Dumping Girlfriend Because Her Breasts Are Too Small?


From KDS:

Girlfriend’s breasts too small, thinking of breaking up…

My girlfriend’s breasts are sized A-cup, practically not much different from an airport. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like I am touching a man, and now when we do it, I generally don’t take off her top. I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with girlfriends who also have small bosoms…?


It is not certain if the above photograph in his post is his real girlfriend or only a picture he added so more people would click on his post.

Responses on KDS:


A CUP is pretty good, you won’t have to fear sagging when they get old.


Don’t waste, I want even those without boobs, lend them to me to use.


With gain there must be loss.
My girlfriend is very busty,
but her face and legs aren’t worth mentioning.


In a moment, someone is going to post: “Boyfriend’s penis too short, thinking of breaking up…”


You cannot just look at breast size, you must consider its proportion to waist and hip size…

If you want busty, then wouldn’t the waist become proportionally larger than the A cup version? Not good.


Girlfriend states:
Boyfriend’s penis too small, thinking of breaking up…
My boyfriend’s penis very small, practically not much different from an embroidery needle. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like a needle is constantly poking me, and now when we do it, we generally don’t need to take off our pants, he can just poke into me right through the seams. I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with boyfriends who also have such small penises…?


Lou zhu, have you touched men before?

How would you know touching your girlfriend is like touching men?


So I am in the same situation as the lou zh, [only my girlfriend is] a G-cup right now, [but] after feeling them for awhile, it’s the same [get bored].


SB guy, basically no intention to marry.

My GF is thinks about breast implants so much I even want to yell at her.


Are you stupid, touch the PG instead of the N [奶, nai, breast].
Breaking up and finding another one is simply wasting money.
Saving money is the top priority.



My Ex-ex-ex-GF was flat-chested, her looks were very pure and innocent, and she was also very sensible and considerate. A bunch of guys were around her pursuing her, but in the end still, I was determined to break up with her….
When I broke up with her, I also did not dare tell her this reason, otherwise it would be too insulting/hurtful to her.
The way I see it, can a woman without breasts still be called a woman? Hehe…


So you want to break up just because her bosom is small…you have some to touch, what else do you want?


Lou zhu, my gf is too [also small], but this does not affect anything, and we cannot want for everything, right? I believe this is usually proportionate, and you wouldn’t want a fatty, right?
Another thing, I too have discovered that Shanghai girls are commonly small, so what, if they’re a bit small then they’re a bit small, as long as you have some, it’s good, haha.


Forget it, how about let’s all swap wives? Those who dislike small breasts can swap for large breasts, those with flat butts can swap for large butts.
Is there anyone who wants to swap boyfriends/husbands? Is there anyone who thinks their boyfriend/husband’s penis is too small?


**My ex-girlfriend was worse, yes, even worse than an A-cup. The first time I felt them, I thought I was touching her back…


You like the front busty and the back perky? The face beautiful? …Do you have more money than Li Ka-shing?…Is your appearance better than Takeshi Kaneshiro? As for your character/disposition, I won’t discuss…when you yourself have nothing, why have such high demands? So long as you have a “B” [cunt, girl] willing to be with you, live honestly and contently. Don’t TM complain later when you find yourself masturbating in front of the computer.


Korea’s technology [in plastic surgery] is very developed.


You can suck on them so they swell larger.


Having sex is not something you do every day, but breasts are something you touch every day, so they must feel good to touch, and it relates to the next generation’s health, so this is a big deal.


[My girlfriend’s] nipples are bigger than her breasts…motherfucking

The key thing is that small is one thing, but she is also fat…and tall…

I too want to break up…finding a girlfriend is not finding a bodyguard.



Someone who has successfully slowly nurtured his EXGF from A cup to B cup flutters by, very proud.
Squeeze them often while they are young and they will become bigger.

陆 十三笑:

All fucking geniuses! When you guys no longer have women, you will learn that a woman with a hole is enough!


My boyfriend’s breasts are sized X-cup, practically no different from TianShan meat buns [I think this is a restaurant that sells stuffed buns]. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like I am touching a woman…I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

Are there any TF like me, with boyfriends who also have big bosoms…?


After you have experienced A-cups, then experienced C-cups, you will know that actually as long as they match your own two hands, then they are the best.


I think you better break up with your girlfriend. Don’t hurt her [by staying with her], because being able to say this kind of talk, you’re simply not a man.


This only shows that your massaging efforts are insufficient, or your girlfriend doesn’t love you.

In theory, the effect of hormones and massaging should make them bigger.

Also, you probably don’t have good technique, [because her having] orgasms will stimulate her bosom to become bigger.


Even if they are a bit small, it’s still better than your left and right hands.


Unusually large ones are difficult to buy clothes for!


My woman’s breasts are small, but they feel good, they feel great…the key is the feeling, of course the mm’s having a suitable personality is very important.


I had one before [with small breasts]~~~breaking up was her idea~~because I had not touched her for over a half a year~~~I truly could not get interested~~~


Two days later, the original poster, 赵公子, added a small update to his original post:

Okay, everybody, don’t reply to this post anymore.

My girlfriend already knows I made this post.

Looks like this time we are really breaking up.


Boys, do you wish your current girlfriend or wife's breasts to be bigger? Or girls, does your current boyfriend or husband wish you had bigger breasts?

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Note: The photos used in this post is Elly Tran Ha, a Vietnamese model who has become very popular online recently due to her big breasts.

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  • Annoy

    HAHA, how funny it is. XD To break up just because her breasts small… Oh, btw, the busty pics above are of a viet girl lol She seems to b popular even in china

  • k

    The last comment is best comment. The guy was stupid enough. Now he can find a girl of a dreams.
    Why there’s no photos of Chinese model with big breasts? I wonder, I wonder…

    • Jay K

      or an ass for that matter, damn need some ass curves. if chinese rich guys can buy audis and german cars to handle curves why do chinese girls just have flat roads to drive on…sigh

      bring back the tang dynasty

  • PH

    Geez. How immature can a man be?

    • Joe #2

      If you really want to know, I can introduce you to someone I know from work, assuming he doesn’t get fired before I get there tomorrow…

    • Michael

      hmmm well that depends…what size are your breast? =P~~

    • motherhubberd

      just as imature as any woman , tell the truth how many times did you not date a guy because he was short? yeah i thought so, if women can be picky i don’t see why men can’t.

  • Master C

    Well technology does allow implantation of live breast or live penile tissue cultured from the host’s cells now. Don’t worry about it and try to control your gag reflex for now. Flat chests are most sickly, disgusting and for pedophiles or latent pedophiles IMHO. Oops not helping haha!

    But seriously, you will be able to get her and yourself a fleshy gift in the not too distant future as prices come down. Issues like lack of ‘assets’ couples most complain about are going to end quite soon.



  • First of all the girl in the pics in this post does NOT have “A” cups and those are larger. Now; I never particularly cared much for large breasts and agree that finding a woman, is a lot like investing…you need one that does not have a “sagging” future. So normally I do go for woman that are more praportionate…small and petite….BUT THE GIRL IN THIS POST HAS A GREAT BODY! And now I’m thinking maybe I should invest in a larger set for my lao po! Just an upgrade.

  • I guess there is hope for some men.

  • xm88

    do i want bigger ones on my GF’s body? yes, of course. would i break up with her it she didn’t? no way, she’s too freaky in bed for that.

  • ST

    Wow! Some nice 东瓜 in those photos.

    Anyway, if someone would dump someone over breast size then they really shouldn’t be together in the first place. They will eventually break up over something else if they are so superficial in their relationship so they may as well end it now.

  • capt. dude

    small breasted girls need love too so f&&&k you. Latent pedo-bear you are it’s a trap blah blah.

  • capt. dude

    I agree though, this girl above is perfect.

  • milkfiddle

    A good arse is most important, then personality.
    Of course prettiness is a whole other category.

  • milkfiddle

    later if you get married then you get the reward of being able to grope big tits. Just look at the average aiyeee.

  • krdr

    This post should be called “Dumped by girl because he considered to left her because her breasts are to small”. I expected to read “Looking for girl with A cup? Try….” but “upgrade”…! Superb!

  • FYIADragoon

    Breasts are like penises. They’re all the same, they just come in different shapes and sizes. If he loved her, he would be happy with her body. Girl shouldn’t have been showing love to a fool like this anyways. T&A is NOT the specialty of your average Asian woman. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because they have their own strong points.

  • Jingping Lai

    HAH! He deserves it! Great post, Fauna!

    From a purely physical perspective, I’d say the order of important personally would be face>waist>legs>chest…

    PS, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that picture before (the one he posted). Not his girlfriend.

    • motherhubberd

      you people get it through your thick skulls MEN like big breasted women and WOMEN like tall men. its nature, don’t pretend to act so offended. us women are way more picky then men. we just lie about it more at least men are honest.

  • w1re

    I like the comment that takes the “you gotta save money”-angle.

    “Money saving is the top-priority” LMAO!

  • Small breasts are much hotter than big saggy ones…

    • lou pens white son

      yes they are=)=)=)=)=)

  • Rabinovich

    He is better off without that Shiksa, needs a good full bodied Jewish woman.

  • You shouldn’t dump a woman over her looks until you find a better one.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      now there’s some advice I can get behind

  • Chen

    “Looking to upgrade? Try the chinaSMACK personals!”

    Of all the posts above, this is the best :D

  • Zhou

    Just dump her and learn from your mistake. Why waste time with girls who don’t turn you on? It will only get worse as she gets older. Girls never bother asking questions like this. They go get what they want.

    • carl

      I wouldn’t generalize an entire gender like that. Maybe in your experience, but I see plenty of girls staying with guys they don’t like, overlooking their hideous looks for something deeper.

      On a side note, this guy doesn’t deserve a girlfriend, maybe he’ll wake up someday.

      But I doubt it.

    • Chen

      That guy should not even begin the relationship with her from the start

  • Elly Tran Ha
    • mechanized

      lame that works out to like 2 U.S. cents.

      she’d have a bigger gap than the grand canyon at that rate.

  • YuUkI

    wow, that’s just sad. Just makes me wonder even more about what happens to those women who have breast cancer and have to get their breasts removed…single forever? or would they have to go do frigin plastic surgery just cuz guys are too shallow to care?!?!?
    How sad, man.

    • akbar lo

      Christina applegate’s still pretty hot

  • Rick in China

    I don’t know why nobody mentioned the obvious – if the real issue was her breasts being too small, why date her in the first place? It’s not like he “just found out” she had little titties, or they shrunk.

    Buddy probably dated an ‘online girl’ for months, met her in real life, then ‘broke up with her’ – because he found out her titty pictures were pushed up but in real life she was average for China – which basically means mosquito bitten chest.

    Personally, it’s not breast size that matters as much as breast firmness, shape, and most importantly, nipple shape. I’ve met some freaky nipples.

  • Lock

    It’s just another lame excuse or he’s been watching too much porn.

  • chris

    OK….first thing comes first…dude if that is really your girlfriend in the first pic., you are an idiot, she is damn hot. I would love to hit that and you should be proud of it. So what about her breast, pay for some implants or something for real. Second, you will never be happy if that is all your worried about

    • B. Prichard

      Really? Encouraging women to get cosmetic surgery? I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife (whether she is real or imaginary).

  • PK

    Hmm. I broke up with my flat-chested (Korean) girlfriend a few weeks ago. We were together for about nine months; to start with I didn’t mind, but after a while I really started to miss having some lovely soft titties to squeeze. They don’t have to be massive, but there needs to be something there – my ex was literally just pecs and big nipples. A lot of the time we used to fuck while she kept her top on.

  • gobblegog

    Let’s not lose sight of the real issue here. When will the Chinese government introduce legislation banning the sale and wearing of padded bras?

    • mechanized

      oooh can’t tell you how many times i’ve been fooled. You think you’d know better after a while….

      • gobblegog

        I know. Every time you think “this young lovely might genuinely have a great pair of jigglywobblers”…

        • Cool Matt

          I nominate “jigglywobblers” as the word of the week. Good job!

  • Annoy

    Get a gf with tits, I think at least that is a higher possibility than get a gf that love u whole heart. And yea, the guy should not date her if he know from beginning she flat. Fck, guy like that needed to b chop off…

  • The John

    the original poster, 赵公子, added a small update to his original post:

    Okay, everybody, don’t reply to this post anymore.

    My girlfriend already knows I made this post.

    Looks like this time we are really breaking up.

    Survey says!


    Trust me…. boobs will not keep me in a relationship.

    A good heart will. It is really hard to find someone that can accept you for who you are and really love you. I have dated many cups. You realize they are not that great when you have to deal with stuck up, money grabbing, soul sucking beauties. Im not saying all girls with big knocks are like that. But, in a time where it’s hard for people to find something real, a good woman is all I need.

    Remember: The bigger they are, the more they sag when she gets older.

    • Master C

      So let them sag. Thats the cue for wife no. 2 to enter and wife no. 1 to take the role of ‘household dignitary’ and elder sister. In a situation without maids, wife no. 2 would be a helpful addition in more hands making lighter work . . .

      • The John

        You know at the end of Sex and Chopsticks the leading character dies….

        • Master C

          Sorry you identify with the dude enough to mention him. Must’ve left an impression didn’t he?

  • Celkian

    Wish I had Fuana’s job of picking pictures for this article.

  • Moo Goo Gai Pan

    Boys and their booby fixations …

    This post demonstrates very clearly the general age and gender of chinaSMACK ‘contributors’.

    • James

      you cant generalises everybody

      it seems like you have a fixed veiw on guys, try to be more open minded.

      Its hillarious reading this though. people in genral can have their fixations, but none of them are connclusive/representative of gender etc…

  • Professor Sillypants

    Large breasts are disgusting.

    Besides, many Asian girls have excellent bodies.


    • k

      You’re not gay? Or you are?

      • danni

        Men afraid of big breasts were bottlefed as babies.

        • Canton Pop

          I’m no freudian, but it seems to me that boys/men who are obsessed with breasts didn’t have enough oral gratification when they were infants.

          … and then there are those who were breastfed too much.

    • George

      Large breasts are disgusting?

      You must be from a different planet. Are DD cups too big? Perhaps. But if your definition of large is B or C than you are gay or a pedo.

      • Potemkin

        I hate DDs but I Loooove B and C cups

  • zammo hung

    Never really been a ‘tit man’. After all, more than a mouthful is a waste*.

    *this is not an iron clad rule.

  • Michael

    ^0^ ~~TittyFaaaRRRrrK

  • Jordan

    Those are some nice pictures of busty Chinese girls…

    • Jean

      hey, i like nice pictures of busty Chinese girls too! why the fvck do u have so many negative votes? +1 for you!

  • the peasant

    it is true that at first you really dont mind the boobies.. you get stunned by the face and the frame. and you imagine what having sex with the girl would be like.

    but the novelty ends after a couple of months of going at it.

    but the question is would guys prefer fake boobies over small but real ones? –nice to look at awful to touch.

    • gobblegog

      I’ve never fondled any foobies, but if given the choice I’d rather go for an airport than a pumped-up princess.

  • Mozzer

    From the ice age
    To the dole age
    There is but one concern…

    Some girls are bigger than others
    Some girls are bigger than others
    Some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers…

  • sam

    A cup boring :) ?

  • ken

    People that state that small tits are fine are either gay or women. Real men like big huge titties to play with. End of story

    • gobblegog

      Well then Ken, colour me gay or female, because I personally enjoy all types of tittays. I’d need a B cup minimum to settle down with, though.

  • Jiang

    Why don’t you ask your mama about it?

  • Alan

    who is the well endowed girl in the photos? She is an ideal candidate for, erm, applying some male breast lotion to…:)

    • gobblegog

      She’s called Elly Tran. She’s from Vietnam. She is amazing.

      • Alan

        No doubt. If girls in Vietnam are like her, I’ll pass go and not collect 100…wow:)

  • OMG, this just goes to show that most guys don’t know a good thing when they have it!

    • Moo Goo Gai Pan

      Amen to that, honey!

  • ImmortalTechnique

    Quoteth Big Pun:
    Who wanna ride it won’t cost you a dollar
    whether soft or harder of course you still gonna holla
    My my, I’m big huh, I rip my prick through your hooters
    I’m sick, you couldn’t measure my dick with six rulers
    Hold up, chula, I’m all about gettin loot
    But I knock that boot, if you out to get HOOF

  • Joe Friday

    Asian girls have great figures because they are well proportioned. Elly is a beautiful girl, but her breasts are the work of a gifted surgeon.

    Personally I prefer the model shown in the “pretty-chinese-girl-beside-bar” photo. She is very alluring.

  • Daniel

    I really don’t get guys fascination with big breasts. I love Chinese girls for their small breasts and tight bodies. If your girl is 26 and has the body of a 15 year old, how could you complain! I’m way more into cute face, long legs and nice backside anyways. Breasts are just for foreplay, not so important. I really don’t care for big breasts, they are like over-ripe fruit.

    • tk 4 lyfe

      boo this man! for shame….

    • Sun Hao

      Breasts are not only for foreplay. They are for intercourse, too lol, paizur/tittybang

      • Jeffrey Jones

        I like your thinking brother.

  • tk 4 lyfe

    post up some more nice chinese racks!! no more of that chick with glasses shes played out yo

  • I don’t like girl who has too big breasts.

  • First off East Asian women have naturally petite bodies so smaller breasts are the average norm.

    Secondly, I agree a nice pair of tits complements a woman’s physique but basing relationships on looks is usually destructive. Women are held to unrealistic expectations by society and slamming a girl based on biology is pretty Captian Dick-ish.

    Lastly, men are men. Date the hottest girls but in time our eyes wander. Part of this is biology. The next girl you get will have DD’s and a fat ass to match. Not good? Ok, DD’s and a hot body. 2 years later you’ll still get bored and wish for those man-titties (lol).

  • Li Han

    Welleh-welleh, kok gedhe banget toh! Enaaak tenan.

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