Dumping Girlfriend Because Her Breasts Are Too Small?


From KDS:

Girlfriend’s breasts too small, thinking of breaking up…

My girlfriend’s breasts are sized A-cup, practically not much different from an airport. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like I am touching a man, and now when we do it, I generally don’t take off her top. I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with girlfriends who also have small bosoms…?


It is not certain if the above photograph in his post is his real girlfriend or only a picture he added so more people would click on his post.

Responses on KDS:


A CUP is pretty good, you won’t have to fear sagging when they get old.


Don’t waste, I want even those without boobs, lend them to me to use.


With gain there must be loss.
My girlfriend is very busty,
but her face and legs aren’t worth mentioning.


In a moment, someone is going to post: “Boyfriend’s penis too short, thinking of breaking up…”


You cannot just look at breast size, you must consider its proportion to waist and hip size…

If you want busty, then wouldn’t the waist become proportionally larger than the A cup version? Not good.


Girlfriend states:
Boyfriend’s penis too small, thinking of breaking up…
My boyfriend’s penis very small, practically not much different from an embroidery needle. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like a needle is constantly poking me, and now when we do it, we generally don’t need to take off our pants, he can just poke into me right through the seams. I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with boyfriends who also have such small penises…?


Lou zhu, have you touched men before?

How would you know touching your girlfriend is like touching men?


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So I am in the same situation as the lou zh, [only my girlfriend is] a G-cup right now, [but] after feeling them for awhile, it’s the same [get bored].


SB guy, basically no intention to marry.

My GF is thinks about breast implants so much I even want to yell at her.


Are you stupid, touch the PG instead of the N [奶, nai, breast].
Breaking up and finding another one is simply wasting money.
Saving money is the top priority.



My Ex-ex-ex-GF was flat-chested, her looks were very pure and innocent, and she was also very sensible and considerate. A bunch of guys were around her pursuing her, but in the end still, I was determined to break up with her….
When I broke up with her, I also did not dare tell her this reason, otherwise it would be too insulting/hurtful to her.
The way I see it, can a woman without breasts still be called a woman? Hehe…


So you want to break up just because her bosom is small…you have some to touch, what else do you want?


Lou zhu, my gf is too [also small], but this does not affect anything, and we cannot want for everything, right? I believe this is usually proportionate, and you wouldn’t want a fatty, right?
Another thing, I too have discovered that Shanghai girls are commonly small, so what, if they’re a bit small then they’re a bit small, as long as you have some, it’s good, haha.


Forget it, how about let’s all swap wives? Those who dislike small breasts can swap for large breasts, those with flat butts can swap for large butts.
Is there anyone who wants to swap boyfriends/husbands? Is there anyone who thinks their boyfriend/husband’s penis is too small?


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**My ex-girlfriend was worse, yes, even worse than an A-cup. The first time I felt them, I thought I was touching her back…


You like the front busty and the back perky? The face beautiful? …Do you have more money than Li Ka-shing?…Is your appearance better than Takeshi Kaneshiro? As for your character/disposition, I won’t discuss…when you yourself have nothing, why have such high demands? So long as you have a “B” [cunt, girl] willing to be with you, live honestly and contently. Don’t TM complain later when you find yourself masturbating in front of the computer.


Korea’s technology [in plastic surgery] is very developed.


You can suck on them so they swell larger.


Having sex is not something you do every day, but breasts are something you touch every day, so they must feel good to touch, and it relates to the next generation’s health, so this is a big deal.


[My girlfriend’s] nipples are bigger than her breasts…motherfucking

The key thing is that small is one thing, but she is also fat…and tall…

I too want to break up…finding a girlfriend is not finding a bodyguard.



Someone who has successfully slowly nurtured his EXGF from A cup to B cup flutters by, very proud.
Squeeze them often while they are young and they will become bigger.

陆 十三笑:

All fucking geniuses! When you guys no longer have women, you will learn that a woman with a hole is enough!


My boyfriend’s breasts are sized X-cup, practically no different from TianShan meat buns [I think this is a restaurant that sells stuffed buns]. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like I am touching a woman…I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with boyfriends who also have big bosoms…?


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After you have experienced A-cups, then experienced C-cups, you will know that actually as long as they match your own two hands, then they are the best.


I think you better break up with your girlfriend. Don’t hurt her [by staying with her], because being able to say this kind of talk, you’re simply not a man.


This only shows that your massaging efforts are insufficient, or your girlfriend doesn’t love you.

In theory, the effect of hormones and massaging should make them bigger.

Also, you probably don’t have good technique, [because her having] orgasms will stimulate her bosom to become bigger.


Even if they are a bit small, it’s still better than your left and right hands.


Unusually large ones are difficult to buy clothes for!


My woman’s breasts are small, but they feel good, they feel great…the key is the feeling, of course the mm’s having a suitable personality is very important.


I had one before [with small breasts]~~~breaking up was her idea~~because I had not touched her for over a half a year~~~I truly could not get interested~~~


Two days later, the original poster, 赵公子, added a small update to his original post:

Okay, everybody, don’t reply to this post anymore.

My girlfriend already knows I made this post.

Looks like this time we are really breaking up.


Boys, do you wish your current girlfriend or wife's breasts to be bigger? Or girls, does your current boyfriend or husband wish you had bigger breasts?

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Note: The photos used in this post is Elly Tran Ha, a Vietnamese model who has become very popular online recently due to her big breasts.

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