Educational Official Caught In Sex Scandal With Students

Educational Official Caught In Sex Scandal With Students

In Guanxi a video has surfaced of Mr. Huang, the director of the Daxin county educational office, renting a hotel room to have a three-way with two women enrolled in teacher’s college in Guanxi. One of the women in the video says that every time they rented the room Mr. Huang would give them 1000 RMB and promise them that after graduation he would arrange work for them. Mr. Huang says that somebody drugged him before the video to use it for extortion. Netizens want to know why the women’s faces are blurred out in the video, as this means an unlucky guy might marry them by accident.
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  • Amused

    Well…. I give the man credit for having more ambition than most of his peers…

  • WghUk

    “Threesome” you mean.

  • Joey

    “An unlucky guy might marry them by accident”

    Surely you marry someone because you love them (or because they have fat stacks of money) and not based on how many director dicks they’ve sucked?

    • Doge Wallace

      Marry for love? What are you, 17?

  • DD Bear!

    i am glad i have a good father and family.

  • jin

    I conduct these following things.
    1. He did have threesome multiple times.
    2. These 2 students are willing.
    3. Then they decided 1k each time is not enough, and filmed him to extort him.
    4. His ambition is too great, instead of a xiao san he went for san pi.