Dongguan Double Cleaver Underwear Man

From Tianya:

2010 January 26, Dongguan, Li Enwang holding two knives standing in the middle of the road, the road closed/sealed, passerbys looking on from afar. That afternoon, Li Enwang took two pig slaughtering cleavers from an open market, drank a can of Red Bull, and made a call to notify reporters. Then, Double Cleaver Man charged onto Donguan Fourth Ring Road and began repeatedly hacking at a construction company’s front door.

Comments from Tianya:


He must have been forced [left with no choice]. It is not easy for poor people. This society is really too unfair.


With so many bitter/long-suffering people in society, he is just a relatively extreme one, and I sympathize.

Those people laughing, imagine for a moment if that person was your guys’ father. Would you still be able to laugh?


That expression, that heroic appearance, those alone have ensured that he will be a legend.
Do not be obsessed with Brother, Brother is only a legend!!!


The Double Clever Underwear Man of legend….


Dongguan Double Swordsman VS Chunxi Road Swordsman

[Chunxi Road Swordsman is another famous incident involving a man with a knife. More information, photos, and silly photoshops on Tianya.]


Hilarious! PS gods hurry and come!!


This is the swordsman of legend.
It isn’t that everyone can use knives, and not everyone who knows how to use knives are swordsmen.
He does not know how to use a knife. The knife is in his eyes.
His expression, is even more like a knife.
His right hand, holds a tangible knife.
But his expression, radiating,
is an intangible knife.


Who knows what the truth is. Either way, people who are living happily would not go do this kind of thing.

Spreading on the popular Kaixin001 social network:

Brother is a swordsman.
No matter what kind of situation, how many people, Brother will go alone as always.
The knife is Brother's brother, the cigarettes is Brother's lover.
Don't be deceived by Brother's appearance, Brother's self-confidence you cannot learn/copy.
No matter how many people you have, how formidable your weapons, Brother will still fight alone.
Too bad...Brother is still so lonely.
Do not be obsessed with Brother, Brother is only a legend.

This may only be funny if you are familiar with some common internet memes and expressions on Chinese BBS forums.

There are also now many Photoshops, such as this one:

Legendary. chinaSMACK personals.


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