Donations to Red Cross Drop Following Guo Meimei Controversy

China Red Cross online donation records system.

From NetEase, ifeng, & Sina:

Records show that after the “Guo Meimei Controversy“, many Yushu donations less than 1 yuan

Summary: Information on the Qinghai province Red Cross Society official website regarding donations for the Yushu Earthquake show that since July of this year (following the Guo Meimei controversy), many people’s donation amounts are of 1 yuan and less. Although there are also many people donating, still many people’s donation amounts were only 1 fen, 2 fen, or 1 mao with the vast majority being 1 yuan of money.

List of donations being 1 RMB or less during the second half of July 2011. List of donations being 1 RMB or less during the first half of July 2011.

Comments from NetEase:


You, as someone who agonizes over whether or not to add an egg to your noodles, donating to those who spend tens of thousands on a meal, you have the nerve/gall to do such a thing?
You, as someone who uses a shanzhai mobile phone as a watch, donating to those who wear Patek Phillipe, do you not feel shameful??
You, as someone who rents a several hundred monthly rental, donating to those who live in villas, do you not feel disgraceful??
You, as someone who squeezes onto public transportation everyday, donating to those who drive Lamborghinis, do you not feel embarrassed??
You, as someone who carries a no-name bag, donating to those who carry Hermes do you not feel ashamed?
You, as someone who to this day has yet to find a wife, donating money to those who keep mistresses, are you not just screwing yourself over??


Whoever donates is a SB, whether you believe is up to you, but I believe it.


Friends, let me tell you a piece of information. On 2009 August 21st, there was a flood disaster in Xinyi city of Maoming in Guangdong province, and all of the supplies, money, food that various levels of society donated are still kept in (the Beizhong village committee) for nearly two years now with none of it having been distributed to the disaster victims. Nearly completely corrupt. I happen to be one of the disaster victims, and everything I’m saying is the truth. What can I do? They won’t distribute anything to me. One word: Corrupt. So you guys shouldn’t donate any more in the future because we won’t get it. All we can do is thank you for your good intentions.


If [Guo] Meimei were to come spend a night with me, I’ll donate 100.


Refusing to donate is everyone’s responsibility.

9663538614 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

In the future if one wants to be benevolent/charitable, everyone just organize themselves and go directly to the scene [of disaster, of need] themselves instead. If one donates to that cunt Red Cross Society again, then one truly becomes a stupid cunt.


We are all poor people, Guo Meimei is someone we truly can’t afford to financially support!


How come I feel the vast majority of people have all become stupid? Over a decade ago when we were attending primary school, when our teachers were having us donate clothes and workbooks to disaster areas, our teachers already said that these things will never reach the hands of the disaster victims, and they were having us donate only in order to complete a task [that was assigned from above]. Do each and everyone of you don’t know this? That you had to wait until the Guo [Meimei] matter to come out before you finally saw the light [realized the truth]?


Give your money [directly] to those who need the help. Forget about the Red Cross Society.


I thank GMM [Guo Meimei], because from now on I will never again donate a single fen.

WOOWOOWOO [网易北京市西城区网友]:

Red Cross Society: However mall a mosquito is, it is still meat! It’s good enough that there are people even donating, be content with what you have/don’t complain!

网易广东省广州市网友 [ljc19840524]:

7.23 has faded from people’s attention, the truth will forever be buried, truly a tragedy of our country’s people.

牛村小干部 [网易湖南省株洲市网友]:

Strictly speaking, those who don’t peacefully and unresistingly be slaves are called American running dogs. Those who do peacefully and unresistingly be slaves are called rabble. Those who happily be slaves, even praising their master, are called wu mao

T0nKa [网易火星手机网友]:

You can toss and turn [say this or that] however you like but I’m never going to donate even a half-fen ever again.


Those who donated one fen were probably just seeing whether or not the system works. But there is probably exaggeration. This black organization is claiming it is poor, in order to get more donations, as well as the lay the foundation for the next act of embezzlement/corruption.

linyihaokf [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Fucking Red Cross Society, refund me my money, plus interest.


Whoever cause this situation is whoever should be called to go donate, After all, if there’s one thing they have, it’s money [referring to Guo Meimei], enough to go around showing off their wealth, and her mother even knows how to play the stock market to get rich [referring to Guo Meimei and her mother’s first public interview responding to the controversy in which her mother said she got rich investing in stocks], so let her entire family go donate!!!!! Whether you donate or not is up to you, either way I’m not going to donate [A play on Railway Ministry representative Wang Yongping’s infamous response]!!!


Though very weak, it is still a voice…
From this day on, no matter what piece of news you put as the headline, I will still continue to ask for the truth about the train accident:
What is the true number of dead victims?
Who ordered the stopping of search and rescue efforts?
Who ordered the burying of the train cars?
“Whether or not the Railway Ministry put the rescue as its top priority, this must be truthfully answered.”
So long as the truth is not revealed, the questioning will not stop!


How sad, Guo Meimei has caused the Red Cross Society to have no where to turn to reimburse its expenses!

微人不微笑 [网易广东省网友]:

One girl’s line of text, not even as long as a JB, has turned the great Red Cross Society upside down… How do you expect me to feel safe/secure [in donating]… A society with a severe crisis of confidence. We’re not far from a barbaric age now.

What do you think? What charities or organizations do you trust with your donations?


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