Drunk College Freshman Raped by Admirer, Found Dead

Drunk College Freshman Raped by Admirer, Found Dead

Drunk College Freshman Raped by Admirer, Found Dead

A college freshman, who after a night of drinking was brought to a hotel by her classmates and raped, has been found dead in the hotel room. On the night of the incident, she was out with the suspect, Wang, and 3 other classmates (2 males and 1 female), and together they drank 10 small bottles of Chinese spirit. After she became drunk, she was taken to the hotel by the men, two of them left immediately and Wang then raped her. The next morning she was found dead by Wang who called 110. Initially, Wang has said he was her boyfriend, but their text messages revealed Wang was just an admirer.

Source: Sina

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  • Amused

    Guy rapes a chick dying of alcohol poisoning and he’s her admirer.

    • commander

      Here’s original Chinese text:


      A more precise translation is as follows:

      Text exchanges between Peipei (assumed name of the victim) and Wang (alleged murderer) hint that Wang has been courting her.

      • Amused

        Thx for the clarification.

      • donscarletti

        “追” (zhui) is a transitive verb meaning “pursue”. It is the same verb you would use to describe a hunter after his quarry, a policeman after a criminal or an assassin after his mark. It can be used in good ways like “追求” or bad ways like “追杀”, but generally it just means determinedly running after something.

        You can use about a man and a woman like the English word “woo” or even literally “pursue”, but “court” implies a mutual relationship, which “追” precludes. So your translation was more than a little off the mark and far inferior to Bill Wang’s.

        This is actually irrelevant however since the actual original Chinese text from the article is “但他们之间的短信表明王只是一个爱慕者”, which is exactly as it is translated to English by Bill Wang, an “Admirer”.

        So the question remains, why did you find incorrect Chinese text and translate it incorrectly to exonerate this Wang fellow? Been on holiday to Fenghuang county recently?

        • commander

          For starters, as for your claim of “incorrect Chinese text, ” I cut and paste it from the original text after I clicked on the source Sina.

          (On my smartphone after clicking on the source, I found that quote in bottom line three two paragraphs above 家长的乖乖女 同学的“糖妹” in bold font.)

          Secondly, your account of “追” (zhui) is largely correct.

          But, I translated it into courting in consideration of the contextual circumstances.

          My line of reasonig follows:

          If she had disliked his approach, she would have not met Wang for drinking, even if it was a gathering with mutual acquaintences.

          If she had hated his text messages, she would have never sent a reply. But the text says there were some text exchanges.

          Thirdly, his emotions could have turned into dirty sexual urges when she passed out aftet she couldn’t hold her liquor.

          So, my educated guess is that she possibly knew his emotions with her, but did not dislik him enough to distance herself from him. That’s why I put “courting” in place of “追.”

          Finally, I was not meant to find faults with the translation. I was just curious about what the original text was for admirer, and then found what I think was the corresponding part for it, though your comment indicates that we both talk about different part of the original text.

          • donscarletti

            The author said that he wasn’t her boyfriend, that he was “追”ing her. If they were courting, then he would be her boyfriend, at least in the original sense of the term “boyfriend” and even moreso the term “男朋友”. Especially at that age, “男朋友” would be assumed to denote more of a courting relationship than a “male de-facto partner”.

            By use of a transitive verb, the context strongly suggests an asymmetric relationship. By use of the word “追” it’s stated definitively. You changed the meaning of the source text to be something different to what the author intended. Even if your educated guess was true, a translator isn’t supposed to make such judgement.

            Also, being in the same circle of friends does not imply she had romantic feelings for that guy. It just proves she didn’t detest him enough to avoid going to somewhere that he also went to. I think you made some pretty long cognitive leaps and were not true to the source text.

            As I said Bill Wang translated the author’s intended meaning perfectly.

          • commander

            First, it appears that we talk about different parts of the text.

            Second, your comment sounds reasonable, but if there should a change in the 追/courting translation, I think “stalking” is more approriate.

            Third, I agree that if the original text is 爱慕者, admirer is the precise translation. But as the original article is long, it is hard to find where the original part is for the translation, especially the translation is not made for the entire article.

            Fourth, showing sarcasm for a person who didn’t intend to pick a fight is an indication of your level of civility, though suggestion a correction what you think is wrong is acceptable.

          • donscarletti

            I will just address your final point.

            You claimed that your translation is right and the original translation is wrong. This is a bold claim that must be backed up with first class translation and first class arguments. A blanket contradiction, especially one without stating a detailed set of reasoning is always picking a fight and you should not pretend to the contrary.

            If you think something is wrong but don’t want to make bold claims, you can say something like: “wouldn’t this mean…” or “couldn’t this also be interpreted as…” etc. One should always balance the strength of one’s words with the strength of one’s position.

            Wasn’t disparaging you. I’m just contradicting your translation as you contradicted the original article’s. Possibly the last paragraph of my original comment was somewhat caustic, but the rest was fairly on topic. Nothing to take offense at.

          • commander

            “You claimed that your translation is right and the original translation is wrong.”

            I have never said so.

            Take another look at what I wrote first. I wrote, “A more precise translation is as follows.”

            Any observant person would notice that there is a huge difference between “wrong” and “more precise.”

            Thus, your accusation that I claimed what I had never said is a bold claim that even a first-class commentator could not back up because I never said so.

            A blanket accusation, not founded on the truth, always sound overcritical and acrimonious.

            This accusation’s falsehood is multiplied when you claimed that I brought in an incorrect quote, without asking me where I got it.

            If you think my originial text is wrong but don’t want to make bold claims, you can say something like: “Could you tell me where this came from?” or “Your quote is actually different from the translator’s, so I think your got him or her wrong.” etc.

            Before claiming “One should always balance the strength of one’s words with the strength of one’s position,” one should always check out what a person actually claimed, and be careful not to make too self-conscious, caustic a comment.

    • admirer: n. a man who is attracted to a particular woman or a woman who is attracted to a particular man.
      “she’s got a secret admirer”

    • Jahar

      That’s some good admiring~

  • WghUk

    Traditional Chinese parents always teach their kids not to drink iresponsibly…

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah, seriously. After smoking, it’s probably the most damaging habit amongst people in China. In the small town I’m living in now, it’s totally normal to see people so drunk they can’t stand at like 2pm on a Tuesday.

      • WghUk

        I guess most developed countries went through similar social changes in the past.

  • Super Bunny!

    china is getting indian style?

    • Chaz

      Nope, that’s always been a Chinese guy way of getting some tail. For 5,656 years…

      • bujiebuke

        Your right, there’s no rape culture in overprivileged frat bros having their way at passed out drunk chicks.

        Rape knows no political boundaries. As soon as people like you stop trying to scape goat this issue, we can start moving forward to addressing it.

        • Chaz

          Been raped a few times, eh?

    • Wow.

      Rape is a serious crime that is being committed in more than one country. It’s not about the culprit’s nationality but more about his mindset. If a man can think that he has the right to take away a woman’s free will and sexually assault her; he as an individual should be brought to justice. His community, race, social or economic standing holds no value because he doesn’t commit the crime while taking those things into consideration.

      No country on this planet promotes rape or sexual violence.

      • Jahar

        It definitely comes into consideration. Drunken frat boys just think they won’t get caught. Those with political connections think they can’t be punished.

  • juan guillermo gomez

    Where? When? what happened next? This article is lacking basic information. How can you publish this? Shame on you

    • right – journalism 101 as they say
      “At a Hotel”
      “At Night”
      These do not fulfill
      “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.”

      Bill, I hope that “Wang” was not one of your kin.

    • nice juan dude
      very bad translation
      how could this guy gomez up a 600-character limit story

  • Vance

    Women should always have someone with them they really trust before drinking. I suppose that advice would be good for men too, but girls really become vulnerable when they’ve had even just a little. They drop their inhibitions and that natural wariness of men. Now, men should not be going around getting girls drunk for the purpose of taking advantage of them either. I would think it would take very little alcohol with those thin, light weight petite women that are so common there for them to loosen their inhibitions.

    • Beware…
      I met this very pretty 110 pound girl in Chongqing who could drink like a sailor.
      She actually challenged me to a drinking contest and I chuckled at first…

      • Vance

        …until you woke up the next morning compromised? lol! Cute kid BTW. Is that you and yours in the avatar?

        • HaHa – I did see her the next day and she was still very pretty, but she was not dainty; I found out why she could hold her liquor; when you grabbed onto her, she was quite meaty/strong.
          Thanks – she is a doll (my God Daughter)

          • Vance

            I hear those girls in Chongqing are actually quite physically fit from walking all over the place in that hilly place.

          • you’re right, it is quite hilly there. I think it is now the largest city in China;

            Interesting city, ended up taking a river boat out of there down the Yangtze several days thru the three gorges dam

            Many Chinese claim Chongqing has the most beautiful women in China.

          • Vance

            Many non-Chinese share that opinion also. They are very good looking. I think it is a well deserved reputation.

            Best way to travel or did you take the river boat to see the sights?

          • This was part of a tour, but it was worthwhile. That was my first time in China. I went with my Dad on a 35 day tour of China with a group of about 30 people.
            That trip changed my life. What is amazing is how quickly life can change. I had no interest in China before going on this trip. I was the typical insulated US citizen, but that trip started me down a path I decided to follow.
            I strongly encourage all US Citizens to travel. It will teach you that what we are indoctrinated to believe growing up is NOT true.

          • Teacher in China

            Yep, I was certainly amazed by them when I went down there. But actually, I think all over China has the best looking women in China :)

          • Zappa Frank

            is not the largest City , is the largest metropolitan area, but consider that the metropolitan area is big as half of a province.
            chongqing definetly doens’t have the most beautiful women in china

          • Zappa Frank

            nahhhh… on chongqing girls there are many false stories

    • donscarletti

      If you’re drunk and alone on the street, you’re really not much less helpless than a woman in the same situation. Fighting off one sober guy, even one smaller than you would be really hard, two would be impossible. The only reason that males are safe on the street in most civilized countries is that they generally have nothing that bad people want enough to risk prison or execution for.

      Think of it this way, imagine you were walking around with US$5,000 in hundred dollar bills and everyone around you knew it. That’s what it’s like being a hot 19 year old girl carrying her pussy around. If it was me, I’d be jumping at shadows and be in fight of flight mode all the time, no way I’d get drunk with $5,000 on me, not because I’m afraid of losing it, but I’d be afraid of what thieves would do to me to get it.

    • David

      This i common practice in China. Many women know they should not go drinking with men because this will happen. There is a very fine line here between consensual sex and rape. Most of it, we in the west would simply call rape but I have heard Chinese men and women say things like “well, she went drinking with the guy, what did she expect would happen”. I have also had Chinese and Korean women who I had a few too many with be amazed the next day when they wake up at their home and asked me why I did not rape them (it is a very weird question to try and answer).

  • Lol I love the picture for some reason

  • redgirls
    • There is a very seedy section of Shinjuku near there filled with strip clubs, massage/brothels and some dangerous people.

  • mr.wiener


  • Zen my Ass

    RIP Chinasmack… slowly dying of apathy.

  • lacompacida

    Prime example of culture that is Chinese.

    • Alex Dương

      Oh how I wish I could be this blissfully ignorant.

  • Luke the Duke

    Not enough information in this story to cry ‘rape’. I trust an apology will be issue to Mr Wang until the night’s events have actually been confirmed.

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    are you
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