Elderly Communist Revolutionary Evicted, Home Demolished

January 8th, in Binhai County of Yancheng City in Jiangsu province. 82-year-old retired veteran cadre Liu Taixiang's two-room house was forcibly demolished overnight. Once a member of the New Fourth Army's "dare-to-die" squad, an ill Liu Taixiang "came out to meet the enemy" and the unidentified demolition personnel fled. After sleeping overnight in the "seized" excavator", Liu Taixiang decided to auction off this "spoil of war" on the internet to compensate for his losses.
January 8th, in Binhai County of Yancheng City in Jiangsu province. 82-year-old retired veteran cadre Liu Taixiang's two-room house was forcibly demolished overnight. Once a member of the New Fourth Army's "dare-to-die" squad, an ill Liu Taixiang "came out to meet the enemy" and the unidentified demolition personnel fled. After sleeping overnight in the "seized" excavator", Liu Taixiang decided to auction off this "spoil of war" on the internet to compensate for his losses.
January 8th, in Binhai County of Yancheng City in Jiangsu province. 82-year-old retired veteran cadre Liu Taixiang's two-room house was forcibly demolished overnight. Once a member of the New Fourth Army's "dare-to-die" squad, an ill Liu Taixiang "came out to meet the enemy" and the unidentified demolition personnel fled. After sleeping overnight in the "seized" excavator", Liu Taixiang decided to auction off this "spoil of war" on the internet to compensate for his losses.

From ifeng:

82-year-old New Fourth Army soldier outwits forced demolition crew, seizes excavator to auction online

In the rustling cold wind, Liu Taixiang and his wife are huddle in front of the excavator.
In the rustling cold wind, Liu Taixiang and his wife are huddle in front of the excavator.
Liu Taixiang and wife sit inside the excavator cabin.
Liu Taixiang and wife sit inside the excavator cabin.
As a professional soldier, the old man has worked for the revolution for 50 years.
As a professional soldier, the old man has worked for the revolution for 50 years.
January 10th, seeing that their home is gone, Liu Taixiang's wife cries.
January 10th, seeing that their home is gone, Liu Taixiang's wife cries.
January 10th, the ruins left after the forced demolition.
January 10th, the ruins left after the forced demolition.
January 10th, the old man's daughter guards the excavator.
January 10th, the old man's daughter guards the excavator.
2009 October, the old man's house before it was forcibly demolished.
2009 October, the old man's house before it was forcibly demolished.

From Baidu Baike:

Liu Taixiang, 82-years-old, in 1943 was in the New Fourth Army at age 12, a member of the New Fourth Army’s “dare-to-die” squad, fought the Japanese, and later participated in the Huai-Hai Campaign. 2011 January 8th before daybreak, Liu Taixiang’s two-room home in Binhai County of Yancheng City in Jiangsu province was forcibly demolished, and the ill but former dare-to-die squad member of the New Fourth Army Liu Taixiang “came out to meet the enemy”. After sleeping overnight in a “seized” excavator, Liu Taixiang decided to auction off this “spoil of war” on the internet to compensate for his losses.

Comments from Mop:


Old man, now you must regret not listening to the Committee Chairman [Chiang Kai-shek], right?

The result is today’s harmonious society: GDP (gou de pi [dog fart]), property developers, Wen Qiang, Li Gang.


These people should all be shot! Bullying one’s own revolutionary elders, the ones who had helped you conquer the country, like this! Much less the defenseless ordinary common people!


I originally wanted to say this is like attacking your own, but upon further consideration, the people these days are not the same group of people as before, so has the older generation already become the target of oppression?


We all want the best for the country~ but this country has too many beasts and too many moths~ If the only thing those who are officials do is embezzle, can this country become better~? Let us wait and see how long this so-called “socialist country” can toss and turn. Lamentable, deplorable.


Old man, looking at how run down that excavator is, I imagine it can only be sold at scrap-metal prices…which is probably about 200,000 [RMB].


Who told you to rebel back then? Chose the wrong side, now you must feel stupid, right?


I believe in Chairman Mao, but I don’t believe in the current Party.


Old man, I support you!
Without your past efforts, there would be no today.
The bastards nowadays, are they doing right by the rabble?
At the very least, even if you don’t do right by your own parents, where is the humanity, where is the justice?
The Heavenly Kingdom, let’s see how long you can last.
Stand up, all who don’t want to be slaves!

Comments from Tiexue:


So angry I’m having a hard time to calm down.


Bastard demolishers! Bastard developers (real estate)! Shoot them all. This kind of violation of a veteran’s rights and interests should be directly dealt with by a military tribunal. Arrest them all and send them to Shanxi to mine coal, or Greater Xing’anling to cut trees.


Burning with rage.


The former Soviet Union would arrest these human scum and send them to mine uranium…


Go, drive the excavator, and demolish his/their homes too.


Does the military not take care of old veterans like this?


Now that the home is demolished, those corrupt officials have more money to split amongst themselves again.


Beasts, treating an old revolutionary like this, do they still have any humanity? The country/government still doesn’t pay enough attention to those who have rendered a great service [to the country], and should provide even more care and concern.


Hurry and fucking arrange a place to live for the old hero. Bastard real estate developers!


Chinese characteristics.


[They] even dare to demolish the house of an old Japanese resistance hero. After fighting for the country with many other heroes, now they don’t even have a place of their own.


If the people who were faced with forced demolition were not an old New Fourth Army soldier but just a regular ordinary commoner [civilian], what would the result be…?


You demolition hooligans/hoodlums bullying the ordinary common people is one thing, but bullying old revolutionaries is going too far!


Other than hurling abuse and condemning, what can us helpless rabble actually do?


Recommend the old hero go find his former unit and publicize the matter amongst them. Let the unit’s descendants help resolve this matter. If that doesn’t work, then go find people to burn the new homes that will be built, and see if that bastard developer dares to continue the quarrel.


The world today only cares about money, about profit, so would they care if he was an old revolutionary? My grandfather was an old revolutionary too. He was in the hospital for treatment and wasn’t able to pay the bit of money he owed on time. They immediately stopped his medicine/treatment.


Even in the face of death, the old soldiers did not flinch, and after giving so much for the People’s Republic of China, now even their homes have been forcibly demolished. Demolishers, where are your consciences? Oh wait, to be accurate, you guys simply don’t have any humanity! In an age of peace, aren’t veterans our faith? A person without faith is just an empty shell!


United States Declaration of Independence:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[72] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it […]


A nation without hope.


How can there be so many American running dogs and traitors? A son never thinks his mother is ugly, and a dog never thinks his home is poor, who said this? Are you all no better than dogs? Remember, this is your motherland! Love your motherland! Dogs do not think their homes are poor! Dogs don’t think their homes poor, do you understand?


Shameless. If they have the balls to demolish, then they should come out to admit it. Them hiding only shows that it was illegal. If it wasn’t illegal, what are they afraid of? People aren’t idiots. Always tormenting the people…as if China’s ordinary common people are all idiots.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • artemis

    I feel so bad for this guy…what’s the purpose of demolishing (of course by force)? Are they compensated at all?

    • HC

      I’m no expert but my understanding is, no land is actually owned by individuals in China at least not the average/commoner.

      Hence most land is actually secured by the government. Your basically living on borrowed land, so when some government official has the wise idea of using that land for other purposes(farming, factory, etc…), your forcibly asked to vacate the premises.

      • artemis

        seems like this happens even in the good ‘ol USA

        • Roger

          Are you freaken serious? You compare what is happening to millions of people in China who are evicted from their homes, force to spend their life saving to buy another apartment to eminent domain law in the State? Who are you kidding?

          My grandfather was also a veteran in the Chinese army, but because he ran successful business after the war, he was thrown in jail for 30 years thanks to cultural revolution. Now tell me, does this also sound like Eminent domain?

  • Confucius says

    Fuck, How dare they?

    • Bill Rich

      Simple. The Party and the government gave them the power.

      • And given that “power comes from the barrel of the gun”, this old fellow was one of those who gave them the power. Tragic irony.

        On the other hand, for those posters implying that the KMT would have done better, I would suggest that we really just don’t know. Both parties had autocratic methods. American rapprochement with the PRC was the key ingredient to push through democratic reforms for Taiwan.

  • Rollyse

    These people who are concerned should have clear strategies before demolition, why force the man out of is home, it very inhuman but that is the way the government officials are, i saw them also ran over a woman with earth mover so demolishing old man home is not a bid deal! what a curse in society?

    • Bob

      Why won’t his kids take him in?

      • Bill Rich

        He’s got kids ? Oh, I am sorry. You are his kid.

        • Bob

          Not by a longshot. Not sure what you’re getting at. I’m not even in China.

  • RichinBeijing

    Comrade! Please sell me your fine excavator, I wish to make a big entrance to Mix club!

    • aclcla

      哈哈哈哈 i <3 you.

  • Thomas

    Reading leftarmy’s comment: “How can there be so many American running dogs and traitors?… Dogs don’t think their homes poor, do you understand?”

    Who is the American running dog exactly? The Chinese who support the rights of the Chinese soldier are now American running dogs? I don’t get it.

    • ThePope

      I think they’re referring to the developers. Comparing the developers to greedy American cowards. Nationalistic.

      [Note from Fauna: No, he (not they) is referring to the other Tiexue commenters (such as 草原之箭) complaining about the country.]

      • Thomas

        So in the mind of this ultra-nationalist, the American running dogs are now defending Chinese soldiers. A Chinese soldier who built the nation which is under attack by American running dogs.

        Or the commenter is just pissed off someone dare say anything bad happens anywhere in this massive country.

        • ptptp

          These days, America isn’t evicting its Revolutionary War veterans and demolish their homes, heh.

        • Chauvinists rarely appreciate irony.

    • b. prichard

      I think this commenter was employing sarcasm. My impression is that he was imitating/mocking those who pull out the traitor card when anyone is critical of the gov’t.

      Anyway, I can’t read Chinese and can barely read English, so I might be out of my mind

      [Note from Fauna: Good interpretation.]

  • Eskil

    Too bad about the old woman, but no doubt her husband has made a great many innocents cry between 1955-1975.

    Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent.


    So the deluded Bolshevist traitor will reap what he sowed, you may call that a tragedy but I call it ironic justice


      To elaborate, this guy spent his life fighting against the notion of property rights, fighting for the idea that the common worker must be willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good of the people. He fought against the idea that people should have a special right to a place they call home, an idea that Mao would readily dismiss as Bourgeoisie Sentimentalism.

      Now the Chinese government decrees that his home must be demolished in order to serve their interests and he dares to complain? I don’t care what your politics is but that’s pure hypocrisy, he spent his life never doubting the party and he shouldn’t stop now just because the matters in question concern him.

      • Thomas

        So he was attacked by the machine he helped build. I still feel bad when an old guy loses his house.

        • Jay K.

          when you said this Thomas I thought of the line by the Terminator in T3 “I am a machine!”

      • Bob

        It’s ironic alright…

        Just like in Cuba how it’s a crime to plot against the “revolution”… aka start a revolution.

      • I dont’ much care for your silliness usually but that was awesome.

      • Just John

        Technically, the system he fought for should take care of him as well as for the rest of society as a whole.

        The problem is not that the ideals might be right or wrong, but that the “Equality” that the communism offers does not exist in a real world, only in an ideal world.

        By your reasoning, the government should at the same time offer him up a new home, since he is part of the society they are suppose to take care of.
        No property rights does not mean no right to shelter.

        “Communism is a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labour and private property in the means of production and real estate.”

        The fact is, Chinese communism sometimes takes the worst parts, and doesn’t bother to implement the best parts.

        He should have free access to articles of consumption (Food, Shelter, and Clothes), so the argument you make is based on a fallacy.

  • moom

    Second post running I see pro-KMT comments – wonder if these are mainlanders making these comments or Taiwanese participating in mainland sites? Over time, the comments translated here do seem to be getting more “daring”.


      Get the average Chinaman drunk enough and eventually he’ll admit that he wishes the KMT had won

      • Just John

        Except it was not the direct influence of KMT that created modern democratic Taiwan, it was 蔣經國 who started it, but 李登輝 who ended up becoming party chairman that brought about the right to vote.

        While 蔣經國 might have made a slight beginning, without 李登輝, you would still possibly have an authoritarian system.

        So while you can argue that KMT winning might indeed have brought a better system, it might not have at the same time. Since 李登輝 was Taiwanese (Hakka tribe), not Chinese, his influence would not have mattered in a KMT controlled China, therefore, China would not be as Taiwan is now.

        • Eidolon

          I think people should lay off on the insertion of Chinese characters in their posts to make it seem as though they know what they’re talking about. The Hakka in the mainland, at least, consider themselves the most Chinese of the Chinese.

          • Just John

            Well, given that their names are the “Chinese Characters”, I feel it is better to use their proper names.

            Also, since they are native Taiwanese Hakka, not Chinese, then they probably would not consider themselves Chinese.

            You can feel free to ask them if you wish to.

            But, I would suggest if you want to flame someone for inserting Chinese characters because you feel I wanted “to make it seem as though they know what they’re talking about”, that you start doing some research on Taiwan. Given my wife is Taiwanese, I think I know a little about this subject (and trust me, I asked before I started giving this information).

            At this point, all you seem to me to be is an ass. So, until you have something relevant to say, since me using someone’s proper name is proper, as well as you referring to Hakka in China (Since I am talking about Aboriginal Taiwanese) has 0 relevance to my post, why not STFU. Mmmk?

        • @ Just John
          Chiang Chingkuo 蔣經國 is already fixing up the corruption in post-war Shanghai and in 1949, Li Zongren even ousted Chiang Kai-Shek and take the spot of President (He destroyed Chiang’s designated candidate for VP in election immediately after the war to everyone surprise) with popular support. If it is not for Mao Zedong and his lackies stirring up trouble, China had a very high chance of getting democracy. Remember alot of politicians in the Kuomintang hated Chiang in post-war China, Li Zongren (with huge support from the Southern provinces), Sun Li-Jen (the most respected ww2 Chinese commander, who also had American support), Long Yun (who led the Minorities in Yunnan), Chen Cheng (close friend of Zhou Enlai, who will go along with the Liberal elements of the KMT as long as it doesnt threaten his life) but work him, and etc were all anti-Chiang. Even Song May-Ling had told Chiang Kai-Shek if he continue murdering political figures she know for no reasons, she will leave his side and exposed his crime to the world.

          China had an inflation at that time which need to be fix. Yet, it is impossible not only because Chiang let many of lackies be corrupted as long as they supported him (such as Yan Xishan, Wei Lihuang, Du Yuming and …; terrible generals, all corrupted but said will support Chiang as long as they get their cash) but there is a communist threat causing trouble to stabilize the economy. The fact Trueman is a genius that believed Mao Zedong did all the work and will bring peace in China does not help either (It is reported he threw documents made by Chennault and other American generals in China about the Communist threat into the trash can because he don’t like Chiang.). Chiang Kai-Shek only continue holding power because KMT was ousted to Taiwan, and Chiang, a smart man consolidated power with his private army there before anyone did. Like what he did before, he did it again, that is to say, hijacking the government of ROC and persecute his political enemies.

          I am not sure will China be a fully fledged democratic nation but at least China will be spared from the Cultural revolution. Even Chiang is a tyrant, he never screwed around with the education system, this is why many of the best Chinese scholars in modern time came from the small island of Taiwan (Not to mention the moral difference between (Hkers, Taiwanese, Macauese) and Mainland Chinese caused mainly because of the cultural revolution). And to all those who thinks modern China’s success is thanks to Mao; no it is not, those are Deng’s successes. To make Mao’s regime even more stupid, modern China was actually what Chiang envisioned his China to be in the first place and he was working onto it but his development efforts was ruined by the Japanese invasion which was followed by Mao’s “uprising”. Personally, I do not like Chiang but I preferred him over Mao (Chiang only persecuted his political enemies (what they do) but Mao persecuted classes of people (what they are); it is very easy to see who is the bigger evil; and Mao is just plain lucky there wasn’t a Japanese invasion during his rule and Chiang is a big pussy for not taking back China when he got the chance simply he worry he will lose power in the KMT leadership if he does, yes, Chiang is a selfish bastard).

    • Hongjian

      This is ignorance on their part.

      They never wonder why the KMT was practically overthrown for almost 30 years in Taiwan too.

      The authoritarian KMT on Taiwan was honestly no better than the CCP in dealing with their critics and with veterans and old revolutionaries ( the KMT was also a revolutionary party).

      This, again, is anonther sign of Chinese sheepish mentality. New slave master beats me? I wish the old slave master were here!

      • Eidolon

        I think you underestimate the degree of sarcasm in these netizen posts. Chinese people will bitch about anything. If the KMT was in power they’d bitch at them by saying “if only the Communists won!” It’s simply a habit of the way they bitch.

      • KMT Guy

        and guess which side has democracy now?

    • oscar

      you think this is daring? actually no at all, first, taiwanese usually won’t go to Chinese website, they r in their world.and nowadays there is too many complains about gov and society of China, if you go to website like netease and mop, u will see all kinds of comments like that. the people keep pushing the limit of what gov want to control people’s talks

  • Ho Hum

    Nice regime you helped put in power, pops. Looks like the chickens have come home to roost, silly old bastard.

    • Bob

      Those who start the revolution don’t really care about the revolutionaries… they just care about the power grab after the revolution is over…

  • Nathan

    HA! What goes around comes around!

    • Lili

      He fought for the party then, who;s ideals reflected his own.
      The officials of New China are just corrupt.

  • Bob

    “As a professional soldier, the old man has worked for the revolution for 50 years.” – At some point you have to come clean and admit that the “revolution” is over and that the “revolutionaries” are now the ones in power who need to fear from REAL revolution.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    55555!~~~ so moved… Now, I announce Liu Taixiang the true blotha lonely.. jia you!!

  • Jay K.


    The world today only cares about money, about profit, so would they care if he was an old revolutionary? My grandfather was an old revolutionary too. He was in the hospital for treatment and wasn’t able to pay the bit of money he owed on time. They immediately stopped his medicine/treatment.”

    my friend you got it all wrong, china only cares about money..sure most of us in a capitalist society cares about money, i mean capitalism is based on making money; but there are protocols in doing it. this is just, how did mr deng say it “socialism with chinese characteristics”

  • Bo Wang

    Liu Xiaobo was right: China needs to be colonized for three hundred years.

    • Thomas

      That’s not what he said. He made a joke in 1989 (before “the square”) saying that for the mainland to look like Hong Kong’s financial district, the mainland would need to be colonized for three hundred years. He then said “but the age of colonialism is over.”

      Keep in mind this was all printed in the back of a small anti-communist magazine circulated only in Hong Kong and illegal in mainland China.

      It’s incredible how the media in mainland ran with that quote….

    • Eidolon

      China WAS colonized for three hundred years – by the Manchus. Look where that got China. Ha!

  • Bill Rich

    He is an old soldier of CPC. He knows about sacrificing for the revolution. He should be glad he can still contribute. He knows the consequence of being a revolutionary fighter, and he is just reaping what he sowed. He must accept this with honor and pride.

  • Gary

    this summary didn’t tell the whole picture. according to this article:


    everyone else in the area accepted the builder’s offers to buy them out. this old guy and his family were the only holdouts because they wanted an extra 120m apartment. what kind of good communist soldier is he that he wants additional private property?? now he wants to be a bourgeois landlord with an extra rental unit??

  • Kning

    When I still lived in China, I was disgusted by most old people there. Not because of their habits, but because I could never help but realise that many of them surely participated in the Cultural Revolution, causing who knows what kind of grief to innocent people around them.

    For this old bastard to be evicted from his home is sweet justice, albeit much too late. Perhaps now he has a chance of going into the grave realizing how those innocents that were forcibly relocated to places far from their homes felt, back in the 60’s and 70’s. A terrible history, to which he contributed.

    • Chef Rocco

      “When I still lived in China, I was disgusted by most old people there”

      Given there are millions of old people in China, I am surprised that you hadn’t been disgusted to death. Strong nerve you have.

  • xmcx

    The excavator is a “Hitachi” :D Priceless..

    • Typhoon

      You win the prized for best comment.

      Priceless indeed.

    • Bo Wang

      So? I don’t get what’s so amusing about it.

      • vince

        Bo Wang hitachi is a japanese company, do u get it now? I agree with xmcx, good observation!

      • cdn icehole

        Hitachi is a Japanese company.

  • 老外

    Anyone notice the resemblance to Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa?

  • WanderingAmerican

    So he fights for the People’s Revolution and this is how they repay him? Sounds like he was on the wrong side.

  • Irvin

    My dad was send to prison for 10years during the gang of 4 era for writing an article that was in conflict with the government’s interests. My mother was a victim of cultural revolution and was forced to be a farmer and never had the opportunity for higher education despite being one of the top students in her high school.

    When I see the news about this old man, I can only think of one thing: justice is served.

    • Chef Rocco

      Hehe.. fake indignation toward wrong target, tell us, Irvin, why are you thinking he should be responsible for cultural revolution and what he did to make him guilty of your parent’s sufferings?

      • Eskil

        “hehe”? Really, that’s what you’ve got, Rocco? “hehe”?

        Genius response to him talking about his parents. “Hehe” “hehe” “hehe”.

        Good lord that’s a stupid thing to write.

        • Bo Wang

          Did you not read the rest of his comment?

        • Chef Rocco

          hehe.. why not you answer my questions for him if you have problem with my “hehe”?

  • Shoeshine

    It’s a sad story, but I have to say, that old boy is a bad ass. Auctioning of spoils of war… nice.

  • Capitalism at its finest at work.

  • Have to wonder if the powers to be in Beijing really have a clue sometimes – given that sooner or later, one of these ‘developers’ is going to screw with someone that is either in, or has current relations to, the PLA.

    Last time I checked, a membership card does not stop an AK-47 slug.

    As for this old fella – forwarding this story to the BADASS website, they may do a story on him:


  • RuiQi

    Soldier or not, commoner or not, KMT of CCP, The house and property belong to him!

  • Fman

    Karma… It’s a bitch.

  • I think you guys are missing the point. It is not just that China has so many unfortunate forgotten heroes. Look at USA, it has now established diplomatic ties with Vietnam and encouraging its people to do more business over there.
    You know what though? The US send send thousands of troops to fight in the Vietnam war, well over 40 thousand deaths and hundreds of thousands maimed and injured…but today the White House is saying that they should move on and be friends with Vietname. ..what about those who sacrifice and gave their life for the country..to fight and die in a far away foreign land…are they remembered for their heroic acts? Nay..those who return to the homeland were despised, dejected and seen as social outcast by the public…that speaks..all politics are dirty..to say the least

    • Bo Wang

      Duh. Soldiers are just pawns.

  • Osirus

    WTF? That’s just wrong.. couldn’t they wait until the old guy passes on? Why did they have to make his final years a living hell? Where is the compassion, where is the love for your fellow man? Where is the respect for an old worn out veteran who gave his youth to defend his country? DISGUSTING!!!!

  • Did you pay attention that his wife is maybe 30 years younger than him.

  • mimi

    One day China is going to regret demolishing so many old homes and destroying the land because they will have lost culture and traditional land the protected other areas from wind, floods, and droughts.

    • HC

      Actually, China is already regretting such actions. Many of the historic sites that tourists flock to see are actually rebuilt replicas.

      During the Maoist uprising, hundreds of temples, pagodas, etc… were demolished simply because they reflected counter sentiments to core Maoist beliefs.

      Ironically the government had to rebuild them in order to entice tourism.

      • Kerry

        Yes, yes. My friend from Beijing was lamenting about Mao’s demolition of the Beijing city wall. As a native Beijinger, she thinks it’s the greatest stain on the city’s culture and history. Shame on Mao!

    • Eidolon

      Did you even see his house? It was obviously built during the Communist era and is not an ancient historical relic in anyway.

  • Kerry

    I feel so sad for this old grandpa.. he honorably defended China against the Japanese and western imperialists, and this is what he gets?! I really hope local governments do something about this! At least give the poor old man a home :( it can’t be too expensive!

    • Eidolon

      It is indeed tragic that he and his wife has been evicted at such an old age, but like someone said above this is not necessarily the whole picture. Still, reminds me of the saying: “The revolution like Saturn devours its own children.”

  • thewastedyouth

    You guys know in Taiwan this shit will never happen. Chiang Kai-shek is laughing at all the idiots in China that bought the communism BS, China is not a commie country now but an authoritarian country with a capitalist economy

    • Chiang is probably nodding a big “yes” in the afterlife. The China today is completely the China he was envisioning. A paternal autocrat country with a capitalist economy that do not give a dam shit about public or international opinion. It just made Mao’s Chinese civil war and cultural revolution more or less pointless except for the terrible lives and material cost.

      • KMT Guy

        Are you SURE???

  • Master C

    Corporatocracy taken over from Socialism? Bad move and exactly like the West. President Hu, a crackdown please on such developers. This is like pulling a ‘Sanlu’ on the CCP itself!

    Without people like Liu, China wouldn’t exist today. And if ethnic Chinese veterans are treated so poorly, which overseas Chinese, much less foreigners would dare to move to or invest in China or make their home in China?

    All CCP policy makers must consider these terms ‘Allodial’ and ‘Personal Sovereignty’ for fullest implementation in China towards protection of ownership rights. In China ‘Personal Sovereignty’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ appear intact, but ‘Allodial Land Titles’ is definitely not being practised. All who care about China’s reputation, please study the below :



    May the Fatherland be superior to all nations in ensuring the rights of it’s sovereign citizens (whatever their ethnicity), who look forward to permanency via 10th or 1000th generation homes that will mark the new democratic China, a HUMAN RIGHTS protective power for all worthy and talented world citizens to run to if ever prosecuted.

  • Ho Hum

    Chickens have come home to roost, comrade

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  • Small minds gloating at the pains of old men women and children show themselves for what they are as the world is their in the oppression they endorse and the lies they perpetuate. For Taiwan and the USA do business with the corrupt of the People’s Republic of China: Which is corrupt neither under Sun Yat Sen nor Moa Tse Tung but self-centered liars who will hang themselves by their own Jap tongues for what they do is criminal, not what 80 year old veterans do to live after they sacrificed everything for god and country.

  • moop

    活该。 thats what happens when you’re a murderer for a murderous regime. this dude probably killed at least some of the 45 million or so that the old regime was responsible for.