‘Django Unchained’ Pulled From Chinese Movie Theaters, Reactions

A scene from Django Unchained.

A scene from Django Unchained.

From Sina Weibo:

#Django Unchained#

Django Unchained Halted on Opening Day, Possibly Because of Nude Scene

April 11, various major movie theaters received notice from China Film Group Corporation that the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained originally planned to debut/open today has for technical problems been temporarily halted nationwide, with tickets already sold by movie theaters to be refunded. According to reports, the length of this film’s mainland version is 165 minutes, the same length as the North American version.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


I was just on my way out when I received news that the Django Unchained screenings here were also canceled, with the movie theater already having my ticket returned. Fuck! In the end, Pyongyang is still an inalienable part of China’s sovereign territory. With regards to the technical problem, Old Wang downstairs says it’s because there’s a genital scene in it that wasn’t cut. (About the genitals, read the screening critique: http://t.cn/zT5y5dP) Because some people don’t have man parts, they can’t stand other people having them, so I bet it has to be cut before it can be released.

Owner of Candyland.


Django Unchained is neither a western, nor an gunfight film, and the emancipation of the black slave is also just a catalyst. It’s core [substance] is a much higher level of mo lei tau than that of Stephen Chow’s, and all the lines are metaphysical. The director in our country who has been most influence by Quentin is probably Jiang Wen. This movie is affirmative, an absolute positive energy, and ought not be banned for any reason. Yu Hua [a Chinese contemporary writer] said is best: If regulation of food safety were as strict as regulation of movies and television, many things in China would be much better.


Django Unchained suddenly being halted, the damage this act itself brings to our country’s politics is profoundly greater than the possible damage a “harmful scene” that wasn’t completely cut could bring. Nowadays within the system, there is a lack of people who dare to demand explanations from and thus avoid wrong decisions by higher authorities. Or maybe the institution itself doesn’t actually encourage this kind of thing. Some odd decisions are frequently made in various local regions and departments, and in the end, it’s always the government’s credibility that pays the bill.


As soon as I got out of bed I heard the news that Django Unchained was cancelled. The Blue-ray came out long ago, and anyone who is a movie fan has already seen it, so no hurry. We are still a “pretend to be conservative” country. Corrupt officials and the rich can have group promiscuity and orgies without restrictions, but they forbid the ordinary common people to see a JB. Not categorizing movies into different ratings is a dereliction of duty of the relevant departments. Movie fans in China are the most pitiful, the most helpless movie fans of the whole world, where even watching an out-of-date movie can be halted/cancelled. Good thing we have pirated versions!


Restore the screening of Django Unchained. My friend is currently demonstrating in front of SARFT [State Administration of Radio Film and Television]. I hope friends who have the same feelings will support and repost/forward this. Thanks. #Movie Censorship #Movie Ratings #Django.

A man demonstrating at the front gate of SARFT.
“Restore the showing of Django, oppose restraints of culture, support movie rating.”


Django is going to become Jango, and this is Chinese characteristics. The movie rating system is nowhere to be seen, and those who have the scissors in their hands have lost their dicks, so they can’t stand other people having then, nor can they stand other people seeing them. Under the recommendation of the new State Administration of Nude Ass and Anus, both “Django Unchained” and “Django Castrated” will be popular.


There’s nothing wrong with the movie Django Unchained being taken back to be castrated [edited/cut/censored]. If you brought your 7-year-old daughter to the movie theater and a big JB appeared on screen, how would you feel as a parent… Without a ratings system, without a mature cinematic system, what fucking use is it to just have an antagonistic attitude…?


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According to an inside source, the true reason for Django Unchained being cancelled is because the death of the character that Leonardo DiCaprio plays once again made the boss of a certain family unhappy. This old asshole had in the past boldly agreed to allowing a certain Hollywood blockbuster to enter China for the first time in human history with a car sex scene completely uncut/uncensored. The authenticity of this information is pending further confirmation.

Owner of Candyland.


About the cancelling of Django Unchained, the notification from the movie theater says it’s because of technical problems, while industry insiders revealed it’s because a scene where the main character’s genitals are exposed was not cut during the government censorship screening. I’m reminded of the nude scene in last year’s Titanic 3D being cut, as well as CCTV censoring the statue of David-Apollo. Some people’s thinking sure are pure, can we not look at art with dirty minds? If you really think nudity affects the physical and psychological health of youths, then introduce a rating system, rather than blindly auditing and arbitrarily editing/censoring films.


A movie being taken out of theaters is originally a small insignificant matter, yet [some people] insist on making a big deal about it getting the entire nation talking, just so people can have more topics for idle chit chat. For Django Unchained to have been temporarily halted, there must be a reason. But some microblogs to use the corruption and depravity of the rich to mock the common people being unable to see even a pornographic scene is simply shameless. We can’t allow drug-use and homosexuality to be overtly shown on the movie screen just because there are people who use drugs and people who engage in homosexuality.


Just because of some small JB stuff, Django Unchained was canceled? Why didn’t SARFT spot it during the auditing process? Fell asleep? Or did they watch it with a pornographic video and get the two mixed up?


“Back from Cinema to Hard Drive”: The Django incident is a big game of Go that has ruined legal copies [vs. pirated copies] and movie theaters. Movie fans will return to the clandestine [watching movies through unofficial channels], and “reading a banned book in a snowy night” has been upgraded to “watching a banned movie with the lights off”. When castration becomes as kind of system [state of affairs], it means eunuchs have become the elite and the mainstream of society. Ever since I started going to the movie theater only for 3D and IMAX, what I’m always wondering is just what has been cut/censored? Try to audit/censor from a eunuch’s point of view and you’ll realize that a good movie can only have its credits and background music remain.

Blue-ray cover of Django Unchained.


Django Unchained, due to SARFT’s ban, has become “Django Unchained for One Minute” [the first screening of the movie proceeded for one minute before viewers were interrupted and asked to leave the movie theater], highlighting the ignorance and the rudeness of China’s “cultural regulators”. The violence in the movie is far less bloody than the reality that happens in China, and the “little bird” in the movie is also far more tiny and polite than the People’s Daily building. [So] I don’t understand just why the movie was halted/cancelled.

BBC news about this "Django incident" in China.


Because it was banned, I downloaded and watched Django Unchained beforehand. Quentin Tarantino’s movies are really satisfying to watch. The background is set before the American Civil War, tells a story about former slave Django who after being rescued embarks on a path of resistance/rebellion. What is worth mentioning is that the movie puts an emphasis on depicting some “brainless” slaves who have essentially forgotten that they are enslaved and resolutely stand on the side of the slave owner defending his interests. Think about it, on this point alone, there’s nothing strange about this movie being cancelled/banned.

Django Unchained movie poster.


Although Django has been banned from being shown in theaters nationwide, according the reaction of movie fans, a certain movie theater of a certain city in China still showed this movie as scheduled on the night of the 11th. But of course, those who want to know where [the movie theater is] can stop searching, as both the movie theater and the movie fans are a secret~~ There’s only one screenshot. Just because you want to stop/ban it doesn’t mean you can.

A scene from Django Unchained.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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    Sofa and Masturbate!

    • Ryo

      I guess you have a thing for black dicks….

      • SuperHappyCow

        And you don’t?

    • billy

      CUNT! About time the admin started deleting this pointless sofa comments. You have to be a complete fucking twat to do it.

  • billy

    Quality film!

    • vincent

      Agreed, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie

    • Xiu

      Tarantino’s weakest tho, that and the jew/nazi fiasco. Should stick to the crime films.

      • Are you out of your mind?
        These two that you mentioned were far better than the others.

        • BiggJ

          Pulp fiction is just as good as these 2. I agree though….like “dusk till dawn” and “Grindhouse” was kind of crazy…but entertaining.

          • I bet it stressed Tarentino out that he couldn’t cast Asians in these. Actually he tried to cast one in Inglorious Basterds, for some reason, but the role got cut.

          • Watch Sukiyaki Django Western.

          • Yes Pulp Fiction is the exception.

        • cb4242

          Waaaaaaaay better!!!

      • The Enlightened One

        I like all his stuff. He doesn’t box himself in. I like how he puts a bit of a surreal almost comic book spin on his stuff. Maybe you just don’t understand the underlying humor and cynicism with his new movies.

        His stuff is brilliant and most importantly in his work, entertaining!

      • slob

        I highly disagree with that. Tarantino doesn’t really have a best or worst, they’re all different which is why he’s such a good director – he can take any genre and make something out of it. Of course his films tend to be full of blood and gore but they’re not the highlight of it in most cases…often you will find that the gore part he puts in are actually necessity to the quality of the film. In Django he brought back the spaghetti western film into modern cinema which others have tried but they just don’t have that old school appeal to them though they are still great westerns. This is why ‘The Artist’ was so popular in my opinion – not becase it was that great (I personally thought it was absolute shit) but because it brought back a genre of film long forgotten – silent films. Django was pretty good and it’s a shame they’re blocking it here. Hopefully they just cut that one scene and re-release it. I don’t understand how it made it past the film analytical department though. Lazy govt. workers not doing their jobs again?

        • Rick in China

          All they need to do is google “questionable scene (movie)”, then determine if it’s too questionable for China IMO.

  • vincent

    What a contrast from the article with the naked chick, maybe the censor board thought it would be too much work to blur a black penis. On a side note this quip from a translated comment above ftw ‘If regulation of food safety were as strict as regulation of movies and television, many things in China would be much better.’

    • excellent quote

    • Here’s how to “fix” this movie in post, penis aside:

      Leo DiCap is a light-skinned Japanese imperialist, Jamie Foxx is a dark-skinned Uighur, revenge revenge happy ending.

      Won’t explain the foot love and pedantic, indulgent monologues, but eh.

    • Irvin

      These censorship only really affect the northern part of china a bit, the southern part like guangdong got pirated bluerays long before theater. It’s still sad though as some people like myself enjoy the big screen and go to cinemas even if we already saw the movie at home.

      I’m still pissed that they censored cloud atlas, but I can always remedy it with home theater………time to save some cash.

      • vincent

        lol seriously man I haven’t been to the movies since I came to China but that might be because the big screen experience isn’t as good as what I am used to, I do believe however they’re building a giant cinema in Zhuhai but alas I won’t be able to experience it since I’ll be leaving soon.

        • I do recall a blu ray/dvd shop in the plaza mall in gongbei (underground place near macau) selling all the pirated stuff on a disc you could want, windows 7 no worries, copied blu rays, no worries. Correct me if I’m wrong but it was still open in march. Regards.

          • vincent

            Yes @Astaroth75:disqus that place is still open, I go threre frequently but haven’t bought the stuff from there, I get my movie fix through other *ahem* dubious means :)

      • By that token, you could conceivably argue that there is freedom of expression in China since the average citizen could get their hands on whatever banned material they want. Yeah.

        I hate going to the theater in China. If someone isn’t kicking the back of your chair or putting their feet up on your head, a phone is ringing behind you or someone with a bright screen is texting in front of you.

        And: wasn’t Cloud Atlas a little long anyways? Sorry, but the Wa—–ski’s wasn’t able to get my respect back with “Speed Racer” or “Ninja Assassin”.

    • donscarletti

      The Chinese girl saluting the troops had her back to the camera, Jamie Foxx had his dick in full view.

      • vincent

        @donscarletti:disqus the difference here is the audience that both reach, the drama being on TV can be seen by kids if they had unrestricted TV privileges, but the censor board or whatever decides the rating that the movie gets and therefore who gets to watch it.
        Considering the content of this movie I don’t see it as a family film and the target demographic would undoubtedly be adults so why treat them like children, it’s not like they haven’t seen a dick before, I would be more outraged if my kid saw some butt-naked chick on TV.

        • donscarletti

          Part of the controversy is that China has no rating system. Before its recall, Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼) and Django Unchained are both legally the same since China currently only has two categories: “harmonious” and “degenerate/counter-revolutionary”.

          Anyway, nothing scary about kids seeing the odd bum now and then, plumber’s cleavage is commonly encountered and perfectly legal.

          • Rick in China

            Regardless, they announced it was ready – then reversed that decision at the last minute.. THAT to me is the controversy – not the ratings. Why was it OK before but not OK now.. leaves many questions to be answered.. it’s not like his dick magically popped into screen after it was initially rated.

            To be honest I never even noticed his dick, and still haven’t, and watched the film a few times – I thought there was some sorta jock or something over the area? Never really inspected, nor had an interest.

  • BiggJ

    I bet if Jamie Foxx had been just saved from getting raped by japanese devils and he stood there naked and saluted chinese soldiers it would have been alright…with some photoshop to his black cock to make it 2 inches…so chinese don’t get too insecure. :)

    • M

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      • BiggJ

        I did volunteer to show my 1 inch cock in china…but apparently foreigners penises are some kind of threat to the amazing harmony china already has going.

        • M

          chinese harmony don’t allow for retards like you who’s obsessed with showing your admitted 1 inch. But yes, those chinese are quite accepting of retards, to have included you in their society when Canadians won’t. LOL

    • SuperHappyCow

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      • BiggJ

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        • Panda Banana

          I am afraid it’s worse then that! He is one of those “500 years of oppression by whites” black dude….

          • BiggJ

            I was actually complimenting the size of Jamie Foxx’s cock….saying they would have to scale it down. lol If I was black I would take take that as a compliment.:) Unless he’s one of these chinese guy who pretends they are black??? A chigger maybe? I can only see a chinese person getting upset with that comment. :) lol

          • SuperHappyCow

            Every 10 posts i read is someone talking shit about asian men’s dicks.


          • Panda Banana

            Chigger? Never heard the term before. How does a chigger look like? Like a wigger, just smaller?

            I know whites who for whatever reason acting “black” , but a Chinese? Really?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Oh my god, it’s you again. How are you? Can I shit in your ass?

          • BiggJ

            Do me a favor and stop making bad post.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Done and done, son.

          • Panda Banana

            Doing well as usual! And no, you can not shit in my ass!

            How is black Muslim life these days? Hope you guys enjoy life in between bitching and complaining about how life treats you bad cause of the white man…

  • carmouflagger

    Samuel L Jackson + Leonardo Dicaprio + Jamie Foxx = effing awesome!
    Poor chinese :(

    • Xiu

      Really? I found it a bit insipid and vacuous for Tarantino (at least compared to his work before Kill Bill). Was I the only one to find it really, really boring and brainless?

      • Ryo

        Yes. You are the only one.

        It was quite entertaining honestly. I even burst out in laughter a few times. I thought the acting was really good, too. I mean, would you be comfortable saying “nigger” in front of a bunch of black people even if you were allowed to?

        • SuperHappyCow

          …Why is that the only thing you got out of it?

        • burst out laughing?! boy, you must have low standards for humour.

        • ScottLoar

          Few white people born in the US would be comfortable saying “nigger” in front of a bunch of black people and so Tarantino does so for shock effect, and by your comments he’s succeeded and cheaply. Now, that redeems the movie Django? That “nigger” is freely used in a film ostensibly set in the American South circa 1858?

      • no, it was an awful movie. chinese have been saved 2.5 hours of life they could spend doing something productive.

      • ScottLoar

        Yes, the movie was really, really boring, brainless but packed with the usual gratuitous violence typical of Tarantino who, after a promising start with his first few movies now continues to stitch separate scenes of sex, gore and pain into a typical Tarantino “movie”. This is the child indulging his fantasies for titillation, now given a movie camera.

      • Mattsm84

        No, you’re the only one. Here’s why. Django Unchained is an interesting, if violent, meditation on the relationship between race are prescribed social roles. Field Slave, house slave, bounty hunter, privileged master, all of these characters are defined by their role and station. When De Caprio’s character or Jackson’s character do evil, they are really only enforcing or justifying their present stations as master and house slave. Similarly, when Fox and his partner do good, they’re really just dismantling oppressive system. But what is it that empowers them to do so? Their prescribed roles as bounty hunters. Even in heroically destroying a malevolent social institution, they can’t help but be active participants in it. That’s hardly brainless, and if what you took away from that was “Black good/ White bad” then the movie was just beyond you.

        The Kill Bill movies on the other hand are about violence and revenge for the sake of violence and revenge because they look cool. That’s pretty shallow.

        • ScottLoar

          But your gibberish on social theme rises above the sex, gore and pain in the movie as stink above a carcass.

          Django a “meditation on the relationship between race are (sic) prescribed social roles”? I’m sure that whiff of metaphysical speculation would even surprise Tarantino.

          • mattsm84

            Yea, I’m not wasting my time talking to you again. If it was too much for you feel free to stick with PG rated movies, just don’t interrupt when the adults are talking.

          • ScottLoar

            I’m not soliciting dialogue, it’s your pretentious commentary that invites ridicule.

          • mattsm84

            Uh huh. Run along, Junior.

          • SuperHappyCow



    • The Enlightened One

      Waltz was quite good too. He’s a brilliant actor.

      • carmouflagger


  • BiggJ

    To bad chinese can’t watch Django “Unchinked” version it the theaters…I do feel bad for chinese sometimes…it must suck….i know you can just download it and watch it…but it’s just the principle of it all…Someone telling you what you can and can’t see all the time…fuck that shit….I can see doing this to a child….but for a adult to be told what he/she can see…..i’d like to see them try some shit like that in canada….we’d burn that mother fuck down.

    • ex-expat

      exactly…couldn’t agree more….

    • Ryo

      Making it “illegal” will only promote curiosity. I mean how many Chinese will go and actually download the movie AFTER they saw it in the theaters to see what they miss? I did it when I saw Mission Impossible 4. For some strange reason, they had to “scramble” the names and countries mentioned in the dialogs. So instead of hearing the actual name of a person, you’d hear gibberish in the theaters. That is just insanely retarded.

      • BiggJ

        That’s true.. you’re going to want know what you missed. So it’s not like they can hide it from you. Unless they block all foreign web sites like they do with NK tv. That may be the next step. lol

      • it may be a ploy to get the citizen to download the movie so the director lose alot of money, like Japanese animation.

        • Rick in China

          They don’t “lose” money, they just don’t gain money. Plus, movie released in China has very little relative profit directly to the *DIRECTOR*….even if they’re given a small royalty on the total net profits. It’s a low split of revenue in China, goes to the production company in US or wherever, and small % of that goes to various people involved in production/cast in most cases. Most their money is a base salary, not how many people go to see it in a Chinese theatre.

          Point is, there’s a difference between money “lost” and money simply not gained. It’s ridiculous to consider that there’s some sort of ulterior motive to the censorship/delay that goes as deep as “haha! lets fuck tarantino over!”

    • hang

      Such is the nature of state censorship of art and expression.

      From Alpha Centauri, “Beware of he who deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master”.

      • BiggJ

        Well this is from Biggj “Beware of he who is denied information, For his curiosity will overcome the will of his masters intentions” …..whatever the fuck that means. lol

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes but what about this?

          “Beware curiosity, for it killed the cat.”

          Deep thoughts here lol.

          • the ace of books

            Not to be pedantic here, but:

            “…satisfaction brought it back.”

            See also Wikipedia for more about this banal saying’s rather interesting evolution. Muffin at all about curiosity originally.

          • BiggJ

            You know what a shit-barometer is? Measures the shit-pressure in
            the air. You can feel it. Listen. Hear that? The sounds of the
            whispering winds of shit. Can you hear it?… When the old shit-barometer rises, and you’ll feel it
            too. Your ears will implode from the shit-pressure… beware my friend.
            Shit-winds are a comin’.

            :) This what I think of censorship in china. lol

    • SuperHappyCow

      Unchinked? Serious?

      • Let’s not stop there.

        “Jackie Brown: Un-Jurled”
        “Glorious Basterds: Un-Bageled”
        “Reservoir Dogs: Neutered”

        • Inglourious Basterds Brad Pitt buongiorno always gets me. He had me at buongiorno.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Agreed. ARRIBERDERCHI.

          • haha! how are things brother?

    • Rick in China

      Yeah, that’s the amusing thing – the same guys who are like “censor that shit, pull it from the shelves!” go out on weekday nights to ‘business’ KTV events and massage parlors getting handies from teenage peasants, yet rant about how they’re protecting the moral integrity of the Chinese society…… the hypocrisy is astounding.

      • BiggJ

        You know how the government works here…:”Do as I say, not as I do.” :)

        • Rick in China

          Not just the government – that’s pretty much the basis of social interactions here. Hypocrisy is more rampant than air pollution..and you can chew the air here.

    • Red Scarf

      Its not only the film watchers who suffer its also the film directors. Several mainland Chinese film directors have openly criticise the censorship for making film making hard to do in China.

    • I recall the “reaching the end” scene in the back of the car in the cargo part of the ship being edited out in you know where, it was hardly peter north v jenna jameson, but god forbid a man and a woman express themselves.

  • Xiu

    lol… all the comments about ‘guys without dicks’… surprised to see the netizens agreeing with me. My first outburst when I found I couldn’t image search pretty foreign girls on google was along the same lines.

  • This movie was amazing. I feel bad that people in China can’t go see it in the theater. Of course they can download it or buy it at the pirated DVD store, but seeing movies at the theater just makes them so much better.

    • Ryo

      It does say “temporarily halted” so it will probably be released again after it’s been China-tized.

  • Rick in China

    Was there any relatively big domestic movie to be released on the same date? Maybe there were red envelopes to have django shifted to another weekend due to the negative impact it’d have on another expected high-grossing film or somethin…

    • BiggJ

      “China VS Japan 683” Starring Sum Ting Wong and Kashi Takaminshinokugawa. They claim it’s not like the 682 movies….This time it’s for real… :)

  • Ryo

    I don’t get it. You can get this on torrents in less then a few hours. And if it’s on torrents, you can be sure it’s on sale by street vendors everywhere.

    On an unrelated note, anyone think Fox’s JJ is digitally edited to be bigger? It does seem a little big for his size….

    • SuperHappyCow

      Penis size has little to do with height, really.

    • moldavidian

      I did one better and saw it on PPTV for free. Who cares that it wasn’t screened at Chinese cinemas?

  • Red Scarf

    Oh dear, I mention this the other day, yet its ok to have a female naked girl saluting soldiers on a war drama on national….

    As one netzien said China needs a film classification system, it can’t treat all its people like kids any more with requires to movies, they only go and download it anyway plus losing out in tax income.

    • BiggJ

      That’s what i’m saying, they are just kickin themselves in the ass by doing this. The logic makes no sense….we can show people being shot, cut, beat, blown up “unless it’s a foreigner doing it to a chinese” but a cock being shown shuts the whole thing down? For real?

      • fsck

        I liked the “what if your 7year old daughter saw this?” comment. What kind of parent takes their child to see this kid of movie? No ratings agency? WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

        Personal and parental responsibility, don’t these concepts exist anymore?

    • bert

      Did they show her vagina? You people need a biology lesson.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    Im sure Most would Disagree with me here. But I downloaded and watched this movie and I thought it was terrible. Mainly, I HATE the N word. and this movie completely liberates it. Its completely Unnecessary. apart from that, I thought it was a stupid story.

    • Rick in China

      For a movie to remain true to the times, wouldn’t it need to use the verbiage suitable for the time it’s supposed to take place in?

      That’s like saying you hate Mark Twain because he has characters, for example, named “Nigger Jim”. I guess you’re aligned with those who want to rewrite great novels to edit out words you disagree with today, yes? That’s as draconian as old pharoahs who would destroy the previous pharoah’s monuments and erase their names from historic scribings because their butt was hurt that someone else was previously as powerful as they are now.

      • LuoyangLaowai

        Yes. You have a very good point. Im not aligned with those wanting to rewrite history. It is what it is. But still, we should move on. In today’s time there is no place for that word. Obviously, It will never go away. And sure. to make a movie in that period of time Nigger will certainly be used, I only saw Django once. But I think for the N word to be used 109 times in a 165 minute movie. Is Excessive. and teaches the younger kids its ok to say it.

        • Panda Banana

          I doubt that the purpose of this movie is to be seen as a teaching tool. It’s just what most movies are, a product which entertains and the result of that kind of entertainment is money. So why interprete more into it?

          I am sure “nigga” was used before that movie and its also questionable when you assume that young kids are watching this movie, cause the movie is not intended to be watched by young children, don’t you think?

          It’s also interesting that you say i today’s world is no place for such word. I think its self evident that white people don’t use it anymore, but i doubt that you will ever be able to teach niggers not to say nigger to each other!

          • cb4242

            “but i doubt that you will ever be able to teach niggers not to say nigger to each other!”

            But you’re NOT a racist, huh? I thought, people of African Origin in the US are called, Black or African American, the other word, I wasn’t aware of.

          • Rick in China

            What I love: People who are “so offended” on behalf of other people.

            Who the fuck are you to decide who can be called what by whom, anyways? And who are you to step in and be like “How dare you, sir!” on behalf of these other people?

          • cb4242

            Who the fuck are you to tell me that I can’t??? I CAN decide for obvious reasons, yes, I know for a fact, 110% that blacks don’t want to be referred to by that vile epithet. So if you don’t like it tough, but I know, blacks would never stand or allow anyone to utter it.

          • Panda Banana

            how’d you know how blacks want to be referred to? Do you know all blacks on this planet? By “referred to”, you obviously mean by whites only?, cause like i said before, blacks say nigger to each others all the time, THAT probably makes them niggers?

          • cb4242

            Well, they are not, they are Blacks, by your logic, that would make Whites, Honkys then.
            Use your cranium for logic, NOT for racism.

          • Panda Banana

            as a matter of fact i am not racist. At least not to the level you want to believe i am. I agree with rick on this one BTW, i can’t see why you feel you should talk on behalf of other people. I see blacks call each other niggers all the time, so i take it, that this people are in fact niggers. On the other side I see black people (the better educated ones) treat each others and people from other races with dignity and respect, so how should i call them? Black?hmmm….no, i made the decision to call them nothing. For me they are humans amongst other humans i can decide to get along with or not.

            What i wanted to say with my quote “but i doubt that you will ever be able to teach niggers not to say nigger to each other!”, was that there are niggers and there are the others, call them black if you like….i judge people all the time, but skin color or nationality is not the criteria. I judge by results only….

          • cb4242

            I think the word is vile and repulsive, they use the acronym as a way to relate to one another in a comradory form. If women would call each other bitches, would you also think it’s rational and appropriate?
            If you take it that Blacks refer to each other exclusively by the N- word, then why don’t you hang out with 30 or more Blacks and say it comfortably as they do and see what happens, I guarantee they won’t be singing Kumbaya with you, in fact, you probably would be stomped into a mud hole.
            I know how Blacks think about other people using that word, particularly White people. So it’s not the same thing, so yes, I can say that.
            Look, I get it, you are a racist. If so, say it with pride, but don’t give me and other posters as if you are a level-headed, rational NON- racist person. You are clearly not, or you wouldn’t use the word or think it is acceptable.

          • Rick in China

            “I think the word is vile and repulsive”
            I think the term cb4242 is vile and repulsive, absolutely offending my sensibilities. How dare you use such a horrendous and disgusting name. I am going to go cry now and expect someone else to join my fight against the use of the term cb4242 on the internet on my behalf since obviously someone out there will be so incredibly offended on my behalf they’ll be willing to take up pitchforks and torches to protest your incredibly obscene choice of name.

            The point is, people who get offended by words are idiots.

          • cb4242

            I think you totally and irrationally lost the point, you are not a first grader, but judging by your last comment, I’d say more of mindless insolent brat that should be spanked. Grow up and focus on the message, NOT the messenger.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Im not saying this movie is meant to be a teaching tool. But Kids are impressionable. And even though its not a movie for Children, most of the people I know back home would bring their children to see a movie like this with them. The movie is definately not inteded for children but I think many children will get to watch it anyway.

            If black people want to call each other nigga or nigger as a mockery of what the word stands for whatever. But I would I would be very angry if I heard a white kid or adult call or refer to a black person in that way. Maybe its just the way I think, But to me Its very disrespectful and hateful. Thats all. I might be interpreting more into it than what there is. I just hate the word and didnt think it was necessary to be used so much in the movie.

        • Rick in China

          Dude… “and teaches the younger kids its ok to say it”

          If you’re a parent and let your 9 year old watch Django Unchained, especially with the pretext of “everything in this movie is OK to do and say now a days in real life”, I’d say you have bigger parenting issues than censorship in cinema :D

  • Reila90

    Typical white guilt movie.

    • I wouldn’t call it “typical’, at least.

    • cb4242

      White guilt? You can’t deny history. Although the movie was fictional, slavery happened. In the Americas Whites owned slaves, brutalized, raped and physically abused them. You call it guilt, I call it factual reality.

      • Panda Banana

        slavery happened, undeniable indisputable fact! But, not all of the salves were brutalized and raped and physically abused. I would argue that at least some of them, as high as this percentage might be, lived a pretty decent live…like the house nigga in the movie who was perfectly portrait by SLJ…..same for the mandingos, they get all the pussy they want for free, not really bad being used just for breeding purposes…

        I for one dont really care what exactly happened then since i had no stake in the outcome of things. I see things more from a practical perspective and judge by results achieved, and when i look at the situation of their descendants today in the US, I am not impressed, neither i think that anyone white should feel guilty for anything some of their ancestors did….blacks owned other blacks as slaves too in africa and there is also the strong point that blacks in africa sold their own people to the portugues and spaniards….

        • SuperHappyCow

          “My name is Panda Banana, AKA Coala Banana, and not only do I talk almost exclusively about black people on a forum about Chinese social media, but I also deny that slavery was really that bad. I am not a racist, by the way. Also, Chinese girls love my penis.”

          • Bugs Bunny

            your so funny!
            i love you for that!

        • cb4242

          I have no idea what history books you read as a child, but of course, Blacks, were brutalized, just for being in a servitude confinement. The house slaves that usually worked in the house were mostly lighter. Creole or mulatto. These were mostly the decendents from the slave master, that often at will would rape their slaves with total impunity. Their kids often stolen and sold like a piece of cattle.
          Also, most slaves didn’t have the choice of choosing a partner, because often the partner was chosen for them. There was so much hatred for their masters. And no, they didn’t get all the pussy they wanted, stop watching TV, that is a myth of myths. When they had a mate, they could do have sexual relations, but everything was tightly controlled. Most black men were considered like Studs to be bred with certain women.
          The lighter slaves had it much easier, though still a slave and that started to create hatred within the race as many lighter skin slaves felt themselves to be higher and better than their dark- skinned brethren. Yes, you had slavery in Africa, but not even close to what America has done with the slave trade. African tribes had no idea as to what the Spanish, Portuguese and others Denying them their language, rights, culture, forcing them to adopt a religion to justify their actions and making them that much more willing to accept and their fate, using the bible to teach blacks that it was God’s will. Of course in Africa slavery wasn’t even close to that, quite often, they were seen more as endangered servants, that could buy their way to freedom. Should whites feel guilty for what their ancestors did. That’s not for me to judge, depends on the individual.

          • Panda Banana

            I just think that slavery is not necessarily a bad thing..just saying! It has its good sides too, and not all slaves suffered during times of slavery!

          • Zappa Frank

            slavery is not necessarily bad? maybe in Roman age

          • Panda Banana

            no, i was actually talking about the american slave history, don’t know much about the roman, but i am sure some good points could be found even during the roman empire…

            however, lets take america by example where it was quite common that companies and factories IN THE NORTH employed children as laborers for around 2 bucks a week. Workers had no rights at all, they could be fired at any given day when they get sick or injured by example.

            When you got/own a slave its much more likely that you will take good care of him cause he can be seen as a valuable possession you invested in. Killing him or beating him to death wouldn’t make much sense, cause it would be like throwing money out from the window. I would argue that during a particular period of american history, slaves had it in general much better then their counterparts in northern states.

            I think that with slaves work could be done much faster and in a more efficient way. In the moment you pay someone you have to raise the costs of the product too. A huge part of the country pretty much benefited from the results of slavery cause it was economically beneficial. The results were political, economical and infrastructure advantages where the profit was directly or indirectly invested.

            I would even argue that slavery would solve most of the problems now a days and there would be less poverty when it would be again implemented. Look at all the lazy ass MFs on welfare who just produce babies after babies, spending the whole day fucking or watching TV. Same goes for beggars and criminals and everyone else who is NOT a contributing member of society. I am sure that the industry all over the world wouldn’t mind to take them as labor, and they themselves would get some dignity back, the same dignity which was taken away from them in the moment governments offered them shit for free. There is no point in finding on solid argument which would show me that such a person can be motivated to find a job. And why he/she should when they get paid for doing nothing? No, I say enslave them and let them work for food, let them work for a home with roof on top, let them work for heating in winter. There are no freebees anymore, there are no rights anymore. The only thing you can get are privileges, which of course must be earned first.

            Do you people really think that a slave in the old days would do shit when the massa didn’t push them? The result would be that they would have either died cause they are no capable to feed themselves or they would turn into what we see today, savages, asocial primitive behaving rats, making life miserable for the rest of the people and sucking more and more money out from the pockets of hard working people.

            I think china has seen the signs on time. So you either don’t let them reproduce or you sell them as slaves, everything else is nonsense….

          • cb4242

            Okay, so basically, you are an idiot of the highest caliber. Astounding that you even think like that, thank God, we live in an age where people like you can ONLY spout out ludicrous, idiotic opinions and nothing more. Slavery is a complete and total abomination and as soon as it ended, the US, Brazil and other countries were far better off. Nothing good can ever come out of slavery. But let’s take your looney argument as an example, are you implying that slavery should be regulated to Blacks exclusively only? If so, you are a bigger idiot than I thought. We are all the same. Skin color makes no difference.

            Your irrational and illogical argument equates Blacks (that’s who we are talking about, right?) with animals, since you say it is perfectly fine to own a slave, NOT PAYING them and FORCING THEM TO DO something they don’t want to do. By your logic, that would be 30% of the White US population should be slaves then. You are in agreement with that? You do know there are MORE whites on welfare don’t you? Your posts are so outrageously moronic, it makes me ALMOST want to laugh that in our society that we still have crazy nut jobs spouting off racist mind-numbing propaganda. I would advise you to put down that “Mein Kampf” book. Stop smoking weed, get off your pc, go outside take a deep breath and see the world. Grow up. Life is NOT that bad, learn to enjoy it.

          • Panda Banana

            Life is good i know, cause i live it. I just hear senseless assumptions from you. And NO, i would not limit it to blacks only, i would extend it to EVERYONE who is perfectly healthy but don’t like to contribute to society. I think they should all be forced to labour without compensation, except housing and food, that’s it. Im the moment you offer people free shit without asking anything in return, that’s what you get. A large portion of asocial s who prefer to stay at home watching TV and producing another generation of low lives…

          • cb4242

            Of course, All slavery was bad, All of it! What is the definition of slavery? A kept person, that has NO free will to do with their life as they please, to server others at the masters call and NOT being financially compensated for their labor. So of course, it’s all around bad. Name me one slave that was happy and that was treated with the utmost respect and that slave wanted to always stay with their oppressor/master no matter what. What is good about slavery other than it only benefits the slave master (as he doesn’t need to financially compensate his slaves for ANY of the work they are forced to do) and the people that hold the power of servitude in their hands.

        • Rick in China

          Panda you’d love the end of the newest (like 2 days ago?) Louis CK Oh My God HBO special..the ending is something like this:

          Look, sometimes you see things on the planet and are like, whoa, how the fuck did humans do that.. it’s amazing, the pyramids, how did PEOPLE build Giza.. well, we just gathered up a bunch of people from some distant land and said work 18 hours a day for scraps of water and bread or you’re dead. How did we build the transcontinental railroad so fast? it’s enormous..well, just throw a bunch of chinese into holes and blow them up and bam, we have ourselves a railroad. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish, the greatest things humanity has ever created were created via the utter suffering and misery of other human beings.

          That’s not word for word and it goes on a bit, but it’s fuckin hilarious. Worth watching.

      • ScottLoar

        Factual reality? What the hell does that mean? Look to TIme on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro
        Slavery, a brilliant and exhaustive cliometric study of negro slavery in the US, and to oral histories of former slaves themselves as recorded by the WPA writer’s project in the 1930’s (the interviews were limited to those at least 20 years old at the time of emancipation so that their memories were lucid). Do not use the Quentin Tarantino movie Django as a reference to black slavery in the US; doing so is ridiculous.

        • cb4242

          I never said that, on the contrary, I was responding to some of the posters, unintelligible remarks about slavery.

          • ScottLoar

            I read your comments again and now understand I misapplied the phrase. I’m wrong, I apologize.

          • SuperHappyCow

            If its any consolation, you can have one of these!


          • ScottLoar

            Can’t get YouTube in China.

          • SuperHappyCow

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    • Panda Banana

      what do you mean by “white guilt movie”?

      you mean they made they movie cause they feel guilty? or to remind whites that they are guilty?

      do you really think this movie was made with such intentions behind? cause i wold argue it was made to make money and have fun along the way, at least this is the way the producer come across in my eyes….

    • mr.wiener

      Think we’ll ever see an imperial Japanese guilt coming out of Japan?

      ………Guilt? What for? she replied.

      • The Enlightened One


        “What we gave them kids candy, so it makes it all better!”

      • Reila90

        I don’t care much if Japan should guilt or not tbh. What else do you want to say? Tibetan independence? human rights issue? drought in Africa ? oh i love liberal people <3

        • mr.wiener

          Liberal? nope, getting more conservative as I get older. middle age is when your broad mind and your narrow waist change places.
          I just don’ t wander round telling people my shit don’t stink and theirs does.

    • mattsm84

      No, well meaning white lady teaches a room full of poor minorities is a typical white guilt movie. Even if this is a while guilt, its not a typical one.

  • stevelaudig

    I don’t think Tarantino has presented any interesting ideas since Pulp Fiction. SARFT just saved a lot of people a lot of time. heh

    • ScottLoar

      You are right. His movies since then have only been Tarantino indulging in unrelieved titillation.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah, but what about the movie with… STFU!?

    • moldavidian

      Thank you. Tarantino is so overrated. But i did like Christopher Waltz’s character.

  • the ace of books

    “Here, children. Please, come take this candy from my h- OH LOOK WHO’S TALLER THAN YOU HAHA”

    • Bugs Bunny

      why stay in 哈尔滨,it’s so cold…
      i can not get your email on that website, you can give me your qq or weixin,haha!

      • the ace of books

        Because they gave me a job here :)

        Can’t you? Ah, well, I’m theaceofbooks at gmail. I don’t fancy putting my QQ up here because I don’t like spam, but my gmail is pretty transparent :)

      • Panda Banana

        Hello bugs bunny, can we make friends? i have the feeling that we can be good friends!

        • carmouflagger

          You want herpes eh? :D

          • Panda Banana

            i got it already from her. Seems “the ace of books” will be her next victim. She’s got a nice snapdragon mouth, but herpes really sucks!

  • elizabeth

    I watched the scene. The victim’s pain can already be felt aurally and through imagination. There is no need for in-your-face visuals which serve no other purpose than to make members of a minority race live through the humiliation their ancestors had suffered all over again.

    ‘Roots’ is a much better ‘work of art’ on slavery.

    • MeCampbell30

      You obviously haven’t seen that many Tarantino movies.

      • elizabeth

        You obviously do not get my point.

        • Guest

          You obviously don’t understand that Django was intentionally ‘in-your-face’ as a form of satire on excess, which Tarantino is well known for. He doesn’t do it to be gratuitious, he does it to highlght just how gratuitous the medium has become. The movie isn’t a simple commentary on slavery to be compared to overbearing hold-your-hands-through-all-the-obvious-moral-points pieces like Roots. Not all directors make art that is to be interpreted only at overly-obvious face value.

          • elizabeth

            If that’s your standard, fine with me. I regard art that is subtle with good taste much better than in-your-face lack of imagination shock and awe ‘art’. In any case, I am skeptical about people passing off cheap x-rated stuff as art.

  • Hmmm… I watched django in Japan and they pixelated his goods

  • Marcel Thumpnut

    I think by ordering a “temporary halt” on the the release of Django, the powers that be would know that the interest of nietzens for this movie would increase, as would their inclination to download or buy a pirated DVD. I think it’s an attempt to damage the box office sales and theatre royalties leaving mainland china and maintain the pirate DVD industry. Am I on the right track?

    • ScottLoar

      No. Despite the attraction of demonizing the US the censors simply find the movie too violent. Once bowdlerized the movie may be raised to indict the US.

  • radbab

    What’s the point of banning a movie that everyone can download and buy at every street corner? Showing how powerful the partey is by…..banning a movie? Sticking it to the American imperialists by…. banning a movie? Banning it because it’s worse than all the Chinese movies….really? It just doesn’t make sense. Better control the food. I want to each chicken again.

  • MonkeyMouth

    havent seen it. seen the original django movies from the the ’60’s tho. not bad viewing

  • The Enlightened One

    The best actor in the movie was Waltz. He was also amazing in Inglorious Bastards. His acting flow is remarkable.

    Btw – Did the actually kick people out of the theatres after it already started?

    HAHAHA… China… … you never cease to upstage yourself.

  • Dumbledore

    All the usual government crap aside. I saw it (like millions of Chinese people, months ago) and I didn’t notice a wang.

  • Zappa Frank

    the “real” Django (a famous spagehtti-western well known) didn’t have anything to do with blackmen. Copycat Tarantino didn’t have an orignal idea in his life..

    • cb4242

      Doesn’t mean, he can’t change it which he did, he took an original movie, changed it, that makes it his own, his original. So in essence, it is an original movie, because now it does have black men in it. So there is no “real” Django, but only “original” and “new”

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What?! No love for The Man With The Iron Fists?

    • hess

      That’s gotta be the worst movie ever made, period.

  • Dconn

    He never showed his dick in the movie just his butt. ?????? wierd. Its a shame because in China they dont see any movies with Black males as the main focus. The only time they see black men in the movies is when their playing a small insignificant role or a evil person which in turn makes them view a whole race of people in a negative light.

    • LuoyangLaowai

      They Had Will Smith in Men in Black III Here in China.

    • breed11

      What you talking about? Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith are all well known in China. plus, villains aren’t usually black, they are usually British or Japanese (preferred in China) or more recently North Korean. You lie.

  • mattman_183

    Boyd Crowder sighting on last pic!

  • Brian Lee

    Can’t u guys watch online or buy the pirated DVD?

  • Speedy_Cheese

    “Because some people don’t have man parts, they can’t stand other people having them, so I bet it has to be cut before it can be released.”

    Hahaha what?
    Never in my life have I heard a woman complain about getting to see male nudity in a film. Conversely it is usually the thrill they get to giggle with their friends about later. If anything that is my main complaint about some HBO shows. Give us this day our daily dick.

    What a lame reason to shut a movie down.
    “:O A dick?! Nobody has those or has seen one ever! Shut it down quick!”

  • MrT

    Watched this on Funshion soon as it come out.
    soso film.

    • Germandude

      Tarantino movies are becoming worse and worse… Inglorious Basterds was stupid already. Django Unchained topped even that. On the stupidity level that is.

  • ChinaLover

    Its a movie about black people killing evil whitey, more politically correct bs from the west. Thank you China for finally taking a stand against this, I salute you!

    • cb4242

      Some people just can’t handle the truth, sad.

    • Not really sure either way on this one. I seemed to think it was about a lot of the cruelty of the slave trade, but also very tongue in cheek.

    • breed11

      Since Tarantino is white, no harm no foul. Stop making it seem like Spike Lee made the movie. Plus, the Weinsteins funded it. Jews are also white. It’s all good.

  • django

    maybe the forcasted sales didnt go well so they trying to get attention and sell more tickets in second round

  • Damo

    Instead we get to watch more crappy Chinese domestic movies. Now that’s criminal/torture !

  • bert

    Tarantino just makes anti-white male, pro black and Jew stuff. Pretty boring now.

  • breed11

    This is simple, replace the whites with the Japanese and the blacks with Chinese. Call it Nanking Unchained and we’ll be back in business.

  • The film is not impressive, and it is very much uncensored seats mnau for this reason and this film disappeared from cinema :)


  • boooooo

    ‘This is Ben. He’s an old joe that lived around here for a long time, and I do mean a long damn time. Old Ben here took care of my daddy and my daddy’s daddy. Till he up and keeled over one day, old Ben took care of me. Growin’ up the son of a huge plantation owner in Mississippi puts a white man in contact with a whole lotta black faces. I spent my whole life here, right here in Candieland, surrounded by black faces. Now seein’ ’em every day, day in and day out, I only had one question: why don’t they kill us? Now right out there on that porch, three times a week for fifty years, old Ben here would shave my daddy with a straight razor. Now, if I was old Ben, I woulda cut my daddy’s goddamn throat, an’ it wouldn’t-a taken me no fifty years of doin’ neither. But he never did. Why not? See, the science of phrenology is crucial to understandin’ the separation of our two species. [Picking up a hacksaw] And the skull of the African here? The area associated with submissiveness is larger than any human or any other sub-human species on planet Earth. [Saws a piece off the back of the skull, brushes it off, and holds it up] If you examine this piece of skull here you’ll notice three distinct dimples. Here, here and here. Now, if I was holdin’ the skull of an Issac Newton or a Gallileo, these three dimples would be found in the area of the skull most associated with creativity. But this is the skull of old Ben. And in the skull of old Ben, unburdened by genius, these three dimples exist in the area of the skull most associated with servility. [To Django] Now bright boy, I will admit you are pretty clever. But if I took this hammer here, and I bashed in your skull with it, you would have the same three dimples…in the same place…as old Ben.’

    It’s more than just a dick methinks…