E-Cup Hotties Feed Men Shaved Ice at Taiwan Furniture Expo

Taiwanese E Cup Model Feeds Ice at New Taipei Furniture Exhibition

Taiwanese E Cup Model Feeds Ice at New Taipei Furniture Exhibition

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Furniture Exhibition E-Cup Hotties Bend Over to Feed Shaved Ice. Men: Heads Are Getting Dizzy

The five-day New Taipei City Wuhu Industry and Commerce Exhibition hall’s Furniture and Bedding Exhibition excitedly starts today, with the organizer having hired two E-cup hotties to attract people. The two of them held shaved ice and invited passing customers to relieve their summer heat, making male audiences “eat plenty of ice cream”, which was simply ‘too much excitement to handle’.

Comments from Apple Daily Taiwan:


I’m a girl but I also want some.

Andy Tseng:

So hot… Can I strip down to eat ice? @@!

Zack Liao:

Pick me, pick me, I’ll be there straight away!!

Ady Yang:

I suddenly want to look at furniture.

Louisa Wang:

So are they selling breasts or ice or furniture?

Edward Wu:

Is this selling furniture or….

Frankie Yu:

So ridiculous! Why doesn’t Hsinyi’s World Trade Centre have this service?

Kai Gao:

I also want to eat ice, but don’t misunderstand, I simply want to eat free ice.

Relieve your summer heat. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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