Dying Chinese Drug Addict Wu Guilin’s Last Days

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin holding up a blood stained drug syringe needle.

Wu Guilin, a drug addict in Guangdong province of China, lies half naked against the wall of his dilapidated home.

From NetEase:

Drug addict Wu Guilin’s last days

April 18 to May 6, in a room in the old county seat of Huidong in Guangdong province, this reporter used 19 days to witness the last part of drug addict Wu Guilin’s life. [click images to enlarge]

[Above] One April afternoon in Huidong county of Guangdong, drug addict Wu Guilin is alone in his dilapidated home waiting to die, the hospital having already said that Wu Guilin can no longer be treated.

Wu Guilin, a drug addict in Guangdong province of China, shirtless and gaunt inside his dilapidated home.

One night several days ago, Wu Guilin suffered an episode of pain, leading him to burn items in his home in a cry for help, with the black ashes still remaining on the floor.

Wu Guilin, a drug addict in Guangdong province of China, with an eagle tattooed on his back.

Guangdong’s weather in April is very humid, so Wu Guilin has taken off his shirt, revealing the tattoo on his back: a male eagle with parts of its wings not yet finished.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin found on the street next to an abandoned building, his body too weak to walk.

Noon April 22nd, Wu Guilin, with his bottom half completely naked, appeared at the bottom of a building waiting to be demolished on Lianhua Road in Huidong county, his body so weak that he could no longer walk.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin found on the street next to an abandoned building, his body too weak to walk.

Tied around his wrist is a hospital identification tag.

A Chinese police officer and medical personnel stand next to drug addict Wu Guilin lying on the open street, his body too weak to walk.

A police officer leans over to talk to him.

A Chinese police officer and medical personnel stand next to drug addict Wu Guilin lying on the open street, his body too weak to walk.

The police officer and medical personnel send him back to his home.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin shows his hospital identification tag.

April 24th, the hospital says Wu Guilin can no longer be treated, so he leaves the hospital to return home to wait for death to come, the hospital’s identification bracelet still tied around his wrist.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin inside a filthy and run down room that is his home.

Wu Guilin sitting alone in his run-down home, no longer able to walk upright due to an infection in his legs.

Cotton wadding with traces of blood litter Wu Guilin's filthy home.

Cotton wadding can be seen everywhere on the floor throughout Wu Guilin’s home, with not yet dried traces of blood left on them.

A bowl of dried leftover rice near Wu Guilin's mat that serves as his bed.

Wu Guilin sits on his woven mat, a bowl of leftover rice not far away. During this time as he is at home waiting for death. Often the neighborhood official, neighbors, and “drug friends” bring him food.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin holding up a blood stained drug syringe needle.

Wu Guilin holding up bloody syringe in his dirty hands. He says his life has been destroyed by drugs.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin preparing to inject himself with heroin.

April 24 afternoon, Wu Guili once again receives drugs from a “fellow drug user”. He says he injects drugs now solely to blunt the pain in his body.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin preparing to inject himself with heroin.

Of the times this reporter saw him, this was when he was the most lively/alert.

Chinese drug addict Wu Guilin injecting himself with heroin.

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April 24 afternoon, Wu Guilin injecting the drugs his “drug friend” delivered to him.

A naked Wu Guilin, a drug addict in Guangdong province of China, sits in his dilapidated home, his legs infected so he can no longer walk upright.

Wu Guilin back in his dilapidated home.

Wu Guilin smoking cigarettes by candlelight.

April 24 night, Wu Guilin lit candles, smoking the cigarettes that a worker at the local neighborhood sub-district office gave him, in a daze.

Wu Guilin holding a lit candle as he falls asleep.

Wu Guilin slowly falls asleep.

Wu Guilin asleep in his dilapidated home.

Wu Guilin writing a journal in his final days before dying.

April 26, Wu Guilin lit a candle and lies on his mat to begin recording his final moments. He says he wants to use this to warn other people to not make the wrong choices.

The diary of Wu Guilin, a Chinese drug addict, that he wrote in his final days of life.

May 10, several days after Wu Guilin passed away, the diary he kept as he approached death still remains in the dilapidated home.

Wu Guilin's remains at a mortuary in Huidong county of Guangdong.

May 10 afternoon, Wu Guilin’s remains lie in the #45 freezer of the Huidong county mortuary, his hair in a mess.

Wu Guilin's name is written down, replacing 'John Doe', after a Chinese journalist reporting on his final days identified his body with authorities.

Guangdong Huidong Mortuary, after identification by this journalist, the staff change the “Unknown” on the #45 freezer locker to “Wu Guilin”.

A pair of denim jeans and several drug needles remain in the deceased Wu Guilin's dirty room.

A pair of jeans and several syringes remain in the room where Wu Guilin’s spent his final moments.

Comments from NetEase:

天朝70年大限 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Stay away from drugs no matter what, it’s too frightening!!!

尚未命名 [网易上海市网友]:

This handwriting is quite pretty…

流氓小亨 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

Drugs these days are mostly methamphetamine. Something created by the Japanese that is popular here.

政治體制要改革其它是浮雲 [网易广东省梅州市网友]:

An open society will necessarily have this kind of thing come in.


Sitting here waiting for a pretentious bitch to post a pretentious criticism.

跟帖无法显示 [网易北京市网友]:

I think his drug friend is much more compassionate than the hospital or ZF. The hospital won’t do anything, but his drug friend gives him expensive HLY [海洛因 hai luo yin, heroin] in his most impoverished and painful moment.


Human scum, degenerate, has only himself to blame, had it coming. Society has one less evil.

zzlwy5222 [网易浙江省台州市网友]:

Just like this, a young life vanishes.

清风无限0 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

This drug friend wouldn’t happen to be his dealer, would it??


Deserved it!!

cqf539 [网易北京市网友]:

He’s already dead, and its not like he harmed anyone else, exercise some restraint, okay? May he rest in peace and not touch drugs again when he reincarnates.

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

For you and your family, please stay far away from drugs.

stockgod17316561 [网易浙江省湖州市网友]:

Why do I feel like this drug user is like our society, injecting drugs is like constantly printing money to delay the arrival of the economic crisis.

石门一只眼 [网易河北省石家庄市网友]:

Just what does doing drugs feel like? I’m very curious, those who know please share.

qq16801 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Drug addicts all get started because of curiosity, and then they try it, and finally become addicted, unable to free themselves!! So normal people mus all have basic knowledge of drugs, that they are not to be touched, and one must steer clear of them!!

过敏世界KM [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

This person, even in his final moments, gets not the least bit of dignity! A drug addict, wallowing in degeneration, admittedly is not worth pity! But as certain mysterious “relevant [government] departments”, shouldn’t they do something?

stkbak9 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

He had meals delivered and a kind-hearted person even gave him one last needle, what else do you want? What way of dying would you consider as having dignity?

fanxiaof [网易重庆市网友]: (also responding to 过敏世界KM)

For people like drug addicts, they don’t deserve pity, as they’ve already forfeited their humanity.

What do you think? Do you believe drug addicts deserve pity and help? Do you personally know someone close to you who has suffered from drug addiction?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • jeffrey


  • Syringe

    On the sofa with my buddy Wu GuiLin!

  • micmict

    SOFA with no drugs!!

    May he rest in peace.

  • Matt

    This is terrible. It’s sad, because I doubt he knew what he was getting into. When I see him in the pictures, I can’t help but see him as the doppelgänger to an alternative life where he didn’t make such a childish mistake. Ah, well…

    • B-pete

      So sad, I’ve always wondered, if there is any place for homeless people can go and stay in china. he seems he is homeless and a drug addict. there should be a place where he could get help from.

    • Jei

      A sad and tragic waste of a life. It’s a shame that we don’t know anything about his life beforehand

      • Gowron Martok

        More info and in English at

  • The Dude

    Just sad….

    Very very sad.

    • Brett Hunan

      Yea, his story is sad. But hopefully with whatever note he wrote to young people and with the publishing of this story, maybe some good will come from all of this. It might seem hypocritical to some people to see him die from his addiction, but his story could persuade some impressionable kid to never try drugs. I actually respect that in his last days, he defined himself.

  • anon

    I’m really curious about what exactly he wrote in his notepad.

    To answer the question, I do have friends who regularly use drugs though I’m not sure if they’re “suffering” from their addiction or habit.

  • MrT

    One less chinasmack head.

  • Brett Hunan

    Get high without infection (maybe) Personals @ chinaSMACK!

  • Anonynonymous

    I’ve done weed couple times, and that’s it. I made sure to steer clear of the hard stuffs.

    • I’ve done weed a couple of times… a day for the past few years. I’ve also tried LSD, MDMA, DMT, cocaine, crack, mushrooms and various opiates at least once.

      I’m also about to start my second year of medical school in a few months. What’s my point? Recreational drug use doesn’t necessarily make someone a useless member of society.

      • Koreandude

        Sure, buddy. You’d better let us know how Hollywood upstairs medical college is working out.

        • Luobo

          Lumping all drugs together is ridiculous. Opiates and Amphetamines rank high in the trouble category, while cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. Not to mention that many prescription drugs are worse for you than many illegals

  • red scarf

    Sigh its makes be sad that a person got into this state, its makes me just as that a “state” didn’t do anything to help him.

  • cc

    His hair in a mess??? Hmm ok, died in poverty and probably great pain and the journalist is worried the dead guy’s hair is in a mess. Takes allsorts i spose.

    • Bruce Tutty

      I think its meant to be symbolic, showing the state he was in

  • Feylin

    Regarding the poll… I feel as if it’s a bit too harsh to categorize every drug within the same group.

    LSD, psilocybin, marijuana, etc., those drugs are by no means harmful or addictive. By grouping lighter drugs in the same category as the stronger drugs it creates a very misleading image in any poll or survey.

    • anon

      I was waiting for this. And what about drugs that are illegal in some places but not others? What about people who are addicted to alcohol or shucks, even arguably caffeine?

      • Brett Hunan

        You are right anon, drugs are drugs. This includes prescription medicine, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and others. However, some drugs do carry miniscule risks of dependency or long-term side effects. Anyways, its just a way for someone to not feel shame about doing a drug. Everyone can have their opinion on this. IMO, alcohol is probably the most dangerous drug in the world. If there were legal alternatives, there might be less bad stuff happening.

        • Fu ZhiGao

          I’ll open the can of worms and disagree. Alcohol is bad, but meth, heroine and cocaine are terrible as well.

          Drugs are escapist and enable people to be unproductive and wallow in their own problems. They waste time and resources. I can’t see how allowing more people to have more ways of harming in vain escapist pursuits of ephemeral pleasure could be beneficial to society as a whole.

          Giving poor or uneducated people ways to waste time or tune out of the world doesn’t help them or anyone else.

          • staylost

            “If you were in prison, would you not try to escape. And if you could not escape, would you not spend your time in prison thinking on things beyond the walls placed around you?” -Somebody other than me

            Escapism can be moral (not saying it necessarily is, or is in this news article).

            On a more practical note, outlawing alcohol and allowing marijuana would likely result in a healthier more productive society. Marijuana still increases risk of respiratory cancers, but since it is smoked less often than cigarettes by addicts, the risk is much less severe.

          • Little Wolf


            First of all, did I ask for any kind of sympathy or understanding? I’m not going to bore everybody with my life story, I merely stated that I had been in this guys shoes and know exactly how he was feeling. If you want to get technical….it was probably the most productive period in my life. The first couple of years I was a more or less “functioning” addict. I was still able to work and the drug boost “ENABLED” me to get a shitload of work done.(I wasn’t always “on the nod”. Usually it gave me energy) But once my life became unmanageable and my resources ran out I needed other means to feed my what had become a $300 dollar a day habit. If I still had that kind of drive to get money I’d be a millionaire several times over by now. And I didn’t have time to wallow in my problems. My entire life was consumed with hustling for cash and giving myself the reward at the end of the day.
            I would bet that Staylost will back me on this…. If you’ve got to be addicted to a drug, heroin (ok…opiates) is probably the least harmful to your health and alcohol, cigarettes and meth are the worst. If you go to any rehab center, it’s easy to pick out the heroin addicts. They are usually the ones with the most youthful appearance and the least “tore up”. (I’m talking about after they’ve cleaned up, not in the middle of a run) This guy had other health problems most likely to do with unsanitary conditions that were the real cause of his death. Actually, if you have to die…heroin overdose is not a bad way to go.

            I really try to distance myself from people involved in recovery, counseling and 12-step programs as I find them completely obnoxious. My own way of finally kicking it for good was unique and complicated and if anybody is curious, they’ll have to wait for the movie.

            Alan thanks for the kind words….. although I’m wasn’t trying to be brave. I think everybody has had their life go into freefall in one way one or another and I probably would trust anybody that hasn’t. Mine was a bit on the extreme side. I’m not writing about this hoping my words will help some poor soul nor is it some kind of cathartic act of getting it off my chest. I’m merely trying to clear up any misconceptions and hopefully some people will realize that this guy was probably a much better human being than they will ever know.

      • Alan

        Betel nut is legal in China, yet is illegal in the UAE.

        And khat? Legal in the UK, but controlled in the US?

        Depends on what you define as drugs, I would certainly class marijuana as not a drug, or if so, one that should be classified lower down the scale.

  • anon

    Wow, some people have actually admitted to a drug habit now. Earlier I was thinking how no one would pick the last two poll options. Guess there is some honesty (or mistaken clicking?) on anonymous internet polls.

  • staylost

    Have you ever done drugs?

    I don’t drink coffee, smoke, drink alcohol, avoid medication when possible, but I use acetylsalicylic acid or other similar pain relief if I have a bad headache. I’ve also been as high as possible (accounting for risk of death) on opiates in a medical situation where I almost died (for extreme pain).

    The small point I’m trying to make here is that for even the cleanest people in the world like myself, drugs remain ubiquitous and that is only natural. Drugs aren’t the problem, addiction is. Computer games, television, thrill seeking, masturbation, bar diving (for one-night stands), greasy food, and posting on ChinaSMACK; all are awesome but for addiction.

    • moop

      why not just say asprin? surely you don’t walk around calling it that in real life.

      • staylost

        Well, actually I do, and you don’t have to be a genius to guess why. I also don’t believe in talking down to the audience unless necessary. I’m not saying I’m especially intelligent or knowledgeable, but I’m not going to hold others back where I am intelligent or knowledgeable.

        1. Aspirin is a brand name, not a proper name.
        2. It is pretty basic chemical compound so I either expect others to already know it or to learn a new word if they don’t.

        • Anne

          Aspirin can be a trademark or a generic name depending on what country you’re in though…..The States, UK, Australia, France, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa etc use aspirin as the generic name.

          • moop

            and in china they call it 阿司匹林 instead of 乙酰水杨酸. zhuangbility at its finest

          • staylost

            True enough, but it was originally a trademark, only stripped from Bayer as part of the post WWI looting of Germany, as I understand it. This wasn’t recognized as legally binding by many western nations (nor was recognizing it a particularly ethical thing to do), and Aspirin lives on as Bayer’s trademark in such places.

            This, however, is all pretty useless errata to the average person, and the more simple argument might be to appeal to the only reasonable and legally allowable common denominator in international nomenclature: acetylsalicylic acid.

            And sure, I’m biased. I enjoy chemistry. But it isn’t like I’m trying to shove the organic chemistry name down anyone’s throat.

          • Little Wolf
    • Brett Hunan

      I am in the middle of writing a very similar post (2nd paragraph), glad I refreshed the page first. +1 to this.

    • Little Wolf

      At risk of opening a real can o’worms here…I will state that I was a heroin addict for several years. I’ve been clinically dead…twice, and revived. I’ve been up…and I’ve been down. Been to hell….and been back. These scenes are very familiar to me and bring back memories and feelings that I have not thought about in along time. And there will be ignorant people here calling this guy(and probably me) some kind of lowdown, dirty dog that deserves what he got. And I will disagree.

      • Brett Hunan

        Some people just get trapped in the loop. I think it shows more about your character that you got out.

        • Little Wolf

          haha…I don’t know if character is the right word. To be honest, I don’t really regret it, since I think I learned alot from the experience. Although I would hardly recommend it as way to better one’s life. I can at least accept that it was a rough period of my life and not allow myself to be defined by it.

          • mr. wiener

            Glad you made it out.

          • waterproof

            well said

      • Alan

        Thanks for opening up on here. It takes a brave guy with courage to be honest and open and admit his demons, even if they are in the past.

        What irks me is all these condemning him, but what about the cokeheads and ketamine sniffers in hollywood, or in ktv rooms in private, who are famous and successful, but can get away with it or hide it well.

        Take a look at the faces of a few famous actors, or DJ’s, and you can see that it is the south american marching powder that drives, or has driven them over the years…..pretty sad too really.

  • Getrealson

    I will not judge him as I myself will one day face judgement and I am not entirely convinced I will be found above reproach. However I will say this….

    Every day we make decisions, make choices.

    Do not take the choices we have the freedom to make so lightly, no matter how insignificant they seem at the time. Some days the choices we make are more important than others. Where you go, what you do and who with for example. One wrong decision could start in motion a chain of events that spiral out of control until you find yourself in a very bad situation from which there is little or no escape.

    I’m not making excuses for him, I just feel that this relevant.

  • Harland

    That’s the eagle from Dahongying cigarettes, isn’t it?

  • Castro


  • jeffli

    Well, its not a secret is it?
    Its not like one can say “I know that could happen.”

    Its common knowledge that self dosing with mind altering chemicals that are impure and dirty will lead to a bad outcome.

    I do pity him. The state could have got to him sooner, arrested him and he could have lived a harsh but healthier life in prison, maybe even kicking his ‘habit’ and living more ‘productive years.

    I guarantee there are ‘junkies’ dying on the street in nearly every country.

  • lonetrey

    That Chinese commentor that mention “Japan-made drugs”… real classy, asshole.

    Chinese guy using the drugs and died, and they find a way to blame Japan. We (USA) would fuck them up, and they’d probably still blame Japan.

    • SojuNDaegu

      Great comment from an American. You sir are an idiot. Maybe the drugs did come from Japan, maybe they came from China. Who cares. This man had a family who probably miss him very much.

      Don’t be like the commentor, turn the other cheek and be better….

    • Dynasty

      You sir are a fucking moron. Methamphetamines were first synthesized in Japan in 1893 by chemist Nagai Nagayoshi. Crystallized methamphetamine was synthesized by pharmacologist Akira Ogata in 1919. In other words, they are, in fact, a Japanese creation.

      • SojuNDaegu

        Dynasty, I was not arguing where the drugs came from, just his anti-Japan rant.

        You are a load your mom should have swallowed, and she swallows alot…

        Take care now…

        Bye Bye…

        • Dynasty

          I suggest you look twice before jumping the gun, buddy. My reply wasn’t in response to your comment.

          • mr. wiener

            Actually if I look at all your comments nobody was blaming Japan.
            SojuD was saying it don’t matter about the drugs, his family will miss him. Misunderstanding Lonetrey’s point about the comment originally made by a chinese netizin.
            Dynasty: Dynasty was also criticing this, but misunderstood Lontrey’s position to be that methamphetamines had not been invented in Japan.
            Nobody denies that meth was invented by a Japanese scientist, none of you are blaming them for this, please chill and stop calling each other names…..SojuD I did like the one about swallowing, that was pretty good and I’ll have to remember that one.

      • Brett Hunan

        Honestly I dont think this is the kind of common knowledge someone can be called a moron for not knowing. I didnt know where meth came from before reading this story.

        Regardless, I think lonetrey assumed the netizens blamed Japan for producing these drugs, not creating the original batch.

        • staylost

          I think Americans could be called morons for not knowing, since methamphetamine drugs are part of the American history of WWII in the Pacific. Not knowing should be something mock-able, though hopefully in a teaching way, not in a malicious way.

          • Brett Hunan

            Mock away. Im American and I didnt know. I probably wont care enough to remember either.

          • mr. wiener

            Does this mean if you are German you are not allowed to complain about heroin?
            We can blame the Dutch for ectasy and anyone with radiation poisoning can curse the French\Poles.
            Any the Incas definitely have fucked us up with cocaine [well maybe we’ll have to blame the German guy that purified it].

            At the end of the day though blaming other people doesn’t do much good does it?

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry , my bad, ’twas an English guy not a German that isolated heroin.

          • staylost

            I wouldn’t sweat it, guys. I meant the insult to be playful, not cutting or debate worthy. I was trying for brevity it appears I failed.

          • Brett Hunan

            Dont worry staylost, we were just jabbing back. Neither weiner nor I would take offense to something so silly.

        • Little Wolf

          The movie called “Salton Sea” (great movie) explains in the beginning of Kamikazi pilots tweaking pretty hard on on crystal meth on their missions.

          • Brett Hunan

            Thanks LW Im going to try and find it this weekend.

          • moop

            hey bret and LW what part of the states are you guys from?

          • Little Wolf

            moop….I don’t know about Brett. In that dapper suit I’m guessing he comes from a cooler climate…. I grew up on the central coast of California but came to China from Hawaii. What about you?

          • Brett Hunan

            Thats right LW but we still had 4 seasons. Grew up surfing the Jersey shore (Not THAT Jersey shore, the guido free part). Now Im in Seoul.

          • moop

            born in miami, moved to atlanta for a couple years, spent most of my life in charleston, sc though.

          • Little Wolf

            Really Brett? Jersey has surf?
            Just kidding….actually I seen some pictures in an old Surfer magazine with some waves that looked pretty fun but I can’t remember the name of the place.

            moop: Been to Miami about 50 times…never made it out of the airport:)

          • moop

            “moop: Been to Miami about 50 times…never made it out of the airport:)”

            count yourself lucky, i hate florida. charleston, sc is the best place i’ve ever been to in the states

    • red scarf

      I don’t think others understand what your saying but the lack of feelings in your message give it a negative tone.

      While the Japanese where the first to synthesise it is most likely a fact that they did know about the pharmacological properties of the drug at the time. They were most likely trying to create a drug for a medical use at the time. Indeed today methamphetamine in the correct dosage is used in medicine.

      However to point out something similar, we could say that opium smoking was invented by the Chinese and is the reason of world opium addiction of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

      But to follow up China does have a growing drug problem, especially in the southern boarder areas of China.


      • mr. wiener

        “However to point out something similar we could say that opium smoking was invented by the Chinese and is the reason [for] world opium addiction of the late 19th and 20th centuries”.

        Ummmm…… you meant that satirically right? Not having a go at you here, just clarifying.

        • red scarf

          Yes and no, but before opium taking came to China is was mostly eaten and not smoked. There is a great difference in the pharmacological affects of eating a drug and smoking it.

          If you eat it it has to undergo the “first pass effect” in which it goes like this, stomach->liver->heart->lungs->heart->brain, if you smoke it it goes, lungs->heart->brain, you can see which is the quicker route.

          In advantage of the first method the body has a greater change to make the drug harmless or useless the net affect is that less drug takes longer to build up in the blood stream. With smoking it it has the affect of getting to the brain quicker and can quickly build up, and increasing the conc. in the blood system which is important because the more you have in your blood the more change you have of addiction with each usage.

          With opium, about 12% of it is the active drug, morphine, which by the way is greatly affected by the first pass effect


          “Notable drugs that experience a significant first-pass effect are … morphine…. ”

          Hence while smoking it you can quickly reach blood levels in which addiction can occur (blood conc. is related to side affects, so higher blood conc. = more chance of addiction.

          What way people get quickly high while smoking weed and the effects are quickly seen but while eating it it takes longer but lasts longer.

          The problem was when the Chinese emperor banned at one stage banned it in one form or another so they took to smoking it for medical use, which was allowed, which them became popular and caused higher rates of addiction. Then Chinese immigrants spend to other parts of the world taking this habit with them causing all kinds of backstashs, other countries did legally use but this was eaten, however addiction was never as bad as it was in China,they even gave it to babies in Britain at one time.

          It also should be pointed out that by the end of the opium drug trade in the early 20th C the Chinese were growing 85% of the world opium crop and had far outstrip the amount the british ever supplied the Chinese, however the British opium was more refined and better at the time.

  • SojuNDaegu

    Poor soul, what do you mean the hospital couldn’t help him anymore? Maybe he had no money and was left to die, in other words, murder. This is so sad, that man had a mother and father that probably love him very much.

    Too bad he chose the wrong way in life. But the hospital and the country just abandoning him is shameful. This happens a lot in my country too, the U.S.

    God bless his soul…..

    • [email protected]

      The hospital don’t help anyone if they don’t pay first. Hmmm, sounds like a certain u.s. of a.

      • Notorious

        actually in the USA the hospital and doctors take what is called the “hypocritical oath”. No one is turned away from the hospital but YOU WILL have an epic bill and they will hound you and ruin what’s left of your life. So yeah, you get to live but a life of bankruptcy and or bill collectors. Sometimes they willl give you an alternate treatment (even though they know it’s not going to work) if the insurance company won’t cover a particular treatment. that’s where they get ruthless.

        • staylost

          “Hippocratic Oath.” Sorry, I know I make spelling mistakes all the time, but I just want to avoid confusion, though I suppose that makes me “hypocritical”.

          And you’ve got a pretty accurate picture of how managed care/inability to pay works in the USA. Private doctors, however, do do a huge amount of pro bono work, and usually respect the patient to the utmost. It is the system around it that fails the patient, rarely the doctor, at least in terms of caring.

          (That being said there is not enough money out there to solve everything even if the system was perfect, though it would certainly solve more.)

        • Notorious

          lol thank you, that was a slip. fewer people are becoming doctors too. there was a time when being a doctor meant you were rich but htat’s no longer the case as many are forced to buy insurance to cover potential lawsuits. smaller doctor offices are closing down leaving fewer options for people who can afford them. some doctors, even of small offices are paying more than 100,000 a year for insurance alone, which is more than what they bring in. so doctors get screwed too by the insurance companies, which are essentially the problem with america, a big corporation once again, getting in the way.

  • Dynasty

    Heh. The Chinese have such a painfully naïve worldview when it comes to drugs.

  • k

    When I see people like him I always think that at one point in time, he was someones precious baby that they had hopes nland dreams for.

  • Cleo

    When the Japanese handed out heroin to Chinese children and Manchurian workers, what did they think was going to happen? Now China’s university dormitories are full of permanent Japanese residents who take tons of drugs bought from Russian and Uighur dealers because their rich parents don’t want them in Japan and would rather pay them to live in China. We have Japanese foreigners who are perverts, drug addicts or spies and now Japan is preemptively accusing Chinese DIPLOMATS of spying in response to Beijing’s warning that illegal foreigners will be ousted. China hasn’t even humiliated Japan by openly explaining themselves and have instead martyred Yang Rui to deliver the seriousness of their intent but Japan has hastily responded with an over hysterical “retaliation.”

    Why don’t you post some more stripped photos of Guo Jingjing and Boa on the internet, Japan Inc.? I’m sure Akihito can spare some from his private stash.

    • staylost

      Japanese killed my dog!

      And then they wasted the meat!

    • jeffli

      Errrrr….. Hi Cleo (assume you are a woman)
      I’d like to invite you out for dinner –
      Sushi bar?
      or come over for some cold noodles (Soba) and 10 year old Sake
      green tea icecream for desert? (actually the icecream is from New Zealand)
      ~~~Don’t you dare say anything bad about the New zealanders now! They’re the ones that stopped your “SanLu” brothers!!!! 2008 remember?~~~

      I’ve got a “hello kitty” pencil case for you and a “Mashimaro” (rabbit) plush toy for you.
      Hey and we can listen to Deng Li Jun singing in Japanese ……. what do you think?

      Oh and I can pick you up in my Lexus.

      But yes you are right, send the Japanese out of China!!!

      and kill off the the half bloods too! After all you say they’re drug addicts anyway.
      all the Japanese firms can leave ….China doesn’t need them! …..watch the unemployment grow and technology shrivel.

      Wake up Cleo! Globalisation is biting you on the bottom!

      Go read some world modern history books. Don’t be so narrow minded.

  • Leon

    All these opinions and personal arguements with each other. All I got to say is, WOW! A life was lost. Can never get it back. You are still alive. Be thankful for that. And judge yourself before throwing your personal judgements on others. Today’s people really lack sound judgement. And yes, I welcome any and all negative responses. I expect it.

    • Rick in China

      Sure – it’s sad. It’s as sad as any story where people made really, really bad choices for themselves and suffered the harsh results. That being said, while it’s a sad situation, do I feel sad *for the guy*? No. Not one bit.

      I feel sad for victims who had circumstance thrust upon them. Like the latest Syrian massacre with all those kids who got butchered up. Rape victims. Singapore taxi drivers and Japanese passengers. These are truly sad stories – because their lives were destroyed not because of anything they did, but because someone else did something to them.

      If I decide to eat some ‘bath salts’, get high as shit, and out of my own control (but due to my own choice) eat someone’s face — get shot — and my life is over, is it really much different than this guy’s story? It’s worse in that someone *else’s* life was directly f’d up, but how is the face’eater who did the wrong drug and ended up dead so much different than this guy who decided to shoot up repeatedly and rotted away?

      • [email protected]

        hehehe, you said “Eat” some bath salts. Classic. Made me laugh that did despite this story being so grim.

        • Rick in China

          It was reference to the face eating dude, the drugs he took are referred to as “bath salts”, even tho it has nothing to do with epson salts you put in your tub. Supposed to be kinda a superhuman making hallucination violence and jaws-as-weapon machine type effect. Not sure why anyone would want that shit.

          • [email protected]

            OK. fair enough. I know about little about Bath Salts, i think they are snorted or shot up like opiates though. And I thought the guy on the higway was on a new form of LSD? anyway, not trying to argue, I agree with how it makes people super edgy and dangerous. Stuff I read about bath salts is terrifying.

          • Rick in China

            I think originally they just guessed it was a hallucinogen and called it a “LSD like” substance, but seems most news reporting now it’s bath salts, f’d up!

      • linette

        Rick in China

        The initial decision to abuse substance may or may not be voluntary. We don’t know. Many can’t get out of it on their own even with strong will. The substance affect their brain. It’s like a brain disease. They are sick and the gov’t and hospital should take care of them like any other patients.

        • staylost

          While that may cause pity, this line of reasoning is practically useless. Even if scientifically true, actions must have consequences. What people always miss in these equations is that genetics and upbringing and previous choice were always why we made all the decisions we ever made. Just because we can prove “your hormonal imbalance made you do it”, doesn’t in the least reduce culpability. Every bad decision ever was made on the basis of certain neurological states and just because we understand how, doesn’t slightly change culpability in those who do wrong.

          I’m not saying we can’t be merciful, but the “how” hardly changes the underlying ethics.

          • Rick in China

            Precisely. Unless he was stabbed in the vein repeatedly without his consent, I’d have a hard time going along with the “it wasn’t voluntary” line of reasoning. I’m all for mercy and helping people who ask for it.

            I would however like Linette’s opinion, with her reasoning (as I was hoping someone would say), to be applied to the face-eatnig-while-on-bath-salts dude, and see how hypocritical people can be ;) That was one of my main reasons for the post. Should the face-eating-guy receive a bunch of sadness, pity, forgiveness, acceptance of his decision to eat some shit that made him trip balls and eat someone’s face, and be treated ‘like any other patient’ with a disease or disorder as a result? No? Hm…

          • linette

            staylost and Rick in China,

            We can blame him for his own stupidity for making that decision initially to start using drug. However many drug abuser couldn’t quit on their own even they have the will power to quit. Abrupt discontinuation of abuse substances can cause anxiety, mental confusions, suicide , even seizures. These people need medical treatment to help them to quit and slowly detox. You see this man in this article even on his last dying days, he still shooting narc to avoid devastating symptoms. It’s not because he wants to continue, but because he can not control.

            My point is that China society should realize that drug addiction is a disease and require treatment. Our society can’t just turn them away just because at one point someone made a stupid decision (maybe because they were young and stupid)and couldn’t get out of it without help.

          • Rick in China

            That’s a fair analysis and point, however, it’s a “should” argument. There are thousands of “should” situations.

            I think China treats addiction as a disease. There just haven’t been many pushes to publicize it, or an abundance of funds or private organizations to kickstart treatment facilities as “should” happen, however, who is responsible for the “should” we’re talking about? The government? me? you? I don’t think governments have the *obligation* to provide persistent support for people who made life-destroying choices. It would be nice, but where do we draw the line? What if I have a really shitty job and 12 children who can’t afford food/education, should the government foot the bill too? Give me a high paying job because I chose not to educate myself or live responsibly, to help out someone in need? It becomes more of a political argument on how we see roles of government and individuals. I don’t see everyone in the world’s problems as my own personal issue – nor do I want others to see my problems as theirs, essentially the more we go towards government nanny-state the more that becomes the case.

            I’m from Canada. We offer rehab and clinics, lots of free support. I like and support that idea to an extent. It becomes problematic in my view, when the new drug clinic cost more than a new school and becomes a haven for drug users to get fed, clothed, and housed at the expense of something that benefits those who didn’t really choose their downtrodden lifestyle.

          • linette

            Rick in China,

            I agree. I understand your frustration. In any program the gov’t set up, there is always a risk of being abused by the users. Just like welfare financial aid for the low income people. They do all sorts of things to get it…lying about their income..etc. But you can’t get rid of welfare assistance.
            Drug addiction is a very real problem. With these programs hundred thousands were given a second chance to life. We can’t get rid of that neither.

          • Little Wolf

            Rick….Although flawed, I think Canada has the right idea, at least, in the way they deal with heroin addicts.
            One of the most significant events of my own addiction was early on….the first time I knew I had a problem and went to the local drug clinic. It cost 235 dollars for a a 21-day Methadone detox program. I went in sick on a Tuesday morning with 180 dollars in my wallet and paycheck coming on Friday they wouldn’t let me begin the treatment until I paid the full 235$. I could respect that they were a “for profit” business and a heroin addict promising to pay the remainder in a few days is not the most reliable person. I was still puzzled that they couldn’t have begun the treatment anyway and cut me off after a week if I didn’t pay up. What would they have lost? Take a wild guess what I ended up using the 180$ for.
            In hindsight, I can’t say if that would have been a turning point or not nor will I say it’s the fucking clinic’s fault I went out and used my 180 bucks for dope instead. But there’s surely a lesson there.

          • Rick in China

            That’s unfortunate, Wolf. Your circumstance was one I’d strongly support. You were looking for help, it should be there. If an addict needed $50 to start a program and asked me sincerely, I’d probably go with him and pay the difference directly to the clinic (obviously not to the person).

            I dare say I don’t think that the majority of junkies are often in a situation like you mentioned, and just like the free stuff provided. Not sure where your clinic was, but in Victoria there is free food and housing for addicts which I don’t really agree with (especially because of the direct effect on businesses or property owners in the vicinity), and needle exchanges which are good because it costs little and at least helps prevent the spread of disease.

          • Little Wolf

            Well, this clinic was in Southern California and it was my first realization that the US medical system was a business first. I had grown up in a small town with a “Moonlight Graham”(Field of Dreams) kind of doctor that still made house calls. So I was pretty much shocked by the whole ordeal.

          • Alan

            I’m from Canada. We offer rehab and clinics, lots of free support. I like and support that idea to an extent. It becomes problematic in my view, when the new drug clinic cost more than a new school and becomes a haven for drug users to get fed, clothed, and housed at the expense of something that benefits those who didn’t really choose their downtrodden lifestyle.

            @ RIC: What you wrote is so true of the current state of the UK, as well. I am no capitalist, nor a lover of Cameron or Harper, but I do think it’s wrong when the lazy and drug addicted get it better and have luxuries and privileges that even hard working people slogging away don’t. Sometimes this PC stuff goes too far the other way:(

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            I will pay for you little wolf. If I walk past the clinic and you ask me for $50. I will go with you inside the clinic and pay the receptionist. You will be surprised how many people will do the same. It’s a good system. We can’t give up on this system.

          • Little Wolf

            Uh…..that’s ok. You can just wait outside. Only users are allowed inside. Don’t worry…..I swear I won’t use the money for anything else :-)

      • redgirl

        Penn Jillette, From pen and teller about late night with Jimmy fallon.. ranting… From Penn’s Sunday School .

        “What troubles me about this… I think it’s beyond hypocrisy. I think it’s something to do with class. A lot of people have accused Obama of class warfare, but in the wrong direction. I believe this is Obama chortling with Jimmy Fallon about lower class people. Do we believe, even for a second, that if Obama had been busted for marijuana — under the laws that he condones — would his life have been better? If Obama had been caught with the marijuana that he says he uses, and ‘maybe a little blow’… if he had been busted under his laws, he would have done hard f*cking time. And if he had done time in prison, time in federal prison, time for his ‘weed’ and ‘a little blow,’ he would not be President of the United States of America. He would not have gone to his fancy-a** college, he would not have sold books that sold millions and millions of copies and made millions and millions of dollars, he would not have a beautiful, smart wife, he would not have a great job. He would have been in f*cking prison, and it’s not a god damn joke. People who smoke marijuana must be set free. It is insane to lock people up.”

        • Rick in China

          I know the rant, and like Penn, he makes a great point, and I completely agree with it.

          That being said, while it’s good information to paste here, I don’t get the reason why it’s a response to the post above :D

  • Andy

    It’s sad because once he was someone’s little baby.

    • dilladonuts

      This comment pretty much sums it up. Someone celebrated his birth, but nobody was around for his slow painful death. I hope he was high as a kite when he died.

  • [email protected]

    Too too too too too horrible. Still a human being, whether junkie or not. Still a human being and this is as low as a human being can fall. Poor fellow. Hope there is an afterlife less shitty than this “life” for him and for us all.

  • linette

    This story is so sad isn’t it? How can a hospital tell a drug addict he can no longer be treated for his illness. He looks young. You can only imagine how many young people like him gets turned away everyday. It’s possibly because of money. Everything has to do with money in China. Where are the tax payer money? Do they have drug detox center for these sick patients? Is a disease and can easily be treated with other drugs like methadone and suboxone to treat withdrawal and counteract the effect of abused drug. Complications can be avoided and save money. Whatever reason caused a person make that initial voluntary(maybe involuntary in some cases)decision to take drugs, they couldn’t get out of it even if they will to later on. The abused substance is affecting their brain. They are sick and need medical attention. It’s so sad they are not getting it and left alone to die.

    • XiaoHei

      It is commendable that you sympathize with the person, but I think in many/most countries these days Hospitals are treated as commercial establishments meant to earn profit. This being so, it is hard for them to treat people on Charity. It is terribly cruel, but in a country of billions where health care comes at a premium this is the only option left to the hospital; to turn away those that can’t pay.

      One other thing is the staff working at these hospitals have become desensitized to human suffering and don’t see their patients like we do. They would hardly care if someone lives or dies.

      In the end, one can say that its a consequence of some very bad and immature choices made by Wu Guilin. Everyone makes some bad decisions in life, but then one has to face the consequences of ones choices. Sometimes there is no second chance to change our choice.

      In my opinion everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want to themselves as long as they don’t hurt others physically. It is a short life after all.

      • linette

        They need to reform the health care system in China. In China, only the rich can afford good health care. But in Hong Kong and USA, everyone is entitled to the same care(most of the time). And if you seek for help, you will get it. IT is paid by the tax payer money. People should not die of simple illnesses like drug addiction or diabetes. They need to set up better public medical center. Treatment and prevention. Public school, TV public media programs, and advertisements educating drug use and sex educations. China needs to do better. It is not a third world country.

        Where are the taxpayer money??? Is it corruption??

        • zayu

          Even if the hospital is not run like a commercial enterprise, there is still the question of priorisation. Is it worth treating seriously ill i.v. drug addicts (who are probably not going to survive long anyway) in ICU, or would you rather treat someone with a better prognosis and/or who has not brought his sickness on himself?

          Even in industrialized countries, such questions are not that easy: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/alcoholics-liver-transplants/t/story?id=14917983

        • Rick in China

          Linette, your sympathies lead to illogical conclusions.

          “But in Hong Kong and USA, everyone is entitled to the same care(most of the time)”
          Not at all true. You think a drug addict in the US will be treated, for free, by any hospital, for long-term care and rehabilitation? *DREAMING*. The fact the hospital treated this guy at all is commendable, surely he didn’t pay. It seems they turned him loose once they came to a conclusion that his illness/body wasn’t reasonably able to be treated. It’s silly to presume you know the circumstance and point fingers at the hospital/country for being irresponsible and lacking any sense of decency based on a short story with a few images.

          “Where are the taxpayer money” – If you’re so concerned about drug addicts and rehabilitation, where’s YOUR money? Why don’t you do something instead of expect others to do everything? Or maybe you are, and have a free clinic (paid for by yourself) that hasn’t been revealed, in which case I apologize. Otherwise, well, I’d rather my tax money go towards that which benefits everyone – rather than focusing on those who have destroyed their own lives. I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather see little timmy (or I guess TanLi) in Randomtown who isn’t able to go to school and has to use 10 year old hand-me-down textbooks than Wu Guilin’s long term rehabilitation that may never even happen because of his own irresponsibility in wasting his own life. Take some responsibility for your actions no?

          • linette

            Rick in China

            They do have drug detox center they can go to. It’s a program set up by the gov’t. It’s free in USA. The gov’t wants you to use it. Hong kong has drug detox centers too. Call them on their toll free number please. China however, I am not too sure if they have this kind of program. Another problem is that many people like you, believe abusers should just stop abusing drugs. It’s really their own fault every time they reach for the needle. I am telling you many can’t quit without help and treatment even though they really want to. The drugs is killing their kidneys and liver. What if that happens to your own son or daughter? Would you deny them of help? Don’t you think China should have this kind of program too available to help? If they do have it in China , then I am very happy. There is still hope.

            These centers are paid for with taxpayer money. I am pretty sure I am one of them.

            Taxpayer money helping to build school is another gov’t budget. That has nothing to do with this.

          • Rick in China

            There’s a big difference between a free detox/clinic that offers some support and hospitalization and care for their decaying organs or diseases they accumulate during their addictions! You can’t equate a toll free help line with hospital costs. How many drug users with liver failure head to a hospital in the US, unable to pay.. or HK.. and get treated for their illness until either death or health? I’d wager zero.

            I don’t think they should “just quit”, that’s silly. I’m not as ignorant on drug use as you think. In fact I’ve opted to try many drugs: weed, shrooms, ghb, mescaline, speed, ecstasy, coke, k, plenty.. I’m aware of the effects. I’m lucky that I have enough self-control to have never experienced addiction to any of the above, but don’t try to think I’m ignorant of the facts of addiction. That is NOT THE POINT. The point is you are not footing the bill for long term hospitalization, neither am I, and you still haven’t answered the question: who should?

          • linette

            Rick in China

            I am not paying for wu gailin medical bill and neither are you. I am just questioning was there any help in the china healthcare system available for people like him during his early stage of drug addiction. For whatever reason why his drug addiction deteriorated to this point I don’t know. He would not need long term hospitalization anyway if he had gotten treatment earlier. Treatment and prevention my dear.

            USA and Canada has the right idea about healthcare. China should learn.

          • mr. wiener

            On a purely numbers basis I don’t think that China would have much time for Drug users, or money to help them even if they wanted to. I’ve seen some documentaries on military style camps and even a “long march” program, where the kids [druggies and “ne’do wells] are made to hike 20 kms a day. I imaging the rest would be largely a “tough love” reigm also.

          • Rick in China

            @Linette RE: “USA and Canada has the right idea about healthcare. China should learn.”

            You must not know anything about either healthcare system. USA healthcare is the exact opposite of Canadian healthcare. Are you American? Been to America? I seriously suggest you do a little research into this, because the US healthcare system is in a bad, bad way at the moment.

          • linette

            Rick in China

            because the US healthcare system is in a bad, bad way at the moment……..

            Why do you say that?

            You say you are in Canada. May I ask you what’s your ethnicity.

          • linette

            mr. wiener
            ……. on military style camps and even a “long march” program, where the kids [druggies and “ne’do wells] are made to hike 20 kms a day. I imaging the rest would be largely a “tough love” reigm

            what is miltary style camps? For the druggies? How is it helping them to recover?

          • Little Wolf

            linette: I agree with Xiaohei that your empathy towards drug addicts is commendable. There are a few points I should clarify.(kind of sucks that I know alot about this stuff) There are some free programs such as the Salvation Army but the quality of the treatment is hardly better than nothing plus you’re around a bunch of winos that make the experience even more unpleasant. You’re actually better off just going cold turkey in a county jail. Some cities even have a detox program in the jail that gives some meds to make withdrawl a little less awful.(but still really fucking awful) US government and some unions pay for a 30 day program that costs almost 50,000 dollars and they are always a complete waste of time and money at least when it comes to heroin. You can’t treat those addicts the same as other drugs and 30 days will get you sober but that’s not enough most of the time. There are too many other problems that need to fixed after withdrawl. Personally, after the acute withdrawl symptoms were gone, I felt like shit for at least 6 months. I started pumping iron and after awhile started feeling pretty good but it was about a year before the cravings subsided. This is probably the main reason so many (93%) fail to ever quit.

          • Rick in China

            I’m Rick *IN* China. I’ve lived here for about 9 years. I’m from Canada, and work for a US company – pay a *lot* of attention to US politics (although mostly via The Young Turks).

            RE: US Healthcare system. You say anyone gets treated if they have an illness, it’s *simply not the case*! Far from it. You require private healthcare insurance and they fight tooth and nail to cover as little as possible all the time. Hospitals can’t “legally” turn away emergency situations if they’re uninsured, however they do, and people die as a result quite frequently. You can’t afford the costs? So sorry, go home. That’s *how it is*, I don’t know what world you live in or where you’re from, whether you’ve been to or know anything at all about the US healthcare system, but from your claims at how it works, you’re either very misinformed or uninformed on the facts. Seriously.

            You ask my ‘ethnicity’, as if it matters as a Canadian, I’m white of European decent.. You still didn’t tell me if you’re from/in US? That’s a little more pertinent as to identifying your perspective on their healthcare than my ethnicity.

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            Relapse following treatment for drug addiction is common. Many drug addict do have to check back in. It’s not like you completely solve the problem once you accept the treatment. It takes time. But our healthcare system must have these kind of services available to these people to provide them the help.

            These programs like any other programs…have flaws. Not perfect. But is still workable. We should be glad that we have it.

          • linette

            Rick in China

            So you are living inside China right now? You are born and bred Canadian and you are white. Have you used the healthcare in China? Their hospitals? I have never used the China healthcare or their hospitals, however, I do have many many(I mean many) friends from China. And they are very familiar with their hospitals and how they operate. They use their healthcare all the time….and it’s far from pleasant.

            I am living in USA now. But I am from Hong kong….born and bred. I am Chinese. The USA have medicaid and welfare health coverage for low income people. They do have access to healthcare. People with higher income most of them have insurance through work getting private insurance. Of course not everyone have medical insurance. Some choose not to purchase insurance. Those that make too much money and are not qualified to receive medicaid, and they don’t want to purchase private insurance on their own. They have to pay cash.
            I have never seen any hospital turn patients away when treatment is needed in emergency room. Even without money or insurance, you can always walk into ER and get help…especially when it’s a life and death situation. They will send you the bill later. The USA system is not perfect and is still very good compare to China. HK is very good also. But HK and USA we pay very high tax….money gov’t need to provide these care.

          • Little Wolf

            So why waste $50,000 on a program that you’re almost certain to fail, linette? Rehab has become such a cash cow, I think most people in that “industry” aren’t really interested in finding more effective methods for addiction. (remember, I am only talking about heroin addiction here) Governments are better off to just contain the problem by giving them a safe and sanitary environment to use, needle exchange, testing for HIV and other diseases and de-criminalization, so if they ever do get cleaned up, these addicts won’t have mountain of legal and other problems to deal with. “Rock bottom” doesn’t exist for most of these people when the odds are already stacked against them.

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            No…drug addict should not continue their drug habit. They need to clean up. Use these programs and in time, they will recover. Takes time. The help is there if they seek for it.

          • Rick in China

            I’ve been to hospitals in China. It’s probably a lot different for a foreigner, but while I don’t always think the doctors are so good/qualified, I’ve never had to do anything up front in any sort of emergency and paid the bills afterwards. Had an emergency with a kidney stone, several emergencies with big cuts needing stitches – this was the case in all of those situations. I don’t think hospitals/healthcare here is great, but it’s a _developing system_, you can’t apply well developed systems to China and say “you should have..”.

            RE: US healthcare, watch “Sicko”. You’re not seeing the facts, and state-to-state operates differently. Because you haven’t “seen” someone get turned away from health services at a hospital doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen – it’s better than it used to be, but it happens. There is a difference in the US between different hospitals – government supported (ie accept Medicaid/Medicare) and for-profit. For profit hospitals have no obligation to accept non-paying/insured patients. The law ONLY covers the ‘public’ hospitals with emergency room facilities, and ONLY covers immediate care to stabilize the patient to the point they will not have serious health effects if they’re released. For this reason many ‘public’ hospitals shut down ED forcing people to go to private facilities, where they *can* certainly turn away patients legally although they generally don’t to avoid lawsuits or bad press. You say most people are insured – yep, great, but insurance doesn’t cover everything, and many people can’t afford the costs associated with their treatments so go left untreated. This isn’t an exception, it’s pretty common especially in lower middle class and lower income circumstances. Good jobs provide health insurance, yep! But insurance is often limited and like I said, they DO fight to cover as little as possible or the cheapest treatment options rather than the best. Do you think a ‘homeless’ drug addict would get treated in the US for his rehabilitation and recovery or associated diseases as a result of his addiction? The answer is NO, unless he had some secret private insurance that was (this never happens) kind enough to say yep, we’ll cover that for you. Look at Little Wolf’s circumstance, he experienced it – he needed $55 for treatment and couldn’t get it. Insurance? Way to go insurance. Good healthcare USA. I’d suggest you stop defending something you know only what you’ve seen in your limited experiences about, or at least do some serious reading about the situation from a more macro perspective instead of your limited birds-nest view.

            Not to mention in relation to *THIS* story, the guy was admitted for care even though he had nothing, they just said they couldn’t treat him further for whatever unspecified reason, maybe untreatability, maybe financial issues, whatever…but they did admit him.

          • Rick in China

            @Linette RE: “The USA have medicaid and welfare health coverage for low income people. They do have access to healthcare. People with higher income most of them have insurance through work getting private insurance. Of course not everyone have medical insurance. Some choose not to purchase insurance.”


            http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2009/Americas-Uninsured-Crisis-Consequences-for-Health-and-Health-Care.aspx (click the links for report briefings)

            Even when uninsured are treated, they often end up with so much debt and no way to pay it back that it literally bankrupts them. Hospital costs for uninsured are ENORMOUS. Medicine is extremely expensive in the US. Immediate and long-term care is extremely expensive. Simple operations end up being extremely expensive. You can go in with something relatively minor, get treated – woot – and end up with a $15k bill. Many of the uninsured couldn’t save that in a decade while covering their every day living costs. USA Healthcare, woot woot.

          • moop

            Sicko, and other of moore’s documentaries have been proven time and time again to be full of lies, and misleading as well. it’s not exactly a source to recommend. it’s like asking a fenqing for a fair assessment of the japanese, non-productive and full of utterly useless sentiments.

          • Rick in China

            RE: Sicko, sure, there is some exaggeration or interpretation of situations or take specific context but label it as a generality to drive the point home, that’s why you should do your own independent research.

          • Brett Hunan

            I disagree linette,

            Just going to rehab doesn’t ensure anyone will recover from substance abuse. Most are voluntary and that means that one can leave when they choose. Actually, you can go into any rehab center in the world and most likely over 50% are people who have been through rehab multiple times.

            Rehabilitation takes more than time. Sure, the body will become clean, but I think that Little Wolf will agree with me when I say that it needs to be a conscious decision by the abuser to stop drug use and replace the bad habits either by change of people you hang with, change of environment, or even more drastic steps. Drug abusers were just drug users that fell into a habitual using lifestyle. No $50,000 or $1 million program will fix that if the abuser never genuinely intends to change their own life from the get-go.

          • mr. wiener

            “Military style camps, How is that helping them recover?”
            I’m not sure about that as well. I suppose it is no better or worse than any other program and has about as high a rate of success\failure. I don’t know about the other programs in China , but these types certainly attract the most ink [publicity] as they hark back to Maoist era “re-education through work” programs.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            That’s a Mao style rehab. They give you hard labor and yell at you saying it’s your fault and stop getting high on dope. They beat the crxp out of you if you dare to exhibit any signs of withdrawal symptoms. Maybe that will work for some people. They need a good beating to get it in their head.

            If that’s the type of rehab they are running in China. That is just sad…..

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            Of course they have to be “willing” and also they must put in the “effort” themselves. Just using the rehab program once or twice without the will or effort will mostly likely fail. It’s a life style. They need to willingly change their life style.

            Reading this article makes me think are there any services available for drug addict to go for help. Mao style rehab doesn’t sound too appealing and I can see why the addicts don’t want to check themselves in.

            I asked a China friend of mine if their schools teach people about drug use and services. She told me no. China don’t seem to tackle with this problem or care for it. HK and Usa schools with bring up these subjects like drug use and sex education sexually transmitted diseases to kids. It’s different society and health care.

          • linette

            Rick in China

            It’s true. Medical coverage is very expensive in USA. The cost can bankrupt a person, especially for those middle class. But for the low income people, I guarantee you can’t get better coverage than USA. Where in the world can you find a healthcare providing coverage paying $3000 meds like cancer drugs Gleevec or HIv drug Atripla per month. USA also has state of the art facilities and equipments..better than many other countries. Many hospital like Sloan-Kettering Cancer center …people from other countries go there to use their services. They are advance and high tech. Best surgery and medications.

            That part about they close down ER and force people to use private…may be true to some extent, but still you have enough ER available to go to….you won’t die.
            Long term care is very costly. Medicaid and private insurance can say no for coverages for certain treatments or meds depends on the situation, but the coverages they already have given you still incredible.(They pay for home aid and $12,000 electric wheel chairs..ensure dietary…medicaid give them free if medically deemed necessary. Private insurance may or may not cover with a copay still very expensive. Yes..it sucks to be the middle working class in USA. You get the worst of everything but you have to pay more tax than the poor. But I still like this kind of gov’t system better than China. I like HK and USA gov’t system.

            In which country would you rather be a citizen of if you are a terminally ill patient? China or USA? Or Canada?

          • Rick in China

            RE: “But for the low income people, I guarantee you can’t get better coverage than USA. Where in the world can you find a healthcare providing coverage paying $3000”
            Um, actually, neither HK or USA. You are demonstrating your ignorance again, Linette.


            “Universal health care – sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, universal care or social health protection – describes health care systems organized around providing a specified package of benefits to all members of a society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes.”

          • linette

            Rick in China

            Canada has universal healthcare but they don’t cover many things. Things that are consider basic to American. America health care is excellent for the poor low income people. It’s expensive for the middle class population. But overall is still better than other countries because USA has one of the most advance medical technology. And you can forget about China. Don’t ever be sick in China.

            To me Canada, USA, and hong kong have the best healthcare in the world.



            Rick in China…can you please give me a link of Canada gov’t healthcare coverage. USA have medicaid coverage website. They do have public link they post on computer. Where is the link?

          • Rick in China

            RE: “Canada has universal healthcare but they don’t cover many things.”
            You’re absolutely wrong about your dream of American “normal” coverage covering all sorts of ‘normal’ costs that other countries don’t cover. Do your own research, don’t just speculate. Healthcare in Canada is free. I don’t know what you think you know about coverage in Canada, but if you are a citizen and have a carecard, stuff is covered. I know, because I grew up there, and everything I needed growing up was covered. That’s it. Not interested in doing research/links on your behalf at this point, if you’re going to make big claims at least do minimal research.

    • Dr SUN

      Lol Linette, you know as well as everyone else living in China a Hospital stay in china can bankrupt the entire family, from grandparents right through to the little outside cousins.
      And you know the hospitals here are horrible.

  • Dat Ankle

    A few years ago, I was abusing my subscription pain killers. Thankfully I didnt have much friends so I had no connections to get into any hard drugs, whop-de-do.

    • Luobo

      well by the way your “subscription” painkillers are most likely hard drugs. Oxycontin is extremely addictive and where I used to live (florida) was the epicenter of pill mills in the US.

  • Notorious

    This was really sad. No one deserves to die alonge in a filthy room with no pants. When i looked at his face as he wrote his diary I had to bite back tears. That really got me. If no one can see the humanity in his eyes then bless them they are without a soul.

    • Rick in China

      He had pants. There’s a photo of them – he just decided not to wear them.

      • Notorious

        because his legs hurt. i just feel it’s very hard for me thinking about someone so young dying alone like that. it really makes me sad just thinking about it. at least people were kind to him and brought him food. did he die of AIDS? Cause of death is not really explained. Drugs don’t kill you. What it does to your body does. What part of his b ody failed? from the sores I think cancer or AIDS.

        • Rick in China

          Could be AIDs – but I would imagine they woulda mentioned that in the story..you’re right in that it’s not the drugs themselves, just so much that could have failed in his frail body as a result of addiction, not really worth speculating imo.

        • [email protected]

          My guess is infected veins. When the veins in the arms close up, then the hands and feet and you are shooting into the legs well, your body is pretty messed up by that point. I don’t really know which spot gets the drugs into the system quicker, but addicts shoot into a lot of weird places. He probably had acute blood infection as well as Hep and other things. Poor chap.

          • Little Wolf

            Quicker? The neck. Just take my word for it. Kind of need to know what you’re doing though…and it hurts like hell.

  • Shoddy Jason

    They said the drug caused his death. they said he just suffered what he deserved. but did anyone here reflect on why? why was he addicted to the drug? I don’t believe the drug is the culprit. if he was born in a good family and accepted an normal education, maybe he would be a young man just like your guys who possessed all kinds of ideals.

  • bscalled

    he’s like an artists of sorts

    • eattot

      your right,he is not ugly…
      in fact he looked like an actor who suicided for drug…that feeling is so similar.

      • staylost

        I nominate you as ChinaSMACK’s Glorious Judicator of Beauty & Ugliness, for there are none who can cut straight to the heart of this matter like you.

        Do we have a second?

        • eattot


        • Rick in China

          Maybe he was going for a gig, and just got a little too far off the wagon. Clearly he’s a starving artist, shouldn’t we give him a good tag line – like, “帅吸毒哥”?

        • mr. wiener


          • Little Wolf

            second-seconded. What do you think, eattot? I think I’m around a 5 or a 6. Certainly not as handsome as mr. wiener.

  • Dr SUN

    How sad.

  • zor

    Keith Richards once pointed out that surviving addiction is much easier with high quality drugs. No Chinese counterfits.

    • Rick in China

      Addiction? He’s not addicted to drugs, he’s pretty much a mutated form of a new drug itself. When he’s gone someone lucky enough to snort his ashes (like he did with his father’s :D) would likely get an amazing and unique high!

      Kidding aside, of course good quality drugs is important for users, a lot of drugs aren’t nearly as bad as they are made out to be if they’re in relatively pure forms. Speed, for example, when manufactured and diced clean, isn’t nearly as madly addictive and damaging as it’s made out to be….trust me on that one. The problem is dealers often dice in dangerous shit and sometimes dice it with more addictive substances intentionally to create an addictive user base, it’s a business model. My suggestion – if you want to take drugs – learn to manufacture them yourself and take more pure forms of such substances. You can buy what you need for speed/mescaline here from chemistry universities without any sort of license ;)

      • Alan

        The problem is dealers often dice in dangerous shit and sometimes dice it with more addictive substances intentionally to create an addictive user base, it’s a business model.

        Agreed, a guy I knew back in the UK snorted some and it had bloody vim toilet cleaner in it. Aside from adding glucose, god knows what other crap can be added to pad it out……

  • Koreandude

    Sure, buddy. Better let us know how Hollywood upstairs medical college is working out.

  • Curt

    Little Wolf, how long have you been “clean”? Because it sounds like you are already relapsing. Probably the most productive period in your life? Heroin users look youthful after they’ve cleaned up? Bullshit. Heroin users are underweight, hilariously narcoleptic, unable to get pain relief from over-the-counter medicine, and easily irritated. That’s how you pick them out.

    I also couldn’t help but remember someone made a strange comment on another thread they always carry a “first aid kit” with a syringe that has a powerful narcotic opiate in it….

    The reason you find people in recovery obnoxious is because they can see through your bullshit and excuses. It only gets worse, never better, dude. There’s nothing wrong with your moral character, but society can’t differentiate between dopefiend behavior and immoral behavior. (and they shouldn’t, it would only give us another excuse to not start making the right choices)

    • Little Wolf

      Yeah….you go with that, dipshit. I’m guessing you’re one of those AA enthusiasts with their whole attitude of being an alcoholic for life no matter how long they go without a drink… always just 1 drink away from being in the gutter. It’s like arguing with a born-again Christian and no matter what I say you’re going to come back with “denial is not a river in Egypt” or some other lame-ass line(Oh, I must have touched a nerve) So just fuck off with your patronizing, holier-than-thou bullshit……….dude.

      • moop

        gotta give yourself over to a higher power dude.

        • Little Wolf

          shit….I forgot about that one, moop

          • moop

            every time someone mentions aa, i think of that south park episode where randy has alcoholism and the virgin mary statue has blood coming out its ass.

            anyways, people can get through most anything if they kick their own asses hard enough

          • staylost

            Strangely, this is what I’ve found to be most helpful, moop.

            Nothing like months of hard labor or turning to that animal survival to break yourself out of a rut. I’ve never had to struggle with drug addiction, but everyone struggles with addiction. Taking it to myself in sport, physical work, or simply a night run in the wilderness until I’m ragged has always been the best medicine. I’m not the least bit surprised Little Wolf found lifting weights changed his life, because that is how I work internally too. Maybe other people are different though, I don’t know.

    • mr. wiener

      Any similar experiences to LW Curt? Have you worked in a clinic, been a paramedic or are you basing all your opinions on Hollywood?
      It’s actually none of my damned business, but you did come out swinging on this one, so I’d be interested to hear your story.

      • Little Wolf

        It’s ok wiener. These guys are a dime a dozen and frankly I expected alot more of them to show up since my first comment on the subject. You can’t argue with them because they already know everything there is to know and Curt has filled in all the blanks on his own and he wasn’t swinging, he was wheezing the same shit that I had to hear from wheezebags involved in recovery for years.

    • moop

      well someone’s a bitter ol’ durty dick

      • Little Wolf

        haha…. now that you mention it, I am kind of bitter. I’m FUCKING BITTER!Those 12 step programs might help some people but in my own case they did alot more harm and ZERO good. Their whole philosophy is based on the negative notion that nobody has the willpower to quit drinking or drugs without a higher power. Pumping iron is what I credit the most to helping me get out of that life.

        • Tengu

          Whatever works is the way to go…driving iron, dry withdrawal, overthrowing small countries.

  • Misaki

    I have tried not eating. But it only lasted for a few days.

  • bigearstootoo

    At least publish his diary, and use that as propaganda…..

  • Justin Thyme

    yea yea yea, tragic waste of life and all that. One less cockroach slithering down the sidewalks of Guangzhou is how I see it.

  • Cyrus Howell

    Amphetamine was invented by the Nazis for their fighter pilots during World War II.

    • Cyrus Howell

      Yes. Meth addicts look worse physically that any other type of drug user.
      Often heroin addicts can hold a job, so in fact are business professionals.
      A former Medical Examiner in Polk, County, Iowa (Des Moines) became addicted to morphine. He would shot morphine in his easy chair and wait for the telephone to ring and go out on the job 24-7.
      He was found out. He cleaned up. He was voted back into the job.

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  • Mark Zoe

    Very well written and powerful story. Good job to the writer who put this together.

  • 高墨

    Drug addicts are the result of sick societies. Of course they deserve pitty and help. It astonishes me that Chinese people make these comments. I thought Chinese were more compassionate people. I am in shock. I always defend China, I live here because I like it and its people, but this time you guys really shocked me.

  • jon ackerman

    Saying that he has forfeited his humanity because of his addiction to heroin makes a person seem almost retarded. Alcohol is a drug. It is physically addictive. Drink long enough and it will you. Indeed, while drunk men beat their wives and commit other violence. Does everyone who enjoys beer once in awhile ALSO “forfeit their humanity” as well? What about coffee and tea drinkers who consume caffeine?

    Addiction is a medical condition and in the case of heroin addicts they can be given legal opioids like methadone, which though available in China, is not widely distributed. Once on methadone a patient stabilises and eventually, if able, returns to the workforce and becomes a productive member of society. If living in a society where ignorant people believe that addiction makes one sub-human, the addict is defeated even before attempting to fix their life.

  • lou reed

    I don’t know just where I’m going
    But I’m goin’ to try for the kingdom if I can
    ’cause it makes me feel like I’m a man
    When I put a spike into my vein
    Then I tell you things aren’t quite the same

    When I’m rushing on my run
    And I feel just like jesus’ son
    And I guess I just don’t know
    And I guess that I just don’t know

    I have made very big decision
    I’m goin’ to try to nullify my life
    ’cause when the blood begins to flow
    When it shoots up the dropper’s neck
    When I’m closing in on death

    You can’t help me not you guys
    All you sweet girls with all your sweet talk
    You can all go take a walk
    And I guess I just don’t know
    And I guess I just don’t know

    I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
    I wish that I’d sailed the darkened seas
    On a great big clipper ship
    Going from this land here to that
    I put on a sailor’s suit and cap

    Away from the big city
    Where a man cannot be free
    Of all the evils in this town
    And of himself and those around
    Oh, and I guess I just don’t know
    Oh, and I guess I just don’t know

    Heroin, be the death of me
    Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life
    Because a mainer to my vein
    Leads to a center in my head
    And then I’m better off than dead

    When the smack begins to flow
    Then I really don’t care anymore
    About all the jim-jims in this town
    And everybody putting everybody else down
    And all of the politicians makin’ crazy sounds
    All the dead bodies piled up in mounds, yeah

    Wow, that heroin is in my blood
    And the blood is in my head
    Yeah, the god’s good as dead
    Ooohhh, God that I’m not aware
    I just don’t care
    And I guess I just don’t know
    And I guess I just don’t know

  • Hoi

    Organic drug is the way to go ! Make some thc oil and use the in cake or brownies with a cup of epressor in the morning to start of your day. No effect on your lung coz use oil to pass through you body. Get high on the oil. But!! come to the end of the day “anything too much it become no good” u have to keep the balance line ,It’s the way to live.

  • Trouse