Dead Boy Fished Out Of River For A Fee

Dead Boy Fished Out Of River For A Fee

A man in Sichuan killed himself by jumping in a river. When his parents went to identify the body, fishermen asked 180,000 RMB for dredging it up, but eventually negotiated down to 8000 RMB. However, his parents couldn’t pay the fee, so they had to just let the corpse swell. Three days later the civil police coordinated with both sides, and the fee was set at 5400 RMB, so the body was pulled out and dragged ashore. The boy’s father said that the money was all lent from relatives. The fishermen think that fishing up dead bodies is ominous, and takes a lot of effort to bring out, so collecting a fee is something rightfully theirs. Netizens seem furious with the fishermen, one person said that this kind of fisherman has absolutely no sympathy, no morals, and getting this money will earn them karmic retribution.

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  • biggj

    Shouldn’t that be a job for the police anyway? Though I do understand the fisherman not wanting to do it….it’s kind of creepy.I see wanting something for the job.

    • mr.wiener

      The moral of the story is… If you are going to top yourself, do it in a manner that your body is easily retrievable.

      • biggj

        Jump off the

      • Vance

        Think of your family, man!

  • fk it!!!!
    even a mean person as me often give several yuan to begger in street, why these mfkers can not even do a good thing????

    • mr.wiener

      Charity costs money in China
      The party killed millions to lift millions out of poverty, but fashioned a society where being mean spirited is its own reward.
      this is why seeing a true act of charity in China is so much more rare and special.

  • WghUk

    That’s how it works in China nowadays: No money? Fk off!

  • Stranger

    I’m pretty sure the correct superstition is actually that if a fisherman help fish a corpse out of water, this will in fact bring him luck, as he has done a good deed in returning somebody back to dry land. He’s usually rewarded with unseasonal big catches within few days of the incident. At least that’s how people from around the Chinese coastal regions believe.

  • but no only chinese are so bad, i see too many white diggers in shanghai too. especially white loser stay in shanghai dream to marry rich chinese women.

  • Zebadee

    I find it unbelievable that the police would actually enter into such a ‘negociation’!!
    How much money did they make from grieving relatives?