Disabled Girl Starts Hard-Earned College life

Disabled Girl Starts Hard-Earned College life
On the campus of a college in Henan Shangqiu province a 19-year-old “legless girl” welcomed the coming of her long-yearned-for college life. She unexpectedly lost both legs at 6-years-old, her mother killed herself, and her father left home. The girl lived with her grandparents, who told her that they can’t always accompany her in her life, so she strived for self-improvement. Although she used her hands to support her body she was rejected from many schools for the disabled but Shangqiu College admitted her, excused her from all tuition fees, and every month gave her a 400 RMB stipend. Netizens all give their encouragement.

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  • Necrogodomega

    Good luck to her, it’s hard in any country to live with such disabilities, but in China is must be fragging brutal. Look at how her family dealt with it.