Shanxi Coal Mine Boss Daughter Shows Off Her US Lifestyle

Video on Youkou (here and here).

[English translation of video with the original pictures]

Recently on the internet there is someone professing to be the daughter of a Shanxi coal mine boss who had emigrated to America. It is unknown if it is real or fake. Everyone, let us evaluate.

The following content is the original text: “Recently spreading on the internet have been a lot of domestic Chinese girls showing off their wealth. I honestly cannot watch any further. To be honest, these domestic Chinese wealthy girls normally revel in vulgar tastes. When bored, they go online to post some pictures to show off. This kind of nouveau riche showing off, I completely do not take seriously, and to compete with them would be lowering myself to their level.

I post these pictures not to show off anything, but only to let those girls see clearly, that the most important thing is having high tastes. Life is this simple…oh yeah, I have not introduced myself yet, I am a 90s generation girl from Datong, Shanxi, have been here in America for three years already, and my English is already fluent.

Girl: This is my Seattle villa.

This is my Seattle villa.

Girl: My house when I am in Seattle.

My house when I am in Seattle.

Girl: My villa is spacious enough, right?

My villa is spacious enough, right?

Girl: Outside the villa is also a man-made lake.

Outside the villa is also a man-made lake.

Girl: This is my usual car, Benz SLK.

This is my usual car, Benz SLK.

Girl: Being trendy is every young person's hobby, I very much like trendy electronics, I possess the entire line of Apple products.

Being trendy is every young person’s hobby, I very much like trendy electronics, I possess the entire line of Apple products.

Girl: Domestic Chinese girls' spending cash is RMB, mine is USD.

Domestic Chinese girls’ spending cash is RMB, mine is USD.

Girl: The LV handbag I like.

The LV handbag I like.

Girl: A bunch of my handbags, many I have only used once.

A bunch of my handbags, many I have only used once.

Girl: Look at the sports shoes in one of my shoe cabinets...

Look at the sports shoes in one of my shoe cabinets…

Girl: Finally, let me show my face a bit.

Finally, let me show my face a bit.

The reaction on the Chinese internet was very big and there were many responses.

Some comments on Mop:

1. There is more than one house by the lake.
2. The Mercedes-Benz does not have license plates.
3. …

The coal mine owner’s money comes from exploiting the coal miners and the the coal miners’ lives.

She really has money. Without money, how could she have done all this? She is beautiful, well-off, I am envious…

Those who envy her are all stupid cunts using the money exploited from Chinese people to go enjoy life in  foreign countries.

The Benz is in the warehouse. There is also red on the glass. I bet there are other cars inside. Probably a Ferrari. This “niu bi” lives in Yao Ming’s house…

Each year there are “niu bi”. You were added to this year’s.

Rich people live rich people’s lives. Poor people live poor people’s lives.

Really motherfucking faking weirdo.  Clearly it is Yao Ming’s Houston house, yet this weirdo says it is her’s.
If you do not believe me, look at this link: http://house.focus.cn/news/2008-07-31/509987_5.html

Very ordinary~
I am in America
I also live like this~
This is just how normal Americans live!

Why is my father not a coal mine boss???

No matter how good you think you are, you are still the one who gets fucked.

I am also from Shanxi and am often in contact with coal mine bosses. You motherfucker, if what you posted is real, I motherfucking will go run myself over. ALso, each coal mine boss’s daughter is uglier than the next. What are you trying to pretend with these pictures, making Shanxi people lose face. Encountering someone like you motherfucking makes me sick.

After watching the video, I ask a question: This is called “rich?” In the video, the most valuable things are the house and the car, estimated to be no more than 6 million. Althought, no matter how I watch the video, I do not believe it is real. Please tell me, who is the one who parked the car in the garage in a slanted fashion? I do not understand if you have so much money, why do you keep so much spending cash around? Do Americans not use credit cards? Do you not get tired carrying so much cash when you leave the house?

Sina also had pictures of this “emigrant Shanxi girl”:

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Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Some comments on Sina:

This is all because Chinese people are so afraid of being poor! Each one competing to be more ostentatious than the other! Have you ever seen Li JIacheng show off?  It is only practical if you spend money you earned!

As a coal miner, her family must have all died, leaving no heir. Consider how much blood and sweat and human lives were exchanged for this. Going on the internet to show off…she should be dragged out and shot, her dad must have fled to America [after doing something wrong in China]!

Using money to show off how strong/powerful one is, that is our people’s most glorious tradition, and also our poorest tradition.

Global manhunt.

Internet hoax.

I do not know where you found this trash to come annoy us with. However you look at it, her money is not money she earned herself. She was only born in a richer family, what is there to show off?

How can she call herself part of the 90s generation when she has aged like that, pretending to be young/tender without even doing a good job of it.

http://x.bbs.sina.com.cn/forum/pic/3ff4a3860105td55 Just because I post a picture, does it mean this money is mine? Same rationale…

http://x.bbs.sina.com.cn/forum/pic/3ff4a3860105td5a One more.

This is really true, I happen to know know of a coal mining boss here whose daughter went to Australia to study.

If it is fake, then we are simply seeing a joke. If it is real, then there are more problems. First of all, I want to ask, is your father’s kiln legal? If it is now legal, was it legal in the past? If it was legal, then does it legally pay its taxes?  If [the answers to] all of these questions conform to the People’s Republic of China law, then you have our admiration. I sure hope it like that!

Hehe, no matter how much money you have, it is still your own, there is no need to show off.  Hopefully, you can donate some to Sichuan [earthquake victims].

So fake. Why not go to an airport and take pictures saying it is her family’s airport? While she is at it, get a few pictures of F22s, and claim it is her family’s too, and an A380, etc. etc. etc…

Probably just a show off, hehe. Those with money show it off.
Can poor miners slaving away actually earn enough money in a year for an LV bag?

Comments on NetEase:

Absolutely is fake: http://bbs3.news.163.com/bbs/photo/94923622.html

What is this nonsense?

If this is real, you really are disgusting~because everything you have came from the blood and sweat of coal miners. There are innumerable ghosts in the villa you live in, in your bedroom, even by your side~

One of the pictures is Yao Ming’s Houston house. It is the one with the man-made lake. Everyone can go check. In order to increase traffic, these little lies are becoming very shameless.

Rich people live rich lives.
Poor people live poor lives.
No matter what, living is living.
Each person should search for each person’s happiness.

I never knew what “mental retard” meant, but now I know!

Sigh, this disaster is all due to having too much money. Why do we work so hard but cannot even get a raise!

This 90s generation girl really likes to show off. I bet she wanted to be rich so much she went crazy, and got some pictures to satisfy her craving. Furthermore, this is not even considered being really rich, those who are really rich do not show off. As one of the 80s generation, I do not have that much money, but I very pragmatically live what I consider to be a plentiful life, and am already very satisfied.

Government officials have already sent their wives and children out of the country, wealthy people also have send their wives and children out of the country, the elites through their own efforts have also gone out of the country, so all that is left is us poor people who have no choice but to stay in China.

Very obvious that it is a fake video! There are two places that have been masked! One is in the left bottom corner of the picture of the man-made lake, one is on the left bottom corner of the LV bag picture, and also other places where you can tell it is fake.
It seems like this has set off yet another “internet identification competition,” though, I believe her strength is far lower than Tiger Zhou!!!
People will very quickly get to the bottom of this!

This girl has no class…
Garage is in the front of the house!
Interior has not been decorated!
Kitchen is the same as dining room.
Outside the house is a man-made lake?!
Has a car but no driver (humph)
Who knows if any of those bags are limited editions???

Are the pictures or video fake? Yes.

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So why do you think this person did this?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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