Doctor Doesn’t Help Patient, Patient Dies, Doctor Suspended

Doctor Doesn’t Help Patient, Patient Dies, Doctor SuspendedAt Yongzhou county people’s hospital in Hunan one patient was spitting blood and needed emergency help, but the doctor instead said to call 120 (hospital) first, resulting in the death of the patient. The hospital today responded that this was a very serious case of misconduct, the doctor involved has already been fired and is barred from practicing medicine for a year. Netizens want to know why he only has one year of probation, instead saying that it should be his whole life, and that they finally know why so many people want to kill doctors.


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  • Drone

    Hippocrates was a foreigner.

  • Vance

    My immediate reaction agreed with the Netizen comment. Why only a year?

  • jakeinchina

    The courts in China are to blame. Touch a person to try to help them, and when things go bad, turn around and suit the doctor. Happens all over the world, but esp in China and judges agree with the plaintiff. Sad

  • Shaw Zhb

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