Driver Blocks Ambulance, Begs Forgiveness

Driver Blocks Ambulance, Begs Forgiveness

Mr. Wang heard an ambulance behind his jeep while driving through town, he tried pulling over to his left but the ambulance at the same time tried to overtake him on the left. He saw the ambulance driver gesticulating and believed the driver was scolding him, so he repeatedly prevented the ambulance from overtaking him. Later an ambulance worker opened a window and said “we’re worried there’s somebody sick, please let us go first” and so Mr. Wang drove his car away from the scene. At present time the police have just started investigating, and Mr. Wang 100% regrets his actions, requesting that the sick people’s family please be understanding. One Netizen thinks he should be detained as a criminal, have his driver’s license suspended, and be prohibited from driving for life. Another netizen says that Mr. Wang is a dog with shit for brains.

Source: Netease

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