Dalian Airport Uses Cheerleaders to Calm Delayed Travelers

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport management dispatches a cheerleading team to entertain passengers grounded and delayed by thick fog.

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport management dispatches a cheerleading team to entertain passengers grounded and delayed by thick fog.

From NetEase:

Cheerleaders used to placate 5000 passengers delayed by thick fog at Dalian Airport

April 24th, around 5000 passengers were delayed at Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport due to thick fog. To placate the moods of the delayed passengers stable, the airport dispatched a beautiful cheerleading team to do an aerobic dance. According to reports, this is an original idea of the northern airport, an embodiment of humanistic customer service.

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport management dispatches a cheerleading team to entertain passengers grounded and delayed by thick fog.

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport management dispatches a cheerleading team to entertain passengers grounded and delayed by thick fog.

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport management dispatches a cheerleading team to entertain passengers grounded and delayed by thick fog.

Crowds of delayed airline passengers grounded at Dalian Airport due to foggy weather conditions.

Delayed airline passengers grounded at Dalian Airport due to foggy weather conditions.

A group of delayed airline passengers playing card games to pass the time while being grounded at Dalian Airport due to foggy weather conditions.

The thick fog at Dalian Airport that grounded and delayed over 5000 Chinese airline passengers.

Comments from NetEase:

問水 [网易广东省网友]:

Having better customer service attitudes, charging less money, and cancelling that bullshit airport construction fee, would be much more practical!

zuihouyige52 [网易湖南省手机网友]:

If over 10,000 people are delayed, they’ll hire Japanese comfort women.

冯金焕 [网易江苏省泰州市手机网友]:

Instead of doing decent and proper things, they use this to placate [the disgruntled passengers]. After they’re done dancing here, do they go dance for the LD?

金明焱 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

A bit better than doing absolutely nothing, but best would be to discount the airplane ticket a bit.


Hilarious! Request that there also be aerobic dancing for during the Chun Yun rush to buy train tickets!


The airport management’s handling of this is very gei li.

红核 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Brother [referring to self] is going to offer some suggestions to this airport: The chearleading team is useless, you need poker cards and mahjong tiles for them to play and I guarantee you’ll have to push them to leave and even then some won’t go.

guoshf [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Cunt-high short skirts, oh yeah…

huassj [网易澳大利亚网友]:

The people were already agitated and now doing this will only make them even more agitated. Why not use a gong and drum performance or a folk dance performance?

N哥哥 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Can the Dalian Airport think of something else? How are some young girls shaking their butts going to placate delayed passengers?! Do you not think it’s disgusting?!

Nemomaster [网易吉林省长春市网友]:

If they’re angry, let the travelers fire off a round [ejaculate] on their bodies and their anger will immediately disappear.


If I were waiting for my plane, where would I have the interest to watch a cheerleading team dance? Isn’t this nonsense?

jiandan1975 [网易浙江省舟山市网友]:

Originally, airplanes were used to increase speed to save time; Now, airports are used to watch performances to titillate one’s mood.

网特洋鬼子的屁真香 [网易广东省网友]:

Historically unprecedented, how stupefying.

What do you think?

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  • hanyucha

    sofa, couch, settee

    • hanyucha

      I was sitting in Zhengzhou airport the other night, which I have to say is actually pretty tolerable. They have a German imported beer shop where black beer is 15 yuan a can. Just sat there and got sozzled while the announcement kept repeating over and over again: Thank you for your cooperation –

      Sheesh, do I have a choice? Drink the beer calm the boredom, that is all there is to be done.

      • hanyucha

        Why do I have to verify every comment?

        • Made In World

          To stop the spreading of malicious rumours and keep a harmonious society…

          • Made In World

            Crap, they got me now! I just had to verify that! Hide under your bed, turn out the lights, lock the door… they’re coming!

      • donscarletti

        That’s pretty cool that you got German beer in Zhengzhou at all, having it at the airport just astounds me.

        I was in Ningbo airport a little while ago, a city with a similar population. There are two cafes there that are run by the same company, neither has an espresso machine to my knowledge and at least one has the some of the poorest sandwiches I ever ate. Apart from that, there is not much at all, a place to charge one’s phone and some gift shops.

        Ninbo is a rich city, but is still provincial as hell. Getting owned by something in Henan is just shameful.

        As an aside, Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3 has to be the best airport terminal ever, followed by Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then Changi. The ironic thing is that sitting in Beijing airport departures lounge, you’re already pumped about getting the hell out of Beijing and you don’t need the service. Hongqiao and Pudong are both nearing North American / European levels of shittiness, which does nothing to sooth one’s aching heart.

        • Nyancat

          next time get some crisps or something, you sure took a big chance eating a sandwich, we wouldn’t want you getting food poisoning or something.

        • sick j

          You got that right! Ningbo is a cool city, but the airport really is bland. Nice and clean and modern, but bland. When your flight is delayed (and they all are), time to eat the sandwich you packed and play some Angry Birds on the phone. Nothing to do or see there at all, sadly. Terrible airport desperately in need of some sexy cheerleaders!

        • Alan

          Ninbo is a rich city, but is still provincial as hell. Getting owned by something in Henan is just shameful.

          Agreed. Count yourself lucky ningbo has an airport. My current “city” in zhejiang only has a pla airport that is shared with a few airlines:(

          Zippo in the waiting area:(

        • Alan

          Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3 has to be the best airport terminal ever, followed by Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then Changi.

          I would agree on Beijing, KLIA also rocks too!

          HKIA is not bad, at least there is british beer in the bar before departures, and some not bad food departure side, pretty clean and orderly.

          Dubai T3 while crowded at least has the duty free shopping to while away your time, announcements are regular, the emirates business class lounge is pretty good, although the A/C can be set to fridge levels and it can get chilly in the desert, esp in the early morning:(

          Nice comments.

        • 平凡人

          Beijing Terminal 3 is the best in China, however, more to be done to be in the same league as other good international airports; especially at the check-in counters.

          • cc

            Beijing terminal 3 is a shithole, terminal 2 is far better and more convenient, it has this nice little oldy worldy feel to it and you can get pleasantly pissed in the coffee shops whilst waiting for your flight.

        • [email protected]

          Gotta agree about Changi. Haven’t been to the others. Changi has some seriously cool stuff to see if you have time to do some wondering around all the terminals. The giant 3 story slide is rad.
          Pudong International Airport is a great representation of Shanghai itself. Shiny, sparkly, no soul whatsoever. Big, grandiose, nothing worthwhile to see whatsoever.
          Hong Kong International Airport is a trippy place. Huge food hall, lots of shopping. Hong Kong and Singapore airports make Shanghai Pudong International Airport seem like walking around inside a Shanghai Expo Convention Center, after the Expo finished and all the exhibitions were removed.

          • Alan

            Hong Kong and Singapore airports make Shanghai Pudong International Airport seem like walking around inside a Shanghai Expo Convention Center, after the Expo finished and all the exhibitions were removed.


          • DRaY

            Dude, I have yet to see a bar in any Chinese airport, so I dont know what makes this Beijing airport any good… even the first class lounges in China dont even serve hard liquor… Chinese airports are the fucking worst!!!!! Give me a shitty American airport anyday,

  • Ruaraidh

    What? This is just surreal, it’s difficult to wrap my mind around cheerleading at the best of times but why in an airport? What sort of mongrel idiot thought this up? I can only assume that some airport official’s daughter is into cheerleading.

  • Che

    They solve all problems.

    Now let’s send them off to the spratly islands.

    • Made In World

      Yeah! Get them on the deck of that Chinese ship! “G O A W A Y! Yay!”

    • donscarletti

      Ah, I picture it now.

      Taiping (Itu Aba, Ba Bình, Ligaw) Island, sandy beach, Dalian cheerleaders, volleyball, fruity cocktails, nightfall, snuggling up with the three cheerleaders and watching the embers of the bonfire crackle down, coastguard vessel silhouetted against the horizon, it matters not what ensign flies upon its stern nor jack upon its mast, for tonight, tonight we are one.

      • Che

        If my professor ever fails me on an assignment…
        I shall hire the best dalian cheerleaders on offer.

  • Made In World

    If this works, it could be great for China! Every time there’s a problem or something that irritates the people, get the cheerleaders. Government speech, we could have cheerleaders… riots… get the cheerleaders! They shoulda tried that back in the Square.

  • Jeff

    Works for me! And by the way, is the thick fog the airports fault?

  • waihang

    hah this is just awesome, a few gan bei and these sweet mm I could easily forget an hour or so.. ^0^

    Brownish fog directly from the coal powered fog factory?

  • Maybe if they just dangle something shiny in front of these people it will distract them from the anal rapage.

    • ACE

      Now it’s time for the fucked up White Trash in the oz & usa to learn from Asia!

      • Alan

        Learn what exactly?

        How to have a modern airport but fill it full of cheesy dancers and card slapping peasants hording luggage?

  • 404namenotfound

    Ummm that oughta cheer me up :)

  • Nillig

    Nothing like a little T & A to calm the nerves.

    • coala banana

      don’t know about you, but i can’t see any tits or asses !!?? if they would be completely nude, then you might have a point, but what i saw in the pictures is simple disrespect to women AND man ! Its fake, its cheap, and an embarrassment to any half intelligent human ! How one can feel entertained by this crap ?

      • Nillig

        Apparently my sarcasm was a little too subtle for you.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Cute and imaginative. Hooray for whomever thought of that!

    • Notorious

      i think it’s a cute idea too

  • Regina.

    Haha. China.

  • lonetrey

    Hahahahaha, what creative methodology! I think the novelty of this itself would calm me down if I got stuck at the airport.

    Otherwise, the cheerleaders are decently attractive, but I wouldn’t really care in the end.

  • andywattbulb

    Are they cheering for the crappy airline service? That just pisses me off some more.

    • at least these cheerleaders weren’t doing what this cheerleader was doing

      • Notorious

        they all look like porn stars. how many guys wear a hot winter cap with no shirt? Definitely a clip from a porn movie. they were just easing into the wam bam thank you maam. gross.

        • A GUY

          The mig just has a thing for black dudes.

      • typical_knee_grow

        she is forever untouchable now. disgusting.

  • FYIADragoon

    Requesting names of all cheerleaders, especially the two hotties on the right.

  • Watching the cheerleaders, some passengers missed their planes…

  • coala banana

    i never understood, and probably never will, understand what this cheerleading BS is all about ?? Same goes for gogo-dancing and other senseless BS. What the fuck is wrong with todays males ? How someone can find excitement in some fake girls putting on a fake ass show.

    I guess its cause most miss the real thing, or can’t get enough pussy. How one can feel animated or even get horny knowing that this girls are paid to do this shit ?? Its the same like this model shit, people seem to know more about the model which represents the cloth, and her private life then about the design and designer. What is this obsession all about, who the fuck cares what her name is, and who she fucks in her private life ? She is just a fucking employee, being paid to do her job, so lets not make a big fucking deal out of her.

    Having said that, I think man give women too much respect, and that is also the point why women feel bored of most men ! Even they demand respect in public, they in fact want to be disrespected sexually, just then they feel like real women. You guys miss to give them the fucking contrast they deserve. You might fuck one or other from time to time, but thats disrespectful cause you miss to brain fuck them in addition to all that !!! And then you wonder why women disrespect men ? How the fuck can a women respect a men who gets excited so easy about her jumping around senselessly to some senseless piece of shit music ? How she can respect men, when you put money into her panties, just cause she took off her bra and allowed you to see her titties ? How fucking cheap is that ? Wise up and treat her like a women ! Down and dirty !

    • Alan

      Interesting points, not as much an expert or dallied as much as chinese women as you have, but I reckon it is a culture of style over substance.

      In my present locale, there is a crappy bar where they have the girls dolled up like britney spears singing crappy covers of cheesy english songs, and all the chinese guys are buying them beer, watered down whiskey with ice tea, in the hope of getting into their pink hello kitty panties, watching them I can’t help but piss my sides, those girls are just being paid to get the punters in, get them pissed, keep the boss happy…if you just walk up to the girl, tell her she is hot, you want her, you are in….sadly they never get it?!?:(

  • warped0ne

    I was at Dalian’s airport the day after this and there were delays due to wind. When the people around me started arguing about queue jumping, broken ticket printers, China Eastern’s unposted flight information, and the group in front of me who consisted of 15 50+ year old travelers with 20 bags (the group in picture #5) … they rolled out the cheerleaders again. They had exactly 1 dance, that they did to the same song, 4 different times, in 2 different outfits. I wasn’t really impressed, but, surprisingly, it did calm people down.

  • mankouzanghua

    Actually this isn’t bad in terms of creativity. It’s easier to call in some entertainment than to actually increase punctuality of flights or deal with issues like the fog and weather.

    It reminds me of a story of a group of engineers who were called in to increase the speed and efficiency of several early elevators. One had the idea to instead put in a large mirror near the elevators, and suddenly there were barely any complaints from people about having to wait too long.

  • bscalled

    lol – this great. missed your flight? can’t get home? sitting at a stale airport for hours? cheer the fuck up.

  • MrT

    Serious? not one person a got cam video!

  • eattot

    i remember the first time i took train to my university, i and 3 other young student guys sat together, we palyed poker for 17 hours, so happy! it’s very wonderful experience in my lofe.

    • mankouzanghua

      I had a similar experience one of the first times I took a train. It was summer, no air conditioning, and I thought I was going to be physically ill from the heat when I first got on. But I got used to it, played cards, and it eventually cooled down slightly. I look back on those days and feel nostalgic. Actually that was in Henan, where you were going as well I think?…

      • eattot

        o,yes, my uni is in henan, zhengzhou!
        do not tell u one are one of them, they are all every excellent guys, one doctor going to beijing for visa to canada, one from beijing university, one from famous aviation tech school.
        who your?

        • mankouzanghua

          no, wasn’t me, I just remembered having some brief exchanges with you before (on cS) about zhengzhou/henan, and thought I’d share my fond early train memories as well.

          • Foreign Devil

            I can’t say playing cards or poker ever consisted of being the most wonderful experiences of my life. But hey, whatever gives ya kicks!

          • eattot

            it’s not just simple cards game.
            it’s the first i went outside and i was so lucky that met 3 all so excellent guys, i thought it’s a good sign, i could meet same excellent guys in uni too.
            but after i arrived there,several times i wanted to get back home study in high school agian to enter a better uni in beijing.also my hometown high school teachers went to my home talked to me because they thought a super smart girl as me can enter better school gain honer for our school again. they offered me free study and best teachers.

          • mr. wiener

            FD, depends on if it was strip poker I guess..:P

          • coala banana

            eattot , if they had gang banged you, I would say that you could have a point here, but playing cards over hours ? Your expectations and understanding about satisfaction and excitement are quite low i must say. You must be the perfect wife for any sort of looser out there since your expectations are so low….seems as long as he comes home each night, you are satisfied ! Cool, but what kind of fucked up boring life that must be ? I don’t know, maybe one or the other of the married losers on this forum can enlighten the fuckers amongst us ???

          • Brett Hunan

            3 huys.

            1 is a Doctor going abroad.
            2 is a graduate from Chinas best university.
            3 Builds airplanes.

            Id say the odds are in favor of all 3 lying to you because you are young and a girl. Most likely they wanted to get in your pants and cant pull off any stunts that cb gets away with. Although you could have coincedentally been on the most successful train in China.

          • coala banana

            thats a very good point Brett !

            i know that talk can impress young girls,but i think that its too time and energy consuming to lie all the time and inventing 2 dozen other lies just to justify the first one. This appears too troublesome to me. Of course its easy to say that, knowing that i am good looking and have something to show off, so i prefer to test reactions and impress with real things other then to just talk about it. It works most of the time, especially cause chinese women are used to being talked to all the time. I never saw people enjoy talking so much like chinese do. They like to brag more then anyone else hoping that the girl will fall or it. Another point is that many of them look for a serious relations a la concubine or marriage. I don’t need any of these 2 options, i just want to get the job done and move on. I think thats might be the main point, cause the girls don’t risk shit with me, in case they think they want to catch me, its worth try and in case it turns out to be just a one time only, then hey, why not risk that too ? At least they will have a chance to fuck with a good looking guy in a nice apartment or hotel tasting a cock with is multiple times the size of a chinese one ! without that hairy ugly dirty bush around it and the balls. Cant believe that girls like to suck on some hairy balls, but i know that they all suck on mine like true champs ! A nice cock can make a girl hot, but a good pair of big balls in a well shaped nut sack which fills her complete hand must truly be something amazing for them !

          • Fu ZhiGao


            I’m sorry to be the dick that corrects other people’s English, but for God’s sake, it’s “loser” not “looser”.

      • DRaY

        The train? When i hear the word train, I want to laugh… lets bring back derigables too. Trains are fucking horrible!!!!

    • coala banana

      now isn’t that great ?? its such simple things, like playing cards for 17 hours in a hot ass train, which can make people feel excited and remember it the whole life as a wonderful experience ! I just think that one has to be really really really simple minded to feel like that :-))) When any girl, and I mean ANY, as beautiful as she is would tell me such crap before sex, I would kick her out immediately !!

      • mankouzanghua

        What would simple-minded have to do with sex, if they get kicked out afterwards either way? Are you in it mainly for the mind-fucking aspect, and simple minds won’t do? Needs some elaboration…

        • coala banana

          right, i was a sports fucker when i was 14 until 28 or something. Spent 14 years sport fucking. The last 12 i am into mind fucking mainly, sex became just a nice addition. I can’t say that i am now with 40 as horny as i was with 16, when after i fucked a girl i went home and masturbated for another 3-4 times and it was still now enough. The last decade i need a story, i want good girls to go bad. Its easy to fuck all the slurs and bitches of the world, they are everywhere. I like the conservative type with some class and behavior, a lady on the street, but a whore at home. I want to be the one who makes a whore and slut out of her. Its the contrast which makes me horny now a days. The secret she shares with me. It makes me hot when i see she behaves like a real lady in public, cause i know that later when we are alone she will show me what kind of blow down dirty motherfucker she is ! So yes, its about brain fucking her and myself too !

      • waihang

        coke-ahh baronah you are such a douchebag using simple reverse psychology hitting on ettot bwaahahahaa…

        you know what, i made your life easy and dug up some info for you what is a douchebag, and I can tell it fits perfectly in on you!!! :::–))))

        The term “douchebag” generally refers to a person like CB with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to attitude, social ineptitude, public behavior, or outward presentation.

        Though the common douchebag thinks he is accepted by the people around him, most of CB’s peers dislike him. CB has an inflated sense of self-worth, compounded by a lack of social grace and self-awareness. CB behaves inappropriately in public, yet is completely ignorant to how pathetic CB appears to others.

        CB often talks about how cool, successful, and popular he is, yet never catches on to the fact that he comes across as a total loser. Nevertheless, CB firmly believes that he is the smartest, most desirable, and most charming person in the room… and will try to bad-rep anyone who would threaten to expose this facade.

        CB fancies himself a ladies’ man, yet tends to be a joke to all but the most naive of women. CB tries to portray himself as part of the in-crowd (a fashionista, an upwardly mobile professional, the life of the party, etc.) but only succeeds in his own mind.

        To everyone else, CB is an annoying and arrogant phony who comes across as a wannabe overcompensating for his insecurities. CB tries to appear like the center of whatever group will tolerate him, but in reality, he is just a tag-along who mooches drinks, women, contacts, social standing, and other benefits from the group… while contributing nothing.


        and if text mode is too much, why not try the other sense channels…


        Hey no harsh feelings, you are still entertaining I don’t want you go commit suicide yet otherwise CS would become a very boring place, have a good weekend! :)

        • coala banana

          its nice to know that i have another “follower” !

          but i think you might have read my posts, and by know you should have understand that to being accepted is none of my goals. Why you guys take this internet BS so serious ? No one here knows the other one personally, so why all the BS about personal intentions ? Do some here really like to make friends ? Virtual friends ? damn, you should really get a real life people ! This is fun here, for me its about talking from experiences about china and the life there, the culture and its people….

          Whats the big deal about being accepted ? if by now it wasn’t clear from my posts that i am definitely not seeking for acceptance then i really don’t know what i did “wrong” ? I am also not seeking to make friends with anyone virtually like many others try to do, for whatever reason. I doubt that i can ever feel so lonely like notorious and elijah :-))

          I am how i am, and please realize that this is just an internet forum, if anyone is looking for acceptance and to be tolerated then its up to them, but i don’t think that i am so poor and lonely in real life that i must make virtual friendships and care what others think about me cause of what i post. Its about take it or leave it. Cause of my posts some feel bored, others think its funny, others find it disgusting, others entertaining, and others even seem to discover one or the other interesting thing in them…..ALL are welcome and none are welcome. Having said that, yes, I don’t give a shit how people feel or think about me, cause its just a meaningless waste of time for people which have nothing else to do. I just post from own personal experience and feelings, they might match with others or might be contradictory to everyone else’s, but i am cool with that, so whats the problem ?

          I am 7 years here, and never in my whole life (and i am now 40) i was a member of any kind of social network. I don’t have this Facebook or twitter shit or anything else, just by chance i found this website a few months ago, and saw that there are people which live in similar circumstances like me, and it was interesting to see how they feel and think about it, and about what is happening around them. So why you guys make a big fucking deal and try to psycho analyze others ? But its up to you cause its your time and intentions.

          My intentions are to be entertained, nothing else ! not seeking friendships or acceptance ! with some i can get along nice, with others not so nice. I don’t try to convince anyone of anything…again, take it or leave it, is the name of my game !

          If anyone feels differently then i am cool with that, keep on contributing, making friends, try to come across nice, trying to be loved by everyone, accepted and tolerated….I am cool with all that, but i just prefer when people are authentic and come across authentic, release some dirty little secrets for fucks sake…whats the big deal ?

          • Little Wolf

            I dunno, coala. Seems like you’ve done more than your own fair share of analyzing others but I completely agrree with your comment here. Your “Sexy Time” stories aside, I’ve experienced too many similar situations as you, things that only someone that’s been around the block a few times would know about expat life in China to be able to say you’re full of shit.

            So…you know… for whatever that’s worth :-/

        • Notorious

          *applause* @ waihang you forgot to add that he pees sitting down.

          Such a pussy too! The only battle he picks and chooses is with women lols !

          Best you ignore him like I do. I see the name and I skip over it. Don’t even read his bullshit anymore, worthless pathetic fat ass POS who can’t even see his penis over that big pregnant stomach of his.

          Experience here is much better without him.

  • I live in Dalian
    The fog the other day was crazy,
    my friend missed the flight to Beijing

    Song of the Article

    …you choose

    I am wearing my ChinaSMACK T shirt now

    • Castro

      ok, might I suggest..

      ‘Shake your Booty’

      KC & The Sunshine Band

    • Foreign Devil

      Please stop calling it fog. 99% of the time in China it is smog, not fog. Ever notice that China has way more frequent “fog” than anywhere else you’ve been? It’s pollution.

      • coala banana

        i think its a mixture of humidity and pollution, but yes, mainly pollution. Wake up in the morning and go on my balcony, the air smells like shit, chemicals, burned plastics. I think most factories use the night hours to release their poison. In addition to that i never saw so much dust in an apartment then here in china……fuck !

      • terroir

        Dalian is a port city. Besides it’s tourist status as “a place that you can look into that North Korea country with a telescope”, it is also a strategic ocean port that is open year (?) round.

        As such, fog. Like, for reals, not the proper-Gandalf kind. Also, hot Dalian chicks on horseback.

  • Joe

    Elderly Chinese: What the fuck has this country come to. Things were better under Mao.

    • Alan


  • Johnny Basic

    Yeah anyway…any chance of actually seeing the ‘beautiful’ cheerleaders?

    I was under the impression there were some. All I see here is a bunch of unattractive dongbei dumplings.

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘If over 10,000 people are delayed, they’ll hire Japanese comfort women.’

    Haha. You can dream, my friend.

    If you’ve ever smashed a Jap girl before, be sure to let every Chinaman know it, preferably with the smuggest of Cheshire cat grins on your face, the kind of oily smile that Chinamen give to you when they’re trying to cheat you.

    It’s immensely satisfying, because all of them, without exception, would all LOVE to get their long-fingernailed, dirty, weak little pudgy hands on one, but they know they NEVER NEVER will.

    • A GUY

      Eh. Chinese guys that Have manners and have the money to go to Japan actually do pretty decently there when it comes to women. The asshat who wrote that post on the other hand……

      The guys comment was awful, but why do you see it fitting to insult all Chinese people?

      • coala banana

        i would not necessarily call it an insult. I had my fair share of japanese women and even had (still have but we decided to separate cause she will get married) 4 years a relation with a nice japanese women (the ONLY long term relation i ever had, maybe cause we saw each other just 1-2 times a month either in japan or HK), but as it plays out she is pushed by her family to get married, and since i don’t want, she will get married with a japanese men by the end of the year….however, it might very well be that the chinese with manners and some money can get a japanese women, but i think its even more difficult then for a foreigner. I speak from experience, japanese AND koreans(even harder to catch) women are not easy targets, one will have a much harder time dating one of them then a chinese girl. I know from my own japanese GFs i had and from what i heard from others, that they would never date a chinese man. They pretty much look down on them, even they have money. Fuck they even look down on most foreigners, they might not show it, but this is how they think.

        One of my HK partners has a long term relation with a Korean chick, really nice and good looking, he is a small skinny bastard, rich as fuck, but still, she is classes above him, and yet they really appear to be in love with each other. Me on the other side had a really hard time to find something to fuck while i was in korea, it was much harder then in japan ! they ARE curious , BUT they don’t like to be seen in public with a foreigner, and my korean friends will introduce me the any chick i like, but right after that they will do everything within their power to prevent her from fucking with you ! Extremely nationalistic folks ! But some of the nicest people on the planet !

        • Alan

          Extremely nationalistic folks ! But some of the nicest people on the planet !

          I enjoy your posts, I do, but South Korea for me is a country that much like Saudi Arabia I have no desire to visit.

          Any country that is extremely nationalistic (and china is pretty damn close, if not on it) or religious fundamentalist is off my list.

          I fail to see how they can be nice if they are so bigoted towards foreigners with their women?

          • Brett Hunan

            Its nice here. The thing is the Chinese are too afraid to lose face to tell off a foreigner with a Chinese girl (netizens seem to have no problem). Koreans dont mind too much if the foreigner is successful. However, your average Joe Shmoe teacher is far from that.

            Yes unfortunately Koreans have developed a bad case of nationalism handed down from their Japanese conquerers. If foreigners would bother to learn a little culture and not stick out like a sore thumb it would be easier on everyone.

          • Alan

            f foreigners would bother to learn a little culture and not stick out like a sore thumb it would be easier on everyone.

            I will not be a grovelling weasel, but I agree with what you are saying by and large. Learning some of the language helps, but that not sticking out like a sore thumb point is nonsense. If you are white, tall, you will stand out. I will not try to disguise the fact that I am white anglo saxon, because, well, why should I?

          • Brett Hunan

            Thats not what I mean. Of course some things are out of your control. I am 194cm 90kg and white. Koreans notice my height and white but pay me no mind.

            A little advice if you dont want to be labeled as a “just another foreigner.”

            Dress with pride. Mimic how the locals dress or just dress plainly. Most Chinese cant understand why foreigners wear open toed shoes in the classroom or outside.
            Dont hang out in groups of foreigners (make local friends)
            Dont speak English loudly or obnoxiously.
            Respect local customs and culture.
            Dont get drunk on the street.
            Dont try to pick up every Asian girl in sight.
            You are a guest outside your home country, so act like one.

          • Brett Hunan

            And i didnt mean to imply that you do any of those things… Its just most peoples beef with foreigners.

          • donscarletti

            South Korea is sandwiched between China and Japan. What’s left of Korea’s women is simply what neither Chinese nor Japanese could be bothered carrying off. You can see why they are protective of them.

            My biggest problem with Korea is that they are very proud to be Korean, whereas I completely lack respect for or interest in their national accomplishments. China and Japan are both fascinating, but Korea just cannot present anything to me to make me care. Their music is made by company employees, their movies and video games are formulaic and boring. Their cars look like generic Japanese, but lack the performance. Look at Samsung’s “Galaxy” line that is are inferior Apple clones that they sell for cheap.

            From an industrial standpoint, the Korean way doing things “good enough” very cheaply while avoiding craftsmanship or perfectionism at all costs. From a cultural standpoint it is including all the elements that a hit requires, with no art or passion. From a political standpoint it is having your Kim or Park. Korea is not a famous or interesting country, but Koreans seem so enamoured with the Korean way, even if they emigrate. So what do we have in common?

          • Brett Hunan

            Don sometimes you write some stupid things. Today, everything you wrote is stupid. Whereas mine and Alan’s posts were opinion, you try to pass that bullshit off as fact. Im not even defending Korea right now, just saying jow much that post sucked.

          • Notorious

            hmmm Don, it’s so funny that you find korean products inferior because so many americans carry samsung products. In fact, my car is a korean brand, my phone is a korean brand (samsung only – I hate apple products with a passion), i love korean movies (they make some hot hot hot erotic movies – whereas japanese erotic movies are too violent or weird and i try to avoid anything with chinese and erotic in the same sentence, mostly because the movie performance is so bad compared to the other chinese movies I like).

            Did you know South Koreans are one of the few people who can come to america without a visa?

            i prefer south korean things to japanese. and they own a lot of beauty shops that i personally cannot live without in the u.s.

          • donscarletti


            Do you drive a Hyundai or a Kia? Kias have some of the worst impact safety records on the planet and Hyundais accelerate like their engine is made of wood. I’ve driven both, and I’ve also driven Japanese cars of a similar price-range such as Daihatsu and Suzuki and the performance and handling difference is astounding. This is evidenced by every time one needs to go up a moderate hill in a completely unladen Accent one is required to manually shift down in an auto (Hyundai drivers rarely can use a manual) or the engine groans like it is going to tear.

            Samsung’s own lawyer could not differentiate a Galaxy Node and an iPhone. The industrial design is obviously copied from Apple, whereas the software is written in Mountain View rather than Cupertino. Galaxy Note is no more Korean than iPhone is Chinese.

            Western Europe in its entirety, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, NZ all qualify to go to the US without a visa. I quite like US border guys, very friendly when you have the right country’s passport and don’t look Arab.

            @Brett Hunan
            You would not consider “I completely lack respect for or interest in their national accomplishments.” to be openly stating opinion as opinion then?

            I was stating why I think Korea is a pathetic country that I do not care about. You can disagree with that all you like, but insulting my posting style is not going to get you anywhere.

          • Notorious

            Hi Don,

            I’ve not experienced any of those issues driving my Kia but it’s not like exactly like I’m driving over rugged terrain or hilly areas. I’ve driven both the new 2011 an d 2012 Sonata and both are awesome. That is what I will get next. Maybe next year, because I refuse to buy one that is new. I’ve owned at least three or four Ford models and a Chevy. Can’t stand American brands anymore either. Don’t care for the style of Honda models, very plain and boring. Plus, they are overpriced. The old Hyundai models were very scary to drive but around 2008 or so, the brand drastically improved. I would say it’s as good as any other Nissan or Honda brand. But will admit, the old Kia and Hyundai models had its flaws. Like now, my kia has the dumbest problems, like locking me in the car when its cold out side or windows randomly not rolling down, or acting weird when it rains. But mine is an older model, a 2004.

        • A GUY

          I’ve known more than one Chinese guy with a Japanese wife or girlfriend. Yes many Japanese do dislike the Chinese, but the cause of that is mainly the relative rudeness and utter lack of civility that the common Mainlander has when compared to Japanese people. The Taiwanese have a much higher status in the eyes of the Japanese people. If a Chinese guy has charm he’s bound to find a lady there. This at least is what I take away from my conversations with Japanese people I’ve known.

          • coala banana

            then you are talking about a chinese from Taiwan, not a mainlander !?? Thats a big difference, so in case you talk about HK or Taiwan or Singapor chinese, then i would agree, BUT i never ever heard of a mainland chinese being together with a japanese women ?! Could be, but knowing the japanese i found that very unlikely to happen !

          • cc

            My next door neighbor is mainland Chinese and has a South Korean wife, he also has lots of dosh, could there be some reasoning behind that?

          • A GUY

            What is dosh?

          • mr. wiener


  • Li Peng

    Yay team!

  • stevelaudig

    Nothing like a little soft porn t&A to help pass the time stuck at the airport and take your mind off the troubles of travel delays. But I wonder what the women travelers watching were thinking. Here’s the scenario, husband and wife, traveling. Husband ogles the T&A wife is irritated by his “girlwatching” and really aggravated at the airlines for the free show. Objectifying the bodies of young women is a nasty business. Taints the spirit. Why not something a little more spiritually uplifting and less smarmy and titillating.

    • mr. wiener

      Yeah, how about a church service, that would be cool!

  • xiaohouzi

    Fog or air pollution? Why not have some articles about the blind man from Shandong? His family are in real danger and could use some help.

    • Brett Hunan

      Has news of his escape (or even inprisonment) been broadcasred in China? Sounds like one of those ‘miracle’ stories that only the central govenment can help him and family.

      • Brett Hunan


      • terroir

        Since Batman came to see him, maybe he wants to return the favor with “Dark Knight Rises”?

        No way this becomes the news in China and gets “telegraphed” upon the interwebs. He has a good strategy with the video, but it’s already clear what lengths the Party People will go to with this guy, especially in this year. He doesn’t need foreign pressure to put on the party (as he’s doing with a video on youtube), but internal pressure. He needs to get Chinese people talking, so I’m thinking celebrity endorsement.

        * Shines Batsignal into the everpresent clouds over BJ town *

        • Brett Hunan

          I heard batman got “roughed up”.

          • terroir

            “The night is darkest right before the dawn.”

    • coala banana

      saw yesterday people rioting in GZ airport cause their flight was delayed or canceled :-)))), it shows how little it takes for chinese to get out of control, like rioting would make any difference except more trouble.

      CCP !!! Please keep this people under control !!! please never give them freedom of speech and free elections !!! if you do, it will be blood bath !!!

      I would suggest to reduce their rights even more, especially in GuangDong Province !

  • Notorious

    We need some more new articles fauna! :o) I’ve read these to death already.

    Was about to leave a few comments but my girlfriends are already here for a night out on the town. Drinking, debaunchery and dreamy cute handsome guys.

    • coala banana

      WE don’t need more articles, YOU need to get a real life !

      And whats the dreaming about cute handsome guys is all about ? If your GFs have the same froggy eyes like you, then the chances to get in touch with a good looking male are very small ! Better stick to another frog like male and stop trying to breed out of your frog race !

    • cc

      Do you have any friends with nice flaps?

      • moop

        so here’s the awkward moment of the day: sitting in my office on my lunch break and my coworker coming in and seeing your gravatar photo of heart-shaped labia…

        • cc

          Your problem mate, should be more dilligent and not get caught.

          • moop

            not really complaining, thought it was kinda funny

        • terroir

          moop – pre-selected responses for you:

          * “Aren’t flower petals beautiful?”
          * “When you jump really high on a trampoline, I hear that what the view looks like from up there.”
          * “I think that avatar was taken right after the stitches were taken out.”
          * “That avatar is very symbolic; if you put your ear next to it, you can hear the ocean.”
          * “Maybe you should ask you mom about it, and not me.”
          * “I think his real name is ‘Rosebud'”.
          * “Yah, he uses that as an avatar because since he talks so much, his lips never stop flapping.”

          * “Do you want to see my avatar? I can upload it from my pants.”

          • cc

            terroir, why don’t you just crawl back under your stone and die.

          • terroir


            Why don’t you cross your legs? I’m getting a craving for a Fillet O’Fish Combo Meal.

        • cc


          • cc

            terroir, is that all you can afford, send me your bank details and I’ll sen you a few bob to get some noodles

          • terroir

            Hey CC Rider,

            Is that you riding a motorcycle with your labia flapping in the wind, or is Snoopy in his get-up doing his “Red Baron” impression instead?

          • mr. wiener

            Whoohoo! fight! fight! fight!. The twat versus..um cc.

            Just kidding Terrior, you are the Pope of pithy, the higness of hillarity…please don’t swat me with your awesome wit…

          • terroir

            @mr wr

            I don’t think he gets that he’s already lost the argument.

            All I have to do is utter any line, either wrong or unfunny, and it still gets amplified by the reverberation of his cavernous uterus, a vestibule that has seen so many guests that its (unpictured) pubic is literally a doormat.

          • terroir

            @ sir hot dog

            I was so excited to write my comment I actually missed your diss.

            As such, shouldn’t your username and his avatar be fighting? You know, invading with backstabbing or whatever the kids call it these days?

          • mr. wiener

            Invading with backstabbing..um…it’s a whotsit…A bacon tree! ..nope it’s the other thing… an ‘ambush.
            I wouldn’t bicker with cc. I quite like pussy ;)

        • Lydia

          Is that what that is? I was staring at it for like 10 minutes trying to work out whether it was a vagina or not. Wtf happened????

          • mr. wiener

            If you stare at it for 10 mins it winks at you.

  • Dat Ankle

    I think the cheerleaders was a cute idea, besides theres really nothing the airline can do with fog that thick.

  • elizabeth

    I am sorry to impose, Fauna, but I suggest that you do something about obscene X-rated avatars unless you do not mind being branded alongside pornographic sites.

    Freedom of expression and human rights have their limits.

    • Notorious

      Probably a report abuse feature is needed so she can see it maybe…

      • elizabeth

        Good idea.

    • pervertt

      Be careful of what you wish, elizabeth. This site is hosted in a place where there are definite limits on freedom of expression. I am more concerned about topical issues that don’t appear for discussion than someone who chooses a pair of flappy wings for his avatar.

      • elizabeth

        Your concerns are justifiable and I agree. However, I do not see any benefits in allowing offensive images (may not be to you) on a site even if it is meant mock the firewall. They do not need an excuse to impose limits, they just do it.

        I am more concerned with the quality of material that appears on a site for that is instrumental in attracting quality readers who can discuss critical issues (if that is what we want). Very few will take a pornographic site seriously, let alone discuss matters of importance.

        So what if we have freedom of expression if there is no quality?

  • Mulla

    I am flying all over China since 7 years and I can tell you that Dalian airport is the worst I ever travelled through. No information for travellers, slow check in, strange announcements. No standard procedure for fog days. People fighting in the queues, jumping lines, ah yes I forgot the welcoming smell of toilets when you arrive there, that makes my depression lasting until I leave this place again.

  • typingfromwork

    This looks… kinda stupid.

    But hey, it may catch on. I however hope not. Cheerleading is just so lame.

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