Donating Sperm In China, One Chinese Netizen’s Experience

Supplies at a sperm bank in China.

From ifeng & Tiexue:

Netizen secretly photographs the entire sperm donation process

University student sperm donations only truly began flourishing in the past year or two. “Beginning from last year, the compensation for transportation and missed work for Guangdong sperm donors increased greatly, with qualified donors receiving an increase to 300 yuan each time, while unqualified donors receive 50 yuan each time. The total donations for qualified donors is around 10 times, each donation separated by 5-10 days, paid at the end of each time, with around 3000 yuan of compensation possible through the entire process.”

Supplies at a Chinese sperm bank.

A pornographic film provided for the sperm donor.

A desk with pornography and tissue paper for the sperm donor.

Gloves at a sperm bank in China.

Tissues provided to the sperm donor.

A Chinese sperm donor takes a blurry photo of a pornographic film provided to him at a Chinese sperm bank.

A photograph of ejaculate in a cup at a Chinese sperm bank.

A doctor at a sperm bank in China.

A room with a bed for Chinese sperm donors.

Sperm under a microscope.

Where sperm is stored at a Chinese sperm bank.

Frozen sperm at a sperm bank in China.

Comments from ifeng:


A place where watching porn is legal.


If it were once per day? Wouldn’t that be easier than doing business?


This is a good profession, donating sperm when young, storing it up, good for others and for oneself. If for some reason you can’t have kids in the future, there will still be the sperm you donated and stored up in the past, and you can still be a father.


What do they want so much of this [sperm] for? I really don’t understand.


2012 approaches, collect the genes, prepare to flee.


Much more worth it than donating blood!


So sad
Humanity’s future, very frightening.
At any moment, incest could happen.


Brothers who love to masturbate, now you have a future!


The service and amenities are indeed not bad, but it doesn’t feel realistic. It’d be better if there were women to help!!!!!!

Comments from Tiexue:


So much trouble, just have the recipient of the sperm come to the site to receive the sperm and all three parties involved will save a lot of trouble.


Donate! Then in the future when you are walking on the street you’ll be able to often see children that look like you! Then you can proudly say: My sons and daughters are all over the world!


[With] this website shut down and that website under investigation, where is the hospital getting its porn~~~~~~~ Looks like they have quite a private collection downloaded…


That place, I want to go too. I’m from Shandong, our physiques are good, so we should have priority. I make only 3000 per month working. Forget once every 5 days, I can do at most 3 times every 5 days too. How much income I can make! Give me the address, I don’t need the transportation subsidy, I can bring myself.


Had I known earlier, I would’ve donated too. I’ve wasted tens of thousands of yuan.


In China, it is masturbation. In Little Japan, it is beautiful nurses help you with a handjob.

What about you? Have you ever been a sperm (or egg) donor? What was your experience? Did you receive money? How much?

Donors and beautiful nurses. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Li RuiKe

    Doesn’t this country have an over-abundance of men? Why are they paying for sperm? Maybe the wives want rich (ugly) husbands but beautiful children, so they pay for a genetically superior man’s seed. Not my idea of “family”. These people make good farmers and breeders. Too bad Li Gangs they then raise their purchased offspring in stupid, arrogant, selfish, uncreative, and useless ways.

    • Chris N.

      I think you’re spot on with that analysis there Li RuiKe. Why should women whose husbands have a disease or are infertile or lesbians couples be allowed to have children?

      • Chris

        The internet needs a sarcasm font.

      • Li RuiKe

        Friends from Sichuan regularly mention the high availability of abandoned children, mostly girls, to my wife and I, hoping that we’ll adopt. With 2 kids in university now, that’s a tough decision.

        In my initial argument, I guess I underestimated the joys of pregnancy and childbirth, especially for lesbians.

        • MeatBall

          And maybe the joy of having some of your own DNA in your child.

        • Chris

          It’s not always used for conception. The sperm can be used for medical research as well.

          • Li Ruike

            I think it’s also the glue used to hold together most of the products available in China. Just enough stick to get the things sold.

          • Mad Man

            Li Ruike may be onto something.
            No more licking envelopes for me.

          • Supreme_Leader

            Boys – when we gtave women equal rights – they decided it’s not so much fun to fumble around with a drunk smelly dude – they’re not interested in that anymore. Jennifer Aniston, etc. are all convinced that “the man” is useless. Well maybe we are, but maybe when your “son” grows up to be a fashion designer (and not a famous one) with AIDS, you will reconsider.

            PS – Chinese people hate black people.

  • Chris N.


    this sofa ain’t so clean as other sofas….

  • PRC

    no wonder my gf has been collecting my sperms…

    • Pvt. Joker

      I hope she is transporting it in her mouth, you lucky bastard.

  • Muay Thai guy

    Who on earth would want their sperm? I didn’t even see a sofa in that room.

    • china doll

      chinese woman who can not find a hasbend…thats the only category i think)

      • Rick in China

        They can’t find a husband, but want some random uni student’s DNA?

        Good choice to the single moms, if that were actually the case, Random vs. Disappointment, seems they lose out either way.

  • Irvin

    Fuck! I’ve been wasting mine all this time.

  • xmcx

    “At any moment, incest could happen”
    Yes, this one is spot on: it’s the major problem with now knowing your parents. It will only work if you ask permission with the sperm&egg bank, who will keep the secret genealogical “roster” of whose is which seed, before you procreate. Keep in mind the roster has to be kept secret to prevent offspring from asking their biological parents for care/money. But if you want to avoid incest, queries have to be made every time two individuals (at least of which was borrowed-seed) plan to have a child. So the “global center for remembering biological kinship links” must answer queries of the form “does A, child of borrowed seed, have common parentage with me, B (because we plan to have a child)?”. You can see there must be a moderating mechanism, to prevent development of some nasty business entreprises. Suppose I am C, avid boss: my lucrative but amoral entreprise is the following: I know D is a rich guy whose wild oats got put in the bank and sowed around some. I know D has a child B. I spam the “global center for parentage link checking” with requests of the form “can B and A have a child” where A runs through the phone book of penniless bumpkins born from borrowed seed. Assuming the information returned from the global center is the worst possible degree of “A and D, your child runs the highest risk of malformation”. That’s enough to sue D asking for money on the pretense that he is most likely A’s biological parent. I take a cut of whatever A gets. If the query requires A to sign, I’m pretty sure a penniless bumpkin who knows he’s born from borrowed seed will agree to sign: what’s to lose? So, should the query be made a paying service?What fair price would deter amoral business dealers like me?How many little Mozarts would not be conceived because their parents could not pay that price and would not run the risk of incest? Do note I stayed focused on making money, withough pointing out that many well-to-do people would like to check B is not their sister way before the third date, nowhere near as late as the serious point where they’re out to make a baby. So yea, a few issues in this seed bank idea…

    • Wade

      The enter key broken on the keyboard?

    • xmcx

      oh damn, I mistyped, it should read “A and B, your child runs the highest risk of malformation”. Damn I hope this doesn’t discourage business angels and venture capitalists from funding me, again :p

  • 水溶C100

    Can somebody please make a blog post (IN Chinese) about how sperm can help protect you from radiation….

    Oh god please!!!

    • china doll

      im sure all chinese will stay in lines from 6am to get it than, poor peoples…

  • Wade

    I tried to donate sperm back in college in the US. It was a really long drawn out process of background checks, personality surveys and essays, personal medical history of myself and every close relative, official college transcript check, and complete genetic testing. There was also a sperm volume minimum where you have to have a higher than normal sperm count as some sperm will die in the freezing process.

    I ended up getting to the very end, but not making the last cut due to a rare recessive mutation of cystic fibrosis gene. Good thing to know I had, but it would have been about $150-300 a pop depending on volume on a 6 month contract with a minimum of once a week donation. I did get some movie tickets out of it though.

    This operation seems less regulated.

    • they say there are two kinds, Qualified and Unqualified which makes it seem like maybe it is more regulated and they just didn’t show the procedure before hand as it was probably boring. Guessing the “unqualified” procedure is a bit more direct though…

    • Golden Bollox

      “I did get some movie tickets out of it though.”

      Movie tickets? Didn’t you feel a bit palmed-off?

      • Golden Bollox

        …which movie did you see?

        ‘The Fast & the Furious’ or ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’?

        • Rick in China

          Perhaps he went to see Snatch – since his poor little guys wouldn’t get the opportunity…

          • Golden Bollox

            …yeah, & if ‘Snatch’ was full he could have settled with ‘Splash’

  • diverdude

    Article Song

    I Touch Myself
    ~the divinyls

    • KT

      The divinyls…really good one, but Chrissie is a bit too fat for this these days.

  • Song of the Article!

    Ride of the Valkyries
    by Wagner


    • fouManChu

      May I suggest:
      I should be born – Jets overhead
      Swimmers – Broken Social Scene

  • Koreansentry

    Place looks dirty.

  • bert

    Yes, it is China.

    • fouManChu

      I had the opposite thought. Given all the other stories on chinaSmack of backward primitive peasants behaving badly I was primed to see some shitty “glory hole” operation. This is about halfway to first world. There have been multiple scandals in first world for profit fertility clinics where the donor turned out to be the doctor or owner of the clinic and not the donor described in the fictional profile given to the recipient. Surroundings won’t tell you everything.

  • Justin

    I’m surprised none of you foreigners (or I guess I should say we foreigners, or you other foreigners since I too am a foreigner) have brought up the issue of why no sperm banks for foreign sperm donors, you know, since in China people seem to be ga-ga for mixed race babies.

    If there are such places that accept foreign sperm, does anyone know of one? I have been looking for something to supplement my writing/editing income, and this profession seems to merge all my hobbies, interests and skills into one money-making endeavor.

    Also, I never tried back home because I think I would be disqualified for my hereditary bipolar disorder as well as my pot addiction, but here I might be able to slip one past the goalie as it were.

    • Captain China

      You sound like a bit of a douche.
      Your post read like you need to sell jizm due to a failed fapfiction enterprise, and that you were trying to sell off fucked up genes.
      To be honest, I’m surprised that China let in someone with bi-polar.

      Just my 2 fen.

      • Justin

        Actually I was joking troll. I don’t need to sell my “fucked up genes“ at all as I make plenty of money from my steady nine-to-five job as an editor on top of what I make as a freelance journalist and columnist with some 200+ published articles under his belt.

        Your response reads like it was written by a puny-brained faux English teacher simp with nothing but a high school diploma and nothing better to do with his time but to flame people at random in the bowels of an Internet forum like some 12-year-old prepube Youtube fucktard.

        If you think my genes are fucked up, then why don’t you do yourself a favor and actually read a fucking book about bi-polar disorder, or for that matter, any book at all, that is if you can read. If you read Kay Redfield Jameson or any of the vast amounts of literature on the disease, you would see that some of the greatest minds of all time suffered from bi-polar disorder or depression.

        只是我的2分。我也自学汉字。 我学了一年了已经会写和读书。你呢?谁是douche?

        • Mark

          你还在吹牛。你还像灌水器 :)

          • Justin

            I guess I deserve that.

        • Captain China

          You clearly weren’t joking, but you can back-peddle all you want.

          为什么你觉得我不能打字? 看起来你还是Douche.

          Also, what the fuck has the ability to read or write Chinese got to do with anything? Pathetic.

      • Mad Man

        Chill out.

        Mixed race kids are where its at.
        I’m a firm advocate of every race shagging every other, or as I like to think of it, donating their sperm free of charge. Cut out the middle man.

        When my loving mantra becomes a global phenomena, we’ll all end up looking like sexy Filipinos within 3 or 4 generations.

        Sorted. No more racism.

        Exotic bonking saves the world.

    • Mark

      Do you think Chinese parents are going to want explain all the time why they have a mixed baby? I doubt the father in that situation would like hearing all the gossip about why he’s raising a mixed child.

      It doesn’t make the situation any easier if the kid were to also grow up bipolar, pot addicted, unemployable, or any other conditions that gets passed along in your sour-ass chromosomes.

      thx for being a laowai stereotype.

      • Justin

        1.) I think, for reasons mentioned above, being bi-polar is a good thing if you are medicated properly 2.) Pot isn’t addictive 3.) as my earlier comments indicate I am not unemployable and am in fact gainfully employed in a steady job that pays reasonably well.

        I wasn’t actually suggesting that they should open up such clinics, I was just joking about it in a satire of the laowai stereotype, so give me a break. Sheesh.

        • Rick in China

          Justin: Reading the initial post seemed like fishing for the kind of reply you got; it’s difficult to let people know what is and isn’t a joke in this medium.

          Mark: RE: “father in that situation would like hearing all the gossip about why he’s raising a mixed child.”
          There is some validity there for some people. The majority of people probably fit into that mindset. That being said, people raise children that are not their own all the time – including mixed race children – and some parents may be interested in the benefits of spreading out the gene pool if they’re going down the lets-find-sperm-donor route already. It’s less common in a homogeneous place like China of course, but with this number of people and a growing number of wealthy/educated people I think it would definitely have a market.

        • DRaY

          You messed up buddy, quit while you’re ahead…. I think mixed babies are cute too, if you are white, your wife should have a half black kid. Lets see how you feel about that, when people start talking shit behind your back.. LoL…. you’ll be Tri-Polar.

        • Shawn Wilkes

          Anyone who smokes pot is a loser in my book. Not addictive my ass… I’ve seen bums on that stuff who couldn’t teach a class worth a damn because they were always high (if they actually made it to class). Same goes for drunks and pu**y-chasers… you all give foreigners a bad name.

          • Rooboy

            I agree with you about the pot,,,,,,,
            But leave us drunk, pussy chasers alone !!!

        • Chris

          Pot does significantly lowers your sperm count and motility. You won’t be one of those qualified donors.

    • ChrisPug

      Hey Justin attemp to sell your sperm on taobao and ill buy you a slab…

      • Chris N.

        my god, theres going to be a chinasmack article about foreigners selling sperm on taobao.

    • Chef Rocco

      Justin, bright idea, you know why you can earn more by selling your sperm than your blood? Because it is handmade!

      What is more, you may save your expenses in massage parlors by pretending to have difficulty coming and asking help from a nurse in sperm bank.

      Don’t worry about bipolar, tell them all the symptoms happen exclusively under your crotch.

    • Gary

      “why no sperm banks for foreign sperm donors”

      Because there would be long lines at all the embassies of Chinese women with half caucasian babies demanding visas because their child’s father was a US/Canadian/EU citizen.

    • Alikese

      I was at an English corner and some middle aged Chinese lady came up to my brother and started saying: “Well, China has a one-child policy but if I have a kid with a foreigner…” and “if I had a half American baby I wouldn’t have to pay the government’s fine…” It was incredibly awkward and we found an excuse to leave soon, but if she had been attractive it might have been a different story.

      In short, I will invest in your Yanguizi Spank Bank.

  • chengdude

    ThinkPad screens aren’t that great for watching movies.

  • Jess

    The second-last picture had me picturing giant vats of semen just swimming around in there. I guess that’s the case…but not exactly how I had imagined it to be…

  • peeweesqueeze

    they should subcontract to all the barbershops around town and the girls would be getting double pay, it will be more anonymous, service is 24 hours in almost every district, and everyone benefits, one last note, in Japan they also use sperm for facials, when that catches on it would really push up demand and prices

  • So, what is the difference between qualified and unqualified donors?

    • Pvt. Joker

      Why would they want unqualified at all is the question. If they didn’t pass the screening phase why would they want to pay them anyway.

    • Chris

      Usually, they are looking at sperm count, and motility as an index of the health of the specimen.

      @Pvt. Joker:

      Because you can’t know if the sperm is good or not, until you have it too look at. Therefore, you have to encourage people to donate, and not for free.

      • Pvt. Joker

        Bro, watching free porn with the possibility of getting paid for it is enough incentive for me. But the porn better be good or I’m losing my wood.

  • Golden Bollox

    Guys, a word of warning – my ‘Microsoft-moment’

    A few years back I dropped by a Shanghai spunk-n-dunk hoping to bank-a-wank so as to hang in China for longer. I was taken to a room with plastic cup, box of Kleenex & dodgy old ThinkPad. The staff were incredibly friendly with big smiles & nods of encouragement – I was given directions on how to operate the laptop & get the movie started …but a technical glitch caused the frames to freeze every few seconds. Eventually, with a couple of re-boots, we got the action started & the staff left the room, closing the door behind them.

    I waited a few minutes & then focused on the job in hand. Wasn’t long before I’d got myself into a right old frenzy, pants around my ankles, body stretched-out rigid – grunts’n groans muffled as the right hand shuffled – couldn’t believe they were paying me to have sex with someone I love …oooooooh, sweet-baby-jesus, dizzy-heights, starry-nights, blinking-lights’n stalagmites …teetering on the edge of the void, a billion oblivions …ready to chuck-my-muck, squirt-my-shirt, fling-my-string for the wèishóu shèjīng… at that very same moment two IT guys burst into the room, toking smokes & cracking jokes. One offered me the XP update disc while the other told me to “kuài yīdiǎn” – ‘cos there were others waiting…

    Needless to say, I decided this wasn’t the career for me – & became an English teacher instead. I guess you could say I’ve progressed from being a wanker to being a complete-&-utter-wanker.

  • John

    A higher price for qualified donors eh? Not as crazy as you might think, an American made a business of selling such highly prized seed although his were from an extremely exclusive bunch of very achieving men. And yes it did work, in part. The offspring from the sperm did indeed inherit their donor’s excellences somewhat but none went on to shadow in their ‘father’s’ footsteps as in achieve the notoriety that they did. Exceptional people but not recognised geniuses.

  • Jeff

    Can one have porn with that…haha!

    • Jeff

      gay porn?

      Oh hell I’ll knock up your wives for you if you like! :-)
      1/2 price of the clinic!

      see very old american movie “a boy and his dog” similar topic – sperm extraction.
      Nazi doctors developed a tool for sperm extraction in the concentration camp experimental labs!

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  • sam

    please give me the address of this place i want to become a sperm donor,im a foreigner and im 1.9m tall,im 23 years old and i want to provide sperm for our future!! send me the address im in Wuhan now for 4 years.

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