Shanxi Coal Mine Boss Daughter Shows Off Her US Lifestyle

Video on Youkou (here and here).

[English translation of video with the original pictures]

Recently on the internet there is someone professing to be the daughter of a Shanxi coal mine boss who had emigrated to America. It is unknown if it is real or fake. Everyone, let us evaluate.

The following content is the original text: “Recently spreading on the internet have been a lot of domestic Chinese girls showing off their wealth. I honestly cannot watch any further. To be honest, these domestic Chinese wealthy girls normally revel in vulgar tastes. When bored, they go online to post some pictures to show off. This kind of nouveau riche showing off, I completely do not take seriously, and to compete with them would be lowering myself to their level.

I post these pictures not to show off anything, but only to let those girls see clearly, that the most important thing is having high tastes. Life is this simple…oh yeah, I have not introduced myself yet, I am a 90s generation girl from Datong, Shanxi, have been here in America for three years already, and my English is already fluent.

Girl: This is my Seattle villa.

This is my Seattle villa.

Girl: My house when I am in Seattle.

My house when I am in Seattle.

Girl: My villa is spacious enough, right?

My villa is spacious enough, right?

Girl: Outside the villa is also a man-made lake.

Outside the villa is also a man-made lake.

Girl: This is my usual car, Benz SLK.

This is my usual car, Benz SLK.

Girl: Being trendy is every young person's hobby, I very much like trendy electronics, I possess the entire line of Apple products.

Being trendy is every young person’s hobby, I very much like trendy electronics, I possess the entire line of Apple products.

Girl: Domestic Chinese girls' spending cash is RMB, mine is USD.

Domestic Chinese girls’ spending cash is RMB, mine is USD.

Girl: The LV handbag I like.

The LV handbag I like.

Girl: A bunch of my handbags, many I have only used once.

A bunch of my handbags, many I have only used once.

Girl: Look at the sports shoes in one of my shoe cabinets...

Look at the sports shoes in one of my shoe cabinets…

Girl: Finally, let me show my face a bit.

Finally, let me show my face a bit.

The reaction on the Chinese internet was very big and there were many responses.

Some comments on Mop:

1. There is more than one house by the lake.
2. The Mercedes-Benz does not have license plates.
3. …

The coal mine owner’s money comes from exploiting the coal miners and the the coal miners’ lives.

She really has money. Without money, how could she have done all this? She is beautiful, well-off, I am envious…

Those who envy her are all stupid cunts using the money exploited from Chinese people to go enjoy life in  foreign countries.

The Benz is in the warehouse. There is also red on the glass. I bet there are other cars inside. Probably a Ferrari. This “niu bi” lives in Yao Ming’s house…

Each year there are “niu bi”. You were added to this year’s.

Rich people live rich people’s lives. Poor people live poor people’s lives.

Really motherfucking faking weirdo.  Clearly it is Yao Ming’s Houston house, yet this weirdo says it is her’s.
If you do not believe me, look at this link:

Very ordinary~
I am in America
I also live like this~
This is just how normal Americans live!

Why is my father not a coal mine boss???

No matter how good you think you are, you are still the one who gets fucked.

I am also from Shanxi and am often in contact with coal mine bosses. You motherfucker, if what you posted is real, I motherfucking will go run myself over. ALso, each coal mine boss’s daughter is uglier than the next. What are you trying to pretend with these pictures, making Shanxi people lose face. Encountering someone like you motherfucking makes me sick.

After watching the video, I ask a question: This is called “rich?” In the video, the most valuable things are the house and the car, estimated to be no more than 6 million. Althought, no matter how I watch the video, I do not believe it is real. Please tell me, who is the one who parked the car in the garage in a slanted fashion? I do not understand if you have so much money, why do you keep so much spending cash around? Do Americans not use credit cards? Do you not get tired carrying so much cash when you leave the house?

Sina also had pictures of this “emigrant Shanxi girl”:

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Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Picture of the Shanxi emigrant girl?

Some comments on Sina:

This is all because Chinese people are so afraid of being poor! Each one competing to be more ostentatious than the other! Have you ever seen Li JIacheng show off?  It is only practical if you spend money you earned!

As a coal miner, her family must have all died, leaving no heir. Consider how much blood and sweat and human lives were exchanged for this. Going on the internet to show off…she should be dragged out and shot, her dad must have fled to America [after doing something wrong in China]!

Using money to show off how strong/powerful one is, that is our people’s most glorious tradition, and also our poorest tradition.

Global manhunt.

Internet hoax.

I do not know where you found this trash to come annoy us with. However you look at it, her money is not money she earned herself. She was only born in a richer family, what is there to show off?

How can she call herself part of the 90s generation when she has aged like that, pretending to be young/tender without even doing a good job of it. Just because I post a picture, does it mean this money is mine? Same rationale… One more.

This is really true, I happen to know know of a coal mining boss here whose daughter went to Australia to study.

If it is fake, then we are simply seeing a joke. If it is real, then there are more problems. First of all, I want to ask, is your father’s kiln legal? If it is now legal, was it legal in the past? If it was legal, then does it legally pay its taxes?  If [the answers to] all of these questions conform to the People’s Republic of China law, then you have our admiration. I sure hope it like that!

Hehe, no matter how much money you have, it is still your own, there is no need to show off.  Hopefully, you can donate some to Sichuan [earthquake victims].

So fake. Why not go to an airport and take pictures saying it is her family’s airport? While she is at it, get a few pictures of F22s, and claim it is her family’s too, and an A380, etc. etc. etc…

Probably just a show off, hehe. Those with money show it off.
Can poor miners slaving away actually earn enough money in a year for an LV bag?

Comments on NetEase:

Absolutely is fake:

What is this nonsense?

If this is real, you really are disgusting~because everything you have came from the blood and sweat of coal miners. There are innumerable ghosts in the villa you live in, in your bedroom, even by your side~

One of the pictures is Yao Ming’s Houston house. It is the one with the man-made lake. Everyone can go check. In order to increase traffic, these little lies are becoming very shameless.

Rich people live rich lives.
Poor people live poor lives.
No matter what, living is living.
Each person should search for each person’s happiness.

I never knew what “mental retard” meant, but now I know!

Sigh, this disaster is all due to having too much money. Why do we work so hard but cannot even get a raise!

This 90s generation girl really likes to show off. I bet she wanted to be rich so much she went crazy, and got some pictures to satisfy her craving. Furthermore, this is not even considered being really rich, those who are really rich do not show off. As one of the 80s generation, I do not have that much money, but I very pragmatically live what I consider to be a plentiful life, and am already very satisfied.

Government officials have already sent their wives and children out of the country, wealthy people also have send their wives and children out of the country, the elites through their own efforts have also gone out of the country, so all that is left is us poor people who have no choice but to stay in China.

Very obvious that it is a fake video! There are two places that have been masked! One is in the left bottom corner of the picture of the man-made lake, one is on the left bottom corner of the LV bag picture, and also other places where you can tell it is fake.
It seems like this has set off yet another “internet identification competition,” though, I believe her strength is far lower than Tiger Zhou!!!
People will very quickly get to the bottom of this!

This girl has no class…
Garage is in the front of the house!
Interior has not been decorated!
Kitchen is the same as dining room.
Outside the house is a man-made lake?!
Has a car but no driver (humph)
Who knows if any of those bags are limited editions???

Are the pictures or video fake? Yes.

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So why do you think this person did this?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Gaoshan

    This niu bi is really a xia bi.

    • Bill 2

      we need to f..k her again again cause she’s rich and beauty.

      we love her she’s sweet.

  • Bill

    In many jurisdictions in North America, cars only carry one license plat, at the back.

    The house is not very extravagant, by NA standards. It looks about 3000 sq ft (300 sq meter), not including the basement. Standard height – 8 foot ceiling. Stucco siding with rock trim. I hope the roofing is metal and not asphalt shingles. The exterior and interior as just basic higher-middle class residences. Sharing a “lake” with other people is common. The stairs railing is metal, one of the cheaper ones. (Good stuff are solid curved hard wood) The cabinet doors in the kitchen are not the expensive types either. They look laminated “wood”.

    There are garages attached to the house, good enough for at least four cars. The Mercedes (as it is called in N. A.) is probably in a show room when the picture was taken.

    • Titus

      yea I was gonna say the “garage” looked more like a show room. And you can see the relfection of the group of people taking the photo in the glass window

  • Bill

    “Garage is in the front of the house!”

    Most expensive houses in N. A. has front drive garages. This gig has at least four.

  • krdr

    License plate is painted in PhotoShop or sim. But, first, we see Mercedes, then Chrysler. Then, there are boxes. If she owns those things, why boxes? Why not real things? And closet full of Adidas! No designer shoes. Those pics from Canada doesn’t qualified her for stylish girl. Bunch of handbags? There’s less than ten, so “many of them used once” can not be true. All of them are LV. Where’s MiuMiu, Chanel, D&G, Hermes…? And why left corner is pixelated?
    To many Whys.

  • Jim

    The photos are clearly fake, housing photos look un-lived in and straight out a magazine for example and for that matter anyone who lives in a western country knows that a place like that is like a cookie cutter McMansion, built fairly recently and would not be desirable to anyone with a little bit of class and some money. But the interesting thing is a) why would someone feel compelled to make these clips (joke or insecurity?) and b) why do some Chinese feel threatened by them? I think it reflects a changing and developing attitude to wealth here. I really hope Chinese can move on quickly and denounce the god of money, it would make China a much more pleasant place to live in :)

  • Ryan

    I agree that those pictures are fake, and even if they are real, she is not that rich. Let’s just say it is above average. Leasing a mercedes is not that expensive most people can do so. And those handbags could be fake even if they are real they are affordable.
    However, it is a fact that people who have made a few bucks and emigrate from China to foreign countries likes to show off these kind of things. A very popular BBS in Toronto, Canada, have plenty of these people who post their inventories and collection of things that are expensive and “classy”

  • Papito

    “Finally, let me show my face a bit”.. is this the same girl as the one on the Sina photos? Look at her teeth!!! There’s a big difference!!

  • Seriously, man made lakes? I want to see villas on Lake Como. Mercedes SLKs? Haha, if you ain’t rollin in a Veyron or a Phantom you might as well be working at McDonalds. US Dollars? Come on, all the real high rollers get their servants to carry around gold and platinum bars in Hummer pick up trucks. The “Vancouver Sun Sand Dial”??? These days anyone who’s worth real wealth vacations in OUTERSPACE.

  • Kai

    @ Bill: Are you a housing contractor or something? Pretty detailed analysis there, LoL, but pretty spot on.

    For anyone who has seen modern track housing in the States, that’s not too far off from a McMansion (as Jim already mentioned above), especially with the neighborhood planning that usually results in things like property-side artificial lakes. A lot of the suburban residential developments in the past half decade or so have been pretty interesting in their attempts to create an idyllic surrounding, not unlike many high rise “xiao qu” developments here in China.

    The “garage in the front” comment was pretty amusing too for anyone who understands that frontal garages are something of a by-product of how America’s car-centric society has resulted in garages replacing/overshadowing the “front door.” Though, I wonder if that commenter was being tongue-in-cheek…(hard to tell).

    @ Papito: I agree, I’m not sure they’re the same girl. I think the nose on the first girl is sharper or something at least.

    @ Jim: I was thinking the same thing. Part of me wants to believe that no one is that desperate to compete with other girls by fabricating her own fantasy wealth but another part of me knows that some kids do some really retarded stuff.

    Maybe, then, someone did all of this in a poor effort to just put other haughty, extravagant, materialistic, spoiled-by-parents girls in their place. The original poster could even be a guy for all we know, sick and tired of all the idiocy of kids/girls trying to compare how “rich” they are. Nothing quite shuts up someone’s and lowers their ego a notch as showing them someone who is clearly better.

  • fcuk da lu ren

    If she really is rich, I need to find her, marry her, have a baby, and take half!!! Then I will avenge all the dumbass white guys who have been bamboozled by Chinese girls!!!

    • Key

      White guys who have been bamboozled by Chinese girls? lol are you for real??

  • krdr

    I’m quite sure that girl on first photo and second photo have different shape of face.

    Here, in Serbia, we have people called Gasterbajteri. It is from “Foreign worker” in German. They work all they and night, collecting money, living like beggars, just to build biggest house in their home town and Mercedes. Some of them doesn’t know what they have in their houses and visits it once in a year. To show their Mercedes, gold over necks, fake LV, and put gold lions and eagles in the front of house.

    But, why people invents stories like this? Why people lies? I suppose she looks for admiration, recognition,…

  • Jay

    If it is all for real it is not extraordinary. Lots of middleclass people in US live like that – but they don’t brag about it. To brag like this girl does is very low-class in US culture. I feel pity for her future husband – she would be intolerable – spoiled to the max.

  • Veer Left

    Absolutely intolerable. However, I’d like to shake that money-tree with my magic-stick and see what falls out.
    There are a lot of Chinese offspring overseas liquidating their parents ill gotten gains in ridiculous audacity.

  • Chinamerican

    LoL, silly nouveau riche girl – I don’t see a Hermes Birkin or Kelly so she’s not rich enough or well-connected enough.

    Have her post her zip code and we can instantly find out what the average yearly salary is for those around her. I would venture to say that hers probably isn’t even the nicest on the block. They could sell everything and they probably wouldn’t be able to get anything in Napa, Marin, Lake Tahoe, Beverly Hills, Martha’s Vineyard or Uptown Manhattan. Shit, she’d be lucky if she could even afford to lease a studio the size of a walk-in closet in the City.

    I bet she drives her Benz to Costco.

  • Kai

    Hey, don’t knock the Costco…

  • Chinamerican

    @ Kai

    I’d never knock Costco but it’s the irony of the situation – driving a luxury vehicle and still having to scrimp. We have several cars in our family and we always drive the Toyota minivan to Costco just b/c it’s functional and it keeps w/ appearances.

  • Kai

    Well, sometimes you get to splurge in some areas (luxury vehicle) because you scrimp in others (Costco), right? ;)

    I actually go to Costco more because buying in bulk allows me to be lazier and because I love their pizza THIS much. I could be weird though.

  • Chinamerican

    @ Kai

    Yep, that’s what my family did and we still buy stuff in bulk. We even buy some of our wholesale stuff there. However, Costco is NOT a place I would show off a fancy car.

    My bf’s family and I, our families have the nice cars (drive to work sometimes, drive for fun, etc.) and we have our commuter cars (workhorses, long distances, office commute, etc.). Our families are not super rich but we are very class conscious (especially his family b/c they are in a higher tax bracket and are more educated) and the last thing any of us want to do is to come off as braggarts or to project the message that we are better than certain people.

  • Jis

    WTF is this?!?Looks like an advertise(propaganda) of the “Chinese Dream”made by the government…
    I´ve found it higly immoral that a rich little spoiled girl put her pics on the internet to show how rich she is: i though just blacks in USA show how rich they are in videos or magazines…

  • John

    Obviously fake, doesnt take a brain surgeon to work that out. Shanxi is notorious though for mine bosses ripping off locals and using money to buy ‘escape houses’ overseas for when China finally dies. At the same time they dont pay tax, dont fix roads they are destroyed by transport, and dont pay enough money to widows of people killed in their mines. If less then 4 people a month die in a mining accident in China you don’t even need to report it to the police. Chinese workers lives are worth less than cows lives, you kill a cow on the road and you have to report it to the police, just one, not 4.

  • snoopy

    PS3.. sporty car.. PSP.. hmmn.. pictures from Western Canada .. haha

    she has a rich boyfriend ? :-P

  • kim

    doesn’t matter how rich one is when they are here on earth….when one dies their earthly possessions are left behind for others to enjoy. Tis best to store up riches in heaven where moths and rust will not corrupt them.

  • Leon

    She said it was a villa, not a mansion.

    A villa is house on a small block of land.

    • Jon

      No, it isn’t. That’s called a house. A villa is a large and expensive rural estate.

  • krdr
  • Rick in China

    Uh, I think the phrase is you can take the girl out of peasantry, but not the peasantry out of the girl? Class is an attitude, not a house.

  • Suntory

    blah. It’s fake but even if real she’s just an average person. Let me see her private Jet and then I’ll consider her as one of the “rich.”

  • RMBWhat

    Dude, where can I get her number? This could be a freakin goldmine…

    *keeps on dreaming of hitting the jackpot with rich coal mine chick*

    Dude… the inheritance…

    I must get her #!!!

    Hey babe, if you read this post please respond! I want to marry yoU!

    Believe me, I will make you happy for the rest of your life.

    I’m very qualified.

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  • hallo

    She’s in Vancouver (Canada)…LOL

    They can’t even get the story straight.
    Vancouver real estate is almost the most expensive in North America.
    Looks like her house is in the Richmond area where the land is flat.

    the Size of her house is in the range of 5-8 million CAD. Roughly 30-42 million yuan.

  • kidding

    I feel she was just bored and kidding around..

  • sundownprince

    the windows from the stair well do not seem to match the exterior of the house.

  • Ann

    The pictures are all fakes, taken in stores where merchandise is displayed, shoes all the same genre on the self, handbags displayed on a talble, the electronic gadgets again is just merchandise on display. The car is a show room model with people reflected on the glass in the background working on purchasing deals. The house (looks too perfect, not lived in) is a model home for sale and the pictures are taken during open house so people can come in to browse. The US$ bills could be copied and then displayed. Well, the photos of the girl, she may be a wanna-be of something.

    These pictures are to create envy. Most probably the house is in forclosure by now and the creator of these pictures have been kicked out of U.S. for failing in the university, not a very smart Chinese

  • BrainDirtying

    This is a joke to poke fun at the people that actually do this….And believe me…a lot of Chinese Girls do this!

    I have a Chinese wife…(biggest mistake ever/we’re getting a divorce) and she was totally full of materialism. She totally missed the point of the North American lifestyle…and consumed herself with materialistic junk which always left her feeling bored and unsastisfied. She came from a very Rich background…(father was a govt official/uncle was a millionaire) They were both trying to use her as a way out of the country ( and she had no idea). I dont even understand their language but I can understand them better than she can. Poor girl was a mindless vessel that was never loved and almost given away when she was a baby.

    Anyways,,, she had MANY friends that did this day after day…
    They would update their SIna/powerapple pages with this shit. I tried to explain to her that Most Canadians are past the point of showing off and are more focused on being comfortable with themselves, their families and lives and being one with the environment; (something the Chinese are not big on)

    You see…. the Chinese are really big on Face…and this is something that Canadians dont need to do.

    We are already there…we dont need to keep trying to prove it. :)

    • Yea TOTALLY agree. Last time I was in China the radio kept on repeating how many gold medals China won, as if it were all that mattered. But I guess that’s all China really has.

      Thankfully I was raised in North America.

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  • blah

    this is fake….the girl’s picture on the video is a famous Taiwanese girl online.

    this girl failed.

  • Green

    Really pathetic and materialistic. Get a life stupid woman. Although you think your life is good just because you have a nice house and car (which doesn’t even have a license plate). Loser, stop trying to pretend.

  • CAD

    People, fake or real, it is a normal house

    To get a similar house and a car you need to earn about 5,000$ to 6,000$ a month after taxes, the house mortgage will be about 2,200 the car payment about 700 and the rest is living expenses.

    The bank basically owns the house and the car until you finish the payments.

    And making 6,000 or more a month is not that of a problem if you have a university degree.

    I have been to China many times, and I know that this house is considered luxury in China, but it is common in places like Canada for example.

    I wish the girl in the pictures and all of you, good luck and happiness.

  • Wing

    I want to be her boyfriend! Hell, I will even marry her…please…lol..

  • a girl frome guangzhou

    all her money comes from her father exploited the coal miners and their lives. what does she deserved honor?

  • ropo

    quite common in an Australian suburb

  • jiang su

    dirty teeth…. father making money while employees die in coal mines has made no difference, she’s a peasant girl

  • schan

    human perceptions of what represents “wealth” are all in accordance to what we ourselves are used to. let me explain… if you grew up wealthy and privleged, you wouldn’t see such material items as signs of “wealth” — it would just be NORMAL to you. you wouldn’t take pictures and flaunt it online.

    that’s why i think she’s a poorly-educated, ignorant peasant girl. why else would any decent person take pictures of their belongings and post them online? hell, bill gates doesn’t even do that. that’s sick.

  • alex

    Her house looks pretty normal to me…who the hell carries CASH anymore? It’s all about the credit card now. Which idiot puts boxes of their electronic gadgets and takes photos of them like they’re something to brag about? Either a very low class nouveau riche or a low class fake average girl.

  • jedknowsbest

    Shes in Vancouver, Canada, no use for USD – should be CAD$

    Mercedes photo from a showroom



    THE LAST THING WE NEED IS THIS DUMB BITCH LIVING IN HERE VANCOUVER,….. we already have much too many as it is !!!!! LEAVE

  • lee

    to whom it may concern:Don’t forget where the money came from…if it is real…perhaps u should read The Ugly Chinaman by Bo Yang….u r one them….

  • Professor Sillypants

    I need to start taking pictures of this girl to prove that she is mine.

  • occeo

    People who show off like that obviously have a very boring life. If you can buy a external life then that’s really something, else at the end of the day, they’re used a pile of dirt in the ground like someone else.

  • what would mao do

    • rollo tomassi

      invite her for a country vacation.
      someone wrote she is pretty, but with all the money
      she could do with breast enhancement. not that pretty
      really…sad story this one….mao would be dejected at one level..but the idea of exporting the chinese to dominate the globe with pure numbers may appease.