Driver Sacrifices Self To Save Son As Truck Crashes

Driver Sacrifices Self To Save Son As Truck Crashes
A truck driver sacrificed himself to save his 16-year-old son as his vehicle crashed through the safety barrier on the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway. The man dived on top of his son at the moment the timber-laden vehicle left the road, miraculously saving him from the colossal impact which utterly crushed the cabin and sent the vehicle’s payload flying. Police, firemen and other rescue workers freed the boy after clearing away the obstructing timber, and were amazed to discover he had escaped with just superficial injuries. Netizens stressed the need for HGV drivers to take due care on the road.

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  • Maybe he could have saved his son by learning how to drive?

  • Jahar

    What is an HGV and has this become part of the common vernacular while I’ve been outside of an english speaking country?

    • Paul Shanahan

      Heavy Goods Vehicle, and it’s long been a common term in the UK.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Yes, but reckless, careless and incompetent driving contribute to most of these “accidents”.

  • KamikaziPilot

    I have a hard time believing this story about the father’s “sacrifice”. First I doubt he’d have time to react, second how would he know what to do in order to protect his son? There’s just too many variables in each individual crash to know what’s the best to do. Netizens stress the need for HGV drivers to take due care on the road? How about all drivers take due care on the road and pedestrians as well. Too many think nothing bad can happen to them unless it finally does.

    • jakeinchina

      It doesn’t matter. The father is dead, thankfully the boy lived and its a nice story to try and get local people to be less selfish and think of others in time of need. I agree though that drivers need better training and need to fully understand safety and their responsibility towards all other vehicles on the road. Some of them just don’t care.

  • P.Yew

    If any of this is true and he “dove” on top of him, that would indicate he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Maybe that’s why he ended up dead.