Desperate Chinese College Student Takes Doctor Hostage

The stalemate between the kidnapper and the police.

The stalemate between the kidnapper and the police.

From QQ:

Wuhan University Student Takes Hostage Over Damages After Traffic Accident

May 18, a freshman of a certain college in Wuhan surnamed Chen accidentally hit an 80-something-year-old lady while riding a bicycle. Then, because of issues over the medical expenses, he had a conflict with the old lady’s family where, in a moment of desperation, he took out a fruit knife and took a female doctor surnamed Duan hostage, requiring that he reach his intended destination before he would release her. 97 minutes after the Qingshan Public Security Sub-Bureau was notified, the hostage was successfully rescued. Throughout the entire rescue process, Dr. Duan’s left index finger was cut, and there was a knife cut on her neck.

The police are talking.

On the evening of the 18th at about 7pm, a large number of special police arrived at Wuhan No.9 Hospital in Qingshan, with many local residents also gathered around, looking on and discussing. In the direction of one city residents’ pointed finger, this reporter saw a young man sitting in the back seat of a police car, with his arm around a young woman’s neck, and a small knife in his other hand. The police car was surrounded by police officers, taking turns communicating with the young man, asking him to remain calm and not hurt the hostage.

The police are talking to Chen.

According to an eye witness, the kidnapping took place at about 6 o’clock in the evening, when the young man rushed into the emergency room office on the first floor of the hospital, kidnapped the female doctor at knife point, then yelled at people around to call the police. After the police arrived, the young man walked out of the hospital building holding his knife, and confronted the police in the hospital plaza. Then, under the persuasion of the police, the young man got into a police car with the hostage under his control.

The on-lookers at the scene.

According to another eye witness, this young man was a student at a nearby college, and had knocked over an old woman yesterday [May 17] while riding a bicycle. Afterwards, he accompanied the old woman with her family members to the hospital for examination. Because the injury was actually somewhat serious, the old woman’s family members asked him for compensation. The eye witness said: “I heard that the compensation is 300,000 yuan. Maybe the college student freaked out. He was even laughing as he kidnapped the doctor, his mental state a little abnormal.”

The police is negotiating with Chen.

The kidnapper clearly had lost control, yelling in the police car: “I’m willing to sit in your car, because I don’t want this to get more serious. Don’t push me. Take me to a safe place, and then I’ll let her go, and you also let me go!” This picture is of the college student holding his knife against the female doctor in the police car, the police negotiating with him.

The police car carrying Chen and Doctor Duan is leaving the hospital.

After a brief discussion, most of the police officers agreed that even though the nature of kidnapping is vile, the kidnapper was a college student, and what more, wasprobably from a rural area. His behavior too was a kind of drastic act of self-protection, though extreme, so it was better to take a less-heated approach and to persuade the hostage-taker. In the end, the police decided to drive the police car carrying the hostage and the kidnapper away from the hospital plaza.

The police car is at a remote location.

After the car was driven to Xudong from Youyi Avenue, Chen first demanded to go to Wuhan University of Technology, then he said he wanted to go to Wuhan University. Headquarters instructed that taking him to Wuhan University was absolutely out of the question, and ordered the car to drive to a remote location to wait for an opportunity to stage a rescue.

The police is taking Chen away.

In the car, everyone continuously chatted with Chen to pacify him. Dr. Duan was also very calm, without struggling at all, and thus Chen slowly calmed down. When the car approached the intersection of Heping Avenue and Xinsheng Road, concealed special police rushed the car from three directions, some grabbing Chen’s arms, some disarming him of his knife, and some to rescue the hostage. In a mere 52 seconds, they succeeded. Dr. Duan only suffered some superficial injuries, and the knife seized was a fruit knife.

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The police is making the arrest.

This picture is of the moment of capture. After investigation, Chen is 18 years of age, comes from Hubei Nanzhang, is now a freshman at a certain university in Wuhan. Chen confessed that while riding a bicycle heading east on Youyi Avenue on his way back to school, he had hit and knocked over an old woman. The old woman’s right wrist became red and swollen, and Chen waned to offer her 100 yuan to settle it privately. The old woman had Chen take her home. After this, the old woman’s son drove them both to Wuhan City No.9 Hospital emergency room for examination, with the doctor who examined her being Dr. Duan. The old lady’s spent 102 yuan taking X-rays, which showed that she had a right wrist fracture, needed to be hospitalized, and had to put a 1,000 yuan deposit.

Dr. Duan is being escorted by the police into the car.

The kidnapped doctor—the one in white in the center—being escorted by police into a car. The old woman’s family members asked Chen for the money, but Chen only had 5 mao left on him. They wanted to confiscate Chen’s ID card. Chen thought “they were pushing too hard, I had no choice”, so he drew out the fruit knife he had with him and stabbed at the old woman’s family members. He missed, they got into a fight, during which Chen backed into the emergency room, and kidnapped Dr. Duan.

The college student Chen.

In the interrogation room, Chen kept asking the police: “Just how many years of jail time will I have to serve? Will my sentence be very severe?” After talking with the police, he gradually calmed down: “To tell you the truth, I was ready to kill someone at that point. Then after the police talked to me, I gradually calmed down. What I did was wrong.”

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 石榴泡泡:

Both the family members and the hospital should charge reasonably. And is it really necessary for someone with a wrist fracture to be hospitalized? The family asking for 300,000 yuan truly is ridiculous. The student did the right thing in taking the old woman to the hospital, as someone who is is conscientious. But what about the conscience of those people who drove him into taking such extreme measures to deal with a problem?

腾讯网友 择木而栖。:

The old woman’s family members went too far. Were they hoping to use the old woman to make a fortune, asking for 300,000 yuan? And the hospital, for an old woman over the age of 80 to have a fracture of distal radius, wouldn’t it be enough to reset the bone and give her a cast? Instead they wanted to hospitalize her! The police, if it was your sister, would you have discussed whether to shoot him? The college student, I can understand that you were pushed into a corner, I hope they give you a lenient sentence.

腾讯包头市网友 单曲※循环:

The society is so sick that I have no strength to comment.

腾讯网友 依旧:

300,000 yuan, for a college student from the rural countryside, even if his whole family worked as slaves for the rest of their lives, they still wouldn’t be able to pay back that kind of money. The extortioner might as well just kill him. This was essentially forcing someone to commit murder?

腾讯网友 2玖次方:

Why didn’t he just go ahead and kill her [after hitting her initially], this is extortion! Just like this, this student’s life is ruined by an old woman who’s about to be buried anyway. A real shame…

腾讯网友 苎麻:

The old woman’s family demanding a ridiculous amount of compensation and trying to confiscate the student’s ID card themselves is illegal. The doctor’s mishandling escalated the situation. Hope the police will seek to educate him primarily and punish him lightly.

腾讯网友 磁针_石:

300,000 yuan. The old woman’s family must be so poor that they have gone crazy [become greedy]! To this old woman, I can only say that you’re a curse [to other people] for not being dead already!

腾讯网友 凤凰火。:

300,000 yuan in compensation. This is considered extortion.

腾讯网友 流浪的小女人:

300,000 yuan, it really is extortion. He’s still a student, and just like this they’ve ruined his future, the old woman’s family is so evil.

腾讯网友 1044239375:

Why doesn’t the old woman’s whole family just die?

Comments from NetEase:

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潇洒傲笑江湖 [网易重庆市网友]:

Ever year, an evil dragon would demand from a village the sacrifice of a young girl, and every year, a young hero would rise from this village and set off to go fight the dragon, but no one has ever returned. When yet another hero set off, someone quietly tailed him. The dragon’s lair was filled with treasures. The hero slayed the dragon with his sword and then, as he sat on the dead body looking at all those shining treasures, he slowly grew scales, a tail, and a pair of horns, ultimately becoming the evil dragon.

a32107 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Damn… again an old woman. Old women are more vicious than tigers.

难么卵 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

First give a sentence of extortion, these old women have all fucking gone crazy from poverty [too greedy]. Old lady Xu [refers to Xu Shoulan, the old woman in the infamous Nanjing case who sued a Good Samaritan who helped her when she fell down] is dead, now thousands of old ladies are ready to take her place. Fuck.

诉苦瘌痢头 [网易北京市网友]:

Tianyi, it was only an old woman, did you have to do this? Hurry and call your father to fix this…

凌厉的北风 [网易河南省周口市网友]:

He himself was a victim,
then became the perpetrator.
Let the doctor go, child.
If you have a problem, everyone will help you.

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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    if the interrogator was that lady chinese cop from that one video the dude would’ve been swiss cheesed lmao

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      But then, if she was that arrow chick, she’d be raped, and he’d be Japanese.

  • BiggJ

    Where to chinese people come up with these numbers? 50,000 dollars for a broken wrist? The guys wrong for doing what he did, but he probably just panicked. And they wonder why people run over kids and everything other god damn thing and take off after. Can’t really blame them for running off after they do something like this. They have have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

    • Jing Li

      Yeah, but a lot of that is for the IV

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  • wafflestomp

    300,000 yuan for a broken wrist. No way he’d actually have to pay that much..

    • Rick in China

      Negotiation. They’d say something CRAZY like that – then when they expect 40k later it’d seem more reasonable, even though that is completely unreasonable. He didn’t do anything on purpose – it was an accident, I’d be more curious how he ‘hit’ her on his bike – was she walking on the street? in the bike path? Did she step in front of him? The amount of culpability should be determined through more investigation on the actual accident. That being said, China does have *specific* compensation calculations – so he would likely not have to pay much, especially because she’s old. There is 10 degrees of injury in 4 injury severity levels, and through that, combined with lost income (in her case I guess zero) and hospital bills, the total potential compensation would be calculated. I’m guessing in the neighbourhood of 3000 yuan.

      • The Enlightened One

        I agree, this sounds like a couple thousand yuan… at the most!

        300 000 RMB… they were expecting a college kid to buy them their new Audi… seriously WTF.

      • linette lee

        She got hit by a bike and make a big fuss about it. Nothing life threatening.

        • Rick in China

          Right. “Frivolous lawsuits” style – has come to China..

          They finally have internet access and countrymen with money, so – time to exploit the system. They googled “lawsuit money” and got Liebeck vs. McDonalds – the 79 year old woman who became a millionaire for spilling coffee in her lap.. and lightbulbs went off. Old lady + injury = exploit tort law and garner more than given old lady is worth! Yay, send grandma into the street, lets get some cash from random people. It’s bullshit, and needs some attention – needs to be squashed before it gets even more out of hand.

          • linette lee

            That is just so sad. The chinese are learning from the Canadian. hahhaha…lol ;) Sue for a living. Millions of dollars for emotional damage.

            Sue if you spill hot coffee on you lap while driving. Sue if your burger is too hot and burn your lips. Sue if an old lady fall down in front of your house. Sue if you don’t shovel the snow off your drive way(uh..that’s my driveway) and grandma fall down due to slippery ice. lol..

          • Mighty

            I just hate how people’s stupidity and lack of common sense get rewarded millions of dollars.

          • linette lee

            Not only stupid people. Even criminal got rewarded money for attempting robbery and got injured by the victim in USA. What’s that story about a robber went up to the roof and tried to get into the house through a window. He fell through the roof and got injured. He sued the owner and won. The roof wasn’t properly constructed or something. I forgot. Like what the hxll he was doing on the roof anyway. lol.

          • iLL

            Linette, how the fuck is this learning from Canada? Canada court system is not filled with frivolous lawsuits like USA does.

          • linette lee

            liar…. lol

          • Mighty

            The Americans are definitely and rightfully getting blamed for this one. lol

          • linette lee

            Yeah, That crazy suing thing is definitely an American thing. lol. I was just poking fun at some canadian. ;)

          • Mighty

            Americans will sue the Canadians for stealing their favorite pastime. haha…

          • Honestly I know the suing thing happens here, but I’ve never actually witnessed any of it, so I’m not that convinced that it’s actually much more than normal.

          • linette lee

            I think in general the people in usA sue more often compare to the Chinese people in Asia countries. I can’t speak for other countries. In USA it is so easy to sue. They even have small claim court TV shows. (judge judy ,judge Joe Brown) You see even family takes family to court to sue for money. I have never sued anyone.

          • Small Claims Courts don’t really have much enforcement, though. No one forces the losing side to pay anything. It might harm their credit, but most of the time it’s generally just a judge telling who is right and who is wrong, then they all go home to despise each other.

            I also have never sued anyone. I don’t think I know anyone who has. Well, my grandfather got a part of a settlement from one, that he wasn’t really an active part in, but that was over a no-one-told-the-employees-that-this-building-is-covered-in-asbestos thing. Legitimate reason to sue.

            There are some crazy lawsuits in the US, but no where near as crazy and common enough to make people too afraid to help an old lady get up for fear of her suing your pants off, saying you’re the one who knocked her down.

          • linette lee

            Yeah. IT’s true. Those small claim court don’t do much. Even if the judge order one side to pay there are still people won’t pay. It is just big headache. You can sue but the process is pain in the a55.

          • I read somewhere that a majority of the lawsuits in the US aren’t really filed by people, but by one corporation suing another. Like Apple and Samsung suing each other.

          • linette lee

            That just tell you chinese don’t have faith in the china justice system. People get punished for being a good samaritan. Blame those terrible judges and the whole legal system in China. Too much bribery too. I don’t blame them for afraid to get involve sometimes. But of course that case with the little two year old girl got run over 2 to 3 times and no one would pick her up to help was too much. How can people stand that and watch a baby on the road got hit running over and over again. Terrifying.

          • Les Battersby

            Agreed. Hong Kong is better rule of law, instead of rule BY law. Common law prevails in HK in this instance, everyone has recourse to air grievances, and there is transparency at least relative to we know where!

          • Rick in China

            Canadians often get compensation from accidents – but from insurance companies, not individuals… that much is true. It’s not crazy amounts though – most injuries warrant like 10-40k depending, healthcare is free mind you – that’s just for pain/suffering.

          • echo1o1

            “Healthcare is free”.

            You are a fucking idiot, that much is true.
            There is no such thing as free anything.
            Canadian taxes are a whole lot higher than american taxes for a reason.

          • linette lee

            You crazy. In usa is very high too. middleclass can pay like 35 to 40% of their pay check.

          • Areyoukiddingme

            Hey Linette – You know nothing about the United States and your English is atrocious!

          • Areyoukiddingme

            You are a total idiot!

          • Mighty

            In what way?

          • Yes the McDonald case was similar in extorted compensation but the woman did really suffer 3rd degree burns(google her thigh pics-seems pretty painful if the injury went to the extent of her bones). $100k-300k sounds okay but it seems the judge felt that McD has plenty to spare.

          • Mighty

            I don’t think anyone doubted that she was was burned. Just as no one doubted her lack of common sense and stupidity. We just don’t like cases like that to be rewarded.

          • Rick in China

            No way dude.. no way – her injury should be totally irrelevant, they weren’t responsible for the coffee spilling on her body. That’s like saying: I bought a new knife, tripped on my shoelaces and fell on the knife – it stabbed me in the kidney! I should receive at least 300k for compensation from the knife manufacturer.

          • That’s what I think too but from the sounds of most posts.. it sounded like undermining her own injuries. Of course the amount of compensation is silly and she probably shouldn’t drink while driving given her capabilities to watch out for herself. I pretty much assume that she had scalding hot coffee in between her thighs or something with a flimsy cup…. gee you would think it’s not her first time buying coffee.

    • slob

      Meh, this ‘settling it privately’ thing has become a serious issue here with people starting to intentionally get hit just for the sake of compensation. The old lady probably didn’t get hit on purpose but really, 300k? Is the family full of disabled retards that live in the mental ward of the hospital? If it’s his fault, pay for the damages and maye a little extra – 10k extra maybe. Using an old woman to extort money from a college freshman is fucking sick.

      • Rick in China

        10k is a lot – depending on the circumstance. Since it’s an accident, not intentional (I assume), he *really* should only pay for damages..including “pain and suffering” which would be extremely minimal in this situation.

      • Xiu

        All comes from that one judge a few years ago who ordered an innocent man (and savior no less) to pay medical expenses. Forgot the dudes name, but it’s been a downwards spiral ever since. Whoever that judge was should live in shame and infamy, but people seem to have forgotten him now. I place the entire debacle of Chinese public awareness directly at his feet. What a dickhead! Hardly intelligent enough to be a farmer, let alone a judge.

  • Dave

    To get rich is glorious!

  • Hayek

    It’s funny how Chinese people really still have a hard time with the concept of money. It’s like capitalism is still this new thing and everyone is so greedy since (like a kid and a new toy)

  • Terrik

    Gee, and they say U.S. medical expenses are high.

  • Top picture: this is why when Chinese dance in open places, they always make sure to dance in groups.

  • mr.wiener

    “After a brief discussion, most of the police officers agreed that even though the nature of kidnapping is vile, the kidnapper was a college student, and what more, was probably from a rural area.”

    I loved that last bit:
    Inspector Wu:”He’s a hayseed, lets go easy on him”
    Constable Chen: “Yeah, I hear they pork farm animals…..hang on! he doesn’t have a hoe with him does he?”
    Inspector Wu: “Naah, just a fruit knife….and that’s not a very polite thing to call a lady doctor!”
    Constable Chen:”Ha ha! Snap, you got me. Lets take him for a car ride ’til he gives up, and make sure he gives up outside of that massage parlor on Ren Ai Rd.”

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    Panda Banana:
    you get out, i have something to talk to you!

    • 剑胆琴心

      anyone know panda banana?
      just tell him i have something to talk to him!

      • Mighty

        I just talked to him. He says he’s busy eating bamboo leaves.

  • The Enlightened One

    Poor kid, I am sure he hit this old woman by accident. We can gather he was a good kid because he helped take her home and offer compensation. Then these sick people try to export the boy by asking for 300 000 RMB and threatening to take his ID card?

    No wonder the kid went bonkers. Great… another reason NOT to help people in China now…. as if that Nanjing thing wasn’t enough.

    What a depressing society.

    • Roll call:
      * old woman gets hit, makes a big fuss about it
      * young kid (probably from the rurals) get extorted from, makes a big fuss about it

      Simba: I don’t understand
      Simba Daddy: This is the circle of life…

    • Les Battersby

      Indeed. What college student could afford 300,000 rmb?

  • Jin Ch’in

    If that old woman was in the wrong he should be compensated not her as for the family asking 300,000 he should have stub them in the head. I don’t blame him for freaking out Chinese police are very reasonable people and can clearly see he was not in the wrong.

    • Mighty

      I don’t think that old lady was in the wrong. Obviously the student felt guilty enough to stop and go to the hospital with the family. Must be the son who was in the wrong to pressure him.

  • Jing Li

    Well… it’s not exactly Law & Order

  • Marcus

    If you hurt or kill somebody in china it is sometimes better to move away – meaning also not helping out – poor reality.

    • Mighty

      Cases like this makes people flee the scene of an accident.

      • Les Battersby

        There was also some cases where a driver would run over someone repeatedly rather than face the burden of paying compensation or money for hospital treatment, better dead than alive kind of thinking.

        • James

          heard of it in tw too. particularly with truck drivers

        • Mighty

          I remember that scum. That victim was a little kid, right?

          • Les Battersby

            I think so man, you are on the right track.

          • Mighty

            I remember another one now. A drunk couple hit and injured a woman on the road; driver continued driving to drop off passenger; on his way back he hit the poor woman once more for good measure.

          • Les Battersby

            Truly sad, laws need to be introduced.

  • linette lee

    So crazy, Can he just help her to the hospital and leave. He doesn’t have to admit anything about hitting her. Just give her to the hospital and let the staff take care of her without saying anything. What they going to do if he doesn’t admit or say anything? Nothing they can do. Let the family keep screaming and just pretend don’t hear them and walk away. lol. He can always mail money to her to cover the cost of hospital expenses later without admitting he hit her. That is what I will do. The problem is people will sue you for everything and ask for ridiculous amount of money just to get rich off from you.

    • maja


    • iLL

      I would like to sue Linette for dragging this subject into the dirt and overstating the obvious.

      • linette lee

        sue me? Are you Canadian? hahah….lol.

        • iLL

          Yup im Canadian. 100%

      • Areyoukiddingme

        Agreed! This Linette-character makes the most stupid points and it’s painful to read her horrendous English!

  • Jing Li

    Chinese police are very reasonable people

    • Mighty

      American cops are reasonably brutal.

  • Mighty

    I hope his future isn’t ruined. Poor guy did the right by stopping to make sure the old lady was okay, accompanied her home and went to the hospital, at any which point he simply could have fled.

  • linette lee

    In USA, people get into accident and get sued all the time. Most people would just deny any wrong doing flat out to avoid extortion.

    • Mighty

      The first rule is to ‘never admit fault’. Even the insurance company’s instruction on handling an accident states that.

      • 剑胆琴心

        i once hit an old lady when i rushing to subway on bike.
        her arm bled a little bit, i was so cared, but i told her i can take her to hospital,it’s all my fault.her husband and she looked me a while then said no need just give us 10 yuan. so i gave them 10 and left.they are so nice.
        once my brother hit an old lady by car, took her to hospital, that lady did not wanna stay in hospital,so only 200 and it’s done.
        so, i believe, good people can always be blessed.
        but one bad example in my town.a guy after army saw an old people dying in street,he took her to hospital paid 10k for her operation.latter when her family came, they all said it’s his fault,but people saw this in street all got mad, they told police it’s all bullshit.and yes, that guy got his money back and left.

        • Mighty

          There are good people who repay honesty with honesty, like in you and your brother’s cases. I would too. Just 2 weeks ago an electrician who was working on a project here parked his van next to my car. He dinged my car and left a small dent. He came to me to tell me and said he’ll pay for the damage. I went to inspect the dent, which was barely visible without paint scraped. Seeing he was honest about it I told him not to worry about it. Most people would’ve just kept quiet.

          * Most insurance here requires a $500 deductible regardless of the damage. My damage is about $200. He would’ve paid his insurance $500 to fix a $200 dent.

        • Mighty

          The family of the dying man blamed the army guy after he paid for the hospital expense?

    • I’m about to sue these tornadoes.

      Shit is getting so real this afternoon that even my home security alarm is going off.

  • slaran

    300000 rmb is like 50k USD. If you hit an old lady on her bicycle, her suing you for 50k is par for the course in the USA.

    • wafflestomp

      It’s not the PAR for China. And a broken wrist? I doubt 50k would be awarded, and even then, at least you can somewhat trust American courts.

      • linette lee

        yeah, I think the biggest problem is no one in the right mind would trust the china legal system. You can not trust them. No way.
        With USA court at least you feel the system is more organize and harder for bribery.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Wow, what the hell. Poor kid, that extortion price would drive anyone to desperation! Hell, I don’t think I would’ve done anything different if I were in his shoes. 6 years younger than right now, much poorer due to being from the rural areas, without the law on his side… Man, I feel bad for him

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t get kneecapped in life because of this. Did it become clear what his sentence or punishment was going to be?

    • linette lee

      hi lonetrey/dan.. long time no chat. :)

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Linette! :D I’m glad you remember me! I didn’t think anyone would…

        But yes, I felt the calls of Chinasmack whispered to me from the world wide web, and I have decided to catch up with the events of China from the past few months :)

        • Mighty

          Long lost love.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            The sound of Chinasmack echoing through the hallowed halls of the information highways? Pft, I already knew that! I don’t know if I can return the same affection for Chinasmack, but I will try. :)

            There’s also my appreciation for Linette’s comments, it’s always nice to see her input, it makes a good balance of opinions from all the classic Chinasmack commentators

          • Mighty

            It was a JOKE. You don’t have to get all poetic about it.

          • mr.wiener

            He’s very earnest. We don’t hold it against him.

          • Mighty

            That’s a far more desirable trait than being a ‘man of few words’.

            ‘lone3/Dan’! You know i’m just messing with you, right? Cos Linnette is a friend too.

          • mr.wiener

            Looks like the virtual marriage with Dr. Sun didn’t pan out….or the little minx is playing the field.

          • Mighty

            Li Bai may be too busy for any relationship, virtual or real, but I got the minx all to myself in JapanCRUSH.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ahahaha, I was only playing, I know :P

          • Mighty

            What!!? You’re playing her!!??

  • changes123

    Did he just merely cut her index finger, or did he cut it off? They don’t specify…

    • Mighty

      They specifically said “Dr. Duan’s left index finger was cut”. That’s quite clear and was not ‘cut off’ as you originally thought.

      • changes123

        Apparently it was quite clear. Why did you think it would be cutoff?? Goodness. You are a sick, sick man.

        • Mighty

          You first wrote that the doctor’s finger was cut off, blah blah, she needs her hands to works with, blah blah…. then you edited that it was not specified. And now you edited once more to hide your stupidity. That’s actually brilliant for an idiot.

          • changes123

            The only brilliant thing here is that Braum’s is having a sale on their Sunday’s. You sir, have been excommunicated.

  • Les Battersby

    One more +1 for state subsidized healthcare like Canada, the UK and Hong Kong and France. This article just goes to show the selfishness and greed and opportunism that is all too prevalent in the middle kingdom. Instead of getting worked up about it, I think I’ll just sit here glumly and weep for a while, truly sad.

    • echo1o1

      State subsidized healthcare is a failure in the UK and France.
      It’s completely unaffordable in the long run and the quality is low. I’d rather have a 20% tax rate and private insurance than a 40% tax rate with shoddy socialist healthcare.

      • Les Battersby

        I’d rather have it, failure or not. But yes, there is a move to private healthcare in the UK now.

  • Jeff

    Blame it on the Chinese mentality. Let’s face it, the old women was probably at fault – we all see how the Chinese just blindly step into the street without even a glance at oncoming traffic. It’s the fault of the zoned out locals. And asking for 300,000! hell next time a car grazes me on my bike or ebike I am going to demand that much – injury or no injury.

  • Leo W

    brother, next time just kill her by accident and maybe you would have to compensate less than 300,000 RMB… That is how China works.. XDDDD

  • (.__.” }

    I’m surprised that nobody shot him with a sniper just for safe measure

    • mr.wiener

      Wrong country.

    • You mean launch the actual sniper at the guy?

      • mr.wiener

        Bullets are expensive.

        • high-velocity humans have more stopping power than some measly little bullet anyway

        • Mighty

          It’s okay. China bills the executed man’s family for the bullet.

          • James

            ropes are reusable & green

          • Mighty

            ‘Made in China’ ropes break and contain lead.

      • James

        no, i think he meant shoot him and a sniper too for good measure

        • James

          just in case

        • Mighty

          LOL. I’m trying to come up with a 3rd.

        • Might as well

  • BrandeX

    These poor ass Chinese cops gotta save up a few bucks for tasers FFS.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    China is such a hopeless society – no morality, no humanity. So glad I live in the U.S.

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  • A J