Driver on Phone Hits, Kills Cyclist at Night, Doesn’t Notice

Driver on Phone Hits, Kills Cyclist at Light, Doesn’t Notice

When Mr. Li was driving home, he hit a red light and pulled out his phone to look at WeChat. When the light turned green, he continued looking at his phone as he began to drive. He heard a smack, and noticed his rear-view mirror was bent back, but thought nothing of it and kept driving. When he got home, he discovered his windshield was cracked. What Mr. Li actually hit was a 20-year-old man riding his bicycle home from work. His friend called an ambulance, but the man died from severe head injuries. Netizens are curious how Li didn’t notice a crack in his windshield, and many think he is lying.

Source: Sohu

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  • hyuugasaki

    The problem with people in China nowadays. In the office, in the cinema, riding a bike, driving a car, crossing street, walking a straight lane. WeChat.

    Sad thing is this kind of person kills people but not get killed by others who don’t strap their wechat to their eyes all the time because they pay attention to their surrounding.

    Kill people while driving with eyes on wechat? charge as manslaughter.
    driving with eyes on wechat and caught in camera? fine them.
    Play with phones in the cinema? kick them out.

  • Amused

    They think he’s lying? Really?!?!?
    But it seems so plausible…

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