Deserved Beating Gate: Husband On His Knees Slapped 42 Times

Husband is forced to kneel and is slapped 42 times by his wife for missing an appointment.

Husband is forced to kneel and is slapped 42 times by his wife for missing an appointment.

From Mop:

Deserved Beating Gate! Husband who failed to keep appointment is slapped 42 times, so vicious!

Recently a video has exploded in popularity on the internet. As a result of missing an appointment and upon returning home, a husband was forced to get on his knees and slapped 42 times. This incident has been jokingly called “Deserved Beating Gate”.

Comments from Mop:


So hopeless…


Clearly an SM game. Slaps? Bullshit.


Fake. In the middle, very quietly, that woman even says sorry…


Who told you not to open your eyes more when you got married?


The man is on his knees already and he still gets hit, what a cupware! It appears that this woman must look pretty good.


-Gate your MB! Always -gate this -gate that, is there any meaning anymore? It’s so stupid, you know!


A role-model for women, a role-model for men.


So sad. Women these days are too dangerous.


He deserved it, men should not be allowed to develop the bad habit of missing appointments, well slapped!


Cupware, it is better for men to not marry after all.


This man, truly losing face for men. One look and you can tell he is someone who fears his wife~~~


I too have slapped a boyfriend before…


I remember he even drank urine…I think he’s Taiwanese/it’s from Taiwan…

Role-models. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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