Dongguan Anti-Prostitution Campaign, Results and Reactions

Chinese police officers in Dongguan, Guangdong province, seal up a room where prostitution was found.

From NetEase:

Guangdong Launches 3-Month Anti-Prostitution Crackdown, News Causes Prices for Sex Services to Increase


February 9th morning, in a CCTV “Live News” report, a reporter went undercover to secretly investigate the prostitution activities at multiple four- and five-star hotels and similar venues, and after reporting [such activities], he found that no police came to investigate [further].

Yesterday, according to information from the Ministry of Public Security, the Dongguan city Zhongtang town Public Security Sub-Bureau Chief and such individuals have been suspended pending investigation, while the Dongguan city [Party] committee has reprimanded the top leaders and leaders responsible for the 5 towns that were exposed. In addition, 8 police officers including the police station chief responsible for responding to reports that day have been suspended.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security immediately convened a special meeting, demanding the quick adoption of decisive measures to earnestly hold responsible the relevant leadership of the local Public Security Bureaus, and resolutely crack down on the organizers, operators, and behind-the-scenes “protective umbrella” [corrupt government/police] of prostitution activities. The Ministry of Public Security dispatched an oversight group led by Public Security Management Bureau chief and with participation by monitoring, supervision, and other departments to oversee investigation of the case, rectification of problems, and holding of responsibility.


Yesterday, according to Dongguan police statistics, during the February 9th coordinated raids, the Dongguan Public Security Bureau made a sweep of the entire city’s saunas, foot massage parlors, and karaokes. In the operation, a total of 1948 entertainment establishments were investigated, among them including 220 saunas, 672 foot massage parlors, 352 karaokes, and 694 other entertainment establishments. Problems were discovered in 39, and 162 people were arrested for investigation.

Dongguan 36 Hours

February 9th morning

CCTV’s Live News program exposes prostitution activities in multiple places of entertainment [KTVs, bath houses, gentlemen clubs, hotels, etc.] in Dongguan.

After news was broadcasted

Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua issues instructions that the entire city be swept, first dealing with the “branches” then dealing with the “roots” [of the problem].

February 9th 3pm

First round of raids, raiding the 12 places of entertainment exposed in the media, detaining individuals involved in prostitution, closing down locations/businesses involved in prostitution.

February 9th 9pm

Dongguan municipal Public Security Bureau organizes second round of raids.

February 9th afternoon onwards

Dongguan deploys a total of 6525 police officers in coordinated raid of all the saunas, foot massage parlors, and places of entertainment throughout Dongguan.

As of February 9th 10pm

Police have arrested 67 relevant individuals.

February 9th around 7pm

At the Huangjiang town Prince Hotel that was exposed, plain-clothed police officers detain and load over 10 men and women onto police vehicles.

February 10th

Guangdong province Ministry of Security instructs Public Security Bureau in launching a 3 month special operation to crack down on places of entertainment involved in prostitution.

February 10th

Ministry of Security dispatches oversight group to Guangdong to oversee investigation of cases, rectification of the problems, and holding of responsibility.

February 10th 5:56pm

The official microblog of the [Dongguan] city government’s press office stated that on the 9th, police have inspected a total of 1948 places of entertainment and arrested 162 individuals for investigation.



“Inspections are strict, you won’t find [prostitution] throughout all of Dongguan tonight”

This Beijing Times reporter returned to the entertainment venues that were exposed, and many of them were sealed off; with prostitution brokers [pimps, managers] saying prostitutes have increased prices.

Yesterday, in urban Dongguan, Zhongtang town, Houjie town, and Huangjiang town, this Beijing News reporter made a return visit. Of the establishments previously secretly investigated and exposed by the media, many of them had already been sealed up and closed down, but other entertainment venues continued to have people marketing prostitution services and what more, with prices being higher than before.

Seals on doors, but customers still visiting

Of the establishments involved in prostitution exposed by CCTV, three were in Dongguan’s Zhongtang town. Respectively, they were the Kang Yi Leisure Club, Yuan Feng Hotel, and Dong Zhen Hotel.

Yesterday at 3:30, the words “Sealed by Dongguang city Public Security Bureau Zhongtang Sub-Bureau” were affixed on the doors of the Kang Yi Leisure Club, dated 2014 February 9. In the parking lot the size of two basketball courts outside, only one small van was parked.

“Three police vehicles came at 11 last night, with over 60 police officers, who investigated for about 3 hours, though I didn’t see them bring anyone out,” said the worker in the small shop next door. The crackdown this year was larger than last year. They were inspected last summer as well, and two months later, the establishment was open again. Around 4pm, a man came by and dithered outside the door for some time before leaving. He didn’t know that this establishment had “been on CCTV”. He said he normally likes coming here.

Yuan Feng Hotel is located near the Kang Yi Leisure Club. This reporter entered under the guise of looking for accommodations only to be refused by 3 security guards: “What are you here for? [This establishment is] on vacation.”

A Dongguan Public Security Bureau seal was also on the main doors of the Dong Zhen Hotel. In Houjie town and Huangjiang town, employees of the Sheraton Hotel and Prince Hotel that were exposed uniformly claimed that the sauna (centers) closed yesterday and they no longer have sauna services.

Tense atmosphere, prostitute asking prices increase

At places of entertainment and their surroundings, there are many people who say although the situation is tense, [they] “can still find [prostitutes] for you”.

Last night at 8, the decor of the Nile Hotel in urban Dongguan was luxurious, but the Caesar KTV in the hotel had no customers.

The inspections have been strict these few days. Normally we can call them over for you to pick and choose, 1000 kuai for the whole package, but that’s not possible now,” said the entertainment department floor manager Zheng Songlei. Now there are only a few hostess girls you can call to sing with you, 500 each, and it is only singing and drinking. “Now that it’s on TV, you definitely won’t be able to find (a prostitute) in all of Dongguan.”

Last night, a young man calling himself “Xiao Ma Brother” said, “there is no [large] line up for picking and choosing tonight, but I can choose five or six good ones for you to choose from, to service you in a guest room. The price will be higher than before, and you have to pay for the room yourself.”


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Comments from NetEase:

1個好朋友 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

The Sex City/Sex Capital of the Orient’s hereafter: When “艹” [fucking] is no more, it is “完” [over], and this is the fate of “东莞” [Dongguan].

毛润之留给中国人第三土气 [网易上海市网友]:

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon, that usually the people who upvote me, and especially those who support me, all not long after accomplish the following things: 1. Successfully fall in love; 2. Successfully negotiate a business deal; 3. Become successful in business/work; 4. Are promoted and become rich; 5. Become happy and free from worry; 6. Their families become harmonious; 7. Their bodies become healthy; 8. Everything goes according to their wishes. [Over 24k upvotes at time of translation.]

网易吉林省四平市网友 [不要白日梦]:

Has Guangdong offended CCTV somehow? CCTV should direct attention to food safety and environmental pollution. Now planted crops all have poisons in them, so are these farm crops harmful to people or not? The land and rivers are polluted, and you don’t report on it with importance, what the hell does prostitution and whoring matter?

A我来自火星 [网易浙江省温州市网友]: (responding to above)

These past two days, the anti-prostitution sweeps and crackdown instigated by mouthpiece CCTV’s undercover reporting are in full swing. Because CCTV is a national television station, its influence is extraordinary, and not only has it caused Guangdong government officials to lead police in a large-scale sweep, it has also triggered a battle of words among the populace: Those against the anti-prostitution sweeps and those in support of the anti-prostitution sweeps.

Those against the anti-prostitution sweeps believe CCTV has always targeted disadvantaged groups, not daring to supervise the truly powerful government officials, to say nothing of sex workers not actually being of much harm to society and, just the opposite, have made huge contributions to the stability and prosperity of society, so they are against the anti-prostitution crackdown.

Those who support the anti-prostitution sweeps believe sex workers undermine society, a kind of harm and threat to social harmony, and moreover are detrimental to building morality in our society, so they support the anti-prostitution crackdown.

Those against the anti-prostitution sweeps are mostly right-wingers (of course there are also some left-wingers), while those in support of the anti-prostitution sweeps are undoubtedly one part fenqing (considered extreme left-wingers) and one part women. The opposition here I will put aside for now and just comment on the supporters—Fenqing, in this war of words [debate], as is their habit direct their spittle [venom, criticism] at those in power, opposing for the sake of opposing, their spittle flying everywhere, saliva overflowing, even simply wildly hurling abuse—regardless of whether it is against those in opposition [of the sweeps] or against the sex workers, the shallowness and barbarity of their knowledge/experience making it clear to all the low characters of fenqing!

In this day and age where public power is arbitrarily thrown around, in this day and age where overflowing materialism, in this day and age where disadvantaged social groups lack dignity/respect, in this day and age where the bottom limits of morality are constantly being broken, in this day and age where private rights are unable to be asserted, sex workers use their own physical abilities, their own adept professional skills and attitude of professional service, to make a living, only they are frequently destroyed by the spittle [condemnation] of moralists!

In this society, marginalized social groups are frequently unable to get the care and concern of society, as well as frequently the victim of oppression by the powerful/privileged groups, but even so, they still tenaciously survive, and thus we cannot help but express respect for them!

Only when the rights of sex workers can get widespread attention and people’s private rights asserted can this society say its civilization has made progress.

Tonight, we continue to stand on the side of Dongguan—This is a out of cardinal principle!

网易山东省青岛市手机网友(117.132.*.*): (responding to above)

Saying so much is useless, the law is the very bottom line of morality/ethics, so what is there to argue about when someone is caught for violating the law?

网易中国手机网友(117.136.*.*): (responding to above)

The law is not the bottom line of morality/ethics, it is a tool of the ruling class. Did you not pay attention in politics class when you were small?!

ZZZZZZZZZZZ0 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

How many robberies and murder cases are there every year? A woman going to work is robbed and is stabbed to death when fighting back! A man in front of the restaurant of his wedding banquet is robbed and stabbed to death for fighting back… Does this kind of news happen rarely in Dongguan? Have such cases been solved yet? Mobilizing over 6 thousand JC to arrest prostitutes, have you people ever mobilized a single JC to catch a robber? 100 JC catching one prostitute, seems like the firepower of a prostitute is comparable to that of a missile!


The sex industry in Dongguan is already out of control! Just like the Asian carp awhile ago, if it isn’t managed, with our countrymen’s values of placing money above everything else, without the constraints of ethics and morality, I truly dare not imagine how women in our country then will no longer consider it a shame to sell sex, all quitting their jobs to reap money [through prostitution], where sex can be had with them as long as money is given, because after all, everyone as well as their descendents must live in this country!

hangcheung [网易江苏省手机网友]: (responding to above)

The corrupt officials throughout the country are getting out of control! Just like the Asian carp awhile ago, if it isn’t managed, with our countrymen’s values of placing money above everything else, without the constraints of ethics and morality, I truly dare not imagine how civil servants, company leaders, and state enterprise leaders in our country then will no longer consider it a shame to be corrupt, accept bribes, and fail to do their duties, all quitting [neglecting] their jobs to reap money [through prostitution], where they can be promoted as long as money is given, because after all, everyone as well as their descendents must live in this country!

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:112.4.*.*:

Young Fang, who originally planned to return to Dongguan to work, suddenly called her boyfriend Young Zhang, to say she has decided not to go out there anymore, and stay in the village to marry Young Zhang… At this moment, Young Zhang fell into deep contemplation.

A survey on Phoenix Online: (screenshot)

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1. What do you believe is the reason the sex trade is relatively more severe in Dongguan?
  • It was opened to the outside earlier, and foreign investment and foreign businessmen brought with them their degenerate lifestyles;
  • 11.15% 39,362 votes
  • Lots of migrant workers, who have basic physiological needs;
  • 29.96% 105,758 votes
  • Affluent economy, and “sexual lusts increase when one is fed and warm” for those who got rich first;
  • 22.09% 77,964 votes
  • Distorted values of money worship, where an ideology of “laughing at the poor but not the prostitutes” exists in society;
  • 29.85% 105,350 votes
  • Hard to say.
  • 6.95% 24,544 votes
    2. How do you view the Dongguan anti-prostitution sweep/crackdown?
  • Short term powerful intimidation, instant results;
  • 12.11% 41,869 votes
  • Hope that a long-term effective control mechanism will be established, and fundamentally put an end to this kind of activity;
  • 14.38% 49,736 votes
  • The sex trade will continue to exist in more concealed/underground forms;
  • 61.38% 212,271 votes
  • Hard to say.
  • 12.13% 41,952 votes
    3. How do you view the “Stand Firm Dongguan” and such voices [supporting Dongguan, critical of the government’s anti-prostitution crackdown] on Sina Weibo?
  • Demagoguery of a portion of netizens.;
  • 10.79% 37,345 votes
  • Netizens’ perception of the sex trade is different from the government;
  • 43.09% 149,096 votes
  • The customary griping/ridicule of netizens, using this to vent about dissatisfaction about other things;
  • 39.35% 136,158 votes
  • Hard to say
  • 6.76% 23,389 votes
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    • Germandude

      Not even 10 minutes ago, my colleague told me there is no prostitution in China done by Chinese. He told me that all the hookers in China are Vietnamese/Philippina and Thai as I could clearly see in the Manhattan bar in Shanghai. (he probably doesn’t know about the Dongguan thing or he thought I wouldn’t know)

      It’s time to write him a mail with some links I guess. I will post his response here.

      • Guang Xiang

        Oh please do

        • Germandude

          Ok, so he didn’t write me a mail back because he thinks this topic shouldn’t be discussed via eMail (big brother is watching you he thinks, as in: the company reads staff’s eMails).

          He told me that the Dongguan case is different and that it is Mafia operating and illegal back-door prostitution is minor in China. Obviously no normal Chinese goes to those establishments but foreigners, majorly Japanese and Koreans.

          Well, pretty disappointing that it was some answer to be expected actually. Nevertheless, the guy is smart in what he does work-wise. Running around with open eyes and ears probably isn’t his strength though…

          • Guang Xiang

            You sure delivered!

            Damn, what a typical answer… I really wish I could be there to interject by recounting the times my Chinese friends, my Chinese classmates, and now my Chinese colleagues talking about making trips to Dongguan/Shenzhen to have some fun time. Last I check, they seem like normal Chinese to me.

            I imagine he would have looked at me with an expression like I just committed treason.

          • BrandeX

            He’s just as deluded as the people who thought that poll question one “it’s foreigners fault we have prostitution” was a valid and logical choice.

            • Rick in China

              That’s the China version of “Thanks, Obama!”

          • Rick in China

            Why don’t you solve the argument by simply taking this dude to a spa, most of them seem to ‘offer services’ of sorts, and the bet should be: if you’re able to get ‘serviced’ by a mainland Chinese without specifically asking for one he pays the bill, if not, it’s on you. :D

            • Germandude

              LOL, but no thanks mate. I am not into that kind of business…

            • Rick in China

              You don’t have to actually do anything, I’m saying you can go there and prove to him that it’s available / get the offer… then leave.

          • donscarletti

            Illegal back door prostitution?

            So it’s legal, if you don’t go in through the back door?

      • xiaode

        I went to Xintiandi with a Chinese friend… telling him that in XTD foreigners can´t walk only 2 min without someone (Chinese!) harass them with offers for sex-massage or ladies bar and shit like that.. he didn´t believe me.
        After we arrived there it took not 1 min until someone came and asked…
        I think his world collapsed at this day…

        • Guang Xiang

          It’s amazing how naive some Chinese can be, yet there are those who are so affluent with the sex industry that talking about it is like discussing your favorite brand of coffee. I suppose it’s sort of a rite of passage when you get deep into the business world.

          I’m guessing your friend is young or still at school.

          • xiaode

            And it was in fact very strange, because the police was just nearby…
            Noone can tell me that the police don´t know what these fuckers are doing at Xintiandi if they talk to us Laowais…

            • Rick in China

              A badge is nothing more than a lifetime membership in regards to the sex industry.

        • Germandude

          Oh the good old times at Tongren Lu and Hengshan Lu. Eye-opening to many of the Chinese that I really call friends here now.
          Best was me sitting in the front of a taxi with my buddy behind me (Chinese) and him having the window open. Guy comes in and throws like 10 flyers of half-naked girls with phone numbers into the taxi (trying to throw them at me while hitting the back of my seat).
          I asked my buddy what was that. After picking up some of these cards, saying with a red face: “I think that’s kind of like nice lady massage”. The taxi driver was laughing at me.

      • ScottLoar

        Denial is a prime defense, even when full well knowing prostitutes
        aren’t all foreign (nope, not even a majority) he insists because he is
        talking to a foreigner about China. I’ve heard the same from Chinese men
        and women again and again who didn’t know me well, even as my business
        buddies go on line to look for the best houses and the cost of different
        services in cities we’ll be traveling.

        • Germandude

          I know that denial defense system here and that it is a cultural difference. However, it lands at me quite insulting when people deny the obvious and make you look stupid because of some saving face game going on. Especially since in most cases I (and most foreigners I know) are not trying to make a Chinese look bad, as in this example, prostitution is pretty much present everywhere. It’s just a freaking child’s play and rather annoying. Can’t take people seriously in many cases, even while trying to to give them the advantage of exit because of cultural differences.

          • ScottLoar

            I agree, and so my conversations with casual Chinese acquaintances often devolve to China versus the-rest-of-the-world. I figure it takes at least several weeks and multiple conversations before a semblance of equilibrium is reached whereby each side can engage the other without face or pretense. So, I choose my friends with care.

            • Rick in China

              “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones”
              ― John Lennon

            • ScottLoar

              “See you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself”

              – Garden Party, Ricky Nelson

          • xiaode

            If I complain about this situation, I sometimes hear: “you look down us Chinese…”
            Which is first: not true… and second: very stupid… because I blame a situation doesn´t mean I can not separate between these fuckers who try to rip me off every day and the normal common people…

            I then ask them the following question:
            “If you would come to my country (Germany)… and on all places for tourists you go.. always someone want to sell sell you whores… and of course cheat you… what would you think about my country?”

      • Rick in China

        Your colleague is as stupid as the kid who said “There is no racism in China, we don’t have black people.”

        • nickhz

          I have actually heard that exact statement before, it blew my mind when i heard it.

      • donscarletti

        There is a perfectly reasonable explaination.

        He told you that because he thought you might believe it.

      • FYIADragoon

        Why bother raising the subject, I guess would be their perspective. Do
        they rag on you over the downsides of Germany? I’m always amazed when
        foreigners nag on the bad aspects of China and don’t expect a negative
        response. If it comes up in a very natural way, sure you can touch on
        the subject, but most foreigners seem to be talking normally one second,
        and then all of the sudden “TIANANMEN! CORRUPT CCP! TAIWAN!” If you
        don’t like talking with Chinese people, you can always go home.

        • Germandude

          Sir, no offense, but you seem to be very prejudiced. It wasn’t me who started the topic of prostitution, but my colleague. Also, I am certainly not constantly complaining about China in front of Chinese and certainly understand that whole politeness and face-saving thing. So don’t worry about that.
          When it becomes insulting and honestly, if someone tries to smear bullshit into my face, I join the game.

          I don’t know how you come to the conclusion that I don’t like Chinese people, that’s just silly. I also don’t talk about Tianamen, CCP corruption and Taiwan with Chinese strangers. However, with closer Chinese friends, all these topics are easily to be discussed and thrown into the mix. Without pointing fingers.

    • Tova Rischi

      I might have missed in the article – what is the punishment for prostitution in China? Does it differ in being a john or a whore? Is the john even punished?

      I hope a government founded on the plight of the poor and ignoble is sympathetic to those driven to desperate situations (not that there isn’t a minority of people who are there because they like it). My cynicism says no, but I don’t know.

      As for solutions – part of me says look at the rest of the world and see what’s effective – does punishing only johns have a demonstrable effect on prostitution? Does legalizing lower the rate? The latter I know doesn’t, however it allows a framework of basic rights so that the dangers inherent are greatly minimized.

      There does however seem to be a correlation between sexual repression and not only sexual violence but lower quality of life overall, so I don’t know that I could support truly harsh measures…

      • Guang Xiang

        I believe it’s not for fear of the dangers tied with prostitution that they do this, but to show that the government is all about ‘morals’.

      • Joe

        Generally the guys get detention while the girls get sent to reeducation camps

      • ElectricTurtle

        There’s nothing here that needs a “solution”. People can have sex for free voluntarily, so they should be able to sell the same activity as a service. Anything else is arbitrary moralist bullshit.

        And punishing one side of a mutually consensual act based more or less on gender (for the sake of simplicity I’m omitting the minority of male prostitutes), is purely sexist nonsense. If you find two people doing something together and you effectively say, you have the penis therefore you are a criminal, what kind of bigoted and schizophrenic society will that create?

        • Tova Rischi

          First of all being poor and skill-less does not create opportunity. It does not provide you with choices – so then, how does one make a choice? How does one exercise any smidgen of freedom when your only choices are money or what amounts to pennies a day if that? How, at that point, can you honestly say the issue is about consent? It’s not like the west. There are not so many opportunities.

          And to say it in such oversimplified ways – do you not know of a concept called public health? Do you not realize that every action one takes affects everyone else?

          Regarding my suggestion:
          It’s basic economics. Lower the demand, which will lower the supply. This does in fact mean punish the janes as well as the johns. It’s just that in Indoeuropean languages whether you like it or not the o-stems generally take precedence in mixed plurals, and that’s been generalized to include every complement, even borrowed words.

          I’m sorry a general term for clients annoyed you but if you check my argument you’ll find no where that I advocated that the discrimination between the prostitute and client should be conducted by checking their genitals; I didn’t even specify a method. I simply said that I hope that a nation supposedly founded on the plight of the poor can learn to sympathize with them instead of blindly making their lives even worse in the name of Fa.

          And fuck it all while your reasoning is shit if you check my wording I kinda implied that I agree with your solution.

          • ElectricTurtle

            Poor and skill-less? Please. I have known prostitutes personally who were in college. And this touchy-feely bullshit about how choice isn’t really choice because it’s just so much easier to charge for sex than work an entry level job I will not ever accept. Choice is choice is choice, always and forever. I’ve known too many people who grind every waking hour with pride in most menial of tasks, who are willing to invest in themselves. Yeah, being overworked and underpaid sucks, but that’s exactly why prostitution should be legal. Clearly it’s in the end a better way to earn money, or people wouldn’t choose it. (And if they’re not choosing it, there are already laws against things like rape, slavery, trafficking, etc. which I like any sane person completely support.)

            Public health? Please. Legal prostitutes (and by extension their clients) are healthier than those operating illegally. Why? You can only regulate legal things. There’s no way into a door that you make hidden by making either side of mutual activity illegal.

            And your economic analysis is demonstrably false. Johns are being prosecuted all the time, and in some places in Europe the Johns are prosecuted where the prostitutes are not, and in neither case has prostitution meaningfully decreased. Unlike drugs and other vices, sex is an irreducible, fundamental aspect of what it means to be human. You can’t legislate it away, and market forces only go so far against the most integral instincts and motivations of life itself.

        • Lyle

          Selling is legal, fucking is legal..why isn’t selling fucking legal?!

          -George Carlin

    • LaoShu

      Yes tax it and there is an end to local governments challenges to get money !!

    • Germandude

      chosan strikes again. You should change your nick into chosen1. You are one funny retard and I really appreciate your concerns regarding Germany. You might want to get the German citizenship and then join politics. With your persistant worrying about Germany and probably through your great dedication on solving Germany’s problems, you might even make it to president. You see? That’s the advantage of a democracy.
      The disadvantage of our social system will most likely be that they bring you to a shrink ’cause paranoia is regarded as a mental health issue.
      Did your daddy give you too much love when you were a kid?

    • mr.wiener

      This is starting to look a little like harassment. If you continue making a habit of stalking a member of this community you will be moderated.

    • ScottLoar

      In Singapore and Malaysia I hear the words 大陸妹 used to describe the attitude of mainland Chinese girls, from gold diggers to out-and-out (不折不扣) prostitutes.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      “Inspections are strict, you won’t find [prostitution] throughout all of Dongguan tonight”

      But tomorrow…

    • Joe

      Because he knows the root of the problem can’t be cut since 1/7th of the local GDP comes from prostitution, the people who are behind it all have government connections.

    • loki

      ok I know this may come off as a stupid thought… BUT, What if I was staying in that hotel with a girl I had recently met or even my girlfriend of 8 years+ and a bunch of cops start pounding on my door?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Then you should immediately stop your pounding and pull out from your girlfriend of 8+ years.

        • loki

          you know what I am saying …… Would I or anyone in my shoes be able to prove she wasn’t Ahem.. “Working there”?

          • Rick in China

            I think a photo together on your phone or something would solve the second case quickly.

          • Paul Schoe

            are you telling me that when you have a relationship of 8+ years, you won’t be able to convince somebody that your partner is somebody you know, and not a one night (hour) stand?

    • Paul Schoe

      yes, but the percentage is not so high. I expect that in most countries there will be a fair number of people who blame “degenerate lifestyles” on foreigners.

      • orpickaname

        No. It is not “foreigner” as in “foreign country”. It is about Hongkong and Taiwanese businessman. Dongguan (close to Hongkong) attracted very early investment from Hongkong. Prostitution is always thriving in areas with a lot of business travelers. I do not agree with the communist phrase “degenerate lifestyle”, but I agree that “foreign investment” is the main driver.

    • Paul Schoe

      No matter in which country you are, there will be a considerate number of local people who feel that all degenerated influences come from outsiders (foreigners).

    • orpickaname

      Its about Businessmen from Hongkong who invested very early in Dongguan not “foreign nationals”. As many traveling businessmen have a high demand for it, prostitution is thriving. “Degenerate lifestyle” is a communist phrase for “bourgeoisie/capitalist” lifestyle.

    • Kai

      Correct, that reference is more alluding to HK and TW businessmen. And yeah, the wording is hella obnoxious.

    • Irvin

      I kindda like HK’s whoring better, you go online look at thousands of girls and find the ones you like then either call them over or go directly to them and it’s all legal!

      In china you have to go to the hotel and the manager only line 6 or 7 of them up for you to choose. Sometimes the manager is so disrespectful that they lineup some butt ugly girls for you, even though you can request a different lineup, looking at 6 ugly girls really ruins the mood.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      :”Mobilizing over 6 thousand JC to arrest prostitutes, have you people ever mobilized a single JC to catch a robber? 100 JC catching one prostitute, seems like the firepower of a prostitute is comparable to that of a missile!”

      ^Had a good laugh

    • whuddyasack

      There is no shame in admitting there is a problem. Admittance is the first step in fixing said problem.

    • Angie Mac

      “The law is not the bottom line of morality/ethics, it is a tool of the ruling class.”

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