Earth Hour In China, 2009 March 28th


From Tianya:

Do you know?

“Earth Hour” began 2007 March 31, when Sydney, Australia turned off the lights for one hour. That night, when approximately 2.2 million Sydney homes and businesses turned off their lights for one hour, Sydney successfully reduced 10.2% of the electricity used. Sydney government and residents used their action to send a strong statement to the entire world: We can reduce the use of global-warming causing coal electricity! Then each year thereafter, 2008 March 29, “Earth Hour” became a global sustainable development activity, with over 35 countries and up to 50 million people participating. 2009’s “Earth Hour” has come to China, allowing a large country with 1.3 billion people and in the midst of development to join this hour and play an important role in further easing the problem of climate change. Presently,  there are now 62 countries and regions and 74 cities agreeing to participate in the “Earth Hour” activity, jointly making contributions to the Earth.



Save energy.
Protect the environment.


Dammit, lighting candles is even more wasteful than turning on the lights, okay?
If you do not that noble thinking, don’t zhuang b.

Normally conserving electricity is enough. Doing these things, are you selling candles?


I support, save energy, control global warming. Protect the north pole, protect polar bears. Protect Mother Earth.


The civil servants, elites, the rich and etc. 300 million Chinese vampires, what are they going to do?


Actually this is also a very romantic thing.
I absolutely support it. Everyone join in also, and make a contribution to the earth!


An activity with not much meaning.

Facing the threats of an economic crisis, and they are doing this?
The government has lost a lot of income.
This is obviously provoking the government [by using and paying less for electricity].

Besides, this is not saving water or oil <— these are not renewable resources.


OK, together the whole world will turn off the lights for one hour, and together the whole world will ML for one hour!


Thieves must seize this one hour opportunity.


There is a person I know who recently has been promoting this thing, but s/he normally is someone who normally keeps the living room light on and forbids others from turning it off, oneself hiding in the bedroom not coming outside, the shiny white light turned on like this. The water heater is turned on when first returning home yet it is not until 11pm or 2am before s/he takes a bath, extremely wasteful.


I very much support this! However, those who are like the Americans (as well as those other developed countries) with their high energy consumption lifestyles should stop pretending, and just wasting less normally would make a bigger difference than anything else.  Speaking of environmental protection and conservation, still need to admire myself a little. Not only do I conserve resources at home, even at the office whatever water, electricity, paper I can conserve, I will conserve.


This kind of activity is good, only unfortunately it is not suitable to be popularized in China. This kind of habit needs to be slowly cultivated, only unfortunately the ZF does not take the lead, so who would you have practice what they preach?


Everyone needs to calmly consider for a moment!
Do not let be used/manipulated by those people or organizations with something up their sleeve,
causing harm to our society, country, people, and yourself!
Everyone must be in accordance with the government’s initiative!


It bothers me the most when people always use so-called “foreign experience and example” to educate us Chinese!


The business of reducing emissions is something Western developed nations need to contribute more to. We are still struggling for adequate food and clothing, why bother doing this. I resolutely will not turn off the lights! If we’re going to die, let’s all die together.


Do not go care about whether other people will do it or how much they do, it is enough that you did it yourself.
Of course calling your friends to participate is even better.
Although I only plan on living another 46 years, these several decades are nothing much, but I still wish the place I lived well.
Is it only superficial? Why not change superficial into a type of habit? Is turning off the lights the only thing that can be accomplished?


Although this one hour is not much compared to the countless nights of , but the original intention is good. What more, this is the beginning, and in the future there will be even more countries, even more cities, and even more people responding, because the earth is everyone’s communical homeland!

That one hour, do not go play hide and go seek, you will die. ;)


Earth Hour in China will be on Saturday, 2009 March 28 beginning at 8:30pm until 9:30pm.


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