Donating Sperm In China, One Chinese Netizen’s Experience

A desk with pornography and tissue paper for the sperm donor.

Supplies at a sperm bank in China.

From ifeng & Tiexue:

Netizen secretly photographs the entire sperm donation process

University student sperm donations only truly began flourishing in the past year or two. “Beginning from last year, the compensation for transportation and missed work for Guangdong sperm donors increased greatly, with qualified donors receiving an increase to 300 yuan each time, while unqualified donors receive 50 yuan each time. The total donations for qualified donors is around 10 times, each donation separated by 5-10 days, paid at the end of each time, with around 3000 yuan of compensation possible through the entire process.”

Supplies at a Chinese sperm bank.

A pornographic film provided for the sperm donor.

A desk with pornography and tissue paper for the sperm donor.

Gloves at a sperm bank in China.

Tissues provided to the sperm donor.

A Chinese sperm donor takes a blurry photo of a pornographic film provided to him at a Chinese sperm bank.

A photograph of ejaculate in a cup at a Chinese sperm bank.

A doctor at a sperm bank in China.

A room with a bed for Chinese sperm donors.

Sperm under a microscope.

Where sperm is stored at a Chinese sperm bank.

Frozen sperm at a sperm bank in China.

Comments from ifeng:


A place where watching porn is legal.


If it were once per day? Wouldn’t that be easier than doing business?


This is a good profession, donating sperm when young, storing it up, good for others and for oneself. If for some reason you can’t have kids in the future, there will still be the sperm you donated and stored up in the past, and you can still be a father.


What do they want so much of this [sperm] for? I really don’t understand.


2012 approaches, collect the genes, prepare to flee.


Much more worth it than donating blood!


So sad
Humanity’s future, very frightening.
At any moment, incest could happen.


Brothers who love to masturbate, now you have a future!


The service and amenities are indeed not bad, but it doesn’t feel realistic. It’d be better if there were women to help!!!!!!

Comments from Tiexue:


So much trouble, just have the recipient of the sperm come to the site to receive the sperm and all three parties involved will save a lot of trouble.


Donate! Then in the future when you are walking on the street you’ll be able to often see children that look like you! Then you can proudly say: My sons and daughters are all over the world!


[With] this website shut down and that website under investigation, where is the hospital getting its porn~~~~~~~ Looks like they have quite a private collection downloaded…


That place, I want to go too. I’m from Shandong, our physiques are good, so we should have priority. I make only 3000 per month working. Forget once every 5 days, I can do at most 3 times every 5 days too. How much income I can make! Give me the address, I don’t need the transportation subsidy, I can bring myself.


Had I known earlier, I would’ve donated too. I’ve wasted tens of thousands of yuan.


In China, it is masturbation. In Little Japan, it is beautiful nurses help you with a handjob.

What about you? Have you ever been a sperm (or egg) donor? What was your experience? Did you receive money? How much?

Donors and beautiful nurses. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


Written by Fauna

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