Donations for Guizhou ‘Fur Child’ Lili’s Treatment in Shanghai

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

2012 July 23 UPDATE:

Thank you, everyone for your kind-hearted attention and generosity. As of this time, no further donations are needed for Liu Jiangli “Lili”. Please read Little Wolf’s email below:

Hi Fauna,

I wanted to update you on Lili’s situation. I think you can remove the appeal for donations now as this has succeeded far beyond our wildest expectations. As you know there was a New Zealand Film company seeking permission to follow her story and they even offered to make a trust fund for her and pay the remainder to reach the goal of 120,000 rmb. As it turns out, there had already been more than enough money raised and the family has been so overwhelmed with gifts, well wishers and even adoption offers from around the world that they turned down the film company’s offer and simply want to keep Lili’s and their privacy and just be normal again.

So….while everybody has been giving me all the kudos….I really think it is you and your website that have been the real heroes here. Your site is more influential and widely read than I think people can imagine and you stories get international exposure. I would bet for every 1 commenter on chinaSMACK there must be thousands everyday that merely read and lurk. As a result, several major USA and European websites picked up Lili’s story and most likely from chinaSMACK since it may be the only source about Lili that was in English.

I think it would be good if you can announce this achievement, thank all the foreigners that contributed and let them celebrate that they made a huge difference. I also think you should mention that we hope we can keep these kinds of actions going, that there are so many other needy children and they can now donate knowing that their money is truly making a difference. Of course, however you want to handle it is up to you.

Again, I want to thank you for making all this possible. I know I hardly did anything except put a foreign face on it. It is really you that made made it all work. I hope you can consider the momentum going by perhaps adding a small section featuring a different child in need and I am still up for putting in my time to help raise money.

Little Wolf

Previous Information:

Attention Readers!

This is to update the latest developments on Lili, the Guizhou “fur girl”, which many of you have expressed desire to get involved with her being cured and avoiding exploitation. Perhaps some people have already forgotten but there are many of us that haven’t. There have been e-mails and text messages and phone calls flying furiously in the past few days between Xu Zebin (Eric), the reporter from Guiyang that originally “broke” this story, Fauna, myself, Sponge Monkey, and the volunteer from Angel Mom Foundation that is handling her case named Anjuer. At present, everyone is doing their best but there is no real system in place to accept donations from abroad and we are trying to rectify this as quickly as possible.

I’m happy to report that she will arrive in Shanghai next week to undergo the first of several surgeries that she will need. Anybody in the Shanghai area is welcome to come meet her and can donate money directly or drop off a teddy bear or just send out happy thoughts. Although the hospital will begin treating her, there is still a long way to go to reach the amount needed for her treatment. I don’t really know how to write something inspirational except that I think we can all agree that helping another human being to improve the quality of their life is certainly one of the most satisfying things any of us can do.

Info on the exact time of arrival, the hospital’s address, etc….will be posted soon [Note: Updated below!].

Little Wolf

Amount that needs to be raised

We are told that a total of 160,000 120,000 RMB is needed for Lili’s medical treatments for her skin condition. We are double-checking how much has already been raised and hope to provide progress updates.

The surgery costs are approximately 120,000, and we have so far already raised nearly 60,000! Only about 60,000 remains. Thank you all, for your concern for Lili, we trust she will definitely get better soon and be a happy, beautiful little angel!

–Anjuer/Xie Anhua [Angel Mom Foundation volunteer]

How to donate:

Information on how to meet and donate to Lili in person in Shanghai

Lili will be arriving in Shanghai on Thursday 28 July and going to 上海第九人民医院 Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital for treatment. Little Wolf will visit her on Sunday 1 July if anyone in Shanghai would like to also visit her personally. You can also contact Anjuer, the Angel Mom Foundation volunteer who will be present, at 13764066173 to arrange a time on Sunday.

If you wish to donate cash, Anjuer recommends directly paying it into Lili’s hospital account for her treatment costs instead of handing it to her family. You can have her family write an acceptance note and Anjuer will be present to serve as witness. Anjuer stresses that it is very important that everyone is clear on the donations and how they are handled as she must prepare a case report at the end of this Lili’s treatment to ensure that everything is held accountable to the public and donors.

Lili boarding a train to Shanghai for treatment.
Lili boarding a train in Guiyang for Shanghai, on Wednesday June 27.

Here are some more photos of Lili, now at the Shanghai hospital:

Shanghai No. 9 People's Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Ward 1.
Shanghai No. 9 People's Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Ward 1.
Lili on her hospital bed.
Lili on her hospital bed.
Lili's patient information.
Lili's patient information.
Lili and a nurse filling out paperwork.
Lili and a nurse filling out paperwork.

2012 July 7 UPDATE: Read about John and Little Wolf’s experience visiting Lili in the hospital here!

If you are not in Shanghai but would still like to contribute to Lili’s treatments, you can donate money to the Angel Mom Foundation through the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children online. However, you will need a Chinese bank account or Alipay/Tenpay.

1. First, visit the visit CCAFC website, or go directly to this page on the CCAFC website as circled below.

Donation instructions to Angel Mom via CCAFC.

2. Click on 天使妈妈专项基金 (Angel Mom Foundation). Then click on “Next Step” (下一步).

Donation instructions to Angel Mom via CCAFC.

3. On the next page is a form. * boxes are required.

  • *使用指向: To be used for – This should already have the words 天使妈妈专项基金 inside. This is the organization or project you will be donating to.
  • *捐款人姓名: Donor’s name – Input your name or your company’s name here.
  • *类型: Type – Choose between “Individual” or “Company”.
  • *捐款金额: Donation amount – This maybe should be in RMB amount.
  • *所在区域: Location – The first drop down box allows you to choose “domestic” or “foreign/abroad”. This will affect the second drop down box. If you choose “domestic”, you can choose your location inside China in the second box. If you choose “foreign/abroad”, then you can choose your country in the second box.
  • 性别: Gender – Choose “male” or “female”.
  • 邮箱: Email address – Input your email address here.
  • 联系地址: Contact address – Input your mailing address here.
  • 联系电话: Contact number – Input your telephone number here.
  • 是否同意捐款姓名公示: Do you agree to make public your donation – Choose the second option 否 (no) if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • 是否需要收据: Do you need a receipt – Choose the first option 是 (yes) if you want a receipt or fapiao. Two additional boxes will appear (see below).
  • 邮政编码: Postal code – Input your postal code here.
  • 收据详细地址: Detailed address for receipt – Input your address for the receipt.
  • 捐赠留言: Donation message – Please to specify “刘蒋丽专用” (Liu Jiangli, “Lili”) here. You may want to include the URL to our story ( just to be sure they know who you are referring to.
  • 验证码: Verification number – Input the four digit number to the right.

In red is a note asking you to not close the browser window after completing your transaction and to return to the homepage first.

Donation instructions to Angel Mom via CCAFC.

4. On the next page, you will have to choose how to remit the money to CCAFC. Your options are a variety of major banks in China as well as Alipay and Tenpay. You should be familiar with completing the transaction from this point.

Donation instructions to Angel Mom via CCAFC.

Additional bank transfer information:

开户银行:中国银行北京分行西翠路支行 – Bank Where Account Was Opened: Bank of China, Beijing Branch, Xicui Road Sub-Branch
户 名:中华少年儿童慈善救助基金会 – Account Name: China Charities Aid Foundation for Children
账 号:813223279608094001 – Account Number: 813223279608094001
地 址:中国北京市海淀区万寿路乙15号楼A座7层 – Address: China, Beijing, Haiding District, Wanshou Road #15, Building A, 7th floor
邮政编码:100036 – Postal Code: 100036

I am not sure how you can specify to what organization or project your donation should go to through this sort of bank transfer.

Anjuer of Angel Mom Foundation has provided us information on how to donate to Lili through an American charity called A Life A Time Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization.

The available donation options are check and PayPal ([email protected]). Lili is not listed on the website so you should specify Angel Mom Foundation and Liu Jiangli (“Lili”). If you have space, again you may want to include a link to our report just to be sure they know exactly who you are referring to.


  • 120625 4:00 – Initial post published.
  • 120625 13:00 – Add fundraising target amount and A Life A Time overseas donations information (bank, PayPal).
  • 120625 15:00 – Updated total amount of donations that needs to be raised, added current amount already raised.
  • 120625 16:20 – Added Lili’s Shanghai arrival date and hospital location.
  • 120625 19:30 – Correction to CCAFC donation instructions, additional information for seeing Lili in Shanghai.
  • 120628 15:30 – Added photo of Lili in Guiyang boarding train to Shanghai from Little Wolf.
  • 120629 18:30 – Added photos of Lili in Shanghai hospital.
  • 120707 15:30 – Updated to include link to John and Little Wolf’s visit with Lili.
  • 120723 18:30 – Update to Lili’s situation and closing of donations.
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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Lee

    Such a cute girl, hope everything goes well for her

    • tbh

      Love the smile on her face, there is compassion wish the best for her!. I will ask my Chinese friends to valid accounts and spread the word.
      Keep up good spirits young girl, everything is going well for you!

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    Always satisfying to see good come from the internet.

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        I will be in China either this September or this December, depending on when I decide to leave my soul crushing corporate job.

        You have my email. /winkwink

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          Irrelevant for me, amusement for others and gain in opinion publishing for u two.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    Fauna, can you be sure this is a reputable charity? that 90%+ of the money is actually going to go to this little girl?

    Dont know if there is some BBB out here in china…

    • Little Wolf

      For whatever it’s worth, I have full confidence in this organization as I have been thoroughly put at ease by a reporter that has been my best friend for 10 years and he has exposed several frauds before. And the fact that Fauna is satisfied with the integrity of the organization enough to put this announcement here should speak volumes.

      Again…if you’re near Shanghai and have the time you can actually visit her and give directly.

      • Patrick

        I’m mulling that choice over. Depends on a few things for me.

    • An anonymous boy…

      You can see individual donations with names etc to a child and how much has been spent of that.

      Here is an example (not her) :

      Lily isn’t up there yet as far as I can tell though. So for all intents and purposes you can see if your money went to her. Then raise hell if it didn’t or whatever you wish to do.

  • Brett Hunan

    This is great. Thanks for following up on Lili’s story for all of us and for providing a chance to help her. Any idea how long she will have to be at the hospital? Is there any public information available about the transparency of the organizations we can donate to? I want to help Lily, but I dont want half of my money to help her. An organization that takes less than 10% for costs is great to me.

    • An anonymous boy…

      They are very transparent. You can find out how much they spend here:

      I did an estimate this year so far based on that data: 54-64% on medical (such as surgery/infusions etc), 14-24% living (homes/food/etc for children), 11-15% salary, < 1% other. You can do a more thorough evaluation if you would like using last years data.

      So around 85-89% is going to the help the children this year according to my estimate.

      You can't tell how much exactly they will spend on her since she lives together with other children: shares food/home/etc. You will only know her medical expenses probably.

      • Brett Hunan

        Thanks Ananonboy!

        I should really just follow my employees’ advice and hire a personal assistant. Then I don’t have to ask random people on the internet to do research for me.

      • Little Wolf

        anonymous boy: Yes, they are very transparent and show all expenses in their monthly newsletter. I am becoming more and more impressed with them in my daily conversations. An excellent organization of caring people.

  • Jen Sen

    I am chinese overseas. I have paypal and would like to make a donation.

    • Little Wolf

      Thanks Jen Sen. We are trying to set up a Paypal account and have just received word from a USA organization that is working with Angel Mom to accept donations on Lili’s behalf. We will post this info as soon as possible….

  • DRaY

    And how will this mystery surgery work???? What are they gonna do to this girl???
    …. How do you take this type of skin off a person?

    • linette

      They do have skin surgery for Lili’s skin disease. Those hospitals in China successfully treated many other patient with similar condition like Lily. Lili is not the only child have such skin condition.

    • Rick in China

      Lasers, lots of lasers..

      • eattot

        right,use lasers kill hair cells….
        or,when she is older,after her body grows well,she can do skin remove.nowadays,scientists already have gotten some new organ from pigs which can be used on human bodies.

        • Rick in China

          Yes. Pig skin is a great option- instead of wolf girl people can call her football (ie pig skin).

      • cc

        Just buy her a BIc razor and some shaving foam

    • An anonymous boy…

      There are many different options. Typically, they remove parts of it and use skin graphs which causes lots of scarring. Removal is easily done with a regular scalpel or a laser one.

      However, a more modern practice involves using tissue expansion through the use of a balloon under the skin to cause new skin to grow around the nevus. After enough skin has grown, they remove the nevus and connect the excess skin around the area. The outcome is pretty good with much less scarring compared to the skin graph method.

      • DRaY

        So what is the exact procedure they will use on this girl? All I see is speculation. Sorry don’t trust people here .. .is this girl even real? Living in Shanghai has made me JADED as FUCK.

        Love to donate as long as I know my money isn’t being scammed.

  • The Enlightened One

    Hello Little Wolf et al,

    Just wondering if you had any information on how much these procedures cost?

    I would like to donate via PayPal since most of my business is done online. Got that information?

    • Little Wolf

      TEO: The target is to raise 160,000 kuai. The Guiyang reporter that reported the original story quotes 60,000 has been raised so far. A good start but still a way to go.
      We are trying to push Angel Mom to make a Paypal account to make it easier for foreigners to donate. This is a more or less unique situation and I think nobody expected much support from foreigners and so there is not a convenient system in place yet.
      This has been a learn as you go experience for all of us involved. Please keep checking this page….wheels be turning.

      • The Enlightened One


        Just so you guys know there is a PayPal presence in China and it does connect to Chinese banks quite conveniently. It should be pretty painless to setup and only take moments.

        Please let me know when you do, thanks.

  • Little Wolf

    BTW….I will be traveling to the hospital on Sunday, July 1st to meet with Lili and her grandfather(her parents abandoned her) and the volunteer from Angel mom. Any Chinasmackers in the area are welcome to go and meet us. I’ll be raising cash by allowing people to rub my ass for good luck for 100rmb per stroke. So… here’s your big chance. Eattot, Sponge Monkey….. that means you!

    • jeffli

      WHAT ABOUT 2000RMB?

      • Little Wolf

        Uh…….20 rubs. That’s alot of luck there jeffli. Probably enough for a decent sized Powerball lottery winner. No guarantee, though. I mean…..gotta give others a chance.

        • jeffli

          You’re lucky 20 RUBs ain’t worth a higher denomination of inter personal currency ;-)

          BTW your avatar what is it? looks like a skinny Gene Simmons (KISS)?
          Or like eating pizza /chocolate / and ice-cream all foreigners are dressing like this?

          • Little Wolf

            In fact….it is a native American in traditional Crow Dance Ceremony dress. And apparently I am not the only person that thinks he looks awesome. As I was googling for the image just now I came across the exact picture tattooed on a guy’s shoulder. (3533196806_afafd40de5.jpg is the link but I can’t open it so it must be blocked. Go figure) Tattoos with faces almost always fail.

        • jeffli

          Oh BTW
          thanks for your best wishes but don’t worry about the power ball lottery………… I already have two “power balls” lol

          • Little Wolf

            See? It’s working already. Even retro-active.

    • jeffli

      Oh and lil’ Wolf be a dear and don’t dress up like your avatar, You’ll frighten the poor child!
      She may even think you may need a few hairy bits taken off too lol
      forget rubbing your ass (your not my type) but I will donate.

      • Little Wolf

        Good idea :)

        • jeffli

          Onya Wulf!

        • jeffli

          However, you could dress up as China’s , and Chinasmacks HaiBao?
          or am I pushing it too much?

        • linette

          Little Wolf You did gooooooooood!! :)

          • Little Wolf

            Thanks, but if you saw the people behind the scenes, including Fauna, that have been doing the real work, I just have a small part. I am just lucky to have a good friend with good media connections who was able to put all the right people together.

            I am really looking forward to meeting Lili and the reporters and Angel Mom volunteers. And I hope to meet some people from this site and put some faces with the avatars. Take a break from all the arguing for a day :)

          • linette

            I would love to see Lili photos in the hospital smiling too. She is finally getting some help.

          • linette

            Fauna you too did goooooooood!! :)

            And all the people putting the effort together. Lili is lucky to have angels like you folks to help her. I hope lili gets the treatments she needed. I hope she gets to go to school and when she grows up, she too devote herself to help the kids in need. She will be a good example for the society.

          • Jeffli

            And maybe a trip down the clothing markets to buy a few new clothes?
            You know crazy kid Tshirts, hats.

            any body got an old iPAD or iPOD and stick a few games on it …. like Angry birds or whatever.

          • Jeffli

            after all it will be boring staying in hospital.

          • Little Wolf

            Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I have an extra phone that I can put some cartoons and games on, but it might not not be a good idea for a 6 year-old to have a phone. An old iPod would be better. Also ….maybe some MP3s but what does a 6 year Chinese girl listen to? …..Anybody know? Alice In Chains?

  • Daniel Randall O’Malley

    I just donated using PayPal. Seemed pretty easy. I’d adopt the kid with hair and all. She seems like a real pistol!

  • Little Wolf

    If you click on my avatar you should be able to see a pic that was sent to me this morning of Lili boarding the train to Shanghai from Guiyang with Xu Ze Bin, the reporter. Anjuer, the Angel Mom volunteer has informed me that 65,000+ has been raised. So…that’s 5,000 more since last week, so I think the Chinasmackers account for most of it. I believe that number will rise in the next few days too as some of the Shanghai people will go and donate directly to the hospital. So far, so good and keep it coming as it is still short of the 120,000 needed. Thanks to all that have donated.

    sidebar: I have been reminded to mention that anybody planning to donate directly should make sure to give to the hospital and not to the family. Again, I’ll be there all day on Sunday and Anjuer and Xuzebin will be there all the time to direct you to the hospital rep.

  • Daphie

    It is heartbroken to see a kind who can not be normal like everyone else, and it is even more heartbroken for their parents.
    But there are simply too many kinder like that. You can not possibly donate to everyone of them. What is needed here is a universal package of health insurance.
    But it still takes a long to get there.

    • Niels

      that is true – it will take a long time.

  • Brett Hunan

    Little Wolf, you are going to see Lili this weekend, right?

    I hope you fill us in on whats going on. My schedule is a bit crazy so I dont know if I can get to Shanghai any time soon, but I would love for you to fill us in on how she is doing and anything else that you think is important.

    Thanks for putting this together. Dont forget to follow up on Lili’s progress!

    • Little Wolf

      Yeah Brett….I’ll be going tomorrow morning and should arrive around 11 o’clock. I haven’t been so excited to meet somebody since……….never. The animation team at my company has alot of cool, rare cartoons and have downloaded 4GB of cartoons and movies on a MP5 player and they have put a whole bag of coloring books, toys and educational materials to keep her busy. Hope to meet some other Chinasmackers there and if anybody wants to meet up they can call Anjuer at 13764066173. Tune in on Monday for full description :)

  • Niels

    Good job Little Wolf! I donated via PayPal. I really hope this little child will have a good future. I know about the situation of the disabled/outsiders in China. I was 21, a good student and very good athlet when an accident left me badly crippled. Some years later I was once again one of the best and my country sent me to the Paralympics in Beijing to win a medal. When I was at Tiananmen Square I saw the people staring at my team-member’s computer-controlled artificial limb and I realized that I am very privileged to live in Northern Europe.

  • queenkat