Donated Human Blood Plasma Used As Plant Fertilizer


From Mop:

Shocking! So this is how the blood plasma from Chengdu City Blood Bank is used! So angry!!

Shocking! The blood plasma donated to the “Chengdu City Blood Bank” by the ordinary common people is used as fertilizer to water flowers by the powerful/privileged! (The user’s internet name: 来来回回, even shamelessly posts to show off!)


[来来回回’s post: “Come take a look at my fertilizer!!! High-protein nutrition!!!]








Comments from Mop:


The blood of these cunt-raised human scum should really be drained out to make blood tofu to be eaten.


Yeah, [the blood plasma] doesn’t appear to be past the expiration date either.
And what more, the post includes the label, [the blood plasma] had passed inspection,
which means it is blood plasma that can be directly given to patients, so how is it here [in private hands, being used as fertilizer]?


If this is real, that person deserves a painful death.


Donating blood is disguised selling blood. Here, 200cc of blood is only worth a bottle of yogurt and crackers, which is cheap for those bastards [the ones who receive the blood]!


Lou zhu is mistaken, he is only using the outside packaging/bag…maybe reusing waste…


Right now the majority of blood in the country depends on enthusiastic university students and soldiers donating…truly a waste of natural resources!


In order to become famous, [some people are] willing to do all sorts of fake things. [This person is] boring.


First make sure you have the story straight before you talk. This will hurt a lot of people~those who donate blood sincerely!


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Fuck…I Baidu‘d images of blood plasma…the color looks real.

What more, [this] hasn’t expired yet. Fuck. Good thing you have to kill me before I ever donate blood.


I am wondering now, the 400cc of blood I donated, where is it now?

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