Police Parade & Force Dongguan Prostitute To Kneel In Public

An arrested Chinese prostitute in Dongguan, China being forced to kneel while paraded around as punishment.

An arrested Chinese prostitute in Dongguan, China being forced to kneel while paraded around as punishment.

From Xinhuanet:

Prostitute paraded, how can the police bear to do this?

In August of this year, the Sanzhong police station of Qingxi town in Dongguan city publicised photos of a prostitution suspect, which sparked heated debate. This was not an isolated case: recently, the Xishan branch of the Kunming Public Security Bureau kicked off a wide ranging initiative against places of entertainment. On the same night, a photo of a kneeling woman spread online and became a heated topic of discussion. Many netizens thought that the police had been too “violent” in their enforcement of the law, and called for prostitutes to be afforded proper respect. (October 26 “Hua Sheng Zai Xian []”)


Streetwalkers indeed damage the city’s image, and the police cracking down on them is reasonable and legal. But, what must be acknowledged is that these prostitutes aren’t doing these kind of things completely voluntarily. a lot of them are forced to do it by their situation. Let me ask this: What rich family’s daughter would go to the side of the road to solicit customers? Of course, those lazy women who turn to prostitution out of laziness are another story.

But, going back, no matter what, prostitutes are still citizens, and although they’ve broken the law, their basic rights should be respected. Parading them around on the streets, and publicising their personal details is a breach of their privacy. Although in this day and age there are still some that continue the practice of kneeling, it’s still hard to be sure if they willingly do it or are forced to. But from the pictures online, it’s very likely that the woman in question was made to kneel. You can see from the photo that her hands are tied behind her back, and there are some police behind her making her get down.

On the gates of many Public Security Bureaus, we can see the words “Strictly Enforce the Law, Enthusiastically Serve the People” in big letters. It can’t be denied that as society develops, law enforcement has become more civilised, but, most unfortunately, sometimes we still see some uncivilised actions committed in the enforcement of the law. The police need to continually strive to improve their basic quality, and the media needs to further its supervision of them.


Comments from Sina:


[The police are] bullying the weak, but fear the strong.


Barbarous law enforcement, not treating people as people, would they dare ask corrupt officials to kneel!?


Are you joking? You’re calling for streetwalkers to be “afforded respect”? If they had self-respect would they be out there whoring? Why don’t they afford themselves the proper respect and stop being prostitutes? I really don’t get it. You people, the police catch a prostitute, and if you don’t support that, that’s one thing, but attacking the police, I don’t know what you’re thinking, unless you want the police to kneel each time they arrest someone??? But I think this will become more common, and soon. Already it is too difficult for police officers now. Social guidance is lacking.


They are all hypocrites, in private all rich people and officials use prostitutes.


This is completely wrong.

This kind of law enforcement is not what the PRC needs. Will this kind of policing ever eradicate prostitution? This is why prostitutes should be managed under the rule of law, and not just “caught”. When all the prostitutes are locked up, incidents of rape increase, the harm to society from over-policing it needs not be discussed further! Please make some new laws, and think carefully about law enforcement!!!


[As the saying goes], “The governor is allowed to commit arson, but the ordinary commoners are not allowed to even light a candle.”

Seeing this makes me remember a saying: The law serves the rulers.

Comments from Sohu:


Hookers are still people, and shouldn’t be treated like that. They should crack down on the pimps, the ones controlling them from behind the scenes!


Why don’t they parade corrupt officials around like this, instead [parading] some weak girls [who cannot do anything], playing to the gallery. They are much weaker than corrupt officials [who may be able to do something in retribution].


If they were able to feed themselves they wouldn’t be doing this.


The police are wasting their time on this instead of catching criminals.


Prostitutes are in the end still people/human, whereas corrupt officials no longer are.


Which makes one lose respect more, being a prostitute, or being publicly humiliated? They don’t respect themselves, so why should we bother respecting them?


They shouldn’t do this, this is a regression in law enforcement methods. They should be publicly humiliating thieves and robbers, not these hookers. If the police there has the energy, they should be going after organised crime, and not always picking on the weak.


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Until prostitution is legalized… Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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