Diaoyu Islands Belong to China Ad in NY Times, Chinese Reactions

Chen Guangbiao's Diaoyu Island ad on New York Times.

From Sina:

Chen Guangbiao Claims There Are Japanese Media Willing to Advertise Diaoyu Islands Advertisement for Millions

Chen Guangbiao's Diaoyu Island ad on New York Times.

Chen Guangbiao Advertises on New York Times: “The Diaoyu Islands is Chinese Territory”

Chinese entrepreneur and CEO of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Recycling Company Chen Guangbiao published a half-page advertisement on America’s New York Times on August 31, “solemnly declares to the U.S. Government and the American people”, that the Diaoyu Islands (aka Senkaku Islands) have been the territory of China since antiquity. Chen Guangbiao told the reporter of this article yesterday [September 1] that the purpose of publishing this ad is to show the determination of Chinese entrepreneurs in defending China’s sovereign rights. Currently, he’s making arrangements with Japanese media to publish the Diaoyu Islands ad.

Calling on American people everywhere to condemn Japan’s provocation

The statement [advertisement] says, “Japan’s right wing is now violating China’s territorial sovereignty, and threatening stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region”, “the Diaoyu Island dispute, and Japan’s so-called move to nationalize the islands, were incited by Japan’s right wing and should be steadfastly protested”, “I call on the U.S. government and people everywhere to condemn Japan’s provocative behavior”. This advertisement/statement asks: “How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if Japan announced that Hawaii was its territory?” The advertisement/statement is published in both English and Chinese.

After looking it up reporter came to know that Chen Guangbiao’s ad was published on The New York Times on August 31 on the lower half page of the 19th page of the “US News” section, and the visual effect was eye-catching. Three photographs were also published with the ad, respectively of a head portrait of Chen Guangbiao, a picture of the Diaoyu Islands, and a photo of Cheng Guangbiao’s “stunt bicycle-riding” with one leg. Chen Guangbiao’s identity in this ad is that of a “citizen of China, advocate of peace”. In the ad was also his handwritten signature and contact informant.

Among 1,000 Americans, only 20 know about the Diaoyu Islands

Yesterday [September 1] afternoon, this reporter got in touch with Chen Guangbiao who is currently in mainland China. Chen Guangbiao said, he saw recently a series of provocative behavior by Japan on the Diaoyu Island’s dispute, and has been very angry. It was about early this August when he came up with this idea of advertising on American mainstream media to declare China’s sovereign rights.

From August 12 to 23, Chen Guangbiao did a survey of over a thousand ordinary Americans in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, etc. and found out that only 20 some of them know about the Diaoyu Islands. “I found out that the Americans don’t know about the Diaoyu Islands at all, and this firmed my determination to make the ad even more.”


A Japanese newspaper has already agreed to publish the ad

After Chen Guangbiao published his ad on The New York Times, there was widespread applause on the [Chinese] internet, praising “Brother Biao isn’t ridiculous this time”, but for an entrepreneur who has a history of controversy, there were also some who questioned if he was just using this opportunity to pull another publicity stunt. To this, Chen Guangbiao thinks patriotism doesn’t need to be low-key, but one must be rational and tactfully patriotic. The combination of Chinese and English is to avoid ambiguity and misinterpretation, and as for the image of him “stunt bicycle-riding” appearing in the ad, Chen Guangbiao claims it was purely to increase the amount of attention the ad would receive, as well as to promote environmental protection.

According to Chen Guangbiao, he currently is also in discussions and arrangements with some Japanese media about publishing the Diaoyu Islands ad, that the process is a little difficult, but already one rather influential Japanese newspaper has preliminary agreed, but quoted the astronomical price of “several tens of million yen” (several million RMB). “As long as they agree, I’ll pay as much money as it takes to post [the advertisement],” Chen Guangbiao says.


Comments from Sina:

新浪天津 holly51woo:

Boss Chen has again fulfilled his duty as a patriotic entrepreneur, and has played an important role in the fight against Japanese invasion/plunder [of the Diaoyu Islands] and intimidating the American Imperialists! We should organize all patriotic entrepreneurs and patriotic people to act together, to promote patriotism and the protection of the Diaoyu Islands!

新浪广东广州 手机用户: (responding to above)

Now this is what a rich Chinese person should be like/do.

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

Boss Chen, the Chinese people of the world thank you!
Who says it’s a publicity stunt, even if it is, it’s still 1.3 billion times better that those people who have some lousy money and just womanize and keep mistresses!

新浪浙江金华 方家大爷:

100x better than those who only eat and do nothing!

新浪陕西西安 手机用户:

Some say this is just Boss Chen doing a publicity stunt, then how about you also show us a publicity stunt like this! Even if it is just a publicity stunt, we’d still support it!

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

Brother Biao, you as an ordinary citizen are on the front lines spending money and effort for the country, whereas in the back we have Chinese military official Fang Daguo beating a stewardess on an airplane, as arrogant and domineering as a thug, yet is a political commissar in the military! This is the reality of today’s China.

新浪天津 手机用户:

[I] very much support Brother Biao, but when even statements [referring to the ad] like this are only being done by the ordinary common people, it’s such a pity and a shame. Everyone knows that the ZF has spent an astronomical sum of money setting up a publicity/public relations platform in America, but how come they don’t use it to promote [these things/views]?!

新浪广东汕头 手机用户:

Brother Biao, you are the pride of Chinese people, a hero, hope you can influence/serve as an example to even more patriotic entrepreneurs…

新浪江苏无锡 手机用户:

We support you. China needs big shots like you to take the lead. Go Brother Chen.

新浪河南郑州 手机用户:

Whether it’s a public stunt or not, it’s still well done, support.

新浪山东济南 手机用户:

Those exceedingly few people who don’t approve of this patriotic action by Brother Biao, if they’re not the descendents of Japanese people they’re the Chinese traitors and running dogs of the Japanese.

新浪北京 手机用户:

Learn from Chen Guangbiao, those who have money donate their money, those who don’t have money donate their manpower, take back the Diaoyu Islands!

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

Patriotism needs actual actions, well done, Boss Chen!

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

If every Chinese entrepreneur were like you, how could a grand and magnificent nation like China fear a tiny country like Japan? Support you, Brother Biao, you’re the pride of the Chinese people.


I like this Chen Guangbiao who ostentatiously does both acts of charity and rational patriotism.

新浪广东珠海 好望角专家:

With the Japanese people being so provocative, having Brother Biao taking the lead in rallying for China’s sovereign rights, we not only support it but also think it is not enough, and hope that even more people will join the fight to secure the Diaoyu Islands. Everyone let’s act together, and follow Brother Biao!

新浪天津 手机用户:

Those who say it’s a publicity stunt, at least Brother Biao dares to stand forward! Support Brother Biao!

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

Everyone donate 10 yuan, so Brother Biao can advertise on the newspapers.

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

Brother Biao: you are a real man, people nationwide should learn from you…

浪广东汕头 手机用户:

Brother Biao, you should establish a Protect Diaoyu Islands Foundation, so every patriotic person can contribute a bit of their strength, as the strength of all of the nation’s people is the strongest.

What do you think? Of Chinese people promoting their views this way? Of The New York Times publishing this kind of ad?

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  • Tom Swift

    The Chinese government has manufactured this to keep the locals distracted from the problems and incompetentcy of the ruling powers. I wish the Chinese people would finally wake up.

    • wacky

      but isnt this a kind of problem and the failure to protect the island is a sign of incompetency???

      • Getrealson

        Maybe the fact that the biggest scandal to hit the red government in years has just hit the international spotlight might suggest otherwise!

        • wacky

          i think the biggest scandal is being blown up by the western and international media bigger than what it actually is, so far there is no mass demonstration neither by the supporter or by the opponent of the main actor of the scandal. and on the contrary the red government can play the card smartly to show that corrupt official can be brought down

          • Boris

            Wacky, you’re an idiot. Blood could be spilt over this nonsense, and you’re too full of pride to care. Most days I quite enjoy living in China, but listening to the likes of you really is vomit-inducing. Please go back to sleep and irritate your subconscious.

          • wacky

            make your point or eat your own vomit, i dont care wherever you want to live but if you want to talk here at least make your point.

          • Boris

            A wise man once said: people with too many opinions just go around bothering each other. Anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the impending coronary.

          • Dr SUN

            I don’t know WTF you guys are talking about, some mates and I went sea fishing a few days ago, stop off there, “dumped”, smoked some Dunhills, drunk 3 cases of Bass and 1 of Newcastle Brown, I personally peed a union jack flag on the rocks.

            Those Islands are British property now. So stay away !!

            and if any one wants to fight we have 100,000 middle aged, fat druck ESL teachers that will kick your ass ( at darts)

          • Boris

            Dunhills -now that’s a classy gent’s smoke.
            I had you down as a bi-curious Silk Cut toker.

          • linette

            Dr SUN
            …drunk 3 cases of Bass and 1 of Newcastle Brown, I personally peed a union jack flag on the rocks.
            Those Islands are British property now. So stay away !!…

            Yeah DR.sun, You saw that the island is uninhabited so now you can claim you discovered it and stick a flag there. It yours now. hahahaa..lol. ;)

          • Dr SUN

            Don’t worry Linette we coming back to take back HK. We have been watching and see it gone to shit once we let the Chinese run things
            We are being stealthy , doing it one ESL teacher at a time, they can drink your Govt dogs under the table, it will be a good deal, fish ‘n’ chip restaurants on every corner, curry houses between and none of that horrible “water rice” the Cantonese like so much…yucky stuff.

          • linette

            Dr SUN
            haha…no Dr. Sun Hong kong, Taiwan, and Singapore should form one country and call HSTC. Hongkong, singapore,Taiwan Chinese. ;)

            I love that watery rice. It’s called congee. You don’t like it?? hehe.. It’s really good. And those soup noodles are to die for. So yum! Hotpot is so good too. Put the noodle in and mix it with the soup. Aren’t you married to a chinese woman? You don’t eat those stuff? :)

          • lonetrey

            whoa whoa whoa whoa. Back off there, Dr. Sun. Congee is freaking awesome! Have it with shredded pork, perhaps you’re just eating it straight up.

            Though, I admit I think fish&chips are pretty good too.

          • wacky

            opinion matter without opinion there is no diplomacy, without diplomacy the only option is war, so if you really care that blood could be split please start with an opinion

          • Linette H.S.T.C. – Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan Chinese territories. Your mind has been very active. Great stuff! Keep up the good work!

          • linette

            richardnorth, hello dear, it would be fun if HK merged with Singapore. I have never been to Singapore.

          • Linette Hmmm… Singapore. As a woman you’d like it because:

            a) It’s not Communist.
            b) You got Prada and Vuitton outlets everywhere.

            Expats like SG because it’s like a distillery for all that’s great about Oriental, Indo-Chinese, SE Asian and Polynesian women.

          • yang zhihui

            “As a woman…”, really Dick North? You are quite the presumptuous, condescending douche. Take your “expertise” elsewhere.

          • Justin

            SUN, Fish and Chips suck. I’ll take a Whataburger Chicken Strip basket any day of the week. Yo, Texans, holla if you hear me.

      • Sean

        No, because they get to blame their age old aggressor.

        • Jeff

          Linette if China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macao form one harmonious society why do they each have their own independent money? And why does Taiwan have it’s own Head of State?

          I’m confused over this.

    • anon

      A little one-dimensional. Judging by the amount of criticism of the problems and incompetency of the ruling powers on the Chinese internet and media, the Chinese people are neither asleep nor really distracted by this. It’s more like they can hold two thoughts in their heads at once. In fact, much of the commentary surrounding the Diaoyu Islands is accusing and criticizing the Chinese government as incompetent in their handling of this issue. A lot of Chinese people actually think the Chinese government should take a harder stance and is betraying the nation for not doing so. Some of this is hinted in the comment comparing Chen to Fang Daguo.

      You know, I would say there’s more merit to the argument that US politicans exploit China-bashing and fear-mongering for political ends more than the Chinese government uses the Diaoyu Islands dispute for political ends.

      • Getrealson


        I don’t think this was done by the government at all. Maybe a nod and a wink for the parties blessing at most. I was just illustrating that they do have genuine reasons for deflection at the moment.

        • moonmickey

          He’s expecting favors in return – obviously!

          • anon

            From who though? And if he is, that would be the accusation of it being a publicity stunt. Him doing this would be just to endear him to certain people, which could be members of the public of even members of the government. There are nationalistic elements in the government, but fortunately, the government isn’t a singular monolithic entity.

      • linette

        I also think USA intentionally mishandled the return of Diaoyu Island after WWII. They gave it back to Japan instead of back to China. They knew it will cause continuous conflict. They want to keep Japan and China busy and occupied and less competitive against USA.

        • 骂人的是孙子

          also as an excuse to keep armed forces in Asia

        • Fenqing basher

          so lame, as usual linette,
          you know things get lost in war….. and i believe this is exactly how the second world war started, a dispute for a insignificant piece of land.

          • El Puma R.

            A false flag/inside job – not even closer to a dispute over a small piece of land.

            -US knew the japanese were about to attack hawaii, neither they did anything.
            -Neither the vietnamese sunk NO boat back then before the vietnam war.
            -Neither the communists burnt down the Reichstag in Germany – Hitler did and put the blame on them.
            – 911 was an inside job. Osama bin laden was just a scapegoat, he used to work for CIA , his real name is Tim Robins and he ain’t dead. 911 was an inside job to make all you “Americans” believe you were being attacked so you could -again- support your country burning another country down to the ashes just to gain control over oil, or something else, who knows. Don’t deny it- Afghani people live in actual caves… how the FUCK are they supposed to hijack airplanes or have WMDs?
            -Neither Israel deserves the right to be Israel /it’s just a satellite state of the US – All non-zionist jewish would agree with me.

            So you people keep believing what the media says… bunch of morons who send their young to drop bombs over hospitals full of children. And the funny thing is you don’t see chinese people talking about it, no wonder why this moutai-head is asking help from the US.

            People is hungry and uneducated in this world and they use insignificant disputes to draw all our attention and keep us insulting each other.

            Wake up, please.

          • Fenqing basher

            @ El Puma R. ,
            what the f…. are you dribbling about?
            go read some history before repeating the crap daddy tells you when hes drunk (as usual)

          • HeeSaidSheeSaid

            Fenqing, mate, methinks maybe you should read some history. World War II started when Germany invaded Poland (not insignificant), so Britain, along with France decided it was time that Hitler was taken down. He was trying to take over first Europe (not insignificant), and then the world (not insignificant). Not to insult you, but are you from the U.S.A.? I was speaking to some people from there the other day and they gave a really strange account of WWII also, but said that it was what they were taught in school. I mean, one could expect people to do some research of their own and not believe everything that they are told, but then again one can also understand if they believed it due to their teacher’s teaching it and their parents/peers also believing it.
            Also, the U.S.A. government has now admitted that their entry into they Vietnam War was based on lies. They have admitted it, on record.
            Furthermore, the Australian government did warn the U.S.A. about Pearl Harbour and they chose to ignore the warning. This is also on Australian governmental record.
            9/11 is, at least, a little suspicious, but there are arguments for both sides and I don’t believe that the debate will be settled for years to come.
            But, Tim Robins? What the actual fuck? Too far Puma, too far.

          • fenqing basher


            Hitler invaded Poland with the excuse to reclaim some land lost in the first war, you Schlaumeier, nech?!

            That is my whole point and the paralells i am seeing to those little useless islands,. Read it up, if you cant find it i can provide links to you based on Us servers, perhaps thats something you missed in german school.

          • A GUY

            And stupid conspiracy garbage goes global.
            Now tell me about chemtrails you little shit.

          • HeeSaidSheeSaid

            A very odd response, and I’m not quite sure what you mean by German school as I am not German, not even close. Of course Hitler had excuses, but his ‘master plan’, so to speak, was to take over first Europe, then the world. In any event, I wouldn’t say that taking over inhabited land in the same as taking over uninhabited land, and I’m sure that any Polish people would be rather upset that you called any part of their country insignificant. The parallels are slight to say the least. If one of the sides in this current controversy was actually intending to take over inhabited land, with a view to taking over the world, then maybe. (The U.K. and France knew FULL WELL what Hitler was up to).
            I appreciate the offer to provide links but there is no need. A LOT of my family and a LOT of my friend’s families fought in WWII, so I do know a little about what took place. Also I have done research myself on uncensored servers, and even back before the internet was available; in books.
            I really was not trying to upset you, but the conversation that I had with some of your countrymen really surprised me, even upset me somewhat, in regards to what they thought took place in WWII, as opposed to the facts. Actually it reminded me a lot of how Chinese history taught in China is slightly biased.
            p.s. I like the shesaidhedid thing, reminds me a lot of my ex… Damn that woman!!!

          • El Puma, did you forget your tin foil hat today?

    • Cleo

      so their hearts can break when the wikileaks detail the film footage in Akihito’s inherited vaults? I doubt any one cared about the Neil Heywood case – so surreal – but it served a purpose, right? Another piece of blood scented smoke to handfeed to the hyenas Germany and Japan.

  • cooter

    Cool bike stunt dude.

    • moonmickey

      That’s because he’s a clown.

      • El Puma R.


    • b. prichard

      That photo of him riding his bike like an ass really will make people take this seriously. Seriously, contrary to the tone deaf translated comments, for the small group of Americans who notice this, it will be a cause for merriment rather than something to be taken seriously. A head shot of a megalomaniacal nationalist billionaire, another photo of him doing rad bike tricks, and a statement about some spits of rocks that 99.99% of Americans neither know nor care about are not exactly combining like Voltron to revolutionize the public.

  • wacky

    an american newspaper publish this kind of article what a surprise,
    or not???

    • Young Man

      Would a Chinese newspaper publish an advert saying the opposite?

      It’s a sign of strength to be able to show the other side’s opinion in your press.

      It’s a sign of weakness to supress it.

      Any questions?

      • wacky

        no because it is not on the benefit of china of course, is it a sign of strength?? no it is not it is a sign of business, new york get paid to publish it.
        an anyway the problem is not china vs usa but china vs japan
        if USA or in this case new york time really wants to show the sign of strength by publishing other side’s opinion then islamic fundamentalist anti Semitic’s view are the one should be published.

        • Getrealson

          That would be publishing offensive material and hate mongering. A bit different to an island dispute!

          • wacky

            my point here is everyone do everything that is beneficial.
            american media are known for taking a sentence from a whole article or speech and make it the whole point of it for their own benefit.
            if this is really america vs china issue of sovereignty would new york time publish it?
            what if mexico suddenly claimed that texas and California were parts of mexican land before they were stolen by america therefore should be taken back would new york time publish it to show the strength of american idea???
            if a fundamentalist muslim wanted to get his article about why the west should be kick out of middle east by whatever means necessary because he thinks western values are bad and western companies are stealing oil to feed israel would any american media see publishing this kind of article as a sign of strength?

          • tai wai

            publishing this kind of article

            It’s an advertisement, you fool. Not an article.

          • wacky

            whatever article or advertisement, the fact that it is an ad on an article makes it more business than political, right?

          • Gontraf

            What is he selling ? His bike ?

        • tai wai

          It’s not about business, it’s about government censorship. In the US, the government doesn’t stop Islamic fundamentalists or anti-Semites from speaking in public, or in print.

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          • wacky

            it is about business new york times publish it after they get paid and it is not against US interest as i said before the problem is china vs japan not US vs china.
            speaking in public and having your thought published in mainstream media is a different thing, if you remember from the past articles there are chinese who said that the island is japanese, do they get arrested by the authority? no, it is just that their opinion didnt get to the media.
            i am not a supporter of western value of free speech at all and not at all impressed by free ranting on american media, i think censorship is needed to some extend.
            how many misleading news there are in american media everyday? shouldn’t it be better if they had it censored from the beginning?

          • tai wai

            speaking in public and having your thought published in mainstream media is a different thing

            That’s what freedom of the press IS.

            i am not a supporter of western value of free speech at all and not at all impressed by free ranting on american media, i think censorship is needed to some extend.
            how many misleading news there are in american media everyday? shouldn’t it be better if they had it censored from the beginning?


            Just wow.

          • anon

            The US government is restricted from interfering with the freedom of the press by the US constitution. So, if the NYT wants to publish Islamic fundamentalism or anti-Semitism, the government shouldn’t be able to interfere with that until the speech meets certain criteria and becomes directly inciting of certain dangers.

            Whether or not the NYT publishes such content, or even offensive and hate mongering speech, is a business decision. The NYT is a business, not a government, and hence it can publish what it wants, only as constrained by US law. There is no law that restricts its right to refuse to print or censor what it pleases though. So if it chose not to print something, there is no real argument for “illegal” censorship. Their paper, they get to choose what to publish or not.

            In this case, I doubt the NYT cares much about the Senkaku Islands but surely care about the advertising revenue. If the issue was closer to home, perhaps something that affects their interests or the editorial sensibilities and positions of the NYT, then there might be more risk of the paper refusing to publish or censoring even with the offer of money.

            wacky, both the US and China believe censorship is needed to some extent. They just differ on what extent. The ideal of free speech is based on a fundamental mistrust in centralized power. It isn’t hard to understand. There are misleading news in both the US and Chinese media, is there not?

          • Kukuku

            Can we censor username wacky from this website please?

          • wacky

            those 2 things have different impact and both US and chinese government know that.

            wow?? that is it ? wow, make your point please here is one for you

            this is another http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/talktojazeera/2012/08/201282416129648419.html

            the government should not bow their heads down to the media just because they spread lies, deal with the liar, deal harshly

          • wacky

            @ anon,i agree with you, i am not in favor of chinese media either, but as i have said before i am not a fan of US style media which they call freedom of this or that or whatever it is.
            i think the ideal of media is not freedom but truth, which neither chinese nor US has been able to deliver.

            the government is the one running the country not the media, therefore the government should be able to take steps to deal with the media that spread lies

            @kukuku, banned me? i thought you are for freedom of speech

          • linette

            They published it on an English newspaper also helps the American born Chinese to understand what’s going on. They can’t read Chinese on the Chinese newspaper. Now it’s in their face and they can read it. There are a lot of Chinese American in USA.

      • elizabeth

        “…sign of weakness to suppress it…”

        Can’t agree more.

      • Poltergeist

        Young Man, you are absolutely right!

      • simon

        Wrong, it’s corporatism at its finest, show me the money!

        • elizabeth

          If that were true, the world would have no censorship problems. Money can’t buy everything, simply because there is always a cost-benefit factor built into corporate decisions.

          • wacky

            but the world would have massive misinformation problem, a news media can be government owned or privately owned but the fact is media has the power to influence people and would never be far from politic or political interest, and misinformation and spreading misleading information is one the way to do that.

          • elizabeth

            @ wacky

            I don’t dispute your point but simon’s.

          • elizabeth

            Disclaimer: I don’t dispute doesn’t mean I agree totally with you. Censorship is a complicated issue.

          • A GUY

            Censorship may be complicated and the western media may have issues with misinformation on some outlets, but to make the statement that “eh China has some problems but so does the US” belittles the plight of the people in China who try to speak their minds but are effectively silenced with the boot of the law all for the sake of the party’s face.

            Have some balls. On media freedom don’t even try to pull some we all got problems shit. I may have a freckle or two China but your ass has a mole the size of a Volkswagen and that shit is cancer.

    • Charles

      This was not an article published by a newspaper. This was a paid advertisement – and you can put nearly anything you want in the paper, if you are willing to pay.

      That said, American newspapers will contain basically every opinion imaginable on any particular issue, unlike Chinese the media.

  • Gator

    First I want to say this is the first time I’ve ever posted on Chinasmack, and now I feel dirty.

    That being said, this is typical Chinese whining. First China tells America to stay out of it, now they are saying take a side. Which one is it?

    Of course nobody knows about the Diaoyu Islands, I would wager 95% of Americans don’t know that the PRC claims Taiwan, either. The fact of the matter is that Americans have more important things to care about than some rock in the East China Sea that nobody lives on.

    • wacky

      true i think china would rather not having america mingle in this issue, but again america is there already i think the chinese themselves realize that it is impossible to make america stay out of this.

      • ThinkBlue


        The only fucking way China is going to get the islands back is if they use military force. The question is, DOES CHINA HAVE THE BALLS?!

        • wacky

          i personally think that this kind of issue would end up in military confrontation anyway i also thing that chinese military needs a war,they have not been in a real combat situation

          • Boris

            What I think you need is to get laid. Get rid of that testosterone. If you can’t pursuade/ subdue a suitable partner, sedatives are probably a good short-term option.

    • Gator, I’ve got a sandblaster if you want to get cleaned off


      • Brett Hunan

        Isnt there a movie where they cut off a guy’s foot with a sandblaster?

      • Gator

        A sandblaster is the only thing that could clean off this kind of filth

    • Big Ben

      Welcome to the “smack club”.

      I agree with all of your points.

      How large are these islands? Is it really worth it to go to war?

      • moonmickey

        It is when your economy is going down and the population are finding out that the lies are far larger than they’ve thought they were/

      • Gator

        the big island is 2 miles x 1 mile, the small one about half that size.

    • 骂人的是孙子

      Average Americans don’t care, but the American government does.

      • matt


        The only American who cares about this is a NY Times ad exec that just sold a half page ad.

        • A GUY

          Not true. Thanks for speaking for us though.

  • Dr SUN

    Well if it’s the NY times it must be true.

    • red scarf

      I always thought the NY times was a tool of imperialist running dogs. Is it a tool of Chinese running dogs now?

      • tai wai

        Hey, whoever pays for ad space…

        • red scarf

          Oh, my correction its a tool for both American AND Chinese running dogs.

  • Getrealson

    The sheep will all BAAAAAAAAHHHH! But nothing will change!

  • Jeff

    I wait to see the Israeli Government publish an article saying that Gaza has always been part of Israel and the Palestinians are just land stealers and squatters.

    Once the new York Times publishes something then of course it is true.

  • Yesyes

    “Little Weiner little Weiner!!!!”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “My feet are wet and I’m hungry. Give me something to eat, isn’t there some left over fried dolphin and garlic? And give me your last pair of dry socks!!!”

    “But Big Pu we’re on this island for a long time. We need to ration our food and you need to watch where you walk.”

    “What!? I feel like a big American Marine when I splash in the water. I like I like!!!” He goes to the edge of the island and jumps in the water.

    “Big Pu, don’t do that. Please Big Pu, we’re here to surprise the Japanese Bastards when they come. We will kill them and take their food and rape their women and plant the glorious P.R.C. flag and the CCP flag.”

    “Oh yes yes, rape their women.” Big Pu’s eyes glaze over in fantasy. “But when will they come?”

    “Well Big Pu our intel isn’t good on that. Our bosses in Beijing have no idea and the Radio Free Asia signal isn’t so strong here.”


    “Big Pu big Pu, don’t yell like that. We have to be quiet. Remember, we want to surprise the Japanese when they come.”

    “Rape Nip women yes yes.” Big Pu’s eyes again glaze over in fantasy.

    “Let’s stow our gear in that little cave over there.”

    “Good idea Little Weiner.”

    • Getrealson


    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Me rikey.

    • Jeff

      Many thumbs up.

    • Yesyes

      “Little Weiner Little Weiner Godamnit!!!!!!”

      “What’s that Big Pu?”

      “That cave is very very dark dark. You have hand electric pipe (flashlight)?”

      Little Weiner looks at Big Pu with one eyebrow up.

      “Little Weiner the Lord of Hell himself could live in the darkness. Now I am your leader!!!! Give me hand electric pipe!!!!!”

      Little Weiner digs around in his napsack looking for it. Drags out a box of instant noodles, a carton of Red Tower, a bag of White Rabbit candy, some Thai porn mags featuring girlie-boys, a few packs of stinky spicy pickles, a copy of a copy of a copy of an ancient map of China which clearly shows everything from Vancouver Island to N.Z. to Madagascar to Hai Nan to Japan to the Aleutain Islands were all a part of ancient Chinese territory, another carton of Red Tower, three small towels, two never-been-out-of-the-package toothbrushes with Darkie Toothpaste, a jar of cure-all-ailments-and-mend-broken-bones Old Wife Snake Bile Potion, and more instant noodles. There’s a handful of loose .22 shells at the bottom of his sack.

      “Big Pu, we have no hand electric pipe!!!!”

      “wHAT!!! gODdAMniT!!!!! nO Hand elEcTRiC PipE!!!!!”

      Big Pu’s speaking Cantonese and Little Weiner knows he’s pissed, he has to do something. “No Big Pu, but look at this!!!” Hands him the girlie-boy Thai porn.

      ‘UUuhhHH uuuhhh” – Big Pu grunts with satisfaction. “Ok ok, no problem, you go into cave, stay at least five minutes. Don’t forget to place our ever glorious flags somewhere dry. When the Nips come I want to wave them in their faces and wet flags dont wave.”

      “Big Pu.”

      “Yes Little Weiner.”

      “Where are the flags?”

  • MrT

    No one knew how about the Falklands in the UK till the Argy-bargies took a big dump there, shame no one posted a advert about it, or mentioned it in the curriculum. Might of saved a lot of life’s and metal.(much like Northern Ireland, no one on the mainland knew what that was about till it was over-ish)

    • moonmickey

      Are you mad? The IRA murdered Lord Mountbatten and Airey Neave many years before it was over and they also bombed quite a few mainland targets.

    • Dr SUN

      I don’t know about that mr T those of that watched and smelt the men burning on Sir Galahad and Tristan knew what was going on.

      and the IRA terrorists did a lot of bombings and murders on the mainland, I think maybe 99 % of the adult population were fully aware.

      Most people I think did not realize that most of the IRA’s funding came from the USA through fundraising, by the Kennedy’s etc( that dried up after 911 as did the IRA) DUH … and they where trained by ex US marine, mercenaries, one of my best Army days was double tapping four of them Jar heads in one fire fight, south of the Border as they where running to hide.

      But that was the old me

      • redgirl

        Fire fight, South of the Border on who’s orders??

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        Double tapping hey? I would have just shot them.

        What ever floats your boat I guess.

      • MrT

        The masses in the UK knew nothing about the Falklands before it kicked off.
        the Argentinians did.
        NI -well on the mainland we only got one side of the argument because the British government propaganda machine made sure of that.
        The BBC blocked all information that went against what the British government spoon fed the public for many years. Seems it still got a long lasting effect.
        That will change thou because of the availability of information on the internet, even thou the British government removing information from the net on daily basis to try and prevent the UK from kicking off all over.

        • cc

          You sir, are full of poo.

          • MrT

            {} and you madam is a puss.y

      • You’re full of fucking shit, Sun. But hey, you should have seen me south of ze border. I was fucking Nicholas Cage in “Windwalkers” and Charlie Sheen in “Hot Shots Part Deux” COMBINED. Pepper-bellies scattered everywhere. It was a bloodbath, I tell you. But it was a long time ago when I was more aggro but I’ve mellowed out so I can talk about it now.

  • Nilerafter24

    This is exactly how wars start.
    Over stupid stuff like this which 90% of people in the world don’t give a shit about.
    Shame on China.
    Shame on Japan.

    A tsunami should just do us a favor and sink this damn island.

    • Jose

      Word, at least Hawaii has been inhabited for over a milenia and the Kingdom of Hawaii was annexed by the US in the 1800s. All this drama for a bunch of uninhabitable islands with no fish and national pride, including the incident involving the Japanese flag on their ambassador’s car :(

      • Actually there is a faction in Hawaii accusing that the USA annexed Hawaii illegally and demanding the UN recognize their independence as a sovereign nation. But from what I can tell most Hawaiians consider them a fringe group and are fine with US statehood.


    • patko

      Its not about the island its about what is under the sea of the island. You think large nations would be so agressive over an uninhabitable rock? Wether the island sinks or not, the resources under it will never go away.

      Diaoyu was never an issue, Japan even had a factory on it and the chinese knew about it. So by law it is said that if a nation inhabits a territory without anyone objecting to it, it is by law property of the nation that inhabited it.

      China even has maps were the islands are given the japanese name.

      Resources changes the whole game.

      • Shanghairen

        There was an island sinking last year. Are these islands inflatable too?

    • bert

      Actually just shame on China. They’re the ones making a fuss.

    • Alice S

      Thank God ppl don’t know about it & don’t support Japps.

  • Jahar

    I like the logic of comparing it to Hawaii. Exactly the same thing.

    • moonmickey

      Japan doesn’t claim Hawaii, though does it.

    • glenn

      I think the analogy is childish. The fact is CHINA is trying to claim any island that their ship has passed into or they believe was one way or the other part of their ancient kingdom. Question though, in the future, will they start claiming all countries since they are pretty much everywhere? Specially the so called Chinese fishermen who are always caught by various coast guards of different countries.

    • Tony

      No it’s not. China lost the islands in 1895 to Japan and hasn’t had control of them since.

      A more apt comparison would be Mexico wanting the territories we took back in the Mexican-American war.

      • Jahar

        I was being sarcastic. It’s not even close to the same.

        • Tony

          I’ve been reading this website too long I guess to tell the difference between sarcasm and strange and unjustifiable beliefs.

  • simon

    love his haircut, sharp as a razor blade, now that’s someone you know you can trust!

    He is a little ignorant however, he could have as easily paid for a commentary or an editorial with a slight bias towards China. That’s how you do propaganda in the west!

  • red scarf

    In nationalist voice “Damn Western imperialist lies that sprout from their media” *shakes fist*, The NYT is the voice of American running dogs”

    Now how long before a Japanese nationalist takes out an ad claiming the island is there’s. I wonder how it would look like. I’m betting 10 dollars it will look like this.

    How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if China announced that Hawaii was its territory?

    Senkaku Islands have been a long part of Japanese history.
    China’s nationalists are now violating Japan’s territorial sovereignty, and threatening stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
    The Senkaku Islands dispute and China’s so-called move to nationalise the islands, were incited by China’s nationalist movement and should be steadfastly protested.
    I call on the U.S government and people everywhere to condemn China’s provocative behaviour.

    **Note Japanese right wingers are free to use this.** The evil so n so that you are.

  • Efe the foreigner

    dammit! hunger games that fuckin island. drop some chinese and japs on opposing sides, swords and nunchucks in the middle. winner takes all. and then everyone just shut the fuck up…… tired of these damn islands, just wanna eat my fuckin 包面 in peace

    • ogami_ito

      What the heck is bao mian?

      • Efe the foreigner

        包面 = 抄手 , its local sichuan dialect. and i love it, i love ordering a noodle bag.

    • Bo Xilai For Emperor

      LOL I love this idea!!! Best resolution to any international tensions, don’t forget, the Chinese uses MEAT CLEAVERS!!!!

    • Jahar

      Since it’s Japan, Battle Royale would be more suitable than HG. And it’s a better movie

  • Poltergeist

    Well, the translated comments from above article suggest that China really should wait with the implementation of democracy.

    Besides that, I can’t get rid of the feeling that this dude is just running a nice PR stunt. And what a coincidence that the whole topic is coming out so big just at a times the Chinese Government is trying to calmly hand over the power to the next president and scandals around this whole process start to get revealed. Some must be blessed with luck.

    Also, I find this comment funny:

    “Boss Chen has again fulfilled his duty as a patriotic entrepreneur, and has played an important role in the fight against Japanese invasion/plunder [of the Diaoyu Islands] and intimidating the American Imperialists! ”

    Yeah, if you have no one else to blame, blame America…LOL, that one is getting so old and boring…

    • tai wai

      Yeah, if you have no one else to blame, blame America…LOL, that one is getting so old and boring…

      They blame who they’re paid to blame.

  • Bo Xilai For Emperor

    Yes, Japanese AV also belongs to PRC I suppose?!! LOL is this the last ditch effort by the impotent CCP, I think they’ll rather keep their Army in China to keep themselves in power

  • GodsHammer

    The problem is that to anyone who pays attention or gives a shit about Asia Pacific politics, even if they were sympathetic towards this advertisement might also look at China’s claim on the Scarborough shoal and the Philippine fiasco, the constant border issues with Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, s.Korea, n. korea and just say…”oh, China wants to rule the world.”
    It’s like the boy who cried wolf…you’ve whined about this one time too many, now nobody cares.

    • I agree with GH. And I’ve seen several threads on reddit and other big websites so I think Americans are more informed about this issue than people think and are pretty much “on” to the Chinese and their style.
      Hell, the NYT even printed the Unabomber’s (Ted Kazyiyniskki… I’ll just call him Ted) “Manifesto”, so this ad is no big deal.

    • Anon

      I really don’t care that much about the individual facts about any specific island anymore. I just assume the Chinese are wrong and crazy because that’s usually how it is.

  • stahlnutz

    japan has clear documentation prooving the islands belong to japan, they were written before china had paper and or any language skills to be used on paper.

    japan is just waiting for the right moment to present the documents in order to make sure it will be a humiliating, face loosin strike into the fat, skinheaded, moonface.

    • Dr SUN

      You do realize of course the first ever documentation about Japan as a populated island is in the book of Han and that the Japanese written language (characters) came from…………wait for it…….. yes

      ………..Dong China !!!

    • linette

      Japanese characters came from China. They copied.

      • moonmickey

        Not the same “China” that is smashing up Japanese cars and repeatedly runs over infants in back streets. Different people man, different people.

        • jeffli

          and poisoning infants with melamine
          making dead people into plastic abominations
          can’t even supply their chlldren with school desks
          China 2200 years ago was different.

      • Middle Kingdum

        How do you know that Japan did not have the characters first, and that China copied them? It’s not like we ever see China copying from another nation’s inventions, do we?

      • donscarletti

        They are called 漢字 (Kanji) in Japanese. I would hardly say that’s taking them without attribution. It’s just like Latin script being used for writing English.

      • Chunghwa

        No, you are incorrect. They were invented by the glorious peoples of the Corean peninsula!

      • JR

        And China copied their language from various other sources. You’ll notice that many of the ancient characters in Chinese are the same as the Egyptians were using long before that. You’ll also notice that all of our species migrated out of Africa, and so Chinese are actually Africans, which explains why Chinese look african when they get a very dark tan. You might also notice that Chinese copy EVERYTHING.

        But then, you don’t care, because you are a typical Chinese clone and you receive all your firmware updates from the Party like a good little slave. Get back to work, slave, where you belong, don’t start using that brain of yours, I want it nice and fresh for when you get back to work in the morning. I’m paying your owners for relatively cheap products and services that you will provide, without question.

        Hurts doesn’t it?

  • tai wai

    Japan’s right wing

    Hmm. Are Chinese nationalists considered “right wing?”

    I mean, all these rabid frothing dogs, not the guys in Taiwan.

    • Chunghwa

      From what I’ve read, Venezuelan patriots consider themselves “left-wing”, so I guess for more left-leaning nations, the right/left spectrum is reversed, when it comes to nationalism.

  • A better question:

    How would Americans feel and what would Americans do if China announced Hawaii was their territory? lol!

    Anyway, the question, as the idiot asked it makes no sense since it was America who announced the Diayou Islands were Japans, and before them, the Chinese government.

    In the end, this guy is just another Party Mouthpiece…

  • “Chen said he was enraged by Japan’s violation of China’s territorial sovereignty, and was seeking to tell the Japanese and Americans the facts behind the dispute. ” Facts, hahaha! Idiot!

    “Chen spent 10 days handing out questionnaires on the islands on US buses and metros and on the streets.

    The results, he said, showed that more than 95 percent of Americans did not know the facts about the islands.

    That confirmed his decision to advertise in the US media.

    “I think many politicians and world leaders read the New York Times, so I chose the newspaper to publish the ad,” he said. It is reported that the ad cost Chen US$30,000.

    “As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, I just want to do what I can to tell the facts to more people around the world that the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory,” Chen said.”

    What a looser. Handing out propaganda on US public transit. Anyway, there you have it folks who tossed his ad in trash agreed with him. lol!


    • Poltergeist

      “Chen spent 10 days handing out questionnaires on the islands on US buses and metros and on the streets.

      The results, he said, showed that more than 95 percent of Americans did not know the facts about the islands. ”

      The results, he said, showed that more than 95 percent of Americans did not know the facts about the islands, that Chen decided being the facts.
      I think that would probably be more correctly describing what this stupid retard meant to say…

    • moop

      typical mainland chinese. if people dont agree with you they must be ignorant of the fact. i hope this guy dies choking on sushi

    • kaka

      I spent all day trying to find the corresponding definitive date for the term “antiquity”, as I supposed when Chen used the term fact he meant “reality; something known to exist or to have happened” – and by using the term “antiquity” he was referring to the undisputed date of ownership of the islands.

      It turns out that “antiquity” means “ancient times; former ages and / or the period of history before the Middle Ages”.

      As Chen is a Chinese “entrepreneur and philanthropist” (企业家 = 的一位政府官员的朋友, 慈善家 = 清洗黑钱), and therefore a thoroughly decent sort of chap, I decided that this must have a particular meaning in Chinese, so I decided to hit Baidu for some answers.

      It turns out that “Antiquity” or “古代”, when used in this context, actually means something rather different that the English use of the word – a period before, after, or in-between other periods, where those periods do not fit with the aim of the comment or remark or point trying to be made by one or more Chinese people involved in the relevant discussion.

      Thus, it should read: “The Diaoyu Islands have been part of China since they were last not, and probably also once or twice more in between, but now we want them, so for discussion purposes they always have been, and on this basis we will not accept any alternative point of view, and anyone who states a counter view is promoting , risks , will , and should .”

      Welcome to the Chinese Century…

  • moonmickey

    Stupid tool, nobody is contesting Hawaii, how about he take out an ad titled “HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW AN OFFICIAL ON A MEAGER WAGE CAN BUY HIS SON A TOP OF THE RANGE FERRARI, HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW SO MANY CAN?”

    • Alice S

      Thank God. Even thought I am not American, I would get upset if they claimed Hawaii.

      • Les Battersby

        I thought Hawaii still belonged to Captain Cook:-)

  • Dutchman

    island is owned by a japanese family and Japan will buy it from them …discussion finished,let China show the papers and or Documents they are the right owner ..then i will agree with their patriotic excitement …. so far …nothing.

    • BigJ

      Sorry I just read your comment after I posted….I took the words right out of your mouth. lol

  • BigJ

    The island is owned by a Japanese family. And the Jap government will buy the island from them. And who gives a shit really.

    • Ignorant Chinese peasants do.

      • moonmickey

        “Wrapping yourself up in the national flag gives a very convenient exit for people with other agendas to justify their positions,” says political scientist Koichi Nakano of Tokyo’s Sophia University.

        Nationalism has often been used by China’s communist leaders to cover up domestic problems — such as the economic slowdown the country is now facing, not to mention problems with a growing rich-poor divide and official corruption.


  • FYIADragoon

    Like anyone living in NYC gives a damn about some shitty little island. Pun intended.

  • Getrealson




    • Chunghwa


  • moonmickey

    Japan just paid the owning family for those islands, its done, game over and now we prepare ourselves to watch China throe its rattle.

  • Zebadee

    What a waste of $$$$$ to perpetrate a very misguided belief that the Senkaku Islands are part of China … Really? Who’s this guy trying to kid?

  • “How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if Japan announced that Hawaii was it’s territory?”

    Well, if they started sending ships to Hawaii, we’d probably attack them with an entire army. You know, like before. But you only do that if the island actually does belong to you, China.

    • Alice S

      Good old America!

  • BigJ

    I was on vacation in Lijiang a few days ago and saw this chinese guy with a T-shirt that said something like” Don’t buy Japanese products and some other shit. So I went up to him and pointed out the “Canon” camera he had around his neck. Needless to say he was pissed. Also this little tourist town some of the shops had Japanese flags painted on signs with an X through the flag.Saying we do not sell Japanese goods and so on. What a bunch of fucks.
    It’s all well and good to love your country but nationalism only breeds hatred against everyone who is not of your nation. Not good china….not good.

    • Dr SUN

      Big J , your in my neck of woods, PM me, beer and put the world right .

    • linette

      …….Don’t buy Japanese products and some other shit. So I went up to him and pointed out the “Canon” camera he had around his neck. ……..

      hahahahaha lol ;)

    • Cleo

      That’s great because there are many Japanese expats in Yunnan and their cuisine so similar to Cantonese home cooking is targeted for misappropriation by the Japanese. Even if he had already bought a Canon camera before he got that sentiment manifested on his t shirt, it’s a start.

      Don’t let your pre-existing inventory diminish your ardor.

      • Jeff

        The guy who owns my apartment went on an anti-Japanese binge one day. Then we strolled over to his Toyota.

        When I asked him WHY he drives it he said point blank- Because Chinese Made Cars Are Shit…

        • Asis

          It doesn’t matter what brand the car is, as long as it catches the mouse.

  • White Guy in USA

    Yea, Japan already tried that with America, they also thought Alaska was going to be theirs to. Now we have military bases on their home islands for trying that shit.

    • for Japan it was a choice of rape by whities from america or rape by whiteies from Soviet russia video shows it below

      • Dr SUN

        Oh you forgot to mention all the yellow to yellow rape that had been going on for thousands of years. Slipped your mind I guess

        • no it hasnt, Diaoyu is being raped by the Japanese right now!! which is why CHina needs to fly 24 hour a day drones over Diaoyu just like israelis fly over Gaza:
          china needs to start acting like vengeful rape victim!!!

          • Dr SUN

            Starting , get out of your tea bar, take your “brothers” defend the motherland yourself.. this very day.

            startling next post should be from the disputed Island, from his bunker via sat phone, as he cleans the 50. cal he manning.

          • Getrealson

            He won’t! Because the people who cry about this island are cowards! NOT MEN! Talk shit all day about revenge, murder and death and the closest they’ll ever get is Counter-Strike in the net-cafe. Starting, show me what you have ever done to try and fix your oppression from the evil west. What have you done to circumvent the Japanese occupation of your Island. Just like history shows us, you don’t have either the ability, courage or brains to repel a foreign threat. Your Navy is a Joke, your Air force wouldn’t last 1 hour and your Army is made up of over a million sheep that pitted against 100 lions would all be slaughtered. Here’s an Idea! Build a big fucking wall! You call it a wall, some call it blinkers!

            Just 1 link Starting to show me what you have done, then I will eat my words and humbly apologise. Until then grow some balls.

          • Bo Xilai For Emperor

            Village idiot with a 50 cal, that’s a bad combination…but he might just off himself

          • moop

            the average mainland chinese’s idea of justice is revenge pure and simple, every kind of wrong must be revenged in their minds, even those imagined as is the case here. Ryokyo gave tribute to China, but it was never their territory, the ryokyo kingdom paid the tribute so that they WOULDNT be chinese territory. then the japanese came and conquered the ryokyo and used them as a front for trading with china. china has never occupied or controlled ryokyo kingdom of which the senkaku are a part. since the ryokyo kingdom is no more, the only claimant with a real viable claim is… japan. it is completely uncivil and childish how most chinese respond to this, and of course when you tell them the actual history they have nothing to say except 钓鱼岛就是我们的 after a long pause, to which i reply: please immolate yourself.

            have you ever met a chinese who could let something go? everything is a zero-sum game to mose of them

      • Cleo

        Wrong. Japan’s Nightmare Before Christmas present to WHITE nurses in Hong Kong beginning the day after Pearl Harbor in 1941 echoed the viciousness of their Nightmare Before Christmas gift to the people of Nanjing in 1937. And throughout, they committed atrocities especially rape upon the people of China throughout Asia that didn’t get covered by Iris Chang.

        And I DON’T believe that after so many years tracking down the crimes of the Japanese and especially calling out the entire extended family of Hirohito that Iris Chang was depressed or suicidal. I am TENSE and gnashing my teeth in my sleep because I can feel the Japanese refusal to back off of Dokdo and Diaoyutai. But I am FURIOUS whenever something reminds me of what their victims especially the children went through. We cannot imagine the horror of a home invasion no matter if we’ve seen the efforts of Eli Roth and Michael Hannecke. The terror and shock of the incest cannibals in Wrong Turn doesn’t even come close to the prolonged soul shattering and brain screaming that the goblins put people through.

        They home invaded us and the Jews.

        They did it on a wide scale as a matter of policy.

        I am not exactly freaked out but I am pissed that they are really really close to decloaking and they aren’t afraid. That’s sending my brain into overload but I don’t believe that Iris Chang would work on a sequel tying the connection between ONE city in China, literally the SOUTHERN Capital of Nanjing with how the Japanese hunted and killed in Asia outside of China proper – she was about to present “Bam!” to the world and she had the media following to get attention to the point that she was about to make. It was a Holocaust, it was based on both greed and envy and it was successful and it was clearly coolly planned by Hirohito and his extended family members. That wouldn’t have stopped QE2 from inviting her longtime acquaintenance Akihito to her Diamond Jubilee LUNCH for despots and dictators but he definitely did not want that sequel published because that more than President Lee calling him out by name – would have effectively DEMOLISHED the propaganda campaign begun by Hirohito to repackage the entire family as innocent, NOT involved, not at all hands on, certainly not in power to LEAD or spearhead and BULLIED by the HOUSEHOLD employees. Get it? “The Butler Did It.”

        She wouldn’t have been suicidal or depressed. I’m not. I’m AGGRAVATED.

        • Cleo

          looking at the photo of Akihito on the balcony with a young QE2 during his first visit in 1959 or thereabouts, I wonder how his feelings for her changed over the DECADES that he spied on her and when his satellites went up that were finally able to see EVERYTHING. What are the Thais going to do when the wikileaks come out about how Akihito has been thoroughly watching the only remaining royal in the vicinity.

          How about his super besties the Habsbergs? That’s going to be a joyride fer shure.

          Like GNARLY, Dude.

          • mr. wiener

            Starting and Cleo in one thread! talk about having all your dregs in one basket.

          • linette

            Is there a translate program that can translate what Cleo is saying?

          • hess

            I’m sure theres some website out there that can translate 屎语-English

          • A GUY

            I still fail to see how that answers the opinion posted above. you are mad and those are all awful things, but how in the fuck does that give you the Senkakus?

        • Jahar

          How can you be furious about sth that happened 70 years ago? This is the part I never understand.

          • donscarletti

            After I heard an Iranian slandering Greeks based on what Alexander did to Darius III, I simply stopped being surprised by such things.

          • mr. wiener

            I thought Darius got off pretty lightly all things considered.

    • Alice S

      To be honest, Japps are really weird. They even warned AU that they would destroy them if they didn’t surrender. Nobody warns Japps that they are going to destroy them if they didn’t give the whole country up & rename it East Korea!

  • Lord Helmet

    “How would Americans feel if Japan announced Hawaii was there island?”
    As an American, I would not give a shit. It is just talk. “I declare China is mine” there I said it. How do you feel? No different right?
    This is all some game to see whose pubes are longer btwn Japan and China, I would say whose dick is bigger but let’s face it who would be able to tell.
    I am surprised this idiot handing out propaganda in the US didn’t get his ass handed to him or at least a good cursing.

    • jeffli

      we all know the dicks are bigger in America…. (pun?)(doublet entendre?)

      well any way thats the way things dangle…

      • jeffli

        Its time to call “Team America”

    • donscarletti

      “How would Americans feel if Japan announced Hawaii was there island?”

      See: Midway Atoll, Eastern Hawaiian archipelago, 1942.

      They also had some fun in O’ahu the previous year. As I remember the American public was quite annoyed by the whole thing.

    • Alice S

      But that’s only because I know you are using this as an example.

  • jeffli

    I wonder If I could advertise my opinion in China Daily?
    I think not!

    this Chen guy also does not respect the country he lives in! just lucky that America allows this!.

    Couldn’t pull a stunt like that in China!

    I’m also sick of hearing China bashing Japan. since 1978 Japan has been investing heaps in this country for little reward. Not everything Japanese is bad.
    Japan has been training doctors in CHina for over hundred years!

    Sun Yat Sen himself studied in Japan and helped set in motion the “Japanese Pan Asian Empire” train of thought in the early 1900s.

    I’d rather Japan than China. Japanese are cleaner.
    look at the mess around the rivers,lakes and beaches of China.

    • Jeff

      Sun Yat Sen was a good man. Too bad his teachings don’t live on today in China – where all they worship these days are high-end consumer goods and money.

      • linette

        Sun Yat Sen no doubt was a good man. He was a Chinese revolutionary and the first president and founding father of the Republic of China Taiwan. Taiwan is a good country. China should be more like Taiwan. It will take another 100 years for China to clean up their corruption withing their government. Like I said some time I just wish Hk, taiwan, macau, and singapore would just joint together and form one nation. Away from the corrupted China gov’t.

  • glenn

    And why did the New York Times publish this one? oh… for money..
    And why did this Chinese dude publish this kind of article? oh… for attention…

    Frankly, I think the US could care any less about China’s problem since their hands are pretty much tied up with their own.

    • moonmickey

      “I think the US could care ” should be “couldn’t care less” though I agree with your valid points.

  • glenn

    China is like pot calling kettle black.

  • glenn

    China is like pot calling kettle black. The only difference is no one is taking them seriously.

    • moonmickey

      Chinese people are and that’s the problem!

      • Chunghwa


  • fredf

    “Driver in shocking China toddler hit-and-run death jailed”


    “A driver who ran over a toddler in a hit-and-run accident that shocked China has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, a court spokeswoman told AFP on Thursday….
    Mr. Hu was given a lighter sentence than he might otherwise have received because he voluntarily turned himself into local police after the accidental killing, and paid part of Yue Yue’s medical fees, the China News Service reported.”

  • Scytheria

    Why not just share them? Easy.

    • Alice S

      Chi & T? Yes that is the most ideal answer.

  • sil

    If the chinese governement retrocedes the Tibet, it can get back the Diaoyu island.

  • Cleo

    If I had the money, I would send some to the HK activists for boat repair bills even if they don’t get to go in October because I don’t think they get any donations. Why IS it that there are so many tycoons in Hong Kong but HK news reports that there are injured and handicapped children who are living a terrible life? That’s weird. There should be a rule that all casinos have to kick back to charities like Jockey Club does. I would give money to the handicapped families first before the HK activists but I would think that I shouldn’t have to because nearer and greater wealth is fully capable of reaching out.

    NY Times ads about Japan are nothing new – usually from the Japanese themselves. I bet the Japanese were planning NYT ads themselves to imitate the ring of truth of how an Injured or Innocent party behaves.

    That’s why Gollum bites into raw fish, am I right? And never giving up on chasing the Ring (of Truth) even when the volcano eats him up.

    Everything they do to Corea should be taken as being done to China and everything done to China should be read by the Coreans as being done to Corea because that is how Japan is playing both countries. You can’t take your eyes off of what they are doing even if it seems unrelated. This is unfortunate. I would have been happy to guard the Holy Grail in seclusion but I hate this type of engagement. There is too much unknown about what Japan is up to and they KNOW that what they have done to us and what they want to do to us again will never be returned in kind no matter how feisty the Koreans appear or how incensed the Chinese street protesters appear -we can’t goblin out the way the Troggs do.

    • miss cleo. i think the best solution for China since they are after the under ground oil anyway is to drop a nuke on Diaoyu to send a message to both Japan and USA

    • radbab

      If I had the money, I would send some to the HK activists for fighting patriotic education.

  • Dr Hung Low

    Boss Chen truly is a patriot to be admired!

    He has put the American and Japanese Imperialist capitalist pig dogs in their place with this great ad.

    He has also managed to intimidate them with the great bicycle stunt in the ad too (wtf is that about???). Sir Richard Branson eat your heart out!

    • Jeff

      Yeah, I always have admiration for rich people who squander their money instead of actually doing something useful with it.

  • Guang Xiang

    Wow, just wow. This is a prime example of Chinese stupidity, not just for the guy putting up the ad, but also for the netizens believing he’s doing the right thing.

    1) Comparing hawaii to diaoyu: NOT THE SAME THING. The only time he can use Hawaii as a comparison is if Japan is claiming Hainan Island. Typical Chinese mode of argument and logic. I bet he must think he’s really clever for making that comparison.

    2) Americans will generally not care about the issue as China is generally perceived as an antagonist when compared with Japan.

    3) The Japanese media willing to put up his ad is only doing so to MOCK him. Anybody, with non-chinese logic can see that comparing diaoyu with hawaii is stupid. So why not exemplify his stupidity in the media while at the same time several million RMB in the process. I hope this guy really goes through with this.

    Another embarrassing day for the Chinese. And I’m Chinese by the way.

    • Jahar

      I know. It’s like as if he said, “How would you feel if Japan claimed Texas?” Rediculous logic. At the school I work at, we have debates sometimes. They try to pull this nonsensical rhetoric crap. Using a comparison of 2 completely different situations as logical reasoning. Sometimes I wonder what they do in their 10 hours of classes a day(for 6 years).

  • moop

    who cares? no one will believe this guy and they have no reason to. anyone with half a brain and the internet can see that most of china’s current territorial claims are dubious and that they are one of few countries who are behaving like little babies. the arctic disputes have been much more civilized and unemotional. fuck the prc’s feelings and fuck their people’s feelings. most of it is manufactured by an education and propaganda system that turns normal people into nationalistic mouth-breathers. japanese are even willing to print the ad, they’ll probably not print the comics that day and jut put this ad in its place. you think someone could do the same in china? not one of the sub-normals posting in the original article seemed to pick up on that. too blinded by igrnorance. the whole world is laughing at you.

    • Jahar

      He forgot we think about things, we don’t just believe everything we read in the paper. Especially advertisements.

  • B

    Why would Americans know about some tiny islands ?
    I am dissapointed at seeing netizens reaction so blinded by patriotism so fooled by the party, can’t they see that the party is just whipping up hate to divert their attention? Old trick.

  • Hi Der

    This guys comparison is major FAIL. Why? Hawaii was in fact stolen… by the USA. They were made a state without their consent, and were, at the time, and independent nation with a monarchy.

  • El Puma R.


    Japanese people might be crazier than Chinese and I think that happens because Japs actually have bigger balls than their fellow Chinese neighbors. (I except Taiwan)

  • Lord Helmet

    Wish I could have stuck a stick in his spokes while he was doing that lame bike trick.
    Is the Chinese flat top haircut equivalent to a western mullet?

  • Pong Lenis

    Mhm, I wonder if we will also see ads defending the Senkaku Islands in Chinese newspapers?

  • radbab

    Don’t encourage the Chinese to grab more land and then put up claims for ridiculously big zones of territorial water…. say, aren’t they trying to pry away attention from the Spratleys?

  • Misiooo

    Per papal bull Inter Caetera formalized as Treaty of Tordesillas from 1494 this islands belongs to Portugal. Roma locuta – causa finita! Sorry Asiatic people….

    • Misiooo

      Arghhhh! Typos again!

    • starting

      THE SPANISH MASSACRED CHINESE IN MANILA BACK IN 1700s… – and then raped every philipino women and girl

      • Getrealson

        Shut up idiot!

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