhuang Xiuhua also said that there is a long-standing misunderstand at present, that being “all made in Italy furniture must be 100% solid wood, but actually the essence of Italian furniture lies in its design, materials, and innovation.”

Doris Phua, general manager or CEO of Da Vinci Furniture Ltd. at a press conference responding to her company's product quality and falsification scandal.

Panzhuang Xiuhua in the end stated being willing to pay for 20 media reporters and consumers to travel to Italy to investigate, hoping that the media and society will give Da Vinci one more chance. “If you want private interviews, I accept, but not today.” The reporters who had bitterly waited half the day only to not get a chance to ask questions all expressed helplessness at this result.

Doris Phua gets up rushing to leave the press conference without giving reporters' a chance to ask questions.

Photo is of Da Vinci General Manager Panzhuang Xiuhua immediately leaving the conference after finishing speaking without responding to reporter questions.

A man professing to be a Da Vinci customer stands up demanding to know whether to trust Da Vinci or the CCTV.

At the press conference, a man claiming to be a consumer said: “Give me a microphone, this is essentially a presentation by your side! I am a consumer, I spent 10 million buying your furniture, and what I care about now is whether CCTV’s broadcast is true or if what you are saying is true! What I am afraid of now is my wife and children encountering problems when using this furniture!”

A man professing to be a Da Vinci customer stands up demanding to know whether to trust Da Vinci or the CCTV.

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This man who claimed to be a consumer refused to disclose the details of his furniture purchase, only claiming that he was denied when previously attempting to return his purchase, and further could not produce receipts. Photo is of the man who claimed to be a consumer making a scene at the conference.

A man professing to be a Da Vinci customer stands up demanding to know whether to trust Da Vinci or the CCTV.

July 13th, a man claiming to be a Da Vinci Furniture customer (standing) demands to return his purchases during the presentation.

The self-proclaimed Da Vinci customer storms out of the press conference, sending it into disarray, as reporters follow him asking questions.

“There’s no point listening further. Fake, this presentation is completely fake!” A number of reporters followed a man leaving the scene and the press conference immediately became a mess. All that could be seen was a man claiming to be a consumer quickly going down the escalator, with reporters chasing after him endlessly asking him when he purchased his furniture, where he purchased, but he made not a single reply.

Another self-proclaimed Da Vinci customer beseiged by reporters but refusing to respond to questions about his supposed Da Vinci furniture purchases.

July 13th, just like the furious consumer who stormed out before, after the press conference, another tall, good-looking man wearing sunglasses also claiming to be a consumer was “besieged” by reporters. He too refused to disclose details about his furniture purchases, only that he had previously gone to make a return but was denied. Due to the two “consumers” both refusing to disclose the products they purchased, or produce receipts for their purchases, several reporters questioned if they might be have been “fake customers” planted by competitors.

Da Vinci Furniture general manager Panzhuang Xiuhua leaving the press conference under escort, refusing to accept interviews or questions.

July 13th, DaVinci Furniture Company Ltd. general manager Panzhuang Xiuhua (middle) leaves the scene escorted by many black-clad bodyguards, not speaking a word when besieged by the surrounding reporters and ultimately not disclosing when she will be able to accept interviews.

Da Vinci Furniture general manager Panzhuang Xiuhua leaving the press conference under escort, refusing to accept interviews or questions.

July 13th, personnel escort DaVinci Furniture Company Ltd. general manager Panzhuang Xiuhua (middle) out of the premises.

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Comments from NetEase:

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I don’t care if it is real or fake, either way I can’t afford it.


Panzhuang Xiuhua talks a lot like a government official, she can’t be saved.


Society’s tragedy, the quality of domestic products don’t pass the test, so consumers can only turn to Western brands, only to discover that Western brands are also a bunch of cheats!


Even with such thick skin, they still go this far in refusing to admit.


I’ve decided to buy the Beethoven brand, now that I know the Da Vinci brand is so unreliable.


Being expensive is not wrong, what was wrong was that it wasn’t imported.


I don’t care if it is real or fake, I don’t care about that, but this female general manager is indeed disgusting. What the cock is she crying for!? There are rich people who like to let you rip them off!


Let those who have a lot of money (from who knows where) have a taste of blind foreign worship! Haha!


The people Da Vinci cheated are those nouveau riche who have some money and want to pretend they are sophisticated/classy, so I don’t feel like there is anything really bad about this. As an ordinary commoner, I can’t afford to buy this kind of furniture, so I am very much enjoying laughing at their misfortune.


I never buy brand names, only buying the things I consider worth their price. Having money doesn’t mean being spending it irresponsibly. I can give up face, but I’m definitely not willing to be a fool~


If crying meant being able to make money without taking responsibility, I’m willing to cry and cry…


The difficulty of building a business does not mean you can cheat consumers. The difficulty of building a business is not a reason for cheating consumers.

Comments from Sina:

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This CEO is crying only because she this kind of thing is common in China but why did it have to be her Da Vinci that gets exposed.


Typical commercial fraud, this kind of truly dishonest merchant cannot be forgiven. Why is she crying now, better wait until she’s in jail to cry. If she can, bring all of those laowai along. They too are accessories to the crime and should also get the punishment they deserve.


The victims of this matter are mainly rich families. They like to show off to get attention and like face projects so [this] could be considered to be a sort of just deserts. Unfortunately and regrettably, the little ordinary common people don’t have the money to be involved in this matter, truly having avoided disaster just once. Fortunately and to be congratulated, sometimes being rich isn’t necessarily a good thing, and this matter is the best example. I bet in the future one can bring this up in a Harvard economics and management class and lecture to students on how one can get rich quick in China, this “characteristic” place.


Other than the tears being real, everything is is all fake.


Ban the Da Vinci brand, foreigners are no good either!


High-end Italian furniture products aren’t sold the way she sells them either. She’s simply exploiting the blind worship of foreign things by the ignorant rich in this country.


Ai you! And they want to get listed on the stock market [IPO]? If they were really to get listed, then the people they’d be cheating would include the whole world’s people!

What do you think? Do you believe Da Vinci’s CEO? Do you believe the “consumers” in the audience are real?

Both domestically manufactured and imported. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • donscarletti

    Bourgeois idiots wanting to show off must be ripped off in a way that makes them feel satisfied. This lady played that important role in China for a while. Her only mistake was being caught and making these decadent fools _feel_ exploited, rather than simply feeling elite.

    • “Her only mistake was being caught”
      There is only mistake to commit in China, and this is it, to be caught doing something bad.

      This is how shame-based cultures work: as long as no ones is onto you, you can do anything you want; furthermore, because China isn’t a guilt-based society, nobody feels bad for doing any one thing, or any kind of feeling at all.

      Want to know who’s the biggest liars and the most corrupt? Easy. Just find out who in China is contributing the most to charity and haggling with god/the gods about paying their way into heaven, because their not going to make it with a lifetime of cheating, lying and deceit.

      • anon

        I think the shame vs. guilt-based culture dichotomy is getting a bit long in the tooth and becoming something of a nasty stereotype, especially when you start seeing people prescribing it instead of genuinely evaluating it. When there’s so much headline news right in our faces, both big and small, especially in recent days, of people in supposedly “guilt-based” societies only apologizing or expressing seeming remorse when they’re caught, just how true is this stereotype, versus how true we want it to be to preserve how we think about ourselves versus others?

        • Gregory Orton

          Hold it right there. This is an argument to reductio ad absurdum.

          The most common used argument in the democracies of today and most arguments at a pseudo political level come down either two things:

          – Calling someone a nazi
          – calling someone’s argument “old” or “long in the tooth”. Just because an argument is old, if it was right in the first place, doesn’t make it any less right because it’s now older.

          Short of any original research, except anecdotal evidence having lived in China for several years, I would say the guilt vs shame culture is completely alive and well. Almost all Chinese people I know, work with and talk to and some that I don’t seem to act completely on a selfish impulse (with themselves or their immediate family being the only benefactors) and only show any kind of contrition if they’re caught being a moron. Otherwise, people go happily about being morons and assholes.

          Stereotypes exist because there is no smoke without fire. And in a country of so many freaking people in a country where the government has systematically tried to turn every citizen into a walking stereotype, there’s actually more truth in his statement that you can possibly know.


          • anon

            You’re presupposing that I think the argument was right in the first place. I don’t think it is WHEN it is becoming something of a nasty stereotype. Do you understand what I mean? I think the “guilt-vs-shame culture” hypothesis has jumped the shark. I agree that simply being old doesn’t make something wrong, but that wasn’t what I was suggesting.

            Your usage is the kind of usage that I am decrying. It has become a short-hand for making sweeping and NEGATIVE generalizations about people’s internal feelings and sentiments. Employing the “guilt-vs-shame culture” theory here becomes little more than trying to add some academic credibility with an imperfect sociological theory to one’s personal judgment of others.

            I think the theory itself makes sense and has applications for explaining human behavior, but I disagree with how some people are prone to abusing it.

    • Justin

      I am surprised you didn’t call sofa. Are you afraid that it is poorly made and might break?

      • Dawei

        Oh my word. Classic.

  • He spent 10 million on the furniture? So he’s either a dishonest competitor, a corrupt actor, or an extremely frivolous corrupt official. Losing the sunglasses might lend him a little more credibility.

    • Brett Hunan

      Or…OR…. He really did spend the 10 mill. Stop making blind accusations may give you more credibility.

      “What I am afraid of now is my wife and children encountering problems when using this furniture!” I’m not familiar with what problems the furniture pieces have been creating… Anyone care to enlighten me?

      • Yeah, touche. Like he said, he probably is legitimacy mad because people like his wife and kids might have problems when using the furniture. A sofa might spontaneously burst into flames while they sit on it since it’s not genuine Italian made. And now that he knows it, he’s powerless to stop his wife and kids from using it. If I legitimately paid 10 million for bogus furniture, this is definitely the grievance I would make loudly and publicly behind concealing sunglasses with no proof whatsoever while blowing off reporters that could help my cause.

        • Brett Hunan

          Do you have any proof about the spontaneous combustion? It is possible that there is some sort of allergen in the materials or it could be any number of problems. The quality issues could be anything- until they are reported.

          He may just wants to bring down the company that sold him a false product. He might not care a thing about problems that the product could bring to his family. Despite that, powerful people don’t like to be made fools of.

          Also, it is important to understand that the Chinese don’t get many opportunities to express their grief towards an issue- at least not in a public way. When the opportunity presents itself, however, it is quite common that the wounded let their voices be heard.

          The glasses are probably just because he is a badass. I second the watch comment below, but Patek Philippe usually runs a lot more than $20,000— maybe add another 0.

      • bert

        Too many things in China are toxic. Maybe the chemicals used in the furniture manufacturing or the foam inside could be dangerous or at the least cause some type of breathing or skin problems.

    • ponpon

      a lot of chines people who ar rich like that are fugly anyway, i can believe hime because the patek philippe watch he is wearing is at least worth $20,000

      • Justin

        1.) How can you see clearly from a blurry picture exactly what kind of watch he is wearing? 2.) How do you know that isn’t fake? I can go to Yaxiu Market in Beijing today and get you the same watch for less than 1,000 (yuan that is.)

        • Justin

          Which isn’t to say that he is NOT rich. He could be rich like the Da Vinci Lady, who is most certainly rich but dresses like shit anyhow.

  • nereis

    I don’t really know how they manage to buy 10 million RMB worth of furniture. Even the best Chesterfields rarely cost more than several thousand dollars. So this man would literally have to have outfitted his entire house with furniture from one manufacturer.

    That said, shady business practices are the hallmark of Chinese advertising and should be expected. It’s a shame their government doesn’t regulate their business sector nearly as well as they regulate freedom of speech.

    • Somethin Somethin

      Come on man, you gotta have one set for the 1st wife, one set for the girlfriend in Shanghai, and some odds and ends for the girls you keep in the 2nd tier cities you see on “business trips”. Throw in an armoire or two to make sure you avoid those pesky export fines and you’re home free. Who doesnt love 4000RMB crystal finger bowls?

    • It’s specifically because of the goob-er-mand that these companies are able to do these things. The goob’s pave the way for the companies to do business, the companies make the money and kick it back upstairs, it’s all one harmonious rip-off

  • R. Walsh

    I wonder if any of the foreigners on her side of the table are hired actors as well, showing up just to add credibility.

    • AdamHK

      yep, i’m sure they all are. just have a look at their supposed names. all sound so italian, right? haha

  • Rod

    Typical BS from Chinese companies. Caught in the act, cry and bow your head.

    I’m so sorry – for getting caught at least. Same thing with the tainted milk, and well, most other things I buy here.

    I bought a keyboard the other day that didn’t work with my laptop. Then I spent a half an our trying to convince the chick that it really didn’t work, and I wanted to change it for another brand, and I wasn’t trying to “be sly” and cheat hear out of her 180 kuai.


    • anon

      She’s actually Singaporean (though still ethnic Chinese) but I wouldn’t go so far with the bowing your head thing. It’s more of an overall Asian thing. Notice how often it happens all the time with Japanese companies, like Tepco. The crying too.

  • Jones

    Way to show up to apologize for ripping people off by wearing such an elaborate, obviously expensive, in-your-face garment.

    • Agree. Not enough cleavage.

    • Joe

      Chinese fail at psychology. Westerners are masters at it. The western lawyer will tell his client how to behave and what to wear to create a sympathetic jury. This dumb Chinese bitch shows up in some shiny dress and dangly earrings.

      The west have a democracy, and the people are convinced they have a say in their government, when they really don’t. The Chinese are openly authoritarian, and the populous will always try to revolt to achieve freedom. List goes on and on.

      • lonetrey

        Huh. I’ve never thought of it that way. You actually have a really good point there.

  • Irvin

    Why would any one want to spend 10million on furnitures? they can hire people and import wood to custom make anything they choose including a house.

    Proves that even rich people do idiotic things.

    • Suicidal tendency

      You don’t get the main point in spending these 10 millions.
      If you have the wood imported, and hand-workers building the furniture, how could it be obviously and clearly visibly expensive?

      Having a logo of a very expensive brand IS the whole point in spending so much money! What gives face is not the furniture, it’s how much you paid it!

      Having a logo of a company known to cheat makes you loose face, and that’s priceless!

      • Irvin

        with 10 million the logos can be custom made to, I can have fucking nike on a coke bottle with 10 million. In another word, one can pirate anything with better quality with that kind of budget.

        But that’s besides the point, the point is: seeking symbol as opposed to the actual thing is stupid. But then again, I never understood people that seek things beyond intrinsic value.

  • FYIADragoon

    This just proves the rich Chinese are tasteless fools that depend on brand names to decide purchases. Any real rich person with actual class and taste in furniture would have properly examined the Da Vinci works and been able to determine that they were not true Italian works. This is just like their fixation with Apple. Buying on brand name is the sign of a peasant.

    • Dark Canuck

      Yeah, for sure, i still can’t believe all the shocked looks I get when I tell people all apple products are made in China, not the US.

    • “Buying on brand name is the sign of a peasant.”

      You be hatin’ on hip-hop, playa. Why the hate? Got the cash, bling’s got flash.

      But.. hater’s gotta hate. Excuse me as I enjoy sitting back in the toxicity of my DaVinci shanzhai furniture, surrounded by my bitches as gangstas and gangsta o-fis-see-als pay me the respect that I am due from the fortune of money I have amassed by any means possible or die trying (thanks, fifty!)

      • YEAH!!!

        Song of the Article

        not so gangsta, more rock n roll!

        Can’t take it with you
        -Social Distortion


  • SkyFish

    I don’t trust this ugly bitch.

  • Jay K.

    This is the reason why we Americans love our la z boy furniture. keeps tickin with time minus the high priced tag of euro crap furniture


      that’s why you look so cheap

  • Matt smith

    I have to say that I’m not surprised at all by the event itself, but I am surprised that more people haven’t linked this to the recent talk of luxury/import taxes. I recently saw a show on ifeng where the government participant was saying that the tax should be increased/stay the same and that to do any less would only hurt Chinese companies, but everyone else in the room thought he was an idiot and that lowering the tax could actually generate more revenue for the government and it would help Chinese shops sell more goods (helping out the Chinese companies that are not on the manufacturing side, not to mention helping the trade surplus not look so lop-sided, international relations anyone?). This is a perfect example of why the tax is such a hindrance to Chinese consumers and how it keeps the rich rich and the poor poor. Someone is always going to game the system, but if you make it less profitable to do so, they might reconsider. It seems like reducing the import tax could really help out China PR-wise and internally.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    Millions were bribed and billions to be bribed…

  • bomber

    Perhaps I misread something in the article, but from it I can’t seem to find any evidence that foreigners (Italians, I guess) were complicit in this fraud.

    Maybe its just the 5 maos commenting; I don’t really see justification for foreigner hatred in this story.

    • Patrick

      Foreigners exist – is that not enough?

    • anon

      Depending on what foreigner hatred you’re referring to…

      1. A lot of people, not just the Chinese, believe the foreigners at the press conference are just hired stooges, like those foreigners who pretend to be some foreign company executive for a Chinese company for money. Hence, they’re complicit in fraud.

      2. There has been talk of furniture being given the false “imported” label because of corruption on the Italy side, that people over there are providing the fake documentation for money. Hence, foreigners complicit in the fraud.

      3. If you’re talking about the foreign worship comments, its more hatred against the Chinese people who automatically believe anything foreign is better and thus worth premium prices.

      Have I missed anything? I think there’s actually far more hatred being aimed at the rich than foreigners in this case.

      • Alikese

        Except it doesn’t seem that Italians were involved with this at any point, aside from sitting in the conference room. This lady’s company shipped the furniture from Dongguan to the border so it could get an import sticker, then she told everyone it came from Italy.

        • anon

          I don’t see how the “except” you lead off with responds to or refutes anything I wrote.

          bomber said he doesn’t see justification for the foreigner hatred. I responded by explaining what are some of the things some of the Chinese commenters are reacting to, what they believe happened, what they’ve heard happened, as well as their general prejudice against blind worship of all things foreign. I’m not giving evidence of Italians being complicit, I’m just explaining where the foreigner hatred comments may be coming from, kinda like how the Chinese hatred comments in the pig abuse gate story comes from some people not actually reading the entire post, categorical prejudice against Chinese people, or simply thinking the sort of exercise they engaged in is inexcusable even for a police forensics class.

  • King Tubby

    Crikey, you could chop down a forest with a face like that.
    Chinese nouveau riche. Feel sorry for the pathetic scumbags who would buy a ….. if it had the right name brand. And the gnawing worry that the latest bit of bling may have been turned out in some domestic sweat shop. You ‘ve got to laugh at the insecure prats totally lacking in any self-identity.

  • Joe

    I have no pity for the fools that bought that furniture, thinking that simply because it was made in Italy, it’s worth 10x more.

    If he had actually been buying the furniture because he appreciated its beauty or design, then he would not at all feel scammed. Instead, the idiots bought to soothe their lowly self esteem, only to find out the truth the hard way.

  • Jeff

    some idiot pays 10 million rmb for furniture ….. What BS! but if true then he is an idiot! [one million euros of furniture]… I’d buy it IN EUROPE AND HAVE IT SHIPPED!!

    No doubt theres some scull-duggery going on with Da Vinci China/ and Changfeng Why wouldn’t it? 10x profits better than drug trafficking and no death penalty.

    Its in Da Vinci’s best interest to fix this issue or they wont be able to sell the real furniture as their prospective customers switch to other brands —-Oh well back to “Everspring happy time furnture [sic.] science developmenteding co. of buggerallzhou china” …… nahhhh I’ll try Ikea china again – crap product at crap cheap price.

    • Blue Eyed Devil

      I’m not sure you’re allowed to buy goods from overseas – the Chinese want to make sure the money go into the country but never leaves.

  • Classic Chinese woman defense mode. When you’ve done something obviously heinous and wrong, just cry and pretend like you were the victim all along.

    • Classic WOMAN defense mode. Period.

  • Wait a minute. A Chinese company lying about their merchandise? No effing way! My $20 Aple iPaad and $5 Galvin Glein jeans attest to the fact that all Chinese companies are paragons of honesty and transparency.

    • Jeff

      And all those “name brand” watches are made in the same Chinese factory as the copies anyway A B and C class copies!
      every second second bitch on heat in Shanghai has LV, Dior or whatever copy something.
      ha ha Switzerland and France are cheating us all! ha ha ha!

  • QUEK







  • Blue Eyed Devil

    So the Chinese are lying about the quality and origin of their goods?

    Good grief, we’ve known that for years.

    Shoddily made stuff, unsafe with toxic materials? Yup. Par for the course.

    • [email protected]

      What’s so bad about furniture made of MDF? come on, you sit on the your MDF sofa, it breaks, you fracture your coccyx and spend a month or two in your MDF bed, which breaks and you break your neck and die. So really Da Vinci furniture is just helping society.

  • Not terribly surprising – givne the amount of ‘foreign’ labels that are being produced in P.R. China. What is going to be interesting to see is what is going to happen to the value of these ‘labels’ in the eyes of the P.R. Chinese buyers. If it is anything like what has happened in the North American and European markets, there is going to be another large size crater in the ‘brand’ market realm.

  • 平凡人

    Not only furniture, a lot of finished goods are shipped to Hong Kong and later being imported after doing the final packaging, installation, testing, etc. We cannot help it if some of these “rich” people likes imported goods instead of China made stuff. This lady has got marketing sense as she sees the opportunity; i.e. a group of people who will only buy things that are imported and expensive.
    I know of a silly woman who bought a rice cooker from Japan only to find that the voltage is different and thus having to buy a transformer as well.

  • Justin

    It really makes one long for the honest shoddiness of IKEA. At least the low price matches the fall-apart nature.

    • Dawei

      Yep and it is so cheap no one can afford to copy it and make money.

  • Luke

    I found a Chinese webpage that published a full text transcript of the actual press conference. All those white people you see in the background were introduced by name along with their respective positions.

    The host claimed that 7 of them were CEOs, 3 were regional managers, 2 were general managers, and one was director of marketing, all of them representing “Italian manufacturers” of furniture. Also, the host claimed that three top executives from the American manufacturer Hollywood were present as well.

    First of all, if a company’s business partner gets involved in any kind of scandal, NOBODY would send representatives to back up their business partners at a press conference. You don’t want to risk getting dragged into the scandal as well, and if the allegations are verified, you’ll make yourself look like an ass by having backed them up. All of those so-called executives were just a bunch of paid actors.

    It just doesn’t make sense that SEVEN Italian CEO’s and a bunch of other executives would travel to China to attend a press conference in order to back up one business partner who is involved in a scandal.

    We all know that Chinese people worship white people. DaVinci is just trying to improve it’s image by associating white faces with their company and products. It’s all a bunch of nonsense and only confirms my suspicions that DaVinci has defrauded its customers.

  • Foreign Devil

    “This CEO is crying only because she this kind of thing is common in China but why did it have to be her Da Vinci that gets exposed.” Quite Right!

    ANd I love how she surrounds herself by a bunch of hired english teachers dressed in monkey suits posing as her “Italian partners” backing her up. What a show!

  • typingfromwork

    Strange to see a crocodile give a press conference.

    This is no different to the people who exploit yuppies in Russia. Wise up by travelling more, and learn about these foreign brands rather than just blindly by what some shyster says.

    That CEO (or whatever the fuck she is) must be hard up on cash, judging by how she’s wearing the hotel’s drapes throughout the conference.

  • I can reallybsay that Davinci for use is a good customer importing our high level furniture sinwce over 10 years. I really hope that everything will set up for them.
    Sincerily 100% Made in Italy
    Formitalia spa exclusive producer in Florence of Tonino Lamborghini, Aston Martin Interior etc. …..Furniture.

  • civilization

    there is no need to hold a press conference, all reporters were denied to ask questions?? it is so fake, so obvious… that old lady really is a excellent actor, , may all your personnel and you go to jail,, you can not be forgiven, you guys must get punishment you deserve.

  • NL

    I’ve been told actually that Da Vinci faced the same problem a few years ago but without the huge bad press it is getting now. It was swiped under the rug easily and consumers forgot about that. I wonder how they will get back up after that blow.
    Personally, I think Da Vinci have misled consumers by branding their design as original and luxurious. I would brand them as original but retro chic. If rich people in China had taste to begin with , there won’t be this huge scandal…

  • Rio

    This is true. I have worked with Davinci in Shanghai as Showroom Design Specialist way back 2006. I know this “Cappeletti” furniture. They are flaunting it as “made in Italy”. But when I examine the quality and the material even the finishes, It is really made in China.
    I am a furniture designer having worked with different factories in China. I know how they are doing furniture; the finish, the material and everything. I also know the Chinese factory mentioned who is doing the furniture for them. By chance I have seen the furniture in their factory when visiting them for another project.
    Its really stupid how they are cheating these Chinese market by presenting these furniture as “made in Italy”. Because they know that when Chinese saw the brand or country where it was made, they would really buy that without hesitation.

  • kodi

    The truth is that many things that are “made in China” are of excellent quality. The way to do this is to have high quality raw materials and meticulous quality control on the factory floor. However, this foolish woman was not minding the quality of her products, claiming that they were imported, and overpricing shoddy quality. She could have very well been a China furniture trade company making money from selling the brand, which in fact is designed in Italy, in China, but it seems she got too greedy and started cutting corners and thats why she got caught.

    Think about Apple products. Would anyone complain if you could buy apple products that were actually not exported back to the USA after being manufactured “in China!” before being imported back to China? Why export them back to America then import them back into China? Do you think the apple products from the factories in China go through the export import process before being sold in China? Its seems kind of silly right? So why does it matter if the furniture was made in China, shipped to Italy, and then imported back into China for sale? If she is a real importer for those brands and the brands are actually manufactured in China, but designed in Italy then what would be the problem? Her greed and cutting corners is what caused her these problems.

    Oh yeah and stupid people willing to buy $100,000 furniture. My friend has the Fendi living room set and it is ok, but not much better than any other furniture I have had before. Those people deserve to be tricked……….. Paying for a name and not quality.

    • elizabeth

      I can identify with this. Once had a conversation with someone about Chinese paying for exorbitantly price branded products made in China. Was told that they are aware, but still pay because it shows they have ‘arrived’ in society and that is very important.

      Once you can show that you have ‘arrived’, ‘friends’ and ‘success’ you will have plenty.

      Sigh, it’s that ‘f’ word again.

      I think Chinese should realise how much potential they have. They just have to be more confident and creative. Unlike deprived countries, resources are within their reach and quality is just a matter of commitment. But that requires a change of values and mindset.

      • kodi

        “I think Chinese should realise how much potential they have. They just have to be more confident and creative. Unlike deprived countries, resources are within their reach and quality is just a matter of commitment. But that requires a change of values and mindset.”

        You said it! I have been dealing with many private business people and Gov. officials lately in regard to a few environmental technology deals and I will tell you that it is very frustrating trying to make a long term deal with people who are programed to think in terms of immediate monetary gain. I can’t even count the times I was asked the following questions, “So, how much money will we make from this? When can you write us the check? How much are you making off of this deal?”

        It seems they are worrying about things in the wrong order and then don’t even know how to do all the stuff it takes to get there. Signing the license agreement and receiving money are not the only things they must do to uphold their part of the deal. There are also quality standards, intellectual property and patent restrictions, quotas, etc….. that they must meet and if they are not careful then they could very well fail at this project. Its like they have no vision of what’s over the horizon. The idea that HARD WORK= SUCCESS is rare amongst the guys I have been dealing with and the idea of a foreigner being the gate keeper for the project and actually making money off of the project is even harder to swallow.

        I used to think that the world has a reason to fear China, but after experiencing the counterproductive mindset and barriers to success they put up themselves I have changed my view entirely. They may be able to be successful in China, but in terms of international business for every success there will be 100,000 failures. People are taking note of the tricks they try, studying Chinese etiquette, mastering the art of war, learning the way to smile and say yes then do nothing, and learning how to fight the peaceful war that is Chinese business and we do it meticulously using the empirical process, so I do not see much hope for them if they do not wake up and realize that China is a country in the world system. Perhaps China used to be the center of the universe, but now the universe surrounds China.

        • elizabeth

          Maybe they accept NPV checks.

  • Guest

    I know that the company is horrible for being dishonest to its customers, but how ostentatious can someone be to spend 10 million dollars RMB on furniture? I feel sorry for neither sides.

  • zakiah

    looking for furniture , i will give you good price…discount 70%