Dongbei Man Beats Bus Driver to Revenge Mother’s Injury

Dongbei Man Beats Bus Driver to Revenge Mother’s Injury

Dongbei Man Beats Bus Driver to Revenge Mother’s Injury

Recently a passenger on Harbin’s 217 bus line suddenly got up and started to beat the driver. The driver heroically managed to grab the emergency brake and regain control of the vehicle, bringing it to a safe stop. Later it was discovered the man was angry about a previous incident where his mother received light injuries when a bus stopped too quickly. Netizens were astonished that in the 13 minutes the driver was beaten, not a single passenger or bystander stepped in to help.

Source: Netease

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  • Jahar

    Considering the info in the article, the title seems to be made up.

  • 250

    So Amanda is a Chinese learning app. Thoughts?
    Also, am I the only one who feels uncomfortable seeing revenge used as a verb (which i know is grammatically ok)?

    • NeverMind

      Regarding Amanda, I hope it is compatible with the older versions of ios (5+) and wish they had pinyin transliteration of the entire article, as I see it only for individual words in the screenshots.

      Me too. I feel comfortable with ‘avenge’, but either word is fine really.

      • Edward Kay

        Beats bus driver to avenge mother, beats bus driver to seek revenge for mother, no?

        • Irvin

          “beat bus driver for fucking with his mother”

  • China Uncensored

    Anything out of the ordinary in China instantly becomes a spectator sport without referees.

  • Teacher in China

    Fuckin Dongbei ren…any excuse to fight someone. What an ass for endangering the lives of everyone else on the bus just for his petty revenge. And honestly, if that’s your reason for beating a bus driver, then you will now have to go around and beat every single bus driver in the country – they all fucking break too quickly.

  • WghUk

    Driver beaten up for 13 minutes and nobody helped…and netizens were astonished? This is China, what would be astonishing was if someone helped!