Document Revealing Shaolin Abbot’s Adulterous Life Exposed

Document Revealing Shaolin Abbot’s Adulterous Life Exposed

Shaolin whistleblower “Shi Zhengyi” has revealed yet more scandalous information regarding Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin. He released a record from the Ministry of Public Security to media, which details that Shi Yongxin committed adultery 10-20 times with a woman he “lead astray” by allowing her to fix Buddha statues and providing her with a good life. The “meetings” occurred in various locations including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Zhengzhou, and resulted in the woman becoming pregnant. One netizen said Shi Yongxin’s bad conduct wasn’t the main issue- it was why he was appointed as Abbot.

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  • WghUk

    Gets more hilarious by the day.

  • Amused

    This is strictly amateur hour stuff here.
    Let America send over the Jerry Falwells, Oral Robertses and Jim Bakers we’ve got laying about, and China can send us this sideshow huckster.
    Seems fair to me :)

  • DD Bear!

    the snitch wants to replace him, the woman wants to get money from him.

  • vonskippy

    On another note – ChinaSMACK, update your front page, it’s been the same for weeks (months?). The only thing of interest anymore is the small strip of mini-stories. Oh how the mighty has fallen.