Daughter Gives Father Box Of Condoms For Father’s Day

more-shanghaiist-125x125From Shanghaiist:

“Belated gift ideas for Father’s Day: Condoms?”

[A] 13-year-old Chinese girl gave her single dad a box of condoms as the “ultimate gift for Father’s Day.”


According to Netease, the father who received a box of condoms as a present from his daughter on Father’s Day posted a photo of the letter that his daughter wrote (with the condoms next to it) online:


First of all, Happy Father’s Day! I am going to give a very special present today; I hope that you will not be mad at me! Hehe! (Pig head)

I know that you have been working hard in and outside of our house. You have to go on business trips often while taking good care of me. For your health and happiness in life, I bought the newest style of condoms for you! I have seen the same brand that you bought before in your drawer! (Heart)

I hope that you understand my heart! Haha~ Again, Happy Father’s Day! I also hope that you will find a pretty girlfriend soon! Hehe~ Relax, I won’t tell mom!

Your well-behaved daughter, Wenwen.
June 21st.”

Since the photo has been posted online, many netizens have expressed their feelings towards this incident. Some of them resented that the father did not respect his daughter’s privacy and posted the letter online; some others are surprised that the child is so precocious. However, most of the people are approved of what this lovely daughter did for her dad,

Your daughter is very understanding of you! She is afraid that you are lonely and asks you to find a girlfriend, very caring.

Your daughter wants you to find her a mother.

Don’t scold your daughter! She is so cute!

People seem to like what the girl did for her father. However, in most cases, Chinese still have doubts about condoms — the condoms can surely prevent STD and pregnancy, but does approving condom using mean to support premarital sex?

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more information at: Shanghaiist

Note from Fauna: Here are some more translated comments:

网易广东广州越秀网友 [joycesun96]:

I used to treat them like balloons. One time, I found one in a pile of garbage, and I really washed it clean and played with it like a balloon. It was only after I got married and saw my husband use it that I finally realize what they were. However, kids these days are probably not as stupid as we were back then. Actually, 13-year-old kids should know about these things at their age. As parents, we should be calm and at ease [about these things].

网易山东济南网友 [guoairong010]:

I feel like this is a soft advertisement, or an advertorial, for some condom brand, or that website is intentionally making fake news/playing a hoax.

网易浙江台州温岭网友[1111] ip:61.153.*.*:

China National Pig Brand [pun for Chinese National Football Team]. Can go 90 minutes without shooting.

网易山东烟台网友[2009的反对] ip:221.214.*.*:

Forward-thinking. Maybe in the future it will develop to the point where she helps her father put it on?!

网易江西景德镇网友 [hua1204] 的原贴:

[Responding to above] Your heart is perverted/abnormal, aren’t you promoting incest here? Truly mentally retarded.

网易广西南宁网友[天山] ip:116.10.*.*:

[Responding to above]


When it is used as a contraceptive, use it with insiders; when it is used to protect against STDs, use it with outsiders.

In Chinese, there are two names for condoms: 避孕套, bi yun tao, and 安全套, an quan tao. The above comment is a joke using these two different names and purpose for condoms.

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